Metapump NFT Looks to Merge NFTs and Fitness in One Experience

Non-fungible tokens have turned the world upside down with a concept that brings technology, art, and finance into one innovation. Accordingly, people have been seeking out ways to enter this sphere without all the confusion and doubt. One project that provides both clarity and utility is Metapump, an NFT collection that aims to bridge decentralized applications and fitness into one ecosphere.

Metapump NFT is a collection of up to 9,600 unique 3-D characters that look to bring the fitness and health industry into the blockchain. The tokens’ artwork takes on the likeness of Jay Cutler, and it hopes to promote healthy lifestyles while giving people the chance to enter into the metaverse via a mint that resonates with them at a personal level. 

The project is the output of Whitney Reid and Jay Cutler himself, who have worked on launching the Metapump NFT collection to the investing and collecting public. Some of the tokens will become access tokens, providing people with discounts for Cutler Nutrition and Cutler Athletics, two brands owned by Jay Cutler, who has over 10M followers between 3 platforms. The founders also hope to expand the fitness brands that the NFTs give discounts for over the next few months. 

The project came to its founder Whitney Reid after experiencing the beauties of the fitness industry and the NFT world. He has over twenty years of experience in fitness, spending the last eleven with BPI sports. He has dedicated his time and energy to growing the brand and overall awareness of fitness for all those years. One opportunity he saw to do that was through NFTs. “I was an early investor in crypto and started investing in NFTs around the beginning of COVID lockdowns,” shares Whitney. Reid “I am a collector at heart, a massive sports card and memorabilia collector, and love investing in alternative assets, so NFTs fit me perfectly. I started with NBA Top Shot, VeeFriends, and many others.”

The Metapump NFT collection will also be a way of bringing together collectors. Moreover, it will give them access to the team and founder and grant one lucky holder a VIP red carpet trip to the Mr. Olympia contest, which will happen in Las Vegas in mid-December. Mr. Olympia is known to be “the Super Bowl of fitness.” The Metapump team has been more than privileged to have one of the biggest promoters of the event as one of the collaborators for the mint collection. The Metapump team hopes to leverage that access to that network and collaborate with athletes, celebrities, fitness personalities, and many more.

The Metapump NFT collection will also give mint owners access to Jay Cutler via Zoom calls, VIP meetups, and live streams. Additionally, many minters will also get access to exclusive apparel, in-person training, and many more benefits and utilities.

As one of the first groups to run a project like this, Whitney and Jay have more significant motivators than money. “I’m sure we could have just launched images of Jay and sold plenty, but that isn’t our goal,” explains Reid. “Ultimately, I want to be a driving force in the Web3 fitness community. I know it could be many years down the road, and it will be a significant investment, but I am dedicated to this project.”