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SurfPunks NFT Rides the Wave of Success to the Moon

The massive NFT boom has given rise to various projects for specific communities to get acquainted with. One such project goes by the name of SurfPunks, helping surfers get acquainted with one another by fostering a community of like-minded individuals.

SurfPunks NFT consists of 500 unique hand-drawn radical surfers, creatures, and legends that each have their own story. The attention to detail gives each SurfPunk its own voice and personality. There are also iconic SurfPunks that are likened to some of the most iconic figures in society and the surfing world! 

The project’s audience mainly involves surfers and crypto/NFT enthusiasts. For the first time in history, a project for the surfing and NFT communities was created that marries these incredible worlds. By owning a SurfPunk, investors will have access to this exclusive community, wave pools around the world, awesome events and more.

The first exclusive event they’ll hold for SurfPunks holders will be held in Waco, Texas, on March 21st at the BSR WavePool and Resort. It will be a day full of surfing on the man-made wave pool, live music by a special guest, food, and NFT chat. Holders will also have a chance to meet some of their favorite surfers and icons.

Each digital art piece is totally unique from one another. It isn’t generative art, and the project’s artist drew every piece by hand to create unique characters with their own style, look and feel. A great example of attention to detail is the character, Kelly Slater. On the project’s website, potential investors can see all the SurfPunks that are currently for sale with descriptions about their personality, attributes and even some facts or stories about them. For example, there are facts that say: Kelly Slater has a pet goat. When he’s not surfing, he likes to drink coffee and eat bagels. In his free time, he enjoys reading about quantum physics and collecting old records from the 60s and 70s.

Each SurfPunk NFT is 100% compatible with ERC721/ERC20 tokens (like Cryptokitties and CryptoBots). They can be traded amongst players and transferred at any time using MetaMask or other compatible wallets like imToken 2.0. Investors can even gift them as well by sending them to another address!

SurfPunks NFT also has a marketplace where users can find exclusive art pieces for sale, which will only ever be sold once! The artist designed each piece manually, so it has its own style, feel, and look, which makes every piece one personality. The digital art pieces may be pixelated, but the attention to detail is uncanny. Investors can see the stubble on a punk’s face, the individual stitches in their wetsuit, and their surfboard.

The SurfPunks tokens were sold at 0.15 ETH each on minting day and were sold out on the first day. However, aspiring holders of the rad NFTs can purchase them on a secondary market at There’s also a second collection of SurfPunks in the works. This collection will prepare SurfPunks to live in the metaverse and will provide much more utility in the digital space. They are also gearing up for big partnerships.

“We believe that our project is so much more than just a cool art piece or collectible. SurfPunks is a lifestyle. We have built an entire world around them that we want to share with the world. We want to give back to the surfing community and create a place for surfers and crypto enthusiasts to come together,” shared the SurfPunks team.

“There is a reason that we are called SurfPunks. We are not just a bunch of artists and designers. We are surfers who love the ocean and everything about it. We want to share that with the world,” the team added. 

To know more about the SurfPunks NFT, make sure to visit the project’s official website

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