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Award-Winning Actor Jermaine Rivers to join the cast of Netflix’s “Sweet Magnolias” in Season 3

Atlanta-based actor Jermaine Rivers (The Gifted) lands a recurring role as “Charles Perkins” in Netflix hit series Sweet Magnolia. On October 8, Jermaine shared the news of his casting on his Instagram account saying: “Feeling extremely blessed and excited to be joining the amazing cast of Sweet Magnolias Season 3.

Details of Jermaine’s role in the series have not been disclosed to the public, but the actor promises audiences a worthwhile ride in the show’s third season which is set to be aired on Netflix in the Spring of 2023.

In addition to “Sweet Magnolia” Jermaine will be making his debut in the DCEU as he secured a role in the Blockbuster film Black Adam, which is slated for release on 21 October. Rivers is no stranger to the superhero genre as he’s most notable for his role as Shatter on Marvel’s “The Gifted”. Last year Rivers appeared in “Spider-Man No Way Home” and became part of the MCU when he doubled as (Jamie Fox’s) Electro. With roles in both the MCU and DCEU under his belt, 2022 is laying the foundation for Rivers to become a house-hold name.

Look for Rivers next year as he takes on lead and supporting roles in the following films: “A Party to Die For” a suspense thriller produced by MarVista Entertainment and “Freedom’s Path” a period piece  set during the Civil War directed by Brett Smith.

Jermaine Rivers is rep’d by Play Management and Eris Talent.

Keith Nelson on Appreciating the Joys of Aging Gracefully

There is nothing more therapeutic than having a day’s worth of fun and good laughs. In a world where we inevitably face doubts and failures, most of us persistently attempt to cope. And although these coping mechanisms may vary from one person to another, a good laugh is something that is often a universally enjoyable experience. It makes people forget heartaches, gauges human interaction, and creates lasting bonds with others – even with strangers. And for this reason, Keith Nelson brings out his congenial and quick-witted nature to give the people reasons to smile through life’s uncertainties.

Mostly known for his unconventional approach to stand-up comedy, Keith Nelson proves worthy of his stellar reputation in the field of modern-day entertainment. As a matter of fact, one can see Keith sweeping the stage with his impeccable talents topped with a humorous flair in an ordinary day of laughing and entertaining. And because of this, Keith continues to provide people with timeless jokes that ultimately brings the latter into a moment of happiness, triumphs, and a journey towards healing. 

As a veteran comedian and actor in the entertainment industry for thirty years, Keith Ross Nelson inspires others to appreciate life after 50. Unlike other comedians, Keith puts the spotlight on living life in order to celebrate the beauty of aging gracefully. And believe it or not, Keith calls this unique act as the “Beginning of the Old.” Keith wants people to understand that aging is a beautiful thing.

Because of his unique talents and abilities to spark joy and countless peals of laughter, Keith Nelson has played in over 50 states and around the world. Topped with a flair for flawlessly connecting with people, Keith has performed in various clubs, colleges, and cruise ships. His excellence in providing comic relief has also become a favorite among military troops across the globe. And proving to be an outstanding comedian, Keith has been featured in Hulu Comedy Show, Comedy Time, A and E’s Evening at the Improv, and Entertainment Tonight.

Moreover, Keith Nelson is a rising star in the acting business and has been featured in countless independent hit movies like Mobsters and Mormons and The R.M. Keith can be seen on Not for Nothin’ on Amazon Prime.

But aside from his sterling talents in the world of entertainment, Keith Nelson is also skilled in Martial Arts. He currently holds a third-degree black belt in Kung Fu and is a former Master’s High Jump record holder and a Three-Time National Champion in the field. 

Looking at his accomplishments, Keith Nelson owes much of his success towards his positive outlook in life. 

 You can follow Keith Nelson on Instagram (@Keithrossnelson).

Michael “Kleos” Chin’s Famous Webseries “The Root of All Evil” Is Taking the Stage

The youngest recognized urban playwright in the industry is about to make his web series even more animated. Uprooting “The Root of All Evil” and planting it onstage, Michael “Kleos” Chin is finally sharing his gift to a wider audience. 

Michael “Kleos” Chin is a young adult known in exclusive art circles as one with a passion for acting, producing, directing, and writing. The multi-talented creative has dabbled in various art forms, which has helped him develop and share his beautiful way with words.

For as long as he could remember, Kleos was always awed and interested in the performing arts and everything that went into producing it. He studied acting in several lauded performing arts programs from the 6th grade to the 12th grade.

While in high school, he spent his days with a script in one hand and a textbook in another. He wowed the audience night after night with his craft as he made a big name for himself within the DMV area for his online comedy skits. Not just within the region, Kleos also gained international attention and almost immediately had an overwhelming following, looking to his social media performances to brighten their days.

Determined to keep the weather sunny in thousands of lives everywhere, Kleos decided to expand his reach and share his gift for writing by creating the web series “The Root of All Evil.” The moment it was up and out, the series took on a life of its own and stood center in a movie set, and soon in a play.

After turning “The Root of All Evil” into a short film, the inspiring web series is now being adapted into a virtual stage play on Michael “Kleos” Chin’s streaming service called “Flameous Flix” and will be opening curtains this coming February 2021.

Ready to blaze into hearts and get the candle of faith burning brighter, Kleos’s virtual stage play will be the first project on and is expected to set the standard for his future works, which, like his famous web series, will be unlike anything seen before.

Along with “The Root of All Evil,” Kleos is also known for his must-have book entitled “Almost Not Born,” which he co-authored with his lovely fiancé Desireé Morgan. Like most of his content, the book was written to inspire faith in God. The Christian non-fiction work of art follows the trials of a character named Destiny struggling against the devil’s wicked tricks who is determined to destroy God’s plans for her before her birth. 

The young writer’s prowess and evident passion printed with his words has inspired his audience and has gotten the spotlight at the end of the tunnel, motivating people to walk towards it.

“I tell the realness of reality while showing everyone that no matter who you are, there is hope and faith in God,” he shares. 

Grab your front-row tickets and keep your phone on silent for Michael “Kleos” Chin’s “The Root of All Evil.” Sit back and follow the story of faith in the artist’s virtual stage play airing February 2021 on Flameous Flix’s official website. Learn more about the young creative and stay updated on his work by following him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Samuel Smith Holds Family Close to His Heart as His Career Continues to Grow

At some point, while growing up, everyone has wanted to act. Whether it’s in front of a camera or on a stage, the idea of pretending to be someone outside of your everyday personality has always crossed people’s minds. For Samuel Smith, he managed to make the childhood aspiration come true.

Born in Miami, Florida, Samuel Smith grew up under a single mom’s care with his sister. The life of a single parent is never an easy one, and Samuel watched as his mother pulled the family together through many trying days. He made a promise to become successful in entertainment so he could show his mother the other side of life.

Samuel Smith went through his undergraduate studies at Alabama State University under the direction of Dr. Tommie Stewart. Under her guidance, he and his classmates were taught to get the job done. The reason being there weren’t always funds to hire the help needed to prepare the show’s production that was held where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts. He would continue to further his education at Brandeis University, earning his Masters Degree in Theatre Arts.

When he completed his studies, he found himself moving to the Big Apple, New York City. Samuel would start teaching Theatre Arts to school children. He approached the job with an underlying thought of helping them build their confidence and communication skills. Samuel enjoyed it so much that he created a company so he could continue to teach on his own terms.

As he worked in the New York school system, he saw there was a need to be filled in the way of empowerment. To do so, he made it a point to start his classes by encouraging them to share something about their lives and support each other. This empowerment breathed life into a workshop and a non-profit called ‘Bridge Builder Camp,’ where he does after-school programs and summer enrichment geared toward empowerment and education.

As an actor, Samuel Smith has worked in several shows, bagging additional credits on significant shows like House of Cards, Daredevil, The Inspectors, The Blacklist, The Good Wife, Leftovers, Elementary, Person of Interest, and the pilot Uptown Girls. His roles also include being cast as 6 and 8 in Godfather of Harlem on Epix, and has even managed to nail down a recurring guest star role on NBC’s Shades of Blue. His first roles include featuring on Cadillac Records as ‘the guitarist,’ the hit HBO series The Sopranos, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Samuel has also performed on stage with roles in The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, The Brother Size, Camp Logan, The Diary of Black Men, and August in April.

Apart from teaching and acting, Samuel Smith also has other ventures. He owns a few businesses called Samuel Leon Leather and Better Than Perfect athletics, with a third business coming called Samuel Leon Men’s Suit Line. He knows that it’s important to not only be an artist and entertainer but also to own and create opportunities and wealth for oneself and family.

To find out more about Samuel Smith, you may visit his website.

Going for It: Peter Stelling on Sparking Passion

These days, people are scrambling to their feet as they hurriedly make their way to the top. And while some competition can be an impetus for progress, too much of it can make one lose sight of what is really important. For this reason, Peter Stelling vowed to live a life that keeps his soul on fire. 

Having gone through his fair share of ups and downs, Peter Stelling realized that everything boils down to passion. As a matter of fact, it took him several twists and turns before he mustered up the courage to go after his dreams. It was not until he finally listened to the voice within that he sparked joy, not only in his life but also in the lives of those around him.

According to Peter Stelling, pursuits and endeavors are made more meaningful if they come from the heart. He also adds that nothing matters more to him than being able to do what he loves. True enough, success is much sweeter if it stems from a place of happiness. 

Hailing from the city of Orlando in Florida, Peter Stelling took off to breathe life into his goals and aspirations. Besides gaining recognition for his works as a singer-songwriter, model, and actor, he is also pursuing a degree in Supervision and Management. And always being ready to step up his game, the multifaceted figure shows that he is a force to be reckoned with. 

Born and bred in a competitive household, Peter Stelling grew up trying to keep with his four older brothers. As a result, he developed the notion that anything falling short of the best will never be good enough. And having this mindset for a very long time, Peter created a world that revolved around competition. However, this only made his wins bitter and his losses even heavier. 

Growing tired of trying to be competitive all the time, Peter Stelling broke free from his unrealistic expectations and stayed grounded. As a result, he learned the value of practice and the beauty of patience. And with this newfound approach, it dawned on him that there is more to life than being the best. Instead, it is all about being content with seemingly little victories. 

Today, Peter Stelling has become a beacon of confidence and self-fulfillment. After years of struggling with self-doubt and questioning his strengths, he could eventually see what he is truly capable of. And through the challenges he hurdled, he pushes producers, directors, photographers, creators, actors, models, artists, musicians, and all other passion-driven individuals to move forward. 

Looking back on his journey, Peter Stelling took a leap of faith by going after a life that speaks volumes about his purpose and passion. And using his past experiences that accumulated many lessons and realizations, he inspires and encourages others to choose the path that makes them light up. 

Had Peter given up on the things that resonated with his core and soul, he would not have gone this far in his career. Indeed, the passion-driven individual has proven that the best things happen to those who believe and fight against all the odds. 

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Actor Jamal Johnson’s Career was influenced by His Parents Love for the Theatre Arts

Although some interests are innate, the hobbies and passions that people actually pursue and eventually build a career in later in life could be formed as early as childhood. That being said, parents or guardians automatically have some amount of influence on the things that their children ought to be interested in growing up. The power of this influence was evident in actor Jamal Johnson’s career.

Although born in Los Angeles, California, Jamal was raised in Pasadena by his two devoted parents—Willie Mae and Javis Johnson. The actor is of North African, Native American, and Caucasian descent. Jamal was tall growing up, towering at a height of 6 foot, 4 inches. This made him athlete material, a potential that was eventually realized in high school when he became a standout athlete, later on playing in Division 1 Collegiate Athletics. With this kind of background and the physical build that he had, there was no denying Jamal had dreams of becoming a professional athlete someday.

Jamal also has a background in karate, earning a black belt from the Shinjimasu International Karate Association in 2001. In the succeeding years, he competed in several tournaments across the United States, championing several times in sparring, as well as the heavyweight division. Unfortunately, this streak was concluded due to a knee injury the actor suffered in not long after. A long time fitness advocate, Jamal was also able to attain from the University of San Francisco a master’s degree in sports and fitness management.

Earlier in his life however, his parents—who were both educators and huge fans of the theatre arts—began taking him to live theatre shows, which was a way to escape the different vices rampant during the 1980s. Jamal shares in an interview with VoyageLA, “I grew up with either my head in the books or going to plays with my parents. Some of the plays I saw were Dreamgirls, Fences, Annie, and A raisin in the sun. I think it was there that I initially gained my interest.”

Before he knew it, he was performing lead roles in Shakespearean plays every year and went on to star in more plays in high school. His love for the theatre arts and acting kept growing; however, it was about that time as well when his father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Jamal began focusing on looking out after his old man while attending school and still doing sports. Not long after, he was able to graduate high school with honors and even got an athletic college scholarship. Unfortunately, by this time, his dad’s condition had only worsened.

In college, his love for performing and acting was reignited, which inspired him to do some gigs in modeling, runway shows, voice-overs, and TV commercials. Years later, he was able to accomplish his bachelor of arts degree in communications and went on to study the art of theatre at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. He worked hard for a year, mainly doing co-star and supporting roles in films.

It was around this time—two weeks before his birthday and right before an audition—when he received a call about his father being unresponsive at home. He rushed to their place, and his father was taken to the hospital. A day later, his father passed away in front of him. It took Jamal some time to recover from that loss, considering that he and his dad shared a special relationship. However, he pushed himself to get back on his feet and continue doing what his father would have wanted him to do, which was for Jamal to pursue his dream. This is precisely what the actor has been doing ever since.

Today, the actor is commonly known for his role as Devon in the international award-winning short film 2 Wrongs, which was produced by his production company 11-16 Entertainment. He is happily married with two delightful daughters.

He is continually building his brand as an actor to this day and looks forward to starring in TV series shows and more films soon.

To know more about the actor, visit his Instagram page, and connect with him via Twitter.