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Step Into Cinder, the Breathtaking Crypto-Native Dreamworld Set to Dominate the Metaverse

WildWorks has officially entered the NFT sphere with its latest project, Cinder. With 18 years of experience creating games and building online virtual worlds, WildWorks is now ready to take over the crypto-gaming space with its breathtaking new creation this January 2022.

The field of blockchain games is quickly expanding, but Cinder is already a promising prospect with its stunning environment and its distinct inhabitants called the Fae. Described by its creators as a crypto-native social hub, creative commons, and free-form MMO community, Cinder exudes a lot of growth potential. Moreover, its intriguing concept, which is quite rare in the realm of crypto-games, is truly an advantage for a rapidly-evolving virtual world. 

The project will launch with 11,111 exclusive Cinder Fae avatars carefully designed and curated by WildWorks’ artists. Over 150 traits of varying rarity have been randomly distributed across nine categories of differentiation, guaranteeing that each will be a completely unique work of digital art. But while the Cinder project stands out visually with its striking character design and attention to detail, what really separates these NFTs from other collections is their immediate utility. Each of the Cinder Fae can be utilized immediately as functional and exclusive avatars in Cinder, a digital dreamworld brought to life by blockchain technology. 

Cinder NFT owners will be entitled to many benefits, including exclusive day-one access to the Cinder metaverse, a community tag on Discord, surprise airdrops, exclusive events in Cinder and the real, early access to new features, whitelist access to future drops, and much more. At launch, NFT holders will find a beautiful and fully functional world where its inhabitants can interact through chatting, direct messaging, and avatar animations. Later in 2022 WildWorks will release a proprietary set of in-world creative tools enabling owners to design and customize their own avatars, social spaces, and other items in Cinder, which they can tokenize as new NFTs and sell for cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, early investors will still have the advantage of owning one of a kind avatars that will forever be unique and instantly recognizable.

The world the Cinder Fae inhabit is made possible by Solana, a decentralized blockchain that enables scalable and user-friendly apps for the world. WildWorks takes the preservation of the environment very seriously, which is why after extensive research they chose the Solana blockchain technology for its eco-friendly validation network and smart contract capability. NFT’s have long drawn criticism for the energy cost and carbon footprint concomitant with validating transactions by “mining” proof-of-work blockchains like Ethereum. However, because the Solana blockchain doesn’t require mining, WildWorks calculates that Cinder NFTs will have no more carbon impact than ordinary credit card transactions. 

For users to purchase a Cinder NFT, they will need the Solana currency, which is available through most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The developers encourage those interested but unfamiliar with the blockchain world to research and understand cryptocurrency before purchasing. 

Cinder is set to release in January 2022, but the exact date will be announced in December this year. The NFT avatars, once minted, will enable owners to enter the world of Cinder immediately. The Cinder Fae are ready the moment they’re born to introduce crypto enthusiasts to the metaverse.

Learn more about Cinder by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following the project on Instagram and Twitter or joining their Discord server.

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