Start-Up Company Rapid Launch Media Launches Viral TikTok Campaigns

The digital world has opened countless doors for creators all around the world. In an era where content is consumed seamlessly with a touch of a finger, artists are now given a bigger stage to showcase their work. This is the opportunity that Adamm Miguest, who goes by the mononym “Adamm,” hoped to amplify when he founded Rapid Launch Media.

A digital media specialist with over ten years of experience in the industry, Adamm has a vision for creators and artists of today. He noticed early on the efficiency of using TikTok (a recently trending video-sharing social networking service) and other social media platforms to launch and share works of art. The digital media expert sees an opportunity for artists of today to move their music seamlessly and quickly generate audiences and listeners through these avenues. 

Adamm began his journey in the digital media world by using his photo and video skills to create content for several of the biggest social media influencers in the world. In April this year, he created Rapid Launch Media as a TikTok music promo business. Initially, he thought it could be a great side job that could serve as an additional income stream during the COVID-19 pandemic. Little did he know, however, that in just five months, Rapid Launch Media would need to hire three full-time employees to help keep up with the demand for its services. As young as it is, the start-up company is even set to reach over one million dollars in revenue for this year.

The Rapid Launch Media team creates viral trends on TikTok with the music of its clients. Once this is created, the client, which could be a music artist, record label, etc., pays the company to broker deals with the most prominent influencers across the globe to “hype up” these trends—ultimately leading to their songs going viral.

One of the campaigns they ran was for “Kolors” by Monte Booker, which is now on over 12 million videos on the platform. “Stunnin’” by Curtis Waters and “LMK” by Lil Xxel are also some of the other campaigns the team was behind. These songs now have over one million and two million videos respectively on TikTok. Many of the artists behind the songs they have helped make viral were relatively new and unknown prior to their song’s virality, which is why Adamm and his team pride themselves on being contributory to these artists’ success. Additionally, as a company that continues to grow, Rapid Launch Media holds connections with some of the top creators and artists in the industry. 

Adamm is eager to grow his company in the years to come. Apart from continually being instrumental in the career growth of artists and creators, he wishes to inspire other aspiring business owners and tell them they have the power to create their own businesses from scratch, no matter their background. According to him, if one’s idea is good, and they are willing and able to produce good results, any business can become profitable. “I want them to learn about me, someone in their 20s, who made a major company in five months and realize it’s never too early to chase your dreams,” he says.

To know more about Adamm and his booming start-up company, visit their website or Instagram.