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Stackin Up Entertainment Allows Artists to Make a Lasting Impact in the Music Scene

Distribution lies as one of the pillars of a successful music career, and its significance does not diminish the higher one gets in the industry. At its core, distribution is about making waves in a sea of releases. It is about looking beyond having one’s music available for consumption and into the realm of making an impact on the listeners. 

Music record label Stackin Up Entertainment not only has the area of availability covered, but it is also known for enabling its artists to take center stage. Founded by Gregory Craig Brown, Jr., this marketing authority provides distribution services with EMPIRE Distribution. With its distribution offerings being free, all Stackin Up Entertainment needs from the client is a marketing budget that allows its competent team to campaign the artist’s record successfully. 

Stackin Up Entertainment maximizes its partnership with other companies to cater to the artist’s needs, adding value to the musician’s career through facilitating celebrity video shoutouts and organic celebrity engagement on Instagram. 

Established in 2018, this budding industry leader is fueled by its desire to make the artists’ visions come true. Stackin Up’s brilliant team designs strategies that move music from its creator to the intended listeners. Specializing in organic Spotify promotion by using a P2P system through DJ Record Pools, Stackin Up Entertainment’s boosts on all social media platforms introduce the artist to the world. 

The comprehensive nature of Stackin Up’s services is the result of its founder’s business acumen. Gregory C Brown knows what it takes to build a name for oneself due to his considerable years of experience in the music scene.

This Norfolk State University graduate has gained in-depth knowledge about the dynamics and inner workings of the music industry. All thanks to his degree in Mass Communications and Music Technology, coupled with the thousands of hours of recording spent in a studio that used to be regularly visited by the likes of Pharrell Williams. Moreover, his work with talents from the East and West Coasts have spotlighted the factors that can bring artists to the top. 

Gregory created Stackin Up Entertainment around the values of continuous growth, unparalleled professionalism, stable confidence, innovation, outstanding relationship-building, and longevity. The company has had no difficulty thriving in such a competitive environment because its rigorous observance of these values gave them a reputable standing within the industry.

Furthermore, Stackin Up’s appeal rests on the fact that it is not only competent in facilitating distribution, for it also offers excellence in terms of digital campaigns and marketing, promotional strategies, mixing/mastering services, music production, and social media services.

This Virginia-based venture looks forward to making the road to success more manageable for artists. In addition, Stackin Up Entertainment is anticipating the fruition of its plan to organize classes for kids and teach them about sound engineering, music production, marketing, and more. By establishing connections with the youth, Gregory and the rest of the professionals behind Stackin Up hopes to convey the message that pursuing the path of an artist is as honorable as trying to become a lawyer or a doctor. 

Ultimately, Stackin Up Entertainment wishes to be the bedrock on which countless artists’ confidence to soar high is based. Know more about Stackin Up Entertainment, LLC, by visiting its website and Instagram.

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