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E8 Labs Is Leading the Technological Shift in the Mobile App and Tech Scene with Groundbreaking Software Development

Software development businesses have been able to thrive during the pandemic because of the need to move into the digital space amid these extraordinary circumstances. With the call for social distancing protocols and stay-at-home measures still in place, technology will remain at the forefront of change until everything returns to the way it was before the pandemic began.

For businesses that are still figuring out the ropes, proper guidance is key to advancing and transforming their methods into technological means in times of crisis. And taking a cue from this need to address the gap, Noah Nega, the human dynamo in the world of technology and digital software, vehemently pushed E8 Labs’ name to be known by the world. 

Nestled at the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California, this software developing extraordinaire is naturally surrounded by high-sounding sources of technological innovation. By falling into the jaws of social abetment, it comes as no surprise how E8 Labs, a full-scale software development agency, has successfully helped entrepreneurs and enterprises transcend their businesses into digital powerhouses through a custom app and website development.

Since the inception of E8 Labs, Noah Nega and a team of creative individuals have continuously used their technological dexterity as the foundation for developing software solutions for businesses. Especially at this time where the pandemic has struck most of the enterprises’ operations, E8 Labs has become an essential tool for helping businesses thrive during these trying times.

As can be gleaned from E8 Labs’ promise of taking businesses to new digital heights, the software development agency uses innovative and step-by-step techniques that invite business success in the long run. The company begins its process by working together with its clients in formulating ideas for the overall look and feel of the client’s user interface. When the brainstorming stage has reached its end, E8 Labs then proceeds to materialize the vision set at the first stages of the entire process. The company boasts results that consider revenue models and outputs that take no longer than 90 days without sacrificing its content and quality.

However, E8 Labs’ technological solutions go beyond the close of its development process. Since the company takes pride in its ability to scale up businesses through digital means, E8 Labs launches the application or website with the use of a unique go-to-market strategy to achieve competitive advantage online and app stores.

A competitive advantage that E8 Labs possesses over other software development companies in the natural talent and well-nurtured skill of their founder, Noah Nega. Coming from a place of defeat, Noah knew what it was like to feel powerless amidst adversities. Refusing to be enclosed within the definition of failure, Noah began honing his software development skills through numerous freelancing gigs during college and beyond. As Noah continued to elevate his proficient background, he decided to apply everything that he learned through his company, E8 Labs.

E8 Labs is presently creating ripples of changes by introducing technology as an integral part of the business. And with the pandemic encouraging every entrepreneur and enterprise in making the shift, E8 Labs is determined to facilitate the transformation—even beyond the health crisis.

To know more about E8 Labs, you may visit the company’s website.

DFS Retreats and Rene Partners to Secure Travelers

Insurance tech startup Rene is partnering up with DFS Retreats (Disciplined Free Spirits Retreats) to help bring more protection to travelers in these unprecedented times. The rise of COVID-19 cases all over the world has brought more danger to traveling. The partnership between the two trailblazers marks a new movement that will bring more safety and security to travelers.

30-year-old travel expert Divina Michael started the retreat organizing company. The Orange County-based free spirit had always dreamt of starting her own business even at an early age. She started with creating and selling custom Volcom Stone cutouts when she was eleven years old. In the last few years, she has been living with her new philosophy. It was then that she found the inspiration to start DFS Retreats.

The retreat organizing company designs and hosts international travel experiences for female entrepreneurs to far-flung destinations like Bali. “As entrepreneurs, we have been taught to hustle and grind,” shares Divina. “I say we should align and flow. That is what my retreats will teach each guest to do in pursuit of their goals.”

Michael infuses adventure, relaxation, discussion, fitness, and other key aspects of self-realization into her travel retreat programs. Each day, travelers participate in guided experiences designed to support their personal — and professional — growth. Michael said that “DFS Retreats is about building a supportive, uplifting community for our fellow female entrepreneurs.” She believes that by helping participants at her retreats ditch fruitless routines in favor of meaningful and purposeful action, women can address both life and business priorities with a growth mindset and creative solutions poised for success.

One of the core values of DFS Retreats is promoting the guests’ health and well-being while traveling. As a way of providing this, the company is working on a partnership with Rene. This collaboration ensures that programs by DFS have the necessary coverage they need and where they need it.

Since the rise of the coronavirus crisis, the travel industry has taken a huge hit. Today, tourism has become more dangerous than ever. The crisis has dramatically illustrated the importance of having convenient and reliable healthcare, especially when traveling. Rene answers that problem with a revolutionary solution. This service provides tailored travel insurance paired up with telemedicine services, wellness programs, and healthcare access, no matter where you are.

Rene has been building partnerships with luxury travel agencies to provide up to two million dollars in coverage to people who travel for leisure. In recent times, the company has announced that they will be partnering up with DFS Retreats to provide insurance services to their clients.

The insurance tech startup gives clients access to an AI-powered technology that matches travelers with the most suitable insurance needed for a particular trip. The online service also gives people online medical directories, travel advisories, COVID-19 updates, and emergency services. 

Mr. Atilio Spaccarotella, CEO and founder of Rene, stated, “In this current state of uncertainty, we are happy to provide DFS Retreats with these safety tools so their participants can focus on enjoying their trip with peace of mind, knowing we have their backs.” Michael added that DFS is “really excited about this partnership as the well-being and safety of travelers is our first priority. Rene’s superb service makes it the perfect option for DFS Retreats.”

Rene’s partnership with DFS Retreats is one of what they hope to be many more. With this move, they hope to expand their clientele. Moreover, these partnerships help them fulfill their mission of providing insurance coverage to more travelers and protect people from expensive medical bills and the vast array of risks that they can potentially get exposed to while traveling.DFS Retreats is stoked to welcome six amazing female entrepreneurs to join them in Bali next year. Head over to their website, and click on Event Registration to be notified first when booking becomes available. With only six spots available, they encourage you to register as soon as possible. It’s free, and there is no commitment required.

BumpUp: The Savings App Every College Student and Fresh Grad Needs

Statistics reveal that a huge 69% of college students have student loans and need financial support to get through their studies. Additionally, 78% of recent working college graduates are living ineffectively from paycheck to paycheck. With many of the younger generation troubled by their finances, digital app BumpUp poses an efficient way of saving spare change and transforms them into savings.

BumpUp operates under a simple process but brings in incredible results. The digital app securely links to the user’s credit and debit cards and instantly ‘BumpUp’ the spare change from their purchases into their Bump Banking account. The app rounds the transaction to the nearest dollar and automatically adds the remainder to the user’s account, to be used for future transactions.

BumpUp is secured and seamless. It requires no budgeting and no schedule, making the app a convenient savings partner for college students and fresh graduates who are frequently on-the-go. The app is a trusted partner for individuals with dynamic lifestyles looking to strategically save every penny passively as their accounts align with their natural spending habits.

Luke understands the need to make the most out of the younger generation’s finances. With economies quickly changing and the constant rise of prices for essential commodities, the founder addresses the need to achieve financial stability. Consequently, BumpUp also teaches college students to be more financially responsible. “Being a full-time student doesn’t mean you have a full-time hall pass,” said Luke. The app helps them save and pay for their rent, groceries, gas, and many more.

Also, BumpUp allows users to add family members or friends as ‘Bump Backers’—anyone willing to support them with their spare change. With this, they can effortlessly make financial burdens lighter for the app user. For instance, a saver’s parent decides to buy gas at $34.25. Then, because the parent is registered as a ‘Bump Backer,’ the user will automatically get the $.75 spare change added directly to their account. 

BumpUp was founded by Luke Woodruff, who  experienced the difficulties of struggling financially firsthand. As a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, he quickly experienced the burdens of managing his allowance to keep his head above the water. With rent, utilities, groceries, school expenses, car payments, and many more knocking on his door every month, Luke found himself occupied by his endless financial woes.

Five years after graduating, Luke found a full-time job. Even after then, he was still struggling to make ends meet with his monthly paycheck. Later on, he realized that there must be countless others out there facing the same circumstances and are in dire need of support. Thus, Luke decided to develop a platform that would make saving easier for people looking for ways to earn money from every transaction effortlessly.

Luke has created a vital tool for anyone who wants to increase savings and better prepare for future financial needs. The financial app will genuinely change the way people spend, save and support with spare change. As the founder said, “Now, with BumpUp, financial support is just an install away.”

To learn more about BumpUp, visit its website and Instagram account. 

MobileyMe is the Newest and Safest Cloud Service to Hit the Market

Forgetting or losing your phone is a story since time immemorial, but MobileyMe Inc. launched a brand new and exciting software that could make its way to the top of the tech industry in no time.

MobileyMe is a cloud service full of features. The app is a remarkable game-changer, designed and precisely engineered to give any smartphone user the ability to virtually use their phone even without holding it in their hands.

How does MobileyMe work?

When you lose, forget, or break your phone, retrieving your data and accessing your smartphone’s features is as easy as downloading MobileyMe on a different device. It would be as if you’re making calls on your own smartphone because even your actual phone number will show up.

The app gives you a smooth and effortless experience in texting and video calling through VoIP as if you are on your own phone. MobileyMe takes the essential features of your smartphone and puts them in the cloud so that you can always gain access and operate your device virtually. The MobileyMe app also lets you store and gives you access to phone information like pictures, videos, contacts, and installed apps, on top of giving you the ability to control your smartphone remotely.

Every type of mobile phone user can take advantage of MobileyMe. Every smartphone user wants a strong sense of security in safekeeping our files and reliable means to conduct business without interruption. MobileyMe will also prove to be useful in urgent situations, like an emergency, when you don’t have your own phone with you.

MobileyMe Inc. CEO and founder, Myra Durrani, takes pride in the fact that MobileyMe has no competition. Unlike other cloud systems, MobileyMe assists in making up for the flaws of other cloud services, which makes it unparalleled in the industry. “MobileyMe will bridge the gaps by adding features that will greatly enhance what is currently on offer and quite simply inadequate for today’s communications needs,” she reveals. Durrani adds, “Our product is for every smartphone user in the world. Now we have the solution to gain better control over your device instead of it controlling you.”

Every Apple Cloud user knows that they could also track their smartphone. However, it has been proven that the Apple system doesn’t provide a solution to access the user’s data without the original phone being on and unlocked. But for MobileyMe, once it is downloaded and set up, it’s always running in the background of your device, making you connected to your very own secure and private communications network at all times.

MobileyMe is ready to dominate the market and is on its way to grabbing the attention of 5.1 billion smartphone users. If you want to discover what MobileyMe can do for you, and keep all the information on your smartphone safe and securely backed up, visit their official website,