Aaron Pursell Introduces Financial Solutions to Provide Business Funding and Credit Repair Services

The issue of credit in the United States is one that Aaron Pursell is passionate about. And the fact that many people already have the problem of poor credit, and this problem is limiting many people from starting businesses of their own. This has prompted Aaron Pursell to establish his companies, which focus on repairing bad credit scores and give access to no-interest funding facilities.

Aaron Pursell got exposed to financial education early enough, and he has come to observe that this is an area that many people lack knowledge. Thus, through his companies, Credit Fundr and Credit Sweepr, he will be helping with credit repair, how to access funding for businesses, and how to maintain a clean credit report. He has been in the business for two years, and many people have benefitted from these services.

What Aaron Pursell is doing with Credit Sweepr are things that schools will not teach anybody. He is passionate about wealth generation, unlimited opportunities, and financial freedom. Some people could turn their lives around positively if they had access to funds to invest in their business ideas. Unfortunately, the only way to get this access is to have a good credit score to leverage, and this is one thing that many people don’t have. And that is why Credit Fundr is bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and funding. With Credit Fundr, entrepreneurs have access to funding to start their ventures.

According to Aaron Pursell, “We focus on helping clients acquire unsecured funding products that they can use to either start or scale their business. We educate the client on how they can leverage their credit into unconventional funding options that aren’t usually mentioned when thinking about business loans.” 

Their main product is credit cards that offer a promotional 0% APR term of between 12 to 18 months. This allows their clients to use this capital for their business and have a whole year to a year and a half to use this debt to generate a return without paying any interest at all. “Our average client with good credit qualifies for anywhere between $20k-$50k with some clients with excellent credit upwards to over $100k in all 0% interest credit cards,” Aaron says.

Aaron Pursell’s two companies are all about changing people’s lives by repairing their credit and providing funding. He has displayed a pure level of concern for other people in the business world, and he continues to put in the work for them. Credit Sweepr and Credit Fundr target people who want to improve their credit score or get educated on the concepts surrounding credit and those who run businesses but are unable to run at full capacity due to lack of funds.

Aaron prides himself on his method of doing business, which is all about transparency and honesty, and these are the qualities that keep attracting clients to his company. Fixing credit is a serious business, and Aaron Pursell is at the center of that business in San Diego, California.

Learn more about Credit Fundr and Credit Sweepr. Aaron Pursell is also available on all social media platforms via his handle @aaronpursell_.