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Soon-to-Be Sports Agent Charlsey Zyne is Leveling the Playing Field

The world of sports is undoubtedly a male-dominated industry. From athletes to agents, most of its make up consists of men, with barely enough room for women to score a goal. Determined to push past barriers and lead teams to victory is Charlsey Zyne. 

Charlsey Zyne grew up on the soccer field. As a child, she had always been enthusiastic about the sport and was even a student-athlete on the women’s soccer team at the University of Miami. Her dream as an athlete was not to be, however, and she had to trade it in for a closer one after suffering from several knee injuries.

“Being around sports my entire life and having an injury-plagued soccer career, I still wanted to be involved in sports, hence, the path towards becoming a sports agent,” Charlsey reveals.

The road that lay ahead of the young aspiring sports agent proved to be bumpy. Being a female in a male-dominated field, Charlsey knew she had to do something that would make her a cut above the rest. She enrolled in law school.

While being a full-time law student, Charlsey Zyne started to gain experience working for Dynamic Sports Group, or DSG, in spring 2020. DSG is a heavily-lauded full-service sports agency that represents professional athletes and coaches across various sports and leagues.

As an intern, Charlsey has gained invaluable experience and found a focus on football and soccer. Football had always been a passion of hers, and soccer had once been her end-goal. Since Charlsey was not able to pursue a professional career in the latter, helping other athletes achieve their dream in the sport is, as she says it, “the next best thing.”

Not just inspiring her to become the next in-demand sports agent, DSG has allowed Charlsey to gain invaluable experience in a male-dominated industry.

“Throughout my life, being faced with adversity has been a common theme,” she shares. “Whether it was because of injuries or because of preconceived concepts that a woman cannot be a successful sports agent, particularly a football agent, all those thoughts have just made me want to prove all those people wrong and that is what I strive to continue to do.”

With fire in her eyes, Charlsey Zyne is ready to zigzag and jump over career hurdles set for women in the industry. No matter what stands in her way, Charlsey is determined to see things through and get her athletes first on the finish line and having the time of their lives. 

“Being there for these athletes, whether that means with their player contracts, marketing deals, or conversations that are entirely unrelated to their representation, I want to be that person they can trust and come to with whatever is on their mind,” Zyne explains. 

Brimming with passion, Charlsey is motivated to be the person who athletes can come to with anything. Despite the enforced quarantine and canceled sports games, this passion remained burning and motivated Charlsey Zyne to explore other avenues for her excitement.

Making fair use of her time during the pandemic, Charlsey has started a philanthropic clothing and lifestyle brand. The brand, Cultured Classics, will be launching soon and is designed to remind people to pause, take a deep breath, and find something to be grateful for each day.

Aside from encouraging people to take life one day at a time, Charlsey Zyne also intends for Cultured Classics to allow the less fortunate the luxury to do so. With every purchase from her brand, customers will be allowed to select from several charities where a portion of their purchase will be donated to. 

Be it as a law student, soon-to-be sports agent, and CEO of a philanthropic business venture, Charlsey Zyne is taking steps toward a better world. She impacts positive change through all her endeavors and is leveling the playing field for women in the sports industry. 

Join game-changing soon-to-be sports agent Charlsey Zyne as she leads future clients to score touchdowns and goals. Follow Charlsey on Instagram or visit Dynamic Sports Group online. To stay updated on her clothing company’s launch, check out Cultured Classics on its official website

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