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Speaker Shawn Fair Challenges Corporate Bigs to Rethink Leadership with His New Book

The corporate world is far from perfect. While many organizations and businesses grow in terms of results and revenue, there are dysfunctions that leaders can’t trace from a corporate balance sheet. When organizations aren’t holistic in their approach to corporate health, it could be very detrimental to companies in the long term. 

No one believes this as much as Shawn Fair does. As a motivational speaker and an advocate of effective leadership and corporate success, he believes that there is a dysfunction that plagues many organizations today. Today, the leadership expert looks to address these problems with his newest book, Effective Leadership: The Antidote to Corporate Dysfunction.

Shawn’s book isn’t theory-based. It’s real, and it’s happening today. As a leader with vast experience in corporate management, he knows what it’s like to lead large organizations. The coach and consultant have carried different high-level titles, including being the vice president of large corporations. He’s worked in sales, marketing, and business development. Throughout the decades he served in leadership positions, he’s seen all the dirt that the corporate world tries to hide. But more importantly, he has found the solution, and he wants to share it with everyone who leads today’s workforce at some level. 

In Effective Leadership: The Antidote to Corporate Dysfunction, the author deconstructs 7 leadership qualities that all leaders and managers should possess to help a team, department, or company thrive even in the most trying times. These qualities that Shawn shares are the antidote to today’s most prevalent symptoms of an ill and dysfunctional corporate system.

Shawn takes the time and effort to define each of the seven qualities clearly and shows why they are vital to growing a company. He maintains that every leader can and should have these seven principles to become successful. Each chapter of the book contains two vignettes. The first is the impactful change that integrating the seven leadership qualities will have on your company. The second vignette is the destructive road that an organization will take when leaders do not adopt the seven qualities.

Not only does Shawn speak on the urgency of the seven qualities of effective leadership, he also provides a roadmap for leaders to develop these qualities no matter what stage of life you are in or what delimitations you may have. The goal of the book is not just to learn but to take action. Shawn guides leaders through a process that helps them operationalize the principles to the tactical and day-to-day activities a leader might carry out.

Effective Leadership: The Antidote to Corporate Dysfunction is a book that will challenge the way that leaders think and act in their organizations. The book was launched in February of this year and is now available on Amazon. 

Shawn is one of the most sought after leadership trainers in the world today. He has spoken to over 300,000 managers and executives and has impacted the lives of over one million people. He speaks on topics that include leadership, vision, sales, business development, productivity, time master, and coaching.To learn more about Shawn Fair, visit his company, Fair Consultancy’s official website. To check out his book, Effective Leadership: The Antidote to Corporate Dysfunction, head over to Amazon.

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