Muffik Orthopedic Floor Mats: Sensory Play for Healthy Feet

Young children learn about the world through exploration. Their play is usually a sensory experience, touching, smelling, and sometimes even tasting the things they are playing with. This sensory play is crucial for development and growth, and a lack of sensory stimuli can cause issues for the children later in life. Aside from playing using their hands, children also need to play and experience a variety of sensory stimuli on their bare feet. This type of sensory play is what Muffik is advocating for. 

Muffik Puzzle Floor tiles are a new, fun, and innovative product for children. It is a set of puzzle shaped floor tiles that are created with different textures from nature. Some of their textures include grass, logs, and shells on a beach. The floor tiles are interchangeable, and children and parents can make their own puzzle trail, pathway, or maze in any way that they like.

The Muffik puzzle mats aim to provide children with varied textures to walk on, which emulates nature, providing a more sensory-rich walking experience that flat floors cannot provide. These orthopedic puzzle mats come with hard and soft surfaces that strengthen children’s feet and legs and help them develop stronger joints and better balance. 

Muffik also launched a flooring system for an entire room, with padding, acoustic absorption, and anti-skid properties. Each tile of this flooring system is interchangeable with any of the textured floor tiles, so parents and children can quickly assemble and rearrange the floors to their liking.

This company combines nature with the latest technology in the creation of their puzzle mats. They provide a high-quality product engineered to have specific benefits. They use natural elements such as wood, shells, and pebbles and make a mold of it using advanced technologies. Through this process, Muffik mats are able to provide the tactile experience of nature even though families live in cities with limited access to outdoor play spaces.

Muffik is a company that cares about childhood development. They host a lot of giveaways for charitable causes, as well as events and contests. Their products are sold on Coby and Bam, a store that focuses on providing sensory products that are perfect for education, fun, and stimulation. Lakikid has also partnered with Cody and Bam to help provide Muffik orthopedic tiles to children who need them the most.

Muffik provides a way for parents to enrich their children’s lives with more sensory play. Running or walking barefoot on a variety of surfaces helps a young child develop skills and strength. And while access to nature may be limited, Muffik can give a similarly tactile rich environment that can stimulate children and aid in their development. With interchangeable tiles, parents can engage in fun imaginative play with their children as they build a forest clearing, a grassy field, or a shell-filled beach all within the comforts and safety of their own home. With Muffik orthopedic puzzle mats, sensory and imaginative play becomes easier.

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