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Irving Refrigerator Repair: A Cool Saviour for Irving, TX and Surrounding Areas

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When it comes to reliable refrigerator repair in Irving, Texas, and its neighboring locales, one name shines with unrivaled radiance: Irving Refrigerator Repair. Embedded deep in the community fabric, this homegrown brand takes pride in delivering excellent service to residents, maintaining a key place in their daily lives as a trusted, dependable partner.


In Irving and the surrounding areas, the importance of a well-functioning refrigerator is not to be understated. This everyday appliance is critical to food safety and the comfort of home life and is essential to the many celebrations and traditions that mark a family’s life. Hence, when a refrigerator breaks down, it can disrupt life in unexpected ways. Enter Irving Refrigerator Repair. They don’t just fix refrigerators; they restore the rhythm of life, the joy of sharing meals, and the comfort of cool beverages on a hot summer day.


Established with the aim of bringing the highest quality refrigerator repair services to the residents of Irving, the brand stands out in its field. In contrast to the fleeting, impersonal nature of today’s digital culture, Irving Refrigerator Repair places its customers’ needs at the heart of its operations. This customer-centric approach, combined with exceptional workmanship and a deep understanding of the area’s unique needs, has solidified the company’s reputation as a reliable, go-to source for refrigerator repair services.


With Irving Refrigerator Repair, the residents of Irving, TX, enjoy unparalleled convenience. Customers can easily schedule an appointment or seek assistance through a variety of platforms. A simple visit to their website,, offers a smooth interface for booking appointments, while their diverse social media presence further streamlines communication.


The brand’s YouTube channel ( provides insights into the repair process and shares handy tips to prolong the life of your refrigerator. Meanwhile, their Facebook page ( keeps customers updated about the latest news and offers. Residents can also find them on Pinterest (, where they share inspiring home organization and maintenance ideas. Furthermore, the brand’s sterling reputation shines on its Yelp page ( and Google business listing (, brimming with positive reviews from satisfied customers.


But what truly sets Irving Refrigerator Repair apart is its sincere dedication to the community. Rooted in the local culture and lifestyle, they understand the significance of their role and take it seriously. It’s not just about repairing an appliance; it’s about helping the neighborhood thrive, ensuring that family gatherings can go on, that meal prepping isn’t interrupted, and that the simple pleasures of a chilled dessert or a cool drink are always within reach.

In a world often characterized by fleeting consumer relationships, Irving Refrigerator Repair offers something truly refreshing – a reliable, steadfast service that the community can count on, day in and day out. Their unfaltering dedication, commitment to quality, and exceptional service set a high bar in the home repair industry, a beacon for others to aspire to.


For the people of Irving and its nearby localities, this isn’t just a repair service. Irving Refrigerator Repair represents a guardian of their home comfort, a silent partner in their daily life, and a contributor to the rich tapestry that makes up their community.

And so, while the story of Irving Refrigerator Repair is essentially about fixing refrigerators, it’s also a tale of community connection, of restoring comfort and continuity, and of a homegrown brand that understands the beating heart of Irving. This is a brand that knows every cool drink, every well-preserved meal, and every humming appliance adds up to more than just a well-functioning refrigerator. It’s about home; it’s about family; it’s about life in Irving, TX.

From Nurse to Nurturer: A Story of Transformation & Empowerment

On the vibrant streets of Detroit, an inspiring story of transformation takes root, beautifully intertwining the threads of resilience, self-realization, and empowerment. It is a tale steeped in the gritty reality of life’s hardships, yet gleaming with an unwavering conviction in the power of the self. The protagonist? Kenya Lee – a registered nurse, acclaimed author, and steadfast advocate for women’s empowerment.


A Journey Forged in Resilience

Born and raised in the heart of Detroit, Lee’s journey was anything but straightforward. Her upbringing presented her with formidable challenges that took a heavy toll on her self-esteem and emotional understanding. Yet, she discovered that adversity could either be a stumbling block or a stepping stone – she chose the latter.


Through her journey, she grappled with an emotional deficit, inner turmoil, and the seemingly insurmountable task of finding her true self amidst shadows of uncertainty. Lee’s strength lies in transforming these struggles into a firm foundation for a higher calling. It is her own trials that gave birth to a vision to empower the women of the world, transforming her personal growth into a collective force for change.

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Overcoming Self-Doubt: The Pathway to Impact

Lee’s greatest challenge was overcoming self-doubt – an emotion that often arises when one steps out of their comfort zone to pursue a higher purpose. However, with time, she learned to embrace her victories and reflect on the obstacles she had overcome. She realized that her past did not dictate her future, rather, it equipped her with the experience to resonate with other women on a deeper level.


Faith In Girls: A Mission Rooted in Inner Power

At the helm of her non-profit organization, Faith In Girls, Inc., Lee now seeks to empower women to attain emotional and mental wellness. Faith In Girls, Inc., is unique. Unlike other programs that focus on external factors for success, Lee’s approach emphasizes that true transformation starts from within. It’s a philosophy born from her own journey – a truth she lived and continues to share passionately with her audience.


Through this organization, Lee also provides strategic life skills and financial literacy programs, including a Home Buying Program, specifically designed for the women of Detroit.


The Essence of Success: A Personal Perspective

To Lee, success is a deeply personal and fulfilling journey, synonymous with living her life’s purpose – empowering women to be the best version of themselves. Her focus is not just on achieving a goal, but doing so with authenticity, aligning one’s path with their core values and genuine intent. She believes that when we honor our gifts, talents, and passion, we move from one level of success to the next, making achievement a seamless process.


Lee’s journey is far from over. Her future plans include an online class series, The Path to E.G.Y.P.T (Emotional Greatness Yielding to Personal Transformation), set to launch in late August. This program is a beacon for women seeking to improve their emotional wellness and gain a fresh perspective on life.

Connecting with Kenya Lee

For those who wish to embark on a journey of self-discovery, connect with Lee and learn more about her mission, her organization, Faith In Girls, Inc., is just a click away. The organization will also be hosting an event on August 26th, at Chroma Detroit, providing an opportunity to learn more about the program, resources, and partners.


Kenya Lee’s story is a testament to the power of self-belief and resilience. Her journey from a nurse to a nurturer of women’s emotional wellness is a beacon of hope and inspiration for women across the globe. It is a powerful reminder that in life’s adversities lie seeds of transformation – it’s up to us to nurture these seeds, giving them the chance to blossom into a source of empowerment and change. Discover more about Kenya Lee’s inspiring journey, and take the first step towards personal transformation at


Business analyst Elizabeth Keshchian explained why it is not advisable to abandon organic meat

The trend of artificial meat has been buzzing around the planet for several years in a row. Fashionable restaurants and large supermarkets already offer consumers chicken and beef made from peas and soy, while meat grown from live animal stem cells is being cultivated in laboratories.

Such a product is labeled as “organic,” but Elizabeth Keshchian, an expert in the field of the food industry, believes that “organic product” and “meat substitute” are completely polar concepts.

How plant-based meat differs from artificial meat

Plant-based meat is mainly produced using pea protein, soy, water, brown rice, coconut oil, beet juice, potatoes, and mushroom mycelium. Plant-based protein is transformed into fibrous structures, resulting in a product that imitates meat.

Creating lab-grown meat is similar to the production of yogurt cultures. Under local anesthesia, a sample of muscles is taken from a live animal, from which stem cells are extracted. These cells are placed in a bioreactor and grown using a nutrient mixture consisting of proteins, salt, vitamins, sugar, and growth enzymes.

In both cases, according to Elizabeth Keshchian, the taste and quality of real meat are not achieved. However, it is also incorrect to call plant-based meat artificial, says the expert: “It is a surrogate with plant-based DNA, consciously chosen by vegetarians and people with animal protein intolerance. But in that case, the question arises: why would a vegetarian want meat, even with the prefix ‘pseudo’?”

According to Elizabeth Keshchian, the difference between plant-based meat and artificial meat is that the former is based on protein- and fiber-rich natural ingredients, “enriched” with more than thirty synthetic flavor and aroma substitutes. The latter is solely based on chemicals, without which the substance extracted from animal cells simply will not grow. Neither plant-based nor artificial meat has any relation to real meat, and they do not provide the benefits that animal protein brings to the human body.

Furthermore, Elizabeth Keshchian is convinced that considering the fact that the process of cultivating meat in the lab cannot be fully controlled, any error can cause irreparable harm to the health of many people.

“For example, there could be dysregulation of cell lines similar to cancerous ones, and we don’t know how that would affect, for instance, human metabolism. Moreover, synthetic substitutes are used to enrich artificial meat with necessary vitamins and micronutrients found in real beef or chicken, which automatically turns cultured meat into a chemical product,” says Elizabeth Keshchian.

The impact of meat analogues on the food industry

According to statistics, 86% of people on the planet prefer real meat in their diet. However, the same statistics claim that the production of natural meat has become an environmental problem due to the large amount of greenhouse gasses emitted per calorie. This forces the food industry to seek alternatives to animal farming, such as plant-based analogs, edible insects, and lab-grown meat.

Analysts have calculated that by 2027, the market volume of textured plant-based protein will reach $2,139.6 million. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Keshchian, an expert in food production and a business analyst with experience in the restaurant industry, is convinced that there will be no mass transition to vegetarianism worldwide.

According to the specialist, abandoning animal farming would lead to excessive depletion of natural resources, particularly land, which requires a certain amount of time to regenerate.

In addition, the abandonment of animal farming contributes to a reduction in animal by-products that are used in agriculture as organic fertilizers. In other words, fields would have to be fertilized with chemical compounds, which would have a highly negative impact on both the plants themselves and the health of people consuming them.

“There is another important aspect – the affordability of meat substitutes. They are significantly more expensive than natural products, and it is unlikely that price and value will reach a compromise over time,” says Elizabeth Keshchian. She adds, “A steak that costs as much as gold per weight is not exactly what the end consumer desires. And certainly, they would not want to compromise their health for their own money.”

Serhii Kukunin: Programming is an art for the mind!

The world of high technology is constantly evolving. Perhaps there is no industry where IT specialists do not work. All modern technologies require programming, so it’s not surprising that the profession of a programmer is one of the most in-demand specialties. Many people want to make programming their life’s work. However, even those with good starting opportunities and a certain amount of knowledge do not always succeed in the profession. This cannot be said about Serhii Kukunin, an expert, software developer, and technical leader of large-scale international IT projects.

Serhii is only 30 years old, but more than half of his life has been devoted to programming. He became interested in computers when he was still in school. It was then that he became interested in writing programs. In eighth grade, I installed the Linux operating system because I was curious to try something different, and I was proficient in the English language. He began writing code even before he had his own gadget. And when he finally got his own device, he started looking for ways to make money online. Not everything worked out at first, but it was an excellent opportunity for deeper learning of the profession and the development of necessary professional skills. At the age of just under 15, absorbed in freelancing, the young man began to make his first successes in this field and even participated in a web forum, discussing semantic layout on equal terms with other more experienced participants.

While studying at Vinnytsia National Technical University on the faculty of Computer Science, Serhii landed his first full-time job as a PHP programmer at the well-known Ukrainian company IT-RIA. When he felt like he had outgrown the project, he started searching for more promising job opportunities and eventually transitioned to international freelancing. His first international client on the then-platform oDesk (now Upwork) was an American entrepreneur named Aaron Schiff from Los Angeles, who later became one of the co-founders of Matic Insurance Services Inc. in 2014. Not only did Schiff hire Serhii as a senior engineer, but he also offered him the opportunity to become the first technical employee in the office opened in Lviv. Interestingly, the opening of the office was entirely on the shoulders of the Ukrainian.

If previously, in freelance, Serhii played the role of a one-man orchestra (finding designs, coding, implementing, hosting, and configuring servers), then at Matic, he learned to interact with a team, delegate, plan and distribute development, and lead a team. In addition, there was significant progress in his skills as a programmer. In freelancing, all programming skills were honed on a small scale, while at Matic, the scale of tasks and solutions grew by orders of magnitude.

Business trips to the United States, launching a new product – a digitized insurance broker for the real estate market, full control over the technical component of the project – his work in the insurance company lasted several years until September 2017, when another entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, the founder of the media startup Spotlight Media Labs Inc, invited the promising software developer to help implement his business idea. As the lead full-stack engineer-programmer, Serhii developed almost all of the software for Spotlight, except for the mobile applications. He was the company’s first technical employee, starting as a single developer and responsible for the entire API, web application, and infrastructure.

Remote work allowed the programmer to periodically switch to freelancing, participate in local developer communities, where he often gave presentations, volunteered in events such as “hour of code,” and taught free courses for beginners. Through mentoring and willingness to help others, in addition to high professional skills, valuable personal qualities of the young man were revealed.

In 2019, he won one of the nominations at the largest European IT championship, DEV Challenge Backend for software developers, served as a jury member for the European blockchain competition UtonHack, organized the technical aspect of Dev Challenge in 2021, and also authored a dozen scientific publications in prestigious national and international journals.

Since February 2021, Serhii Kukunin has been working as the lead engineer at Easy Health Inc (Beverly Hills, California), a startup in the medicare industry co-founded by the previously mentioned American entrepreneur Aaron Schiff, who serves as the COO. Easy Health is the first AI-powered platform that integrates medical insurance and care. As the second technical specialist, Serhii is responsible for all engineering aspects of one of the company’s two major projects. And it’s also impossible not to highlight the victory in StartupBus (an international competition held in Texas) in 2022.

Serhii Kukunin’s career as a software developer in the United States is successfully planned and implemented thanks to a well-chosen strategy. His expertise is a result of hard work combined with exceptional abilities. Conscious practice and perfectionism do not allow him to just do his work well or even just qualitatively. For him, it is important every time, using the pretext of the current task, to dig a little deeper, understand a little better, try something different so that it remains in a long-term perspective. Programming, for him, is like an art that requires mastery and inventiveness to create beautiful objects. Art for the mind!

Justin Saunders’ Authority Income Accelerator Helping Businesses Generate Revenue from Instagram

In the game of business, knowledge is key. Someone’s access to the best insights, strategies, and business ideas is what helps many entrepreneurs win the game. Justin Saunders understands why that’s important. Over the past years, he has focused on building an empire that brings business owners access to a wealth of knowledge that helps them scale their businesses through social media and digital marketing. 

Justin Saunders is an entrepreneur, business growth consultant, and digital business advocate who has already helped hundreds of people create systems that grow profit. He started on this path back in 2016 to show others that earning online is more achievable than most believe. Saunders is highly passionate about teaching people how to live a life of abundance and build systems that generate wealth independently. 

A few years ago, Justin established the Authority Income Accelerator, a system that helps businesses install a proven lead and client acquisition channel through social media. His primary focus in the AIA is learning how to hack Instagram, which currently sits as the second most significant social media platform globally. The company focuses on four pillars: hyper-relevance, authority, client acquisition, and automation. 

Justin Saunders is a business growth consultant and Authority Income Accelerator (AIA) founder. He helps businesses install a proven client acquisition method by getting more clients on Instagram. “Our main focus is helping coaches and consultants do around $10,000 a month, install our proven Automated Instagram funnel to get more clients, and build authority in their space,” explains Justin. “We have mastered turning an Instagram account into a funnel that consistently produces more clients and grows your brand on autopilot. Now, we’re ready to share it with the world.”

Before starting Authority Income Accelerator, Justin Saunders ran a lead generation agency. During that time, he invested and spent millions of dollars on various lead generation strategies and perfected a system that turned Instagram users into potential customers. While most business growth strategies get channeled through Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, Justin believes that Instagram is underutilized. “I found that IG DMs are the best way to grow your brand, build real authority in your space, and consistently get new clients,” explains Saunders. 

Justin has worked with over five hundred businesses and created sales funnels that help drive traffic through a system that regularly churns out repeat business. On top of that, Justin helps companies build brands on social media after realizing back in 2016 how huge of an impact social media had on people who wanted to build a business. Today, what drives Justin to keep pushing is the amount of positive impact he has had on people’s lives. The serial entrepreneur focuses on providing his knowledge to help others first and pouring in all he knows to help the people who trust him succeed.

Justin has poured in time, energy, and resources to get to the point that he’s at today— paying for mentors, learning through trial and error, and creating ventures that would have successful exits. But his greatest joy comes from sharing that knowledge with others and seeing the results transform their lives just as it has transformed his.

Making Profits as an Online Seller: How Spouse-ly Is Currently Helping Modern-Day Military Entrepreneurs Thrive and Earn Income

The age of digital shopping is now, and online transactions are multiplying at a rate faster than ever before.

With many online e-commerce platforms raising their fees, sellers worldwide are beginning to worry about the future of their small businesses. In a market dominated by giants such as Amazon, higher costs of operations have the power to drastically affect profitability 

Competition is fierce, and a lower price tag can easily result in the loss of a sale. 

Offering a solution to this problem, Spouse-ly, an online marketplace to shop for a wide variety of products and services created by military & first responder families, is making sure that low fees remain a constant variable that they can rely on. 

Spearheaded by Monica Fullerton, an entrepreneur and Air Force spouse listed on the Forbes Next 100 list and the MIGHTY 25 list by We Are The Mighty as one of the most influential leaders supporting the military community, its objective is simple. 

“Building and growing a multi-vendor marketplace is very complex and I know firsthand that the costs can be high but at the end of the day it’s about building a community of like-minded makers, creators, and entrepreneurs that can support one another in both life and business and that is our community’s superpower,” says Monica. 

She adds, “We will continue to find other revenue-generating opportunities to always keep vendor costs as low as possible, we just recently launched Spouse-ly U powered by USAA Small Business Insurance which will be a great hub for ongoing tools and resources when it comes to growing your business on the go as well as providing our community with ways to grow and thrive.” 

Offering a wide range of product and service selections, their most impressive feature is their ability to shine the spotlight on the amazing, skilled, and driven business owners that sell on their platform. 

“Our mission at Spouse-ly is to offer quality products and services from military and first-responder families. Spouse-ly is a community championing and supporting one another while we’re on the move,” states the company on their website. 

With vendors that are military and first responder family makers, creators, and entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of inspiring stories. These hardworking individuals deserve to be seen for who they truly are – innovators and fighters

Creating connections, and a community like no other, Monica Fullerton is showing the world that modern-day military families can do it all. 

Spouse-ly’s goal is to help and support the entrepreneurs that come to the site, and to enable a sustainable way for them to make income, and scale their businesses to a new level. Putting people first is non-negotiable. It is through their one-of-a-kind marketplace that anyone can shop small and make a big impact!
Curious to take a look at what Spouse-ly offers? Visit their website today to discover motivational stories, products, services, and more!

Soul Propagating the CBD Gospel and Its Benefits

Many times, the best products are products capable of selling themselves after proving their effectiveness and usefulness. Angie and Mike Lee founded Soul after their personal experiences with CBD and how it changed their lives. 

Angie was experiencing debilitating anxiety due to her career as a marketing mentor, keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur and professional podcaster, while Mike was suffering from a great deal of pain due to autoimmune disease and his years of boxing professionally. It took the discovery of CBD and other beneficial supplements for them to know that they had inadvertently found a calling to help heal the world.

So, with the establishment of Soul, they began their mission to heal the world. And since 2018, the company has championed many innovative and effective products that have changed people’s lives, reduced their pains and given them better lives. Soul’s dedication to providing relief and a better life with CBD is second to none, and Angie and Mike are proud of the journey this far.

Products from Soul are known for their quality, efficacy and flavor. These products have been tested and trusted to work, and in Mike’s words, “We know our products will work for you because they worked for us.” The company provides patients with a variety of doctor-formulated products for specific ailments. Despite the efficacy of its products, Soul has also ensured that its CBD products taste great and are infused with the best flavors, making its products the best-tasting CBD products in the market. “We have gone through years of R&D to get our products to taste as good as they do today. We are constantly evolving with our flavors and offer seasonal flavor releases to provide our customers with some fresh-tasting relief,” Angie said.


Products from Soul do not contain artificial ingredients or fillers, and they all undergo triple checks that include going to third-party labs for full panel testing for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, harmful bacteria, and mold. The goal is to put out great products that people can use with no side effects and achieve a clean wellness experience. Soul’s product range includes products for anxiety, focus, immunity, inflammation, mood, pets, PMS and sleep. The company’s typical customer suffers from anxiety, sleep issues, pain, or all of the above.

While Soul continues to solve people’s health issues, its ultimate goal is to continue to offer cutting-edge formulations to help people deal with different ailments and pain. Mike and Angie also hope to grow into thought leaders in the wellness and supplements industry to offer education about supplements, routines and lifestyle changes people can use to improve how they feel.

Soul as a brand is not just another company producing cookie-cutter health solutions. The brand is intentional about its products as it puts in a lot of effort to ensure they work and are easy to use for the end consumers.

Riverdale Assisted Living Center Stands as Tennessee’s Beacon of Care and Assistance

In this day and age, businesses and brands can gain recognition for reasons that go beyond generating large streams of revenue or earning huge profits. As a matter of fact, badges of excellence include more substantial factors like the quality of services a specific entity provides and the kind of message it sends across. In the case of Riverdale Assisted Living Center, it is shown that success is all about creating a positive impact on society and making the community a better place. 

Widely acknowledged for offering great services, Riverdale Assisted Living Center provides reasonably affordable housing options for seniors, veterans, and low to moderate-income earners in need of additional assistance in their retirement years. Although high-quality services are often deemed to come at hefty prices, this esteemed facility proves that excellence does not always have to be expensive. 

Under new management, Riverdale Assisted Living Center is now offering affordable rates and accepting Medicaid payments in Tennessee. The facility is designed for senior adults who wish to maintain their independent lifestyle but who may also need additional assistance. 

Riverdale Assisted Living Center offers a wide range of services and amenities. Its on-site resident care team provides care and assistance 24 hours a day. This beautiful assisted living facility has apartments that are designed for the residents’ comfort and convenience. Each apartment features a wall-to-wall carpet, individual climate control, and an emergency call system. 

At Riverdale Assisted Living Center, one can enjoy the privacy of their own individual apartment within a community of care and support. Not only do the residents get the quality of services they deserve, but they also enjoy the peace and calmness their retirement years promise. 

On a mission to change lives and give better opportunities, Riverdale Assisted Living Center stands as a beacon of trustworthiness and integrity. True enough, it is grounded on catering to the needs of individuals on the lookout for a place to gain comfort, security, and support. Besides providing the basics, the facility also offers additional services like weekly housekeeping, free laundry, scheduled transportation, medical appointments, full-service beauty and an on-site barbershop, and other life-enhancing activities. 

On top of that, Riverdale Assisted Living Center also facilitates the Medicaid program for the living expenses of seniors under its wing. Indeed, it serves as a repertoire of wonderful opportunities that allow seniors to engage in the lifestyle they desire. Because the facility is located near entities that provide medical services, it is ideal for retirement with assisted living services. 

Above anything else, Riverdale Assisted Living Center’s goal is to provide the highest quality of life for each of its residents. This dedication is reflected in the diligent efforts its community makes as it exhibits utmost care and understanding. The facility intends to allow each resident to function independently, at one’s level of ability, while providing support and assistance where needed.

In the coming years, Riverdale Assisted Living Center intends not only to maintain but also enhance the level of dignity and respect it gives to its residents. The management, determined to be recognized as an outstanding facility in terms of quality of care, takes significant strides in branding the facility with awareness and social responsibility. Learn more about Riverdale Assisted Living Center here.

CleaningMaidSimple Helps Facilities Managers By Providing Top-Notch Cleaning Services

California-based cleaning company CleaningMaidSimple has been instrumental in keeping a lot of businesses open and their employees safe throughout the pandemic with its exceptional deep-cleaning services. With a full range of cleaning services designed to suit any need of commercial establishments and their budget, clients can enjoy a safe and clean environment despite the threat of COVID-19. 

Company CEO and business coach Oscar Muñoz, together with his team of trained and highly experienced cleaners, understand the pain points of Office Managers, Facilities Managers & Operations Managers when it comes to dealing with cleaning vendors. Cleaning Maid Simple solves these problems by using a unique management system and communication tool that allow them to identify issues before they happen and quickly take action. Their systematic approach to establishing and maintaining high standards of cleanliness keeps people safe and makes business owners confident that their customers and employees can show up to a clean and sanitized environment. 

“Most recently due to the pandemic, we have acquired new skill sets that allow us to participate in combating the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace,” Muñoz explains. “We have assisted many of our customers with the reopening of their office by offering deep cleaning and disinfection programs. Additionally, we have ramped up our workforce and developed a system of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance that guarantees results,” he adds.

CleaningMaidSimple is made up of carefully picked cleaning professionals who are some of the industry’s most hardworking and conscientious individuals. Each member of the team is well-trained and equipped to handle products and tools essential to ensure thorough cleaning. 

The company uses a proactive approach to cleaning, including keeping an eye out for small issues that can turn into potential problems in the future. The CleaningMaidSimple team makes sure to prevent them from becoming major problems in the future. The company has a quick response team available 24/7 for any emergency cleaning needs. 

It is also best known for its excellent customer service. Management, along with their team of cleaners takes the time to get to know their clients well in order to meet their expectations better. Satisfying the expectations of their clients is always on top of the list of the company’s professional cleaners. 

Oscar Muñoz was motivated to establish the company after losing his job in 2019. While his other co-workers did not take the turn of events personally, Muñoz did. He vowed that he would never let that happen to himself again and decided to set up his own business. Now years from the time CleaningMaidSimple was established, his company has become responsible for cleaning more than ten million square feet of commercial spaces such as California State Universities, performance centers, shipyards, biotech companies, investment firms, and restaurants, not including their contracts with residential properties. 

With the ever-growing demand for excellent cleaning services keeping CleaningMaidSimple busy, Muñoz is confident that his company will continue to be a forerunner in the delivery of commercial cleaning services. He envisions his company closing contracts with more tech companies, biotech firms, financial institutions, and schools in the future. Learn more about the CleaningMaidSimple services by visiting its website. Follow the company on LinkedIn  for updates on its latest offers.