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Steven La Fonte Emphasizes the Importance of Branding for Businesses

Branding is important for business positioning and exposure. Steven La Fonte, celebrity designer, has lived and operated by this mantra for almost three decades. A native of New York, Steven La Fonte got into the design business in the early 1990s and has since then evolved into different aspects of the design industry. He is a highly rated and sought-after designer with a specialty in celebrity homes and luxury properties.

His design career kicked off in Manhattan, where he worked in designing and manufacturing luxury draperies and beddings. He evolved into the design business and moved to South Florida in 1999. Since he focused solely on design, the Steven La Fonte brand has become bigger. He has been featured in high-rated design publications like Architectural Digest, Luxe Interiors + Design, The Robb Report, and Florida Design Magazine.

As a unique quality of his brand, Steven designs the bespoke furnishings for his projects and locally manufactures them. Also, he dedicates time to learning all the design aspects of a project before embarking on it. “I make sure I get a perfect understanding of what materials, finishes, textures, and fixtures will go together and stay coherent with the project as a whole while staying within the general ideas of the client,” he says.

Steven’s clients are mostly architects, property developers, builders, and real estate investors. He targets the top 1% of residential property owners. He usually looks at his client’s lifestyle alongside the kind of aesthetics they are trying to achieve. Steven’s ability to adapt to changes in the industry is also another great asset he offers his clients.

He has put a lot into building his brand, which has been a key contributor to his success over the last two decades. “Branding has helped me achieve many of my professional and personal goals. I knew how much I needed to unlock opportunities for advancement, so I created a strong, well-known brand to give me more credibility with my clients and the entire industry. Branding has helped me achieve recognition, client loyalty, and an edge over the competition.” the big shot designer says.

Steve La Fonte urges business owners, especially those in the design niche, to pay attention to their branding as it defines how people perceive and see their business. It helped him achieve success, and he believes it can help others too. His current project is developing his signature furniture line with plans to add fabrics and wall treatment over the next five years. A docu-series showcasing the interior design world is also in the works, and it will be his way of showcasing his design process from conception to installation.

Steve La Fonte plans to keep putting social media to good use to further promote and expose his brand to a wider audience. Combine that with his impeccable branding and shiny project catalog; the Steve La Fonte brand is on its way to waxing even stronger.

Learn more about Steven La Fonte on his official website and Instagram page.

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