How Winchester Hopkin’s Credit Experience Inspired Him to Educate Others

Schools teach us many things we need for future studies, but it can be frustrating when they fail to teach us important things in life, such as repairing cars, doing our taxes, and credit, among many things. Winchester Anthony Hopkins, like many others, learned about credit on his own.

Winchester is a firefighter who had a perfect credit score. He began to cosign for people on things like cars and phones. He was surprised one day to find that repossessions started hitting his credit. Phone bills that he cosigned went unpaid, and his own medical bills saw his credit score drop to 472. It became difficult for him to put his name on anything using his credit.

The experience prompted him to go on a journey using several credit repair companies, but he hardly got any results or a clear idea of what credit was about. Winchester began to do some research and learn more about credit.

Having created costly mistakes, Winchester wants his clients to become more educated when it comes to credit. The difficulty and frustration in the experiences he had with previous credit companies pushed him to write credit letters.

He wrote his first few letters, added 15k in guaranteed credit, and had a 300 point jump across three credit score agencies. The following month, Winchester started helping his friends and family, thus creating the Perfect Score Club.

Perfect Score Club is a credit letter writing company that offers many credit services. They offer Zoom training on credit and one-on-one coaching sessions to help clients understand how credit works. Perfect Score Club also shows clients how they can get guaranteed credit lines to boost their scores or lower credit utilization.

To separate themselves from other credit companies, Winchester has made it a point to put on many free financial education events. His passion for helping inspires the company’s philosophy to take their client’s cases as if they were their own family, building relationships that will last for life. 

Perfect Score Club also provides thousands worth of value at an affordable rate so that it doesn’t take the clothes off the back of food off the table for their clients. They work in close relation with them, so if a financial issue on the monthly bill cycle occurs, they don’t suspend the subscription.

They have raised over 20,000 in credit score points this year and deleted over 10 million in collections. They have used their influence to cover many things such as medical bills, school loans, bankruptcies, tax liens, evictions, reposts, utility bills, etc. Perfect Score Club is committed to empowering families with finance and credit knowledge. It is their goal to become the last stop for their clients as they never want them to pay for another credit service again.

Ultimately, Winchester’s mission with Perfect Score Club is to get rid of poverty using its programs and wants to help create family legacies and not liabilities.

To know more about Perfect Score Club, you may visit their website. You may also connect with Winchester Hopkins on LinkedIn.