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Sima Azadegan Stands at the Helm of Purpose-Driven Fashion Brand Sima Collezione

Empowerment frequently lies at the core of the ventures of entrepreneurs who needed it themselves at one point or another. Looking back, Sima Azadegan, the creative visionary behind Sima Collezione, did not have a voice as a young girl. Today, she has taken on the mission to empower other women, help individuals in need, and highlight the values of love, compassion, integrity, peace, charity, and human kindness. 

Sima Azadegan, the third child of an immigrant family, is a multi-talented personality who started her classical piano training at the age of nine — an endeavor that set the momentum for the trail of accomplishments laid out before her. Years down the road, this Political Science and Music graduate from the University of Southern California is now a classical piano teacher, classical opera singer, mother, and wife.

Additionally, Sima Azadegan has served as a board member to numerous charities and humanitarian organizations, including Hadassah, Neuro Muscular Disease Foundation, and Beyond Vision, to name a few. Currently, she stands at the helm of the Visionary Women, a non-profit organization led by Beverly Hills mayor Lilli Bosse, as well as actively engages as a member of the International Female Society of Entrepreneurs, Children Hospital, and Children International.

On top of her impressive collection of accomplishments, career milestones, and roles, Sima Azadegan is also a highly acclaimed fashion designer behind the widely acknowledged Sima Collezione. 

Sima Collezione is a brand dedicated to empowering women by creating bold and vibrant dresses all intended to bring out the inner light and beauty within each wearer. It takes pride in its signature line called Dream Dresses, which is made up of 50 haute couture designs distinct from each other. 

These designs came to life even without Sima Azadegan bagging a fashion degree under her belt. Managing to produce phenomenal designs that were all brought forth by her higher consciousness, this inspiring powerhouse used bold solid colors in her fashion line to give women confidence and banked on jewels and other embellishments to allow the dress’s owner to take center state wherever they will go. 

For Sima Azadegan, introducing to the world her works of art is her way of taking ownership of the voice she did not have before. Through Sima Collezione, she wishes to see women empowered enough to express themselves and grow into their own skin and not into the mold society wants them to take. 

Furthermore, at the core of her initiatives is the vision to create the most beautiful dresses the world has yet to see. Alongside this commitment is the dream to help women charities as long as she lives, and Sima Azadegan is always in the process of realizing this dream through her company as each purchase at Sima Collezione helps a woman in need.

In the future, this awe-inspiring woman plans to continue reaching out to women who have long grown exhausted with the superficialities and manipulations prevalent in the world. By propelling Sima Collezione to the industry’s summit, she wishes it to become a symbolic platform of hope, positivity, and kindness, and home to top-notch fashion lines.Know more about Sima Azadegan by visiting her website, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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