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Syed Ahad Hussain Is the Top Selected Male Model for Raven Wilson’s 2020 Fashion & Film Projects

Known as the producer and talent director of CIM Exclusive Models and the new assistant casting director for the upcoming Lou Picture’s 2021 film Nightmare Harbor, Raven Wilson is well-known and respected for discovering new talents in the entertainment industry.  Today, she is most excited about welcoming Syed Ahad Hussain and offering him a significant role in her fashion and film projects for 2021.

Syed Ahad Hussain is a professional Pakistani actor, voice-over artist, and model hailing from Los Angeles, California. On top of his eye-catching looks, charming personality, and impressive stage presence, the actor-model stands out for embodying a positive outlook in work and life, which he radiates everywhere he goes. 

Seeing that Syed Ahad Hussain has a lot to offer in the national and international entertainment industry, Raven Wilson did not have second guesses in choosing to work with him as he was perfect for the projects. Syed has a profound background in acting, having trained in numerous acting institutions in the United States, Europe, UAE, and Pakistan. Being on stage and in front of the screen is not new to him as he has appeared in several films, television shows, and theater projects. One of his most notable adaptation roles includes playing Blayer Davis, in The 99, an animated television in 2011 where Syed had the opportunity to work for the famous Director Dave Osborne’s film. 

Running on ten years of experience in the movie industry, Syed Ahad Hussain has gained a deep understanding of the entertainment world. His exposure to various cultures from growing up in the UAE and Pakistan has also given him a wider perspective about life and a better understanding when it comes to dealing with people.

One feature that Raven Wilson highlights about Syed Ahad Hussain is his unmatched commitment to his goals. She noted how Syed is not one to procrastinate as he pursues his goal at the earliest opportunity possible. Another thing that captured the talent director’s attention was Syed’s acting and modeling portfolio, where he emphasizes the importance of relentlessly pursuing one’s goals and not letting any form of resistance stop him from doing so. It became evident for Raven Wilson that Syed was not one to back down, making him the best choice for her projects. 

Indeed, Syed Ahad Hussain embodies an attitude driven by passion and fueled by his thirst for success. His down-to-earth attitude easily leads him to bigger opportunities in the entertainment world. That said, Raven Wilson also hopes to land more significant roles that will put him on the entertainment map and perhaps, even on the books. 

As for Syed Ahad Hussain, he has a deep grasp of what he wants to achieve in life, and his ultimate focus today is reaching his projects full of positive intentions. He continues to chase after his vision, not letting any obstacles come his way. “When we let resistance get the better of us on a consistent basis, we do ourselves and the world a massive disservice. We’re not getting work that can impact others into the world,” shares the rising model and movie star.

Stay updated on Syed’s eye-catching performances by visiting his official profile on IMDB.

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