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Space Shibas to Redefine Copyrights in the NFT Scene

Ever since non-fungible tokens (NFTs) rose to popularity and value, many creators, mainly artists, have launched their collections not only to showcase their talents but also because NFTs provide artists with additional rights protections. But Space Shibas is entering the industry aiming to challenge the landscape and redefine how NFTs are owned.

Space Shibas is one of the first of its kind to launch as a Creative Commons or CCO, which means that the ownership of the artworks will not belong to the artists behind them but to the holder. Therefore, investors are granted the freedom to do anything they want with their Shiba upon making the transaction. And once they act as the holder of the tokens, the investors immediately have the copyright for the artwork for free.

The creators behind Space Shibas have previously created a 2D pixel collection called Rare Pepes, which were also received warmly by NFT enthusiasts.

“Although there are many 2D pixel collections as well as many derivative doge projects, none of them have a pioneer of meme community curated economies at the helm, especially one as prolific as,” explained the creators. “Having already taken meme NFTs to incomprehensible heights with Rare Pepes, we intend to do it again with the world’s most pervasive meme, the Shiba. We have a clear observable history of understanding the nuances of derivative meme art culture and monetizing it, the likes of which almost no other project in the space can compare themselves to. We are committed to doing what we have done historically: creating insane value-form memetic NFTs, and we will succeed.”

Space Shibas is a collection of 10,000 Shibas. As the rationale goes, all the Shibas in the collection are currently lost in space and are in desperate need of investors to bring them back to earth. The NFTs are set to challenge the NFT community curated meme economies and CCO projects because of its unique journey and projected trajectory.

From the moment the Space Shibas are minted, the tokens will go through a journey. First, they will all begin to accrue $SPACEBONE at a rate of one $SPACEBONE per day. Then, the investors will be required to burn their $SPACEBONE tokens, or as explained by the creators, will be fed to the NFTs themselves, to have their original Space Shibas NFT considered for the community meme economy. 

In addition, the top 25 holders of Space Shibas will act as the governing body (DAO). The organization will be responsible for ensuring a consistent and authentic collection of Shibas all throughout, which can be found nowhere else on the web. The first seven community curated Shiba trading card game NFTs were airdropped to all Space Shiba holders on the 31st of October.

Upon launching, Space Shibas also enhanced the investor journey by providing them with a ton of different, high-quality merchandise specially designed for all Shiba purveyors. To top it all off, the creators will be holding a “Best Minter Dog Show” with a surprise guest host where the holder who presents the best Shiba will have the chance to earn himself a legendary Shiba in the process. 

Learn more about Space Shibas on its website, Discord server, and official Twitter account.

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