Dylan Blau Emerges as a Leader in the Dog Training Industry During the COVID-19 Pandemic

People in the dog training and marketing world like to refer to Dylan Maxwell Blau as “Dylan the Dog Trainer” and “Mr. Social Media.” And the businessman from Los Angeles has done more than enough to earn those titles.

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses in the United States experienced significant loss. Dog training businesses also felt the adverse effects of the economic downturn. As his way of responding to the need, Dylan Maxwell Blau has taken it upon himself to teach dog trainers in the country how to use digital channels to promote their services. For that reason, hundreds of dog training businesses have now survived and even thrived during the crisis.

Dylan used his own business, Epic Dog Pros, as a way to experiment and prove his strategies could work. After reaching massive success and selling millions of dollars in dog training programs, Dylan became a leader in the dog training industry with the focus to help others fast track their success. Several years ago, the expert dog trainer of thirteen years realized how the dog training industry was underutilizing social media to promote their services. He would take the opportunity and go all-in on creating a social media brand for his business. He invested a significant amount of time, energy, and resources creating content for social media and posting heavily. More importantly, he networked with people all over the world, building valuable relationships. 

Soon enough, Dylan Maxwell Blau was organically generating hundreds of leads through digital platforms. As the head trainer for Epic Dog Pros, Dylan has trained thousands of dogs in the last 3 years. Even during the pandemic, the business has not slowed down for Dylan as a result of his strategy to put his clients’ needs first, finding a way to overcome the COVID-19 related obstacles. Rather than changing his whole business to be virtual training distancing himself from the clients, he doubled down on hands-on dog training with social distancing precautions. Dylan’s advice and strategies during the pandemic saved hundreds of dog trainers from going out of business. When a crisis hits, just like dogs, we act out of fight or flight. Dylan’s ability to stay clear-headed enough to guide his fellow dog trainers through the storm is truly heroic. For that, Dylan Blau has become one of the leading social media influencers around the categories of dog training and pet care businesses.

When the COVID-19 crisis paralyzed markets, Dylan offered free social media strategy coaching calls to help dog trainers, as well as other types of businesses, get clients during the lockdown. The social media and dog training expert has helped hundreds of dog trainers from all over the United States continue to make money and grow their businesses. On top of that, thousands of dogs were trained all across America as a direct result. Dylan has made a legendary impact in the dog training industry and strives to continue to be a leader for his fellow dog trainers.

Dylan’s passion to help people would lead to the birth of an all-inclusive talent management, social media, and branding agency called The Blau Agency. Dylan Maxwell Blau has worked with dog trainers, artists, influencers, and business owners. He provides services in branding, marketing, lead generation, sales, networking, collaborations, websites, content creation, and personal management.

Dylan Maxwell Blau is currently hiring  100  talent agents for The Blau Agency in order to help more types of talent and entrepreneurs grow their brands even in times of crisis. “I want all the up-and-coming artists and business owners to know that there are ways to even the playing field in a highly competitive industry,” shares Dylan. “The truth is, even if you have the best song in the world or the greatest service or product, if no one knows about it, then it doesn’t really matter.”

Through these unprecedented times, Dylan’s business ventures continue to grow and scale.. Epic Dog Pros continues to focus their services to help dogs with aggression or other behavioral issues, as well as obedience and service dog training in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Dylan is also an author of two books entitled Social Media Secrets and We Are Dog Training. 

To learn more about Dylan Maxwell Blau, visit the company website of The Blau Agency or contact him on his Instagram (@WeAreDogTraining).