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Ghost Marketing Makes a Positive Impact With Digital Marketing

Good marketing strategies boost a company’s visibility. In today’s digital world, marketing teams need to leverage current trends to create a campaign relevant to the times while attracting a wide base of consumers across various digital platforms. It takes an expert team to do that. Nevertheless, not all companies can afford to have an in-house marketing officer with enough experience in digital media’s latest marketing trends. This is where Ghost Marketing comes in.

Ghost Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency based in South Carolina. The company uses what it calls an “a la carte” model where clients pick and choose what services they require. These services may include website development, social media marketing and management, content creation, search engine optimization, brand management, and email or SMS campaigns. Ghost Marketing then builds a custom plan depending on their client’s preferences. This structure ensures that clients get what their business needs without worrying about unnecessary services or overpriced marketing package options.

The company employs a team of highly-experienced content creators, graphic designers, and SEO specialists that ensure each project receives the best quality work. Ghost Marketing promises to deliver professional services, seamless integration, and a dynamic response team through their talented roster of employees, all at competitive prices.

Ghost Marketing has several years of digital advertising experience and has built a great reputation. They have even helped several businesses remain successful despite the current pandemic. This feat shows how much their team knows about marketing trends and consumer behavior. And the company’s understanding of the market only continues to grow with each passing day.

Ghost Marketing is dedicated to its clients. Their team works to ensure that businesses accomplish their goals. As a company, they value excellence, transparent communications, passion for work, innovation, competitive pricing, and commitment to going the extra mile. This marketing agency takes pride in knowing that they have helped numerous businesses grow. The company’s experience with its clients during the pandemic painted a clear picture of how good marketing can help struggling businesses thrive. Seeing how much of a positive impact they had with these businesses motivated them to find other companies they can help as well. 

Ghost Marketing has made a commitment to keep finding innovative ways to deliver superior customer experience and change the way people communicate. This translates into the work they do in using digital media to create new ways of sharing their clients’ stories across different platforms. The team’s expertise effectively increases traffic and raises brand awareness for their clients.

The digital marketing landscape is continuously changing. Understanding social media and utilizing the strengths of various digital platforms have been crucial to creating campaigns that resonate with an audience. Ghost Marketing has proven throughout the years that they can quickly adapt to a fast-paced market and use that insight to develop strategies that deliver the best results. At Ghost Marketing, the goal is to ensure that every business gets the resources it needs to succeed.To learn more about Ghost Marketing, you may visit the company’s website.

DMN8 Partners Facilitates Success for Home Service Business Owners

With the growing complexity of today’s markets and the intense competition present in any industry, ventures need to maximize every potential for growth and take advantage of any opportunity to create a unique standing for themselves. And one of the tools to remain relevant is to utilize web-based platforms designed to increase the visibility of a business, a feat that proves to be the area of expertise of DMN8 Partners. 

Founded by Gary Geiman, DMN8 Partners caters to business owners who desire to dominate their respective markets. Capitalizing on the same problem-solving and marketing techniques that have allowed Gary to scale three service businesses to earn seven figures in revenue annually, this lead generation authority has been at the service of entrepreneurs aspiring to achieve success. 

The establishment of DMN8 Partners was fueled by Gary’s desire to make it easy for home service businesses to be found online. Noting that multiple entrepreneurs with little extra money do not often get the service they need to grow their business, Gary intended for his brainchild to do the heavy lifting and cement the online presence of a client so that they can focus instead on taking care of their respective customers. 

Specializing in getting leads for businesses, DMN8 Partners capitalizes on its team’s expertise in utilizing Google, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites to generate prospects for their clients. And the myriad of tools that it has relied on to dominate local SEO, Google Maps ranking, and more, have allowed the company to satisfy countless individuals and institutions.

DMN8 Partners boasts a success rate unmatched in the marketing space in relation to home service business owners. More notably, it has emerged as a leader in digital marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and social media management for its niche of shoppers. 

What DMN8 Partners does best is keeping the business, service, and message of its clients visible to their potential customers. And this ability to facilitate the influx of interested patrons through its digital marketing strategy has resulted in the realization of financial objectives. Furthermore, it offers a DIY option that provides software designed to help startups achieve success, as well as digital marketing management services for large and established businesses. 

Every option available at DMN8 Partners for business owners is guaranteed to harness the comprehensive understanding of the staff behind this powerhouse when it comes to digital marketing. And these options are given at a price point that meets the client’s budgetary requirements. 

Since its establishment, DMN8 Partners has delivered quality offerings to companies providing home services, such as those involved in pressure washing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, HVAC, junk removal, plumbing, asphalt sealing, and more. Through its multifaceted solutions personalized to the clients’ specific needs, it has addressed numerous lead generation issues that are hindering a venture from conquering the market.

In the future, DMN8 Partners, with Gary Geiman at the helm, will remain dedicated to becoming the go-to institution for entrepreneurs who want to achieve greater heights within the business industry.

Learn more about DMN8 Partners by visiting its website and Instagram page. 

Award-Winning Filmmaker Megan Nager Leads ‘Wake and Make Media’ to the Top Through Passion for Filmmaking and Content Creation

Passion is a seed that, once nurtured, can grow to be at the center of one’s success. This is true for industry powerhouses Megan Nager and her partner, Corey Turner. Through the success of their brainchild, Wake and Make Media, they have been able to demonstrate how far one can go when armed with love for a particular craft. 

Power duo Megan and Corey are both award-winning filmmakers who began their careers in Los Angeles, California. Megan is SAG-actor, screenwriter, and stand-up comedian who has appeared on television shows on Amazon, TruTV, and MTV. After realizing that a lot of the entertainment industry centered around being “discovered’, Megan decided to put her skills to use and create her own original film and television content. She combined her comedy and writing skills and produced several viral videos on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube as well as television shows and feature films. 

Meanwhile, Corey Turner quickly garnered attention for his cinematography skills. After working independently, Corey secured a position as a creative producer at Endeavor Content and filmed content for brands such as Miss Universe, Ciroc, UFC, World’s Strongest Man, PBR, IMG, and more. 

Megan and Corey take pride in having already made a name for themselves as filmmakers before they even got to provide marketing services to those who needed them. They have cemented their reputation as a go-to creative team in Hollywood by mastering the nitty-gritty of filmmaking and social media. Megan’s strong background in writing has also allowed her to pick up the pen for outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and PR Accesswire.

With their in-depth knowledge and extensive skills, it is no wonder that Megan and Corey have been able to take Wake and Make Media to the top of the marketing industry. Wake and Make Media is a creative marketing and PR agency based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Specializing in making high-quality content to target specific audiences, it draws strength from the experiences of its founders to build the online brands of its clients. 

Not only does Wake and Make Media create top-quality videos for marketing campaigns, but it also capitalizes on the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to make sure that the correct group of customers consumes products it designs for clients. Moreover, it has helped hundreds of clients get in big-name publications such as Entrepreneur, Buzzfeed, Forbes, and more. 

Ever since its establishment, Wake and Make Media has lent its creativity and expertise to hundreds of Hollywood’s biggest names. It has created all types of content that have heightened brand reach for its customers. Furthermore, Wake and Make has worked with companies who tend to specialize in alternative healthcare and is responsible for expanding the brands of CBD businesses, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, and chiropractors. 

Megan currently boasts over 150,000 followers across her social media platforms. This following is attributed to the loyalty she has garnered and the attention she has sparked for her excellent consultations on how to grow one’s social media presence and how she has delivered her promise to build a business from the ground up using film, marketing, and PR. 

And because the motivation behind Megan’s hard work in ensuring results for clients lies in her love for filmmaking and content creation, it can be expected that along with Corey, she will continue to push Wake and Make Media to the center stage of the marketing and PR industry.Know more about Megan Nager and Wake and Make Media by visiting its website and Instagram page.