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ArtTour International Magazine Holds Top 60 Masters Awards 2022 with an International Lineup of Talented Artists

The visual arts have been a longstanding medium for genuine self-expression. It has become the catalyst for many masterful individuals to spread their insights and their passion for the art form to the known world. For countless years, these artists have performed to the best of their abilities, but it’s only until now that they’ve finally found a prestigious accolade they can comfortably call their own. This award is none other than the Top 60 Masters Awards organized by ArtTour International Magazine.

ArtTour International Magazine has played a crucial role in bringing massive exposure to artists, allowing them to receive the recognition they deserve in their respective fields. The Top 60 Masters Awards showcases world-class talent and artwork infusing their craft with a sense of prestige and elegance. Dubbed the “Oscars of the Visual Arts,” this awarding tradition has become one of the most prominent events in the art industry for a good reason.

This year’s event takes the Top 60 Masters Awards to a whole new level by unveiling to the world another batch of artists whose works have become pivotal mediums of inspiration to the art world and beyond. ArtTour International Magazine has built a pristine reputation as a global publication that features talented artists and the works that have made them who they are today.  The list of awarded artists can be seen on the official ATIM’s Top 60 Masters website

During the event, ArtTour International Magazine welcomed artists with a vast Time Square billboard where they could witness a digital exhibition of their works in the middle of the bustling New York skyline. The Top 60 Masters Awards event was filled with music, food, dance and celebration during the red carpet evening.

“Having conducted the Top 60 Masters Awards Ceremony dubbed the “Oscars of the Visual Arts,” ATIM continues to fulfill its mission of bringing artists into the spotlight,” shared one reporter and critic. “The celebration is the most outstanding event held by ATIM yet, and it has masterfully provided artists with the limelight they deserve.”

With a decade’s worth of contribution to the modern art world, ArtTour International Magazine has proven yet again that they have steadily become a massive force for good in the name of the arts. Before becoming a prestigious award-giving body, ArtTour International Magazine was known in the industry for being a comprehensive multimedia platform that runs an art magazine publication, podcast, television show, and an expert public relations agency. In addition, it recently launched its TV network, Vivid Arts Network. 

ATIM’s recently launched TV network highlights arts and culture and serves as a platform for artists to be known all over the world. The TV network is available on Amazon Fire, Roku, and Apple TV. Founder and CEO of ArtTour, Viviana Puello, has successfully scaled the brand to the global stage, bringing along talented artists and awarding them the recognition they deserve. 

“I believe in art as a vehicle to raise global consciousness and make the world a better place,” says the visionary CEO. ATIM has awarded sixty artists, twenty-six of which came to New York City to receive the award in person from the founder and Editor-Chief of ArtTour International, Viviana Puello. 

The Top 60 Masters Awards was graced by high-caliber artists from all over the world. Several nations were represented during the event, such as Israel, Guatemala, Greece, the United States and Sweden, to name a few. As the powerhouse global publication looks forward to next year’s event, ArtTour International Magazine has begun opening submissions for different artworks for the Top 60 Masters Awards 2023. For submissions, make sure to visit the company’s official website.

Ignacio Suárez “Cacho” Thriving as a Tattoo Artist and Inspiring Young People to Do Things They Enjoy

Life decisions often come with tough choices, and often, choosing a path that makes one happy is always the best, no matter how unpopular that path is. As a lover of art from a very young age, Ignacio Suárez “Cacho” grasped this concept early and has gone through life doing things he enjoys and built a career out of them at different points in his life.

Ignacio Suárez “Cacho” is a tattoo artist from Mexico City but based in Los Angeles, working at one of the world’s most famous tattoo shops, The California Dream. Cacho, as he’s fondly called, has tried his hands at different forms of art, including oil paintings, digital art, animation, big scale murals, and apparel design. Now plying his trade as a tattoo artist, he has his sights set on achieving massive success and inspiring the world with his story.

Cacho’s specialty lies in single needle/fine line tattoo, and for a career that he took up professionally three years ago, he has become highly sought-after with an impressive clientele made up of celebrity clients like Nicole Williams English, Sophia Culpo, Katee Sackhoff, Tiffani Thiessen, Candace Bure, Stephen Boss, Joel de León, Victor Webster, and many more. His clients are located in different parts of the world. His work has captured many people’s attention by getting featured in notable publications like People Magazine, US Magazine, and Page Six.

Making connections with people and impacting their lives positively is Cacho’s biggest drive. The tattoo world also gives him the avenue to meet people who have profound effects on his life daily. “Being a tattoo artist has changed my life significantly. I have been opportune to meet people who appreciate art and the craft of details. Many people interested in tattoos have deeper meanings beyond just a ‘drawing’ on their bodies, and I’m happy to bring those ideas to life for them. My craft is my art, and anyone that appreciates it the same way I do will always be welcome to sit in my chair,” Cacho said.

More than being a tattoo artist, Ignacio Suárez’s high level of creativity has placed him uniquely in the position to branch into other fields like photography, architecture, illustration, animation, and many more. Honing his artistic talents from a young age is one of the best things he did for himself, as it has helped him carve a niche for himself and bring beautiful art to life from mere ideas.

Getting to learn more about the things that have the most meaning to people is one of the things he enjoys the most about his job. With his success, he hopes to become a source of inspiration for other young people so that they can follow their dreams and be happy. He’s deeply committed to making everyone understand that their life path is up to them and that doing the things that make them happy is one of the best ways to live well.

Over the next few years, Ignacio Suárez “Cacho” hopes to open his own tattoo shop and serve clients from all the states in the United States and internationally. He has never been scared of dreaming big, and at this point of his career, he is confident that his dreams are valid and achievable.

2k Ponce Juno: The Hip-hop Sensation Who Brings Caribbean Style of Sound

2k Ponce Juno, an artist from a developing country, aims to inspire others to achieve their dreams through his music. The music sensation aspires to be a liaison in helping others pave a better way of life.

As an international Hip-hop sensation from Staten Island, NY, he was also motivated to build his brand by way of Antigua when he realized that working for other people through music was not only for him. In the past, 2k Ponce Juno had a few jobs that ended in his termination of employment. There, he realized he was expendable. Through music, he wanted to create something that is bound to become necessary and essential.

Through his positive but bouncy, infectious, and feel-good vibe in his music approach, 2k Ponce is dominating the music industry. He captured the hearts of his hearts through his good aura that has been manifested in his music – an embodiment of a Caribbean New York flair.    

2k Ponce Juno was raised by a West Indian culture, which helped him have a “don’t give up” mindset and attitude. Carrying the said mindset, he now holds the title as a recording artist of Sony Music Group. He is also the owner of Ellipse Group Records Global LLC, Star Music Group LLC, and EGR Global Music Publishing/BMI. These entertainment music labels are the home of urban music and hip hop.  

In the year 2012, he launched his first project, “Chicken Grease n’ Grits.” The project got over three thousand hits from He then released his first video titled, “They Like This.”      

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hits and forced the clubs to shut down and led people to have forced confinement, everyone could hear 2K Ponce Juno’s records blaring in various clubs throughout the north region. 2K Ponce Juno released a big project titled EP, “Coolli Bandz,” featuring his hit single, “This Life” which propelled him to be placed on The Takeover Tour, powered by the AAMG family last March 15, 2019,

Aside from his love for music, he believes the importance of collaboration and how a team works together and acts as a family. “We are always looking to further develop and grow with our team,” he says. “We strive for overall excellence in all that we do. We motivate our team members each and every day.”

His music has a vibe that makes anybody listen, especially those appreciating a Caribbean style of sound.

The music he produced is unique from other common or familiar sounds and vibes. 2k Ponce Juno is an incomparable artist where his music is never to be seen compared to a fellow artist. 

When asked about his plans, 2k Ponce Juno says that he sees himself producing other rising artists into stars. “I will be helping upcoming artists reach their highest musical potential to make hit records underneath Ellipse Group Record Global LLC/ Sony Music Group.”

The rising Hip-hop artist wants his fans and listeners to gain ambition to follow their dreams and gain motivation to work for it. “I want them to be inspired at the fact that because I was able to do it, they can too,” he says.

2K Ponce Juno has worked with a collection of producers to release his first album titled, “Concrete.” 

Learn more about 2k Ponce Juno through his website.

“Birthday Bitch” Is This Year’s Certified Viral Birthday Anthem

In the wake of a global pandemic that has ravaged the entire world, people are being forced into staying at home when they’re often used to going out and partaking in nightly activities. Gone are the days when partying and dancing in clubs used to take up the weekend. However, a hot new birthday-themed song called “Birthday Bitch” is here to change all that.

Produced by G5yve, “Birthday Bitch” is a viral TikTok sensation that has taken the internet by storm. The song is a product of good vibes, a smooth flow, and limitless enjoyment. The song has become a massive party anthem around the virtual world. Just blasting the song in a room or backyard can automatically change the atmosphere.

“Birthday Bitch” is sung by Mr. White Dogg featuring G5yve and King Leaf. It’s a viral birthday anthem that’s becoming the next birthday jam that will dominate the internet for generations to come. It’s a bop that warrants hours of dancing, a song that can’t be stopped until everyone drops.

The song has captivated a worldwide audience with listeners from all over 62 countries. “Birthday Bitch” garnered all of its attention organically, without ever having to rely on marketing dollars behind its release. The secret of its success lies solely on word of mouth and an aptly titled song, making it roll-off the tongue. 

The song has garnered internet virility through TikTok and Instagram users alone, which is an impressive feat all on its own. Mr. White Dogg and G5yve have always delivered hits and bops that have managed to captivate audiences all over the world, and they’re back at it again with “Birthday Bitch.” Yet again, the duo has captured the attention of radio DJs, internet playlist curators, and general audiences alike. 

The party jam king, G5yve, produced the beat in his studio in Los Angeles, and the heart-thumping vocals were recorded in North Hollywood, California at Tha Stu Productions/Tha Stu Music Studios. The song isn’t just for the audience’s auditory pleasure, as “Birthday Bitch” has its own viral music video that was shot at Rose Studios in Downtown Los Angeles, California, with a full production cast and crew.

“Birthday Bitch” has become a viral classic, having millions of people tune in to the song and greet their friends with the song on social media instead of the traditional “Happy Birthday” song, which in and of itself is a great gift to give. The thought of listening to good music on one’s birthday is a gift that anyone can appreciate. The song has also become a hit among quarantine drive-by birthday parties, adding more credibility to the viral single.

It’s absolutely no surprise that “Birthday Bitch” has garnered massive appeal among a worldwide audience. It’s the latest song that’s taking over the airwaves and the digital space. It’s more than just a trend; the song is a massive worldwide sensation.

At the next party that you will be attending, do not forget to request “Birthday Bitch”. The song can be streamed on all major streaming sites. Check out the song by hitting the link.

Andrea Cordero, aka addiRockArt, Strives to Build a Tribe of Creatives Boosting Creatives

After helping creatives, musicians, and influencers rise to fame, Andrea Cordero, better known as addiRockART, feels that it’s finally time to focus on herself. The artist has thrived in the digital space over the last 15 years, from the days of Myspace to today’s social media platforms. Through it all, she has remained consistent in showcasing the vibrancy of her Mexican heritage through her art.

addiRockART is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Born to a Mexican immigrant father, and an American mother, the artist feels a profound responsibility of honoring her lineage, as well as showcasing her Italian and Aztec heritage. As diverse as her family background is, Andrea strives to present a culmination of all the different cultures that made her into the Chicana woman she is today. She has traveled across the United States and the UK, exploring art practices and meeting other creatives, all contributing to the broadening of her perspective as an artist. 

addiRockART has worked alongside other creators in almost every form of art—music, film, digital art, fine art, and more. The artist has also worked in studio and live sound, set design, and acting. With her diverse background, Andrea produces distinct pieces that make her stand a cut above the rest in the industry. Digging deeper into her Mexican roots, the artist has continually left audiences in awe of her colorful Calavera portraits of modern muses, usually accompanied by profound song lyrics. 

For as long as she can remember, addiRockART has supported other creatives in the dreams. “I used to volunteer and help people on Warped Tour, all who have had recording careers and now self-named, successful brands,” shared Andrea. Recently, she has also furthered the fame of people from the Pokémon community through Youtube. The artist has done so much as a helping hand for other Dreamers, and now she wants to pursue her own career path.

“I want to be a full-time creative, support my family, and be able to actually champion causes with some authority. It’s amazing to see what others have achieved, and I want to be in a place to give back,” said addiRockART. Still, Andrea stays authentic in her mission to bring creatives together and uplift struggling cities like Baltimore, Maryland, and Peterborough, UK through the arts.

Amid the pandemic, addiRockART has played a crucial role in raising awareness for several brands and charities by amplifying their individual campaigns on whatever platform she can access. She spearheaded multiple campaigns, and recently donated art for the “COVAID” campaign in support of Mask our Heroes, to gather PPE for modern heroes across the UK. Andrea, while dreaming of success of her own, remains hopeful in bringing others along with her. She wants to help struggling creatives and artists from minority groups to grow and achieve the career they dream of.

Additionally, addiRockART is also a survivor of an assault and robbery. Held at gunpoint, the experience has permanently left her with PTSD and other emotional trauma that one acquires after such crimes. She now seeks to shed light on people with PTSD and build a more inclusive society that would sympathize with people like herself. Furthermore, as a Baltimore native, Andrea witnessed the Black Lives Matter movement’s formation at the grassroots level and strongly showed her support through her platforms.

Learn more about addiRockArt on her website and Instagram.

Hip-Hop Artist Ken$hii Blakk Is Back with New Single “Legit!”

The last month of 2020 marks another beginning for upcoming artist Ken$hii Blakk. Following the success of his song called “Pain ATP” in August, the artist is back in the music scene with another promising single entitled “Legit!”

The hip-hop artist has been releasing songs for multiple years and has eventually built a strong fanbase across the country. Ken$hii Blakk has produced countless singles, mixtapes, and drops, capturing music lovers nationwide with his authenticity and lyricism. Being one of the most promising artists of his generation, Ken$hii is determined to grow further as a musician and entrepreneur at the same time.

Although he has been creating music for many years, 2020 is by far the most exciting and productive year of his career. Ken$hii Blakk has been deterred in The Source’s Top 20 Rising Artists of 2020 and has also showcased his talents on numerous platforms. The young creative has continually left listeners in awe of his unique take on hip-hop. Today, with his new single, “Legit!,” Ken$hii Blakk hopes to reach more audiences around the globe.

Ken$hii Blakk is recognized for his uptempo production merged with his distinct confidence in music. With his ability to create unique cadences and tonal shifts using his drum and bass patterns, the artist brings something fresh to the table. His voice is a big hit in some of the biggest clubs in the United States. Ken$hii Blakk ensures that his songs bear and reflect his character as an artist and a person, making them relatable for anyone. 

The artist brings life back into the music industry by amplifying his raw talent. The artists’ voice is a refreshing treat for music lovers and eclipses mediocre artists in the music scene. Ken$hii Blakk does not hesitate to deviate from the status quo, bringing rap culture into a higher league and pushing the boundaries of the genre. The artist portrays impeccable professionalism and fearlessness as he chooses to go against the grain of mainstream hip-hop. 

Additionally, Ken$hii Blakk is a dedicated entrepreneur. Not only is the artist on point with his music, but he is also well-versed in terms of the business side of the industry. Having such knowledge and expertise makes Ken$hii Blakk an artist to reckon with and ensures the success of his career in the years to come. 

Ken$hii Blakk takes inspiration from some of the most prominent names in the music industry today, such as Kanye West and Jay Z. The artist aims to build his own legacy as to that of his idols by continually showing the world his talent and lyrical ability. Beyond sound, Ken$hii Blakk creates an entirely unique experience for his listeners as he shares his narrative with them through artistry. In no time, Ken$hii Blakk will have the world as his oyster.

To learn more about Ken$hii Blakk, visit his Instagram profile. Listen to his songs on Spotify.

Kanashii’s Rapid Rise to Stardom for the Second Time Around

The hip-hop artist and songwriter Arthur Sanchez has come out of his hiatus with a comeback even stronger than ever as he reinvents himself as his new identity: Kanashii. Since he started professionally recording music at 12 years old, he has continually grown and evolved his remarkable brand of music. He has now masterfully refined it to appeal to both millennials and generation Z.

Kanashii was born Arturo Macias Sanchez on the 28th of August, 1997. The year 1997 happens to be the first year of gen Z, and as such, he grew up with elements of both millennials and gen Z. Growing up with these elements allowed him to connect his music with both generations. This Mexican-American native of the San Francisco Bay Area integrates native hip-hop and Latin trap in his unique mix of diverse styles and flows specially catered to their taste.

His music journey began at four years old, as his family fostered a deep love for music in him. The value of money was instilled in him at an early age as well, and he started taking odd jobs and saving up. That money went toward the first step of achieving his dream of becoming a music artist. In UGMX Studios in San Jose, California, he recorded his first song as LilAmMusic, titled “I’ve Been Watching You.” The release of the track was through SoundCloud and other social media platforms.

The path to success is not straightforward, as is the experience of the next big hit as he climbs his way back to fame for the second time around. An unfortunate turn of events in late 2013 brought a sudden, grinding halt to his rapid rise to fame, as his grief and devastation over his grandfather’s death resulted in his decision to take a break from music. Five years passed, and 2018 brought the much-anticipated revival of LilAmMusic as Arthur Sanchez, and later as Kanashii, with a sharper focus and a stronger approach to music.

As if the world had been waiting for it, his return quickly gained people’s attention across the globe, and he managed to land features with artists from Colombia, Slovakia, Toronto, and New Jersey in a short amount of time. These tracks will be released later this year. Still, given the continual evolution of his music style, these impending releases may be just what the public needs to make Kanashii their next up-and-coming favorite artist.

Many people dream of making it big in the industry, but unfortunately, not all are blessed with the resources to make survival as an artist somewhat easier. Kanashii hopes to break the barrier between independent and signed major artists with his brand. In parallel with his dream of becoming the next big hit, one of his more important goals is to guide other artists with fewer resources to build their names in the industry and grow their presence online.

Kanashii is the hottest up-and-rising artist, and he only continues to grow by the day. Find out more about him by visiting his website, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and listen to his hottest tracks on SoundCloud.

SWB Uses His Musical Prowess to Create Waves of Change Across the World

Aside from possessing the ability to generate wealth and increase notoriety, artists aspire to achieve their dreams for the purpose of sharing their vision with the world. True enough, one remarkable attribute of great artists is their ability to become instruments of change for people in this dog-eat-dog world. In other words, the most noteworthy artists stand in the light of greatness that is rooted in a noble mission to become beacons of hope. And as a person who made it his mission to change the world by stirring the minds of many with society’s most pressing issues, Steve Bisson, or more popularly known as SWB, uses his exceptional talents to inspire people towards mobilization and detach them from apathy.

As one of the foremost advocates of change and solidarity, SWB brings out his impeccable skills in music in order to nurture an environment that thinks critically and speaks freely. Unlike other musicians that hinge their career on more inward-looking pursuits, Steve took it upon himself to use his platform to move for a better and more socially aware world. And as he continues to spread his message with a noble purpose, Steve invites everyone to listen to his music with an open heart and a critical mind.

Born and bred with a prodigious talent in music, SWB recalls that the ultimate inspiration to his tantalizing beats and melodies was taken out of his father’s tale of struggles and trials and how he rose above and became the CEO of a large corporation. Ever since he found a reason to pursue the art, Steve has been honing his skills to encourage others with inspiring and thought-provoking messages through music. As a matter of fact, he traveled to over 15 countries to broaden his horizons, develop a more detailed understanding of the world, and educate himself on society’s countless issues. And proving to be a force to be reckoned in his chosen craft, Steve eventually finished a master’s degree in Global Entertainment and Music Business from Berklee College of Music. 

Using his unparalleled passion and exceptional background in music, SWB began creating masterful pieces and writing songs designed to stir curiosity and encourage others to speak their minds. And as a result of his hard work and determination, SWB has released countless enthralling songs that talk about racism, sexual assault, and pedophilia in America, such as “Danger in the Neighborhood,” “Last Words,” and “If I Die.” His recently released EP entitled “Last Words” addresses his father’s story, police brutality, and other pressing problems that are worthy of being known and talked about. Every melodic tune in his EP is designed to ignite a person’s interest while taking its listeners to a whole new experience in art and music.

Without a doubt, music has its way of stirring wonders among the minds of many. Through his exceptional talents, SWB hopes to use his skills to open the people’s minds and encourage them to transform the world and make it a better place to live in. With his songs and recently published EP, Steve is well underway.

To know more about SWB, you may listen to his songs on Spotify.

Undead Papi Uses Music to Transform and Empower Others

While others pursue a career in music with wealth and fame in mind, some exceptional people go beyond the confines of these money-grubbing pursuits to use the space as a launching pad for inspiration. And more often than not, these individuals who carry a noble purpose in mind end up at a point closest to the peak of greatness. Being one of those who address themselves on a mission to make the world a better place, Undead Papi brings out his innovative spirit, topped with creative talent, to become a catalyst for change.

Mostly known for his unconventional approach to music, Undead Papi proves worthy of his sterling image in the world of entertainment. With his unparalleled skills and talents, it comes as no surprise how this aspiring artist became one of the most sought-after musicians around the globe. And as he continues to traverse the path towards success, Undead shares how he climbed the industry’s ladder with a genuine heart and a selfless vision.

Unlike other artists in the music industry, Undead Papi uses his platform to empower others in becoming socially aware. This unorthodox purpose was borne out of Undead’s belief that music can push people in opening their minds and encourage them to ask the bigger questions. With everything that is going on with the world, he thought it best to enrich individuals and create an environment that fosters knowledge, wisdom, and healthy discourse through music.

Rooted in a mission to create a better world, Undead Papi unleashes his creative spirit to produce an extensive discography designed to tickle the people’s minds. This passionately created album is dedicated to encouraging others to open their minds to reality while inviting them to think outside the box. With songs that are made to revolutionize society like “Death is Near,” “Hold on by a Thread,” and “February Corpse,” Undead’s album serves as a safe space for like-minded individuals to speak and engage in a healthy discourse while appreciating the beauty of music. And aside from that, it also emboldens people to express themselves and serves as a voice for the voiceless.

On top of his album, Undead Papi continues to make revolutionary strides by releasing a music video that combines metal and rap and touches on certain societal issues designed to stir the minds of many individuals. “AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS” is Undead’s recently launched video that talks about politics in the most unusual way. It breaks away from party lines and the political spectrum and discusses the ropes behind politics and governance. Its ultimate goal is to invite people towards engaging in healthy discourse and promote an environment that embraces different ideas and opinions. And aside from politics, AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS serves as a driving force to motivate people to continuously widening their perspectives in all facets of life.

With everything that is going on, Undead Papi hopes to expand his reach, create more music, and inspire others in taking revolutionary steps towards changing the world. He wishes that through his songs, more and more people will step out into the light and speak their minds to make the world a better place.

To know more about Undead Papi, you may watch AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS on  Youtube.

Autumn Rain Records Provides Artists With the Right Platform to Share Talent and Spread a Message

Over the past decade, more voices have cried out for mental health awareness, a social issue that has often been overlooked or neglected. People from all social statuses are calling out for awareness and a proactive move to help others get the help they deserve. Among the many voices in this cry are the people from Autumn Rain Records label.

Autumn Rain Records is a new record label based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Aaron Romero, a songwriter who also dreamt of putting his songs out into the world for people to hear. Like most musicians, he found it would be a challenge making it out there. Romero encountered difficulties and red tapes of big recording labels. He realized that it was almost impossible for a regular starting artist without connections to make it in the industry, so he created Autumn Rain.

Under Romero’s ownership, Autumn Rain’s mission is to help young upcoming artists produce and publish their works. They want to help artists improve their skills and knowledge in the music industry to prepare them so they can show the world their talent. The company helps independent artists produce and publish their works with minimal costs, allowing them to keep 100% of their royalties. Whether they’re independent artists or they know people who want to publish their songs, Autumn Rain opens their studio to anyone and everyone looking to ask for their help.

Among the artists who signed with Autumn Rain is singer-guitarist Daniel Lucas. The latest name to join the music industry is a Philippine-born artist who grew up and spent most of his time in Queens, New York. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for music, where he is ready to release his slow rock/country debut with the song, “Not Too Late.”

Not Too Late tells the story of two friends, sung from the perspective of one trying to convince his friend not to give up despite all his problems. The friend tells him he is always there and is willing to listen. The song was written with Aaron Romero’s lyricism coupled with uplifting music by Pab Atienza, which in turn is matched with the sweeping guitar riffs by virtuoso Maestro Perfecto De Castro. Together, they make a perfect contrast to the easy but refined vocal performance of Daniel Lucas.

Aaron Romero wrote the song as awareness for suicide prevention. With studies showing that close to 800,000 people commit suicide, he wanted to boost the morale of those suffering from depression, anxiety, and people who have other mental health issues. With Daniel Lucas, he found the perfect voice that could convey the message he wanted to send out. Especially today with the pandemic forcing people to stay at home, triggering mental health conditions or exacerbating existing ones. Autumn Rain Records want people to know that it’s never too late, and there is always someone who listens.

To find out more about Autumn Rain Records and Daniel Lucas, you may find their debut song on YouTube.