Jordan Hardgrave Stays Ahead of the Curve Through Self-Improvement

With no prior experience in business before selling an online course, Jordan Hardgrave was still able to turn it into a profitable business that allows him to support his family and change the lives of thousands around the world. 

Jordan Hardgrave received certifications from two organizations: Certified Life Coach through the National Associate of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists (NACBT) and a Certified Trauma-Support Specialist through the Arizona Trauma Institute (ATI), making him qualified to be handing out and teaching an online course for mental health.

As an online course creator, Jordan Hardgrave has educated over 1,500 active students. Jordan Hardgrave has regular YouTube content as well. Around 87 different countries worldwide have given Jordan over one million views, with nearly 20,000 subscribers. The numbers prove that Jordan’s content has reached far and has been helpful to people regardless of place.

Jordan Hardgrave is also breaking the stigma that entrepreneurs need to have vast experience or business college degrees to be successful.

Back in 2018, when he started his entrepreneurial journey, the only business experience Jordan Hardgrave had was operating a lemonade stand at a few family backyard markets when he was just a kid. The entire journey was not smooth-sailing; it proved to be one of the most significant challenges in Jordan’s life.

While listening to an interview with billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, Ceo of Tesla and SpaceX, Jordan Hardgrave gleaned useful bits of knowledge that would be crucial to his business in the long run. Jordan learned this principle that as an entrepreneur, the products one offers have to be significantly better than the competitors. Staying ahead of the curve will ensure business longevity.

Putting the principle into practice, Jordan Hardgrave studied his competitor’s products carefully. He learned how much value these other courses were adding to their customers. Jordan improved and fashioned his online course to be more in tune with the customer’s needs and to capture their attention more. Better benefits and efficiently structured lessons were implemented in Jordan’s product.

Jordan Hardgrave also took great strides in trying to improve on himself. He would create several editions of his online courses every three to six months, which others have not seen before. Jordan continuously studied and learned new concepts in his field to include them in his next course edition. Reaching out to his students, Jordan would ask for feedback and implement them to make the course simpler and more effective.

Hiring a team of marketing experts, Jordan Hardgrave is not afraid to invest a little to improve his business. The experts critique his revenue funnel website and strategically structure it to increase conversion rates. Jordan makes sure his website looks professional and inviting, building trust in his clients and drawing them to the product so their lives can be transformed. 

The willingness to continually improve and make the product better is one critical element that gives an advantage to the entrepreneur and raises them to the top. The customers always see the value and effort business owners put into their works; naturally, they will only be attracted to high quality and productivity.

Not only is Jordan Hardgrave helping out people recover from their mental health problems, but he is also inspiring business owners to pour out their time and effort to improve their business and achieve prosperity.

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