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Skylar Domine’s Entrepreneurial Secrets Made Simple

Starting a business is not always as easy as most people would think. It necessitates a certain level of preparedness, both for failure and success. Military veteran and thriving entrepreneur Skylar Domine is all too familiar with these realities as someone who ventured into a start-up business after completing his service. But what truly fueled his passion for pursuing entrepreneurial success was being able to help others in the process. 

“First, make sure you’re truly passionate about it. Doing it just for the money isn’t going to bring enough fuel for the fire,” Skylar explained. “Once that’s decided, create a game plan and never take no for an answer. Where there’s a will, there is always a way. Lastly, don’t recreate the wheel. Play your strong cards and utilize all of your resources.”

Skylar comes from a family of entrepreneurs. When he first started forging his own path, he did not have many opportunities to learn valuable entrepreneurial lessons from the internet, unlike the present generation, who now have access to countless online resources. 

His definition of success is also attached to his motivation, which has nothing to do with simply getting rich. “Success does include being ‘financially stable’ because, without it, you’re unable to provide security, health, and freedom of time for you and your loved ones. Which leads to the other piece of achieving success- being able to pay it forward and help others,” he shared.

Skylar admits that everything about starting a business is quite challenging. No matter how long an entrepreneur has been in the field, the possibility of meeting a curveball is always there. “Mindset is everything with literally anything in life,” he pointed out. Just as Michael Jordan set his eyes on becoming the greatest basketball player of all time, he, too, has fixed his eyes on getting the prize for his hard work. 

Skylar specializes in start-ups, operational structure, and business marketing and is heavily invested in the tech industry, from solar power to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), e-commerce, and cryptocurrency. He also competed in bodybuilding after completing his tour in the Marines, setting a start record in powerlifting. Furthermore, Skylar started an apparel company, a personal training business, developed his own gym, and published a book on personal training. 

Interestingly, Skylar has a very simple yet unique perspective of financial freedom. For him, it is having his parents retire and spend as much time as he wants with them doing the things they love the most. Secondary to this, he wants to be able to donate his time and resources to worthy causes that make a difference in the lives of people and their communities. Naturally, he also believes that part of enjoying financial freedom is being able to live in an estate with all the amenities that make life comfortable. 

At present, Skylar is getting ready to launch an exclusive red carpet event for VETPAW, a non-profit organization where he participates as a member of the board of directors. This event will be attended by many impressive names, including several celebrities and politicians. Moreover, Skylar is preparing to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) project for the organization to raise awareness and funds for its programs. While he has other business plans in the pipeline, the details he cannot divulge at this time, he can be expected to introduce them when the time is right. 

For anyone who wishes to learn more about how Skylar did it, he invites them to watch his YouTube videos, where he shares everything he knows about starting and taking a business to the next level. 

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