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Katie Chonacas of The Sophisticated Psychos Launched a Web Series to Help Couples Amid Pandemic

Katie Chonacas/Alessandra Levy/Nicky Scorpio

The Sophisticated Psychos are among the most forward-thinking creatives of their generation. Composed of two revolutionary artists, Katie Elizabeth Chonacas, aka Kyriaki, and Nicky Scorpio, the purpose-based media has stolen the hearts of thousands of audiences through the digital space with their life-changing messages tackling mental health, anxiety, depression, and the importance of self-love.

On a mission to help couples and individuals navigate the dating world during the pandemic, The Sophisticated Psychos produced their original web series called Couples Therapy.  They want to reach viewers across the globe through their brand and platform by providing enlightening insights amid today’s challenging circumstances. 

Couples Therapy is a family-friendly improv comedy web series featuring the power couple and a relationship therapist played by Alessandra Levy. The Sophisticated Psychos sought to make the series a useful tool for couples living and working together during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Couples Therapy shows The Sophisticated Psychos receiving Zoom calls from their therapists. The improv comedy series highlights them seeking expert help to gain a healthier perspective. “This web series gives comedy a fresh and honest way to look at a relationship that feels oddly relatable in its intensity and vulnerability and is based on real-life experiences,” shared Nicky Scorpio. The show captured comedy-lovers’ hearts with the therapists’ confusing and wacky advice, combined with the authentic reactions of the co-hosts. 

Additionally, The Sophisticated Psychos is also known for spreading positivity through music. Kyriaki recently launched her new Hypnotic Energy EP, encoded with 639 Hz healing frequencies by partnering with Subtle Energy. The electronic beats are in line with the duo’s mission to create a healthier world for generations by fighting negativity. Their thought-provoking music digs deep to stimulate the chakra of their listeners and stir their hearts and souls. 

The Sophisticated Psychos gained listeners’ attention worldwide with their profound and sympathetic ways of reaching out to them. One song or web series at a time, the duo shows vulnerability and amplifies the importance of lending a helping hand to those suffering from mental health issues. Recognized for the ripple effect of change they have set globally, the team has indeed paved the way for thousands to discover their ethics, morals, and values.

Together, The Sophisticated Psychos are changing the world, knowing that many are suffering from others’ prejudices and judgment. Like most of their audiences, Chonacas shared how she had overcome her own battles, from bullying to emotional abuse. It was never a walk in the park, but she overcame them and now proudly wears her scars to serve as an inspiration for their viewers. 

Asked where they envision The Sophisticated Psychos to be in five years, the duo proudly shared that they aim to be working as series regulars on animation TV shows and in films.  Also to create more web series that will be relatable to viewers across the globe. Chonacas  also shares that they just wrapped the second and third seasons for Couples Therapy Improv Show and they will be available on The Sophisticated Psychos Youtube page in early 2021. Subscribe now for ongoing weekly digital content on The Sophisticated Psychos Youtube Channel.  Audiences are in for more treats in the upcoming episodes! 

To learn more visit their Instagram and Facebook and popular She’s All Over the Place Podcast.

Brien Allen of Altermind, Al Cielo, and Bridges Ablaze to Drop New Music in 2021

Amid being in the most challenging year yet, musician Brien Allen has had a lot going for his music career this 2020 and a whole lot more set for 2021. The music artist is most excited for many projects. Some of these include his band Altermind’s collaboration with Lauren Babic and an upcoming EDM song where he plays lead guitar tracks. He is also working on a couple other projects called Arborenna and Perpetual Horizon, and is even currently in the talks to play a role as an actor in an independent film to be released next year. 

Brien Allen is a multi-talented musician taking on a vocalist and lead guitarist role for music bands Al Cielo and Bridges Ablaze. With the mentorship and guidance of music mogul Charlie Walk, Al Cielo was brought to life through the Music Mastery program. Both bands are scheduled to release new songs by 2021, combining various genres to create more unique sounds. Ultimately, the difference between the two bands is that Bridges Ablaze was formed alongside Brien’s good friend outside of Music Mastery, and it takes on a more duet-like sound with both guitarists playing as the vocalists. On the other hand, Al Cielo is a national bilingual act with members of the band spread across the United States. For this band, the songs are a combination of genres from rock to Latin and pop to electronic for its catalog of singles. 

The upcoming music sensation is also a part of the progressive Austin-based band called Altermind. At present, Brien Allen and the band are working on its debut, slated to drop in early 2021 with one song featuring Lauren Babic as a guest vocalist. 

But before attaining the musical success he enjoys today, Brien Allen was on a whole different career path for himself, pursuing petroleum engineering. Growing up with a self-employed geophysicist for a father, he quickly grew fond of science at an early age. “As a kid, I just wanted to make my family proud. I knew I loved science and my father was involved in oil and gas, so I figured pursuing petroleum engineering would bring my parents pride,” shares the engineer-turned-musician. Halfway through college, he began to realize that his passion for music was much stronger. However, he was still determined to finish the degree as an engineer. By 2014, he left university life and pursued an independent path.

After joining a local rock band, he began playing and touring for shows. Still, after investing so much in his musical endeavors, his music career did not seem to go anywhere. “I felt right then that my dreams were slipping away, so I knew I had to rebrand and withdraw and start again. However, I was determined to never repeat the same mistakes,” he explains. 

Years later, he now finds himself thriving in the music arena. He is quickly rising in the music industry, with a growing number of followers and listeners across social media and music streaming platforms. On Instagram alone, he has gained more than 11,400 followers, and he continues to grow his online presence as he releases more exciting singles.

Much of what makes Brien Allen stand out as an artist is his ability to embrace diversity and his passion for exploring and combining different genres. His specialization in guitar shredding techniques and putting technical lead guitars in more mainstream genres also makes him an exceptional artist. 

In the future, Brien Allen hopes to take his music career to the next level and work on international projects, world tours, and more albums.

To know more about Brien Allen and his musical endeavors, you may follow him on Instagram.

Ryan Hopkins Leading the Way for Modern Artists

There are a handful of artists that play influential roles in the industry. One such role player in the field is modern artist Ryan Hopkins of Hopkins Original Art Gallery. As a best-selling and awarding-winning artist, his role as a trend-setter in the art world is without question. 

Ryan has always had a strong passion for creative arts. He first discovered his talent for art and design at an early age. By the time he turned 14 years old, Ryan had already started winning art competitions. His talent and drive afforded him admission to the prestigious Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut where he earned a degree in architectural design and fine arts. At Yale, Ryan would gain exposure to various schools of thought that would shape his understanding of art and design. 

After graduating from Yale, Ryan would start working as a designer for architects and real estate developers. Yet as much as he excelled in his job, the artist yearned for more freedom to express his innate desires through painting and drawing. He took the leap of faith and rented out an old garage, which he turned into his art studio.

At Yale and after graduating, he would travel to Manhattan to immerse himself in art and culture, often wandering around museums and art galleries. He also absorbed knowledge and insight from his world-renowned professors and mentors, such as the well-known art historian Vincent Scully. Ryan spent a great deal of time, continually exposing himself to the best. This commitment would soon transform him into the level of artist that he is today. 

When observing Ryan’s art, what stands out is his mastery of colors, often creating vivid works that stand out and catch one’s attention at first glance. Ryan is not just creative. He is also highly technical in his approach, almost scientific to a degree. With his mastery and expression level, it’s no wonder that his art sells so well in the art market. To date, Ryan has created and sold over one thousand pieces to clients from all around the world. In the past three years, the art world has recognized him as one of its most prolific sellers. 

Many of Ryan Hopkins’ early paintings blended figuration, abstract expressionism, and collage. Even from the start, collectors connected with the artist’s expressive work. It wouldn’t take long for Ryan’s work to start appearing in many private collections around the globe. 

Ryan’s philosophy is “to discover the never before seen.” He does not live within the confines of what has already been defined. He continually battles to push the limits and create new realities within the art space. Many enthusiasts describe his work as fluid and moving, stating that his work “doesn’t just hang there,” but “demonstrates a natural interaction with gravity, evaporation, and gestural force.” For Ryan, his work is his way of expressing and translating his inner thoughts and visions. He strives to create art that audiences can participate in. 

Moreover, Ryan seeks to create art that anyone can afford and enjoy. The artist aims for international renown and will not stop until he gets there. To learn more about Ryan Hopkins, check out the Hopkins Original Art Gallery website and Ryan’s Facebook page.

Ars Media Arts Group Opens Exciting Opportunities for Rising Creatives

When passion meets vision, the outcome is epic, and Ars Media Arts Group is all about making legendary opportunities available to aspiring creatives from visual artists to branding enthusiasts, graphic designers, and advertising creatives. As a non-profit art organization, it thrives on helping creatives create a vision, develop and awareness, awarding experience, and capturing the uniqueness in whatever medium and genre possible. 

Since its establishment in 2016, Ars Media Arts Group has steadily grown to become a powerhouse of some of the most promising creatives expected to impact the marketing, advertising, and visual arts industries worldwide in the coming years. The organization is slowly but steadily revolutionizing how they are developing capabilities with the media, creating its own content, and making an avenue available to its members. The group has been offering helpful insights and has been known to facilitate artist development, brand development, creative direction, and project funding.  

Ars Media Arts Group also offers internship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students who wish to elevate their training and skills. The group has been actively promoting creative awareness in the Washington, D.C. area since it was developed. The group has gone as far as Atlanta in Georgia, Charlotte City in North Carolina, Miami in Florida, and other key cities. Over the years, the organization has successfully provided more than 500 promising opportunities for journalists, photographers, visual artists, bloggers, musicians, DJs, and videographers from all over the country. 

Ars Media Arts Group co-founder and Executive Director Torland Greene Jr. thought of establishing the group in order to help creatives learn, develop, and sustain their businesses that are inclined towards fashion, content creation, and art. The 32-year-old visual artist, designer, and entrepreneur from Manassas, Virginia, is responsible for identifying creatives and their need for resources. Once they have been identified, the group helps them come up with marketing strategies, partnerships, study groups, and fundraisers to help draw attention to their creative projects and brands. 

As one who is seasoned in the area of marketing, branding, and visual aesthetics, Torland is adding value to the output of their interns by elevating their understanding of how the fashion, art, and design businesses operate. 

“Our Brand Developed Service is a top to bottom unique brand building service that teaches the entrepreneur how to market, who to market to and where placement is most valuable! We pride ourselves on building rapport with top brands that want to shine some light on visual artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs. Bridging the gap between mainstream platforms and emerging creatives with opportunities to collaborate, receive sponsorship and build long lasting business relationships,” the Ars Media Arts Group co-founder explains. 

The group also aims to develop more than 500 artists, brands, or creatives combined. One of its major objectives in the next few years is to own a small workshop space that will provide an avenue for creatives to access resources and an avenue where they can develop their ideas freely. 

Learn more about Ars Media Arts Group by visiting its website. Follow its Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects.

30 Under 30

US Reporter has chosen 30 outstanding individuals who are revolutionizing the industries that each of them are operating on. From artists, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers to actresses, the list gives us a peek on what they have contributed to society. Some of them are start-ups, and some of them have been thriving much for many years. No matter their timeline, it is astounding that they have attained such virtuoso, even when they are still under 30.

1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner built her cosmetic empire at a young age. With an estimated net worth of $900million, Kylie is a woman who is looked up by many. Apart from being an entrepreneur, she is very popular for her modeling career and for starting the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians that aired in 2007. She is the founder and owner of Kylie Cosmetics that continues to dominate the global industry and demand for beauty products. 


Instagram: @kyliejenner

2. Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s music is dominating the world. He is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer who climbed the ladder of success with songs that move. Travis is the genius behind masterpieces like Oh My/Dis Side, Sicko Mode, Antidote, Goosebumps, to mention a few. His album, Astroworld, received awards and nominations from bodies including Teen Choice Awards, BET Awards, and Billboard Awards. He recently dropped the song The Plan, which is expected to appear in top charts and be on the radio for many weeks. 


Instagram: @travisscott

3. Luan Becerra

Luan is a Brazilian-American surfer, and a serial entrepreneur, building three companies even in his 20s. Luan was raised on the North Shore of Kaua’i in Hawai’i. One of his latest ventures is ProSession, the most inspiring sports media and lifestyle brand on Earth. Luan thrives in creatively envisioning innovative companies, and he is enthusiastic about leveraging the ‘flow state’ to develop new and inspirational content and ideas. 

His main passions are sports, outdoor adventures, film, culture, and moments that spark joy. And above all, Luan desires to make a positive impact by contributing to a better planet, so our current and future generations can enjoy a high quality of life.


Instagram: @theluanbecerra

4. Piper Landon

Piper Landon does it all. She is a singer, performer, and influencer who grew up in a small Kansas town and the daughter of an inspirational top-ten recording artist. Piper was always drawn to music. At 15, she recorded her first album and played ‘cKenzi’ on the sitcom iShine Knect

She has since been featured on numerous TV shows, movies, podcasts, and blogs and performed extensively throughout the United States. Amassing more than 120k followers on Instagram, she is now a full-time influencer, songwriter, and recording artist. She consistently travels, creating music and beautiful photos to share with her fans wherever she goes.

Instagram: @piperoninsta

5. Tessila Faith

This kind-hearted intuitive medium launched Journey to Yahweh a few years ago. She intended to guide as many lives as possible by helping them heal and correct the direction in their lives. Tessila also wanted to impart positivity to people as they continue to thrive in a world filled with hopelessness. 

Before launching her advocacy, Tessila enlisted in the US Marines at the age of seventeen. While in Virginia, she was assigned to an aviation unit, HMX-1, which directly supports the White House. At present, Tessila is still in aviation, working with a Helicopter EMS company located in Nashville, Tennessee. 

While she loves her job, she is also passionate about helping others through motivationally  speaking, belief block healing, and just everyday guidance. To get a headstart, download her book “I am My Chakras” through Amazon, and see what you can learn. Perhaps along the way, you will find peace through what she teaches. 

As she likes to say : “You are loved.”



6. Waneta Jaikarran

Waneta Jaikarran is a 24-year-old Compliance Specialist who works directly with the CEO and executives at E1 Asset Management. After spending years networking and attending conferences, she knows what truly drives conversions among millennials when it comes to the stock market. “It’s how well you connect with people you’re trying to help and convey your feedback.”

E1 Asset Management is a full-service brokerage firm, serving investors for over 20 years committing to individual and business investor’s success, as the firm has no market holdings of its own. In addition to her extensive background, Waneta enjoys learning about algorithmic trading and finance models with python, R, and Stata and volunteers at a Hospice in her spare time.


Instagram: @e1am_

7. Jacob Gland 

Jacob Gland is a motivational speaker, mental health advocate, life coach, and a suicide survivor. Everything changed for Jacob when he survived a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His PTSD Service Dog, Liberty, accompanies him. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Jacob and Liberty are on a mission to touch lives all across the country. Their goal is to inspire, educate, bring hope, and break the stigma on Mental Health. Liberty and Jacob are quite the dynamic duo and can’t wait to meet anyone. They always end their videos with this message: “You matter. You are Worth it. You are beautiful. We believe in you. And if no one told you today: we love you!”


Instagram: @liberty_theservicedog_rcjg

8. Celai West

TheChattyChick was inspired and created by Celai West, at the age of seven, who loved to talk, but most importantly, a girl who LOVES her big hair. There was a time when little brown girls hated the color of their skin and the kinks in their hair, but this little girl is “different.” From her bold and unique fashion sense, her big hair and her love and acceptance for what God has blessed her with, we think she is the perfect catalyst to help forge this much-needed change.


Instagram: @thechattychick

9. James Peteet

James Peteet is a 27-year-old native of Prince George’s County Maryland and creator of the CoupleUp card game. He is a graduate of Delaware State University, and he aspires to create his path to financial freedom and create something that will help couples build healthy relationships through questions and deep conversation. His CoupleUp card game has been featured on The Breakfast Club and many other media outlets. James loves spending his spare time working with underprivileged youth and giving back to his community in the form of mentorship.


Instagram: @coupleupcardgame

10. Emilio Dominguez

Emilio is a family-man, serial entrepreneur, and US Air Force veteran. He started his first business at 12 years old. Since then, Emilio has made money in the stock market, started a tech services company, and dominated the South Florida beverage and hospitality industries. His most recent venture is a now award-winning Café he owns and operates with his wife Jimena, called The Modern Rose. In the last year, they’ve tripled the company’s value, and expansion plans are already in place. He subscribes to a high-risk, high-reward lifestyle and learns something from everyone.


Instagram: @themodernrose

11. Shaina Denny

Shaina is the co-founder and CEO of DogDrop—venture-backed (Science-Inc, Muse Capital, Leap Ventures), a female-founded start-up building the next generation of dog care. Shaina lived and worked in China for over three years before returning to the US to get involved in the growing LA tech scene.

She has her Masters of International Business and is a co-instructor and guest lecturer at Whittier College. She’s passionate about international business, lifelong learning, and her miniature dachshund, Poppy.


Instagram: @dogdropco

12. Attila Toth Bathori 

Attila Toth Bathori is a Hungarian-American entrepreneur and marketing specialist born in Hungary. He moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago. Attila gravitated to creativity, sales, and marketing from an early age, and his interest in it was proven with a marketing Ph.D. later on. Because of his creative and innovative new marketing formulas, he soon got asked to work with well-known entertainment professionals. Based on the success he achieved in the industry, he founded his company “StarrLive – The Marketing Agency” in 2012, and he continues his journey with celebrity marketing since then.


Instagram: @a_starrlive

13. Mukund Komanduri

Mukund Komanduri is an Indian American entrepreneur born in Mumbai, India. Adopted at one, his parents brought him overseas to live a modest life in Oklahoma. When he turned eighteen, he got accepted into Musicians Institute Los Angeles and started an entertainment company. Mukund noticed that his artists were always drinking giant cups of coffee in their sessions. He asked them how much they spend on coffee and was appalled by the money they waste. Then, he decided to merge coffee and entertainment to create a service that doesn’t need a physical store while delivering quality coffee to customers and bring the whole coffee shop experience right to their home.



14. Anthony Hyland

In the early years, Anthony Hyland sought to combat life’s trials and tribulations with the only outlet he knew, which was poetry. Anthony Hyland, a Pennsylvania native, holds a BA in Mass Communications from Voorhees College, and a Certificate of Completion from Harvard Business School Online for Entrepreneurship Essentials.

Anthony seeks to motivate and educate the young minds of his beloved institution. This young man firmly believes that service is a duty, not an obligation.

Anthony is the author of The Purpose of Power. He is living in Honolulu, with his wife Natasha, sons Caleb and Cairo, and daughter Kylie. And he currently upholds the duties and responsibilities of a United States Naval Sailor. His life goal is to become a world-renowned Empowerment Speaker through encouragement & uplifting his fellow peers. Anthony truly believes that “Pacification is never an adequate substitute for Honesty.”

TikTok: @ispeak1906

Instagram: @anthonyihyland

15. Nicole Rokita

Nicole Rokita is an internationally-published model and the proud owner of niKETO Restaurant in Hollywood, the first all keto-friendly restaurant in California. The restaurant serves low carb, gluten-free versions of people’s classic food favorites from pizzas and burgers to desserts. Her passion is bringing delicious food to people’s tables, which is surprisingly healthy as well! Having embraced the keto lifestyle over five years ago, she seeks to inspire others to join her on a journey that has been life-changing for her health. 

“The concept of niKETO was influenced by the ketogenic diet, but the key to success for niKETO is much simpler: the goal is to create awareness about the positive effects that a low carb diet has on both your mind and your body.” 

Nicole is currently expanding niKETO into an entire restaurant group, which will operate several restaurants of varying cuisines but with the same mission: to keep the carbs low and the meals keto-friendly.


Instagram: @keytonikita

16. Tyler Bray 

Tyler Bray’s entrepreneurial journey started when he was 14, flipping trailer parts online. At 22, he is a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses in the online retail, distribution, and manufacturing sector totaling over 8 figures in revenue annually. Each business start-up and acquisition uniquely supplement one another. Tyler’s first and largest business, TK Trailer Parts, an online retail, and wholesale trailer parts distribution company, has been consecutively awarded the “Inc. 5000” fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. He is one of the youngest recipients for such an award. Tyler emphasizes empathy, positivity and innovation within his companies.


Instagram: @officialtylerbray

17. Casey Adams

Casey Adams is the Founder of PodSwipe, and the host of the business podcast “Rise of The Young.” When Casey Adams was 15 years old he was diagnosed with interspinous ligament damage and was in a neck brace for six months. Casey took his negative situation and became obsessed with personal development and social media marketing. Since then, Casey has interviewed world-class individuals such as the broadcasting legend Larry King, the owner of the National Basketball Association’s Houston Rockets Tilman J. Fertitta, Billionaire founder of Shutterstock Jon Oringer, record executive Rick Ross, author Robert Greene, former FBI hostage negotiator Christopher Voss, Maye Musk, and many other notable figures. Casey is also a partner in MOTI Chat, a peer to peer consulting app that allows consultants to get paid per minute for their services without haggling or invoicing. 


Learn about PodSwipe:

Instagram: @casey

18. Dillon Kivo

Dillon Kivo is an American entrepreneur, Amazon best-selling author, keynote speaker, and prominent media tycoon and thought leaders who started the global digital media platform, Kivo Daily Magazine. He is the CEO and Founder of Authority Titans, helping executives and business owners find their competitive edge and help them dominate the digital space by sharing unique and impactful stories through public relations, advertising, and social media marketing.

For years, he has worked with up-and-coming entrepreneurs, successful business moguls, top artists like Ice Cube, athletes like Ryan Sheckler, and the NBA and NFL players to elevate their authority and establish their digital footprint, and position them for success. 

Kivo and his work have since been featured by Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and other world-renowned publications. Because of his hand in many prominent people’s success, he is advising some of the most iconic Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, non-profit organizations, and executives.


Instagram: @dillonkivo

19. Kenneth Dennis

Kenneth Dennis is an entrepreneur and marketing expert. He has grown and built a 7 figure company through his marketing and business acumen and is the owner of the Tax Reduction Company Inc. His company has helped thousands of business owners save thousands on taxes. He is an expert in direct response marketing and sales strategies, helping turn leads into clients at scale.


Instagram: @kkrdennis

20. Raven Magwood

Raven Magwood’s calling to impact the lives of people began when she was still 12 years old. After authoring her first book at the time, she was invited as a keynote speaker in Charlotte. That was when she decided that life had a bigger plan for her. Now an author of several books, a highly sought-after motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur, Raven is living a life of commitment and success. The national gymnastic champion-turned-influencer continues to speak at events and volunteer in noble causes to inspire change and the youth.


Instagram: @ravenmagwood

21. Charles Green III

Have you ever seen someone struggle to launch a business, and didn’t understand why their delivery wasn’t translating into dollars? This bright entrepreneur finds aspiring business owners who seek structure to develop systems, creating an online presence, find winning products, and establish brand positioning online. Companies often struggle when they don’t lead with value & tell compelling stories. ProdbyPack solves this by A&R’ing companies through proven systems that increase bottom lines. ProdbyPack’s unique transition from exclusively producing music artists to producing businesses offers cutting edge deliverables, including soundtracks and aesthetics that attract quality leads to brands on social media.


Instagram: @prodbypack

22. Tarmim Khan

Empathy Queen™, founded by Emotional Intelligence Coach, Tarmim Khan, is the first American-Bengali Muslim Woman and Mental-Health Professional who has successfully transformed her messes into messages through Emotional Intelligence and now dedicates her life uplifting and inspiring others – only at the age of 26!  Khan utilizes her experiences of being a Therapist and Counselor providing businesses with Emotional Intelligence Training to cultivate a healthy work environment leading to exceeding business goals. Khan also provides 1-on-1 coaching sessions via Zoom to learn, develop, and master emotional intelligence to achieve happiness, success in relationships, and life.

Born as an empath, Tarmim dedicated herself to serving others from a young age and has therefore been featured in news outlets such as ABC7, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, and more. Khan has generated an organic audience of over 5,000 via social media, closing numerous clients in a short span of time. Furthermore, her business has been featured in multiple publications just within LESS THAN six months of starting her business. She currently has clients both nationally and internationally!


Instagram: @empathyqueen

23. Voiceveray

Voiceveray is an independent gospel artist from Columbus, Ohio, who has a very distinctive sound like no other. The young disciple rising with followers totaling over 25,000 supporters across all social media. He’s seen on ABC, LA Wire, New York Weekly, Chicago Journal, E Monthly News, and more. He’s only at the young age of 24 and the CEO of his label called Voices Choices Studios. This luxury brand provides audio engineering, mixing, and mastering services for gospel artists alike needing “Premium Quality Sound.” This powerhouse also features merchandise from face masks, which he had dozens of orders that sold out in the first three days! Since then, he’s added hats, shirts, and joggers to the collection! Check out his most recent project called Tales of Mother. The project was made in honor of his mother passing away and was released last May on Mother’s Day. Voiceveray wrote, engineered, mixed, and mastered this whole project himself. 

Social media links: Voiceveray


24.  Divinity Ray

Divinity Ray is an award-winning hair artist known for their bold and courageous vivid color designs and larger-than-life personality. Divinity specializes in transformations, precision haircuts, balayage, and blonding techniques. Divinity creates a unique and original vision. Every new client is seen as a blank canvas and no two people ever leave with the same style. 

As a traveling hair artist, Divinity curates a luxury home salon experience fit for a celebrity. Working with only cruelty-free products, while bringing in half a decade’s worth of knowledge, clients often refer to time with Divinity as being “spiritual” and “sacred” as they have memorable healing touch. 

Outside of hair, Divinity Ray has collaborated with big brands such as Burt’s Bees and Crocs. They are represented by The Driven Agency, LA. Divinity is able to provide an expansive reach for brands looking to diversify their portfolio. Divinity is a fierce advocate for mental health and the LGBTQ+ community and uses their platform to advocate and inspire others. 

Facebook: Divinity Ray

Instagram: @divinityray

TikTok: @divinityray


25. Lanetra King

Lanetra King is a senior publicist, director of communications, and owner of IndieKater PR, a five-star public relations firm. She has been a trailblazer in helping industry experts, and influential brands build a reputable public image and increase their credibility through publicity.

Lanetra has over a decade of experience securing numerous media opportunities, including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, NY Weekly, Yahoo, and more. She’s also made monumental strides with major networks like BET, MTV and TV One in brand partnerships, events, award shows, and movie premieres. Traveling the country from coast to coast, Lanetra has made connections with some of the nation’s top entertainers and business executives. 

Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, she kicked off her career working her talents for nonprofits like the Ministry of Hope in Malawi, Africa, corporations like Sears and Verizon Wireless, and agencies like Post No Bills with notable clients such as TNT and ESPN.

Facebook: IndieKater PR

Instagram: @iam_lanetra


26. Jessie Goldenberg

“One thing I’ve learned is that your 20s are a time to take and embrace risks,” says Jessie Goldenberg. As a successful entrepreneur and Founder of Nomad, Jessie serves as a living testament that living in the 20s is the prime time to take the leap and pursue one’s passion. Nomad is a mobile fashion retailer hitting the streets of NYC since 2013. Before founding her own company, she landed a job at CBS. Now, Jessie is riding the waves of success with the fashion boutique she once dreamed about.     


Instagram: @thenomadtruck

27. Sam Crowther

Sam Crowther founded Aussie-based Kasada years after he got out of high school. Before Kasada, Sam worked as a security consultant for Macquarie Group. He eventually decided to resign from his post and created his cybersecurity start-up that has immensely grown over the years. 

Kasada was made to protect web pages and online services from data scraping, click fraud, and other automated bot attacks. Sam revealed that a US expansion is underway after securing a $2.5million capital investment from Reinventure VC and Our Innovation. 


28. Blake Garrett

“I sit there some nights looking at the computer, thinking, ‘how can I make things better?’” This thought started Blake Garrett’s eventual success. He is the creator of School Bytes, widely-used school administration software. Blake created the software when he was 17 after overhearing the office staff of his campus complaining about their office administration’s lousy system. 

At the latest, School Bytes is being used by more than 180 NSW government schools, and only 15 were using it a year before it. “Technology is always changing, so it’s really exciting.”


29. Cam Greenwood

At 18, Cam Greenwood founded Monsta Surf, a surf brand that signaled his entrepreneurial success. The company he has founded aims to become one of the most popular clothing brands while generating funds for greater purposes like water infiltration delivery to several countries. Monsta Surf connects with customers on a deeper level, starting discussions about passion, ideas, and life’s purpose. The brand has now penetrated to more than 40 nations across the world. 


Instagram: @camgreenwood

30. Gen George

Gen George is a serial entrepreneur – a woman challenging the status quo in the entrepreneurial world. Her name appears in several Under 30 lists for many publications. 

Founding and running several companies like Skilld, OneShift, and now, tamme, George is impacting the community on a whole other level. She also runs Like-Minded Bitches Drinking Wine with her close friend, Jane Lu. According to her, it should always be the mindset of an entrepreneur to “learn as we go.” 

LinkedIn: Gen George

Instagram: @georgegen

Entrepreneur and Musician King Burt Shows It Is Possible to Rock Multiple Industries

It is not an exaggeration to say that 2020 is giving other disaster-stricken and tragedy-heavy years a serious run for their money. But although it has given people all over the world so many things to feel heartbroken about, it has also provided time and space for individuals to re-evaluate their priorities in life and chase after what they have not been able to before the pandemic. 

In the case of entrepreneur Burton Baloubi, who is known as King Burt, the recent world events gave him the push to pursue his life-long passion of being an artist. As the founder and CEO of Inspire Vibes as well as the assistant vice president for a major corporation, this multi-talented North Carolina native is dedicated to showing the same excellence he has demonstrated in the commercial space to the music realm. 

King Burt has never been a stranger to the view at the summit because his life experiences have immensely motivated him to strive to be the best. Losing a dear friend to suicide, in particular, was a hard reminder that life shows no mercy and that he should give it his all and find fruition for his dreams. 

During the outbreak of COVID-19, King Burt found a silver lining to the dire circumstances and diligently spent time crafting his masterpieces. Dropping several hot tracks that blew up in streaming platforms, his releases that include Price Tag, Hugh Hefner, and Country Girl are on its way to hitting the mainstream. 

With his refreshing artistry, King Burt has received admirable nods from the other players of the music industry. This entrepreneur-turned-musician, who is applauded for his realness and creativity, prides himself on having an unusual, yet electrifying vibe, as well as the courage to express through music the thoughts at the forefront of his mind. 

It is incredible how this music rookie has paved a solid path to becoming a pop, rap, country, and hip-hop sensation. But given his outstanding tracks and the driving factors behind his work, it is no surprise why this is so. Moreover, what can explain his budding success is his non-allegiance to a single genre. It makes him relatable and his music palatable to countless listeners across the globe. In addition, his signature style lends him an edge, allowing him to compete with already established artists in the music scene. 

But no matter the number of milestones he is bound to reach, King Burt is focused on staying true to his upbringing and maintaining an authentic presence. For him, the attention his music has brought him will not hold any sway against his disposition and values as an individual. And while there have been numerous cases of musicians changed by the conventions, norms, and lifestyle that characterize the music industry, King Burt is firm about carrying on with his life on his own terms. 

Staying true to oneself is integral to King Burt because he refuses to leave behind the lessons and the strength he has gained from who he was in the past and who he is now. As a survivor of the brutalities of bullying, he wishes to be a source of hope to anyone who does not think life will get better. And as a person currently living two separate lifestyles, he wants to send across the message that, whether one is in a suit and tie or a rockstar shirt, one can remain a person of integrity.

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Fashion Brand NINA MONA Pushes Against Norms in Catering to the Underserved

One fact that the fashion industry does not want to admit is its tendency to neglect people who are not considered ideal — individuals who are not thin enough and tall enough. A glance at most clothing stores will demonstrate that most articles of clothing only fit specific sizes. And for those who are not size 5, they have to put in additional effort to ask an attendant if the store has anything for their size or find an alternative shop. 

Over the past few years, more and more companies dedicated to providing a wider variety of shirts, dresses, pants, and more have emerged to address the plus-size problem of the industry. And fashion company, NINA MONA, is one such institution that pushes against traditional sizing and aesthetic norms to make people feel comfortable and confident in their own skins. 

As a fashion brand, NINA MONA stands not only for quality but, more importantly, equity and inclusion. Its founder, Vietnamese-American Michael Nguyen, is intimate with the reality rife with inequality and discrimination.  

The creatives behind the shop strive to push themselves to bring clients and supporters the best possible goods available. And they are able to offer quality pieces because every item is a product of utmost consideration for the needs and preferences of clients. 

NINA MONA heavily banks on the process of collaboration and innovation. Believing that there is power in banding together, it creates opportunities for connecting community members together. Furthermore, it acknowledges how generic today’s norms can get and how they do not inspire individuality in people. And recognizing the way fashion trends are geared toward fitting only a particular demographic, NINA MONA makes sure that their products can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of how they look like and their walk in life.  

Michael’s brainchild also serves as a platform that promotes the empowerment of other artists and entrepreneurs. The heavy emphasis it gives on the upliftment of other people is grounded on the belief that with art, in particular, there is no competition other than that with one’s ego. Fellow creators, business owners, artists, and more, are not enemies to battle against to succeed in life. 

Moreover, Michael hopes that through establishing NINA MONA, young creatives are reminded that not everything in life has to be a win and loss scenario. There are so many timeless brands in the industry, such as LV, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, and Hermes, and all of these big names can, in one way or another, intimidate aspirants, making them lose steam from fear of competition and loss. But NINA MONA asserts that as long as one is pursuing their dream, sharing their vision with others, and rising to the fullest of their potential, they are already the exceptional individuals they aspire to be.

In the coming years, Michael and NINA MONA will continue to be a safe space for those who are underrepresented. It also plans to make a more substantial and more positive impact globally by utilizing the company as a platform to serve disenfranchised people who have not gotten an equal chance at sharing their talents with the world. And this fashion brand is also looking forward to collaborating with other artists and bringing their visions to life. 

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Start-Up Company Rapid Launch Media Launches Viral TikTok Campaigns

The digital world has opened countless doors for creators all around the world. In an era where content is consumed seamlessly with a touch of a finger, artists are now given a bigger stage to showcase their work. This is the opportunity that Adamm Miguest, who goes by the mononym “Adamm,” hoped to amplify when he founded Rapid Launch Media.

A digital media specialist with over ten years of experience in the industry, Adamm has a vision for creators and artists of today. He noticed early on the efficiency of using TikTok (a recently trending video-sharing social networking service) and other social media platforms to launch and share works of art. The digital media expert sees an opportunity for artists of today to move their music seamlessly and quickly generate audiences and listeners through these avenues. 

Adamm began his journey in the digital media world by using his photo and video skills to create content for several of the biggest social media influencers in the world. In April this year, he created Rapid Launch Media as a TikTok music promo business. Initially, he thought it could be a great side job that could serve as an additional income stream during the COVID-19 pandemic. Little did he know, however, that in just five months, Rapid Launch Media would need to hire three full-time employees to help keep up with the demand for its services. As young as it is, the start-up company is even set to reach over one million dollars in revenue for this year.

The Rapid Launch Media team creates viral trends on TikTok with the music of its clients. Once this is created, the client, which could be a music artist, record label, etc., pays the company to broker deals with the most prominent influencers across the globe to “hype up” these trends—ultimately leading to their songs going viral.

One of the campaigns they ran was for “Kolors” by Monte Booker, which is now on over 12 million videos on the platform. “Stunnin’” by Curtis Waters and “LMK” by Lil Xxel are also some of the other campaigns the team was behind. These songs now have over one million and two million videos respectively on TikTok. Many of the artists behind the songs they have helped make viral were relatively new and unknown prior to their song’s virality, which is why Adamm and his team pride themselves on being contributory to these artists’ success. Additionally, as a company that continues to grow, Rapid Launch Media holds connections with some of the top creators and artists in the industry. 

Adamm is eager to grow his company in the years to come. Apart from continually being instrumental in the career growth of artists and creators, he wishes to inspire other aspiring business owners and tell them they have the power to create their own businesses from scratch, no matter their background. According to him, if one’s idea is good, and they are willing and able to produce good results, any business can become profitable. “I want them to learn about me, someone in their 20s, who made a major company in five months and realize it’s never too early to chase your dreams,” he says.

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Stackin Up Entertainment Allows Artists to Make a Lasting Impact in the Music Scene

Distribution lies as one of the pillars of a successful music career, and its significance does not diminish the higher one gets in the industry. At its core, distribution is about making waves in a sea of releases. It is about looking beyond having one’s music available for consumption and into the realm of making an impact on the listeners. 

Music record label Stackin Up Entertainment not only has the area of availability covered, but it is also known for enabling its artists to take center stage. Founded by Gregory Craig Brown, Jr., this marketing authority provides distribution services with EMPIRE Distribution. With its distribution offerings being free, all Stackin Up Entertainment needs from the client is a marketing budget that allows its competent team to campaign the artist’s record successfully. 

Stackin Up Entertainment maximizes its partnership with other companies to cater to the artist’s needs, adding value to the musician’s career through facilitating celebrity video shoutouts and organic celebrity engagement on Instagram. 

Established in 2018, this budding industry leader is fueled by its desire to make the artists’ visions come true. Stackin Up’s brilliant team designs strategies that move music from its creator to the intended listeners. Specializing in organic Spotify promotion by using a P2P system through DJ Record Pools, Stackin Up Entertainment’s boosts on all social media platforms introduce the artist to the world. 

The comprehensive nature of Stackin Up’s services is the result of its founder’s business acumen. Gregory C Brown knows what it takes to build a name for oneself due to his considerable years of experience in the music scene.

This Norfolk State University graduate has gained in-depth knowledge about the dynamics and inner workings of the music industry. All thanks to his degree in Mass Communications and Music Technology, coupled with the thousands of hours of recording spent in a studio that used to be regularly visited by the likes of Pharrell Williams. Moreover, his work with talents from the East and West Coasts have spotlighted the factors that can bring artists to the top. 

Gregory created Stackin Up Entertainment around the values of continuous growth, unparalleled professionalism, stable confidence, innovation, outstanding relationship-building, and longevity. The company has had no difficulty thriving in such a competitive environment because its rigorous observance of these values gave them a reputable standing within the industry.

Furthermore, Stackin Up’s appeal rests on the fact that it is not only competent in facilitating distribution, for it also offers excellence in terms of digital campaigns and marketing, promotional strategies, mixing/mastering services, music production, and social media services.

This Virginia-based venture looks forward to making the road to success more manageable for artists. In addition, Stackin Up Entertainment is anticipating the fruition of its plan to organize classes for kids and teach them about sound engineering, music production, marketing, and more. By establishing connections with the youth, Gregory and the rest of the professionals behind Stackin Up hopes to convey the message that pursuing the path of an artist is as honorable as trying to become a lawyer or a doctor. 

Ultimately, Stackin Up Entertainment wishes to be the bedrock on which countless artists’ confidence to soar high is based. Know more about Stackin Up Entertainment, LLC, by visiting its website and Instagram.