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Lux No. 9 Sets the Standard for Premium-Quality CBD Products

The cannabis industry has an associated stigma due to its widespread use as a recreational drug. This stigmatization extends even to patients who use medical marijuana to alleviate their symptoms, which makes the need for public education on the medicinal characteristics of cannabis more apparent. Lux No. 9 is a luxurious CBD company dedicated to creating the highest quality of medical CBD products for the optimal therapeutic effect, and it provides free resources on cannabis, its compounds, and the science behind its action on the body.

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound derived from the cannabis flower, along with another well-known compound, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Loosely defined, THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects, while CBD is associated more with the therapeutic effects on the body. 

Lux No. 9 came to be after an unfortunate accident Moises Nava got involved in at 28 years old. His car got rear-ended in a terrible car crash, and he was left to suffer a herniated disc. A herniated disc refers to an injury where the integrity of the cushions that sit between individual vertebral bones is compromised, resulting in the displacement of its nervous contents. This injury pinched a nerve and consequently resulted in sciatica, which has symptoms of pain, burning, tingling, and numbness of the areas supplied by the sciatic nerve caused by its compression.

The doctors advised surgery to fix the damage, but Moises refused to go under the knife and instead began searching for alternative treatments. The excitement of the discovery of CBD products did not last long, as he quickly discovered that many CBD products are not as high-quality as they claimed to be. In fact, a study by the University of Pennsylvania found that 70% of CBD extracts sold online are mislabeled and often contained varying amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound of cannabis.

“If you want something done right, do it yourself,” as they say, and Moises decided that the best method to acquire high-quality CBD for his treatment is to create it himself. This situation sets the stage for what later will become Lux No. 9. Six months into his CBD treatment with physical therapy, he is living well without having undergone surgery.

Lux No. 9 takes pride in its high-quality CBD products specially formulated with the company’s proprietary nanoemulsion technology that ensures the maximum absorption and effectiveness through its highly bioavailable soft gel formulas. This technology allows the compound to be water-soluble, and thus more easily absorbed by the body.

Moises succeeded in creating a reputable brand with products proven to work on both himself and his customers. His confidence in the company’s products is built upon his innovative and thorough product development team, ensuring that all products are safe and effective. In fact, this confidence guarantees a 30-day money-back program for any products with less than satisfactory performance.

All CBD is not equal, and the guidelines on U.S. hemp farming standards are rigorous, more complicated, and definitely more expensive. Still, the result is products with absolutely no trace of THC, making the entire process worth the trouble.

Lux No. 9 provides a safe and effective plant-based alternative to alleviating pain and other symptoms, and potentially even anxiety and depression. Find out more about their products by visiting their website.

Driving 420 Leads in Helping People Take Care of Their Cannabis Essentials

With a vision to help people take care of all their cannabis essentials, Najeebah Swiyyah Tanzil founded Driving 420, a delivery platform designed to bring cannabis products from one place to another securely through its high-security lockbox feature. The application was also designed to bring awareness about the security of cannabis products while being transported.  

With many people purchasing cannabis products, they run the risk of receiving tickets for driving under the influence of the substance. This issue was what Driving 420 sought to address. This cannabis delivery application is an innovative idea brought to life by Michigan-based entrepreneur Najeebah. She points out that the ultimate driving force behind his company was that many of his peers owned cannabis dispensaries or used cannabis products. With that, she wanted to create a platform that will cater to the needs of cannabis enthusiasts in the best ways possible.

The up-and-coming delivery platform boasts of its unique high-security lockbox feature. Drive Box 420 ensures the utmost safety of any cannabis product being transported. Trusted dispensary partners place the customer’s purchased products in a lockbox sealed by a code that can only be accessed by the dispensary and the customers themselves. When the package arrives, only the customer enters the code and safely retrieves the products from the box. 

Customers can easily search for cannabis dispensaries or their desired cannabis products using Driving 420 by typing in whatever cannabis-based products they need. The application displays featured cannabis products as well as the nearest cannabis product suppliers in the area. Once a customer has chosen his desired product, she can search for a local driver nearby, ready to pick up and transport the parcel. The customer also has an option to customize his orders depending on his needs and desires. 

As the driver navigates toward the set delivery location, the customer can easily monitor and track the delivery progress. Using real-time tracking, customers need not worry about the whereabouts of the designated delivery driver. Moreover, Driving 420 features a definite notification and alerts system to ensure that customers are informed immediately upon their products’ arrival at their doorstep.

Driving 420 takes pride in its clean and minimalist application design. With a simple and user-friendly interface, customers can easily browse through the application without any difficulty. Its straightforward design ensures a pleasant user experience, which is a significant priority of the company. 

Moreover, the application also takes care of the private information of all customers and dispensaries. It is keen on observing data privacy and security measures. With that said, clients of Driving 420 can indeed feel safe knowing all valuable information about them is handled by the company with care. 

Najeebah Tanzil hopes to bring in more innovations for the application and expand its services all over America. In the future, the hopeful entrepreneur aspires to turn Driving 420 into a seven-figure business that can make a significant difference in the cannabis industry.

To know more about Driving 420 and its services, please visit its official website.