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One Up Services, the E-Commerce Automation Company Known for Its Innovative Business Model and Drive for Changing the Passive Income Game

Highly lucrative and rapidly evolving, the e-commerce sector remains immensely appealing to consumers who enjoy the comfort and convenience it offers and to entrepreneurs and go-getters wishing to secure a financially stable future. With many revenue stream opportunities, this industry is one constant growth that will not slow down anytime soon. 

However, while dipping one’s toes in this field can be irresistible, the realities behind running a venture may prove disheartening, especially for those who neither have the time nor the expertise to run a store. Therefore, by recognizing that a growing number of people aim to gain passive income but are prevented by time constraints and lack of resources, One Up Services has made it its mission to build and scale done-for-you businesses.

One Up has established itself in the industry as the first e-commerce automation company to change how Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook automation is done. Their proprietary FBM (fulfillment by merchant) model ships products from the supplier’s warehouse to One Up services for premium branding, then straight to your customer. Rather than the well-known FBA (fulfillment by Amazon), which ships through Amazon warehouses to consumers in Amazon branding, One Up will upgrade the visual packaging creating an elevated experience for your customers and increasing the percentage of returning buyers.

As a leader in the done-for-you e-commerce industry, One Up Services uses advanced technology and accurate methodologies while having a team composed of skilled personnel to develop, manage, and run businesses for its clients. They have operated with the overarching goal of allowing clients to earn passive income without lifting a finger. 

“We build and scale done-for-you businesses with our expert team, utilizing over 29 years of experience to maximize profits on your store so you can make passive income with little effort,” shared the minds at the helm of One Up Services. “Over the years, we have evolved for our clients to avoid store suspensions and terminations – problems clients of other companies in this space are facing. We have created a unique solution to a massive problem.”

Having gained considerable traction since its launch in 2020, One Up Services is excited to lend more people a hand in earning a passive income and expanding their entrepreneurial portfolios. This growth can be credited to its start-to-finish support, committed team of experts, massive network, standout software, and strategic capitalization of all the positive prospects in the e-commerce sector. Above anything else, its promising future as an industry leader is thanks to a revolutionary Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) model that guarantees growth for the client’s businesses. 

Sandra Godfrey Perseveres Through Challenges to Attain Massive Success

Sometimes all it takes to succeed is one interaction that would set the course for a drastic change in one’s life. For Sandra Godfrey, much of it happened when she started a conversation with a friend who connected her with the number one tech giant company in the world for home-based products, BE. Though much of her success began once she partnered up with BE, her hard work and dedication leading up to it should never be forgotten.

Her journey started five years ago when she moved from Nigeria to Los Angeles. When she moved, she had no connections at all, and she was all alone in a big city. Worst of all, she didn’t have a job, something she greatly needed if she wanted to survive in Los Angeles.

So, she decided to dabble in various industries to see where she would fit. At the time, Sandra was working a minimum of three jobs at a time for four years. She worked herself to the bone just to get enough money to get by. Though she didn’t mind all the stress, she knew what had to be done in order to survive.

Eventually, Sandra landed an amazing job working with Marriott international. However, her stint was short-lived due to COVID-19. When the global pandemic hit and the lockdowns were in place, all of Marriott’s employees were unfortunately furloughed, and that included Sandra herself. 

The experience didn’t affect her that much. Sandra quickly looked for new opportunities being as restless as she was. She contacted her friend, who connected her with a home based business company and changed her life forever. Through the help of the company, Sandra was able to set up her own home based trading, travel and e-commerce business.

She made partnerships with renowned traders, learned how to invest, and applied everything she learned, allowing her to earn residual income. Her actions drastically attracted success, and now she is enjoying the fruit of all of her labor. Nowadays, Sandra is a successful home business owner, life coach, and Network marketer.

Sandra would never have imagined that she would attain this much success in such a short span of time. From the moment she set foot in Los Angeles, she had no friends, no job, and no income. Yet, now she has a lot of connections, a lot of clients, and absolute financial freedom. She has coached and mentored numerous people from all over the world, helping them achieve the same level of success that she currently enjoys.  

She hosts virtual public speaking and coaching events, where she guides people towards the right mindset for success. She motivates her clients to improve their lives and achieve their aspirations by creating a sustainable means of income without having to step foot outside. 

Sandra draws her empathy from her own experiences of being struck hard by the global crisis. She has made it her mission to help those that are in need, and she does all of this by utilizing her platform for good. As she continues to help others achieve financial freedom, Sandra is proving that no matter how far one has come in their journey, it’s always important to look to your roots and give back to the people that need help. 

Find out more about the amazing Sandra Godfrey by following her on Instagram.

Adwire and Ecommerce Marketing Agency Partnership Is Set to Change the E-commerce Game

Many partnerships don’t work out as time goes on, and that’s just a part of a business journey. Kasra Moradi (founder) and Gage Flesher (founder) figured out how to make it work.

Both founders are 20 years old and live in San Diego California. Kasra was originally from Sacramento, California and Gage came from Murrieta, CA. After mutually being introduced to one another through an e-commerce community chat, they began to work together building e-commerce brands that were generating over 6 figures a month. They ended up buying a house to lock down and take their businesses to the next level after working together and seeing explosive success together prior to ever meeting in person.

This work did not come easy. Working day in and day out, they developed systems that allowed them to push out e-commerce brands like clockwork and run effective marketing campaigns, generating them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Over the last three years, Kasra and Gage generated a combined total of over 7 million dollars for both their personal e-commerce brands and clients brands. After building and testing hundreds of different stores, they formed their results-based marketing agency called Adwired. Adwired helps take the stress off of the marketing side of e-commerce for store owners. They realized this had a huge demand as they saw many e-commerce brands going broke, wasting thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing or just making random facebook campaigns with absolutely no structure.

During the beginning of the pandemic, Kasra and Gage were introduced to Steven Ridzyowski of Ecommerce Marketing Agency. Steven also provides an exclusive turnkey service for clients who are looking to get started in e-commerce and Shopify. Steven has over 10 years of experience in online marketing with various niches and their prospective industries. He’s a member of the Forbes Business Council and was featured in LA Wire’s 40 under 40 List and many other new publications and podcasts. 

As Steven started to scale and take on more clients, he reached out to Gage and Kasra of Adwired to create an exclusive partnership this month. Steve considered this a no-brainer because of the proven results Adwired already had and how hungry they are to scale.  Adwire will become lead of the Social Media Buying Department for Ecommerce Marketing Agency. This partnership is the beginning of what will end up being the best e-commerce service for all clients in various niches as they all specialize in product trends and brand building. Steven, Gage, and Kasra are expecting to have an enormous Q4 for this year, doubling what they did last Q4. Both agencies are providing the best atmosphere internally for their respective agencies as well as for all their clients respectively

Steven believes this partnership between Adwired and Ecommerce Marketing Agency will be cemented as what’s best to come for ecommerce, and our goals and expectations are limitless!

Earnest Epps on Escaping the Rat Race through E-commerce

Online entrepreneurship is quickly becoming one of the biggest business booms of the decade. With the rise of dropshipping and e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and many other channels, more people leave their corporate jobs to pursue more freedom through virtual business. One testimony is that of Earnest Epps. And after winning the dropshipping game and creating a thriving business, he now looks to help others duplicate his successes. 

Earnest is the CEO of High Ticket eCom Secrets, an online resource that provides people with courses, guides, and materials that teach the keys and principles of starting a successful e-commerce business. His company comes after ten years of digital marketing and online sales experience, which have helped him create up to thirty thousand dollars a month in revenue through dropshipping. 

Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, Earnest found himself trapped in the hamster wheel that was his nine-to-five career. He sought another way to live his life, dreaming of pursuing a different path. He stumbled upon dropshipping and started learning all that he could about the up-and-coming business strategy. 

In September 2015, he decided to take dropshipping seriously and launched his first online store after less than a month. The first month, he made over three thousand and four hundred dollars. After five months, his average monthly income shot up to ten grand. Within a year, he was consistently earning enough from his side, hustle to leave his corporate job. 

Today, Earnest Epps is now a certified dropshipping coach who has helped thousands of people make decent money through online businesses. He started moving into speaking after being invited to several e-commerce events. “I was asked to speak in Asia for the first time,” shares Earnest. “I spoke to an audience of 3,000 people, teaching them how to model what I’ve done in the e-commerce world.” The said event went up on YouTube and gathered over seven hundred thousand views, helping many learn the Earnest principles and strategies to become a dropshipping giant.

Earnest Epps currently heads up multiple businesses and has started creating seven figures annually off his online enterprise. The marketing guru has learned the secrets of organically growing an online business. Earnest has radically changed the lives of so many by helping them win in business through his proven tactics within a short time. One client, Rosemary Salem, shares, “When I came to Earnest, I was unclear on how to set up and fully market my business online successfully. After working with Earnest, I now have a full list of keywords for my ads as well as a game plan to start using paid advertising successfully. This guy knows his stuff and you won’t be disappointed!”

Earnest continues to travel all over the country and the world to speak before thousands of people about his success story and the lessons he has learned and applied in his business. The dropshipping and e-commerce expert also owns and manages various companies that offer to coach and consult in direct marketing, B2B marketing, digital marketing, web design, content marketing, social media marketing, and e-commerce.

To learn more about Earnest Epps, visit his website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

Katie Melissa Finds the Freedom a 9-to-5 Job Can’t Provide

In the hopes of finding more from a 9-to-5 job, Katie Melissa is now reaping the fruits of her daring decision.

In the span of four years, Katie has succeeded in pursuing the dream she has always dreamed of. She runs Amazon Elite Automation, a company that provides clients hands-off results and passive income to help them earn money with less to nothing difficulty. Moreover, Katie Melissa has also conquered the marketing landscape of different e-commerce platforms with experience in selling models. Her offer ranges from dropshipping to Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) to private labels. She has also been coaching students how to earn laptop income through Amazon and Shopify.

With her line of profession and the success of Amazon Elite Automation, a handful of clients have expressed their interests toward the company. Entrepreneurs come to Katie Melissa for help to market their products or services. With the work from home set-up widely in demand due to the ongoing pandemic, the company has attracted potential workers that are interested in the method. People who are searching for income streams and business readers have also availed of her business.

The amount of potential clients Amazon Elite Automation has attracted can be attributed to Katie Melissa’s work principles. There are minute yet critical factors that separate her from the competition. One is her attention to details. Second is the bond she establishes with her clients and her students. The way she fosters their professional relationships is worthy of admiration. Moreover, she treats everyone equally as they are equally important individuals. Katie limits her coaching and training services to uphold the equality she instills.

Katie Melissa always wanted to launch and lead a business of her own. By starting a self-owned company, there are no limits as to what one wants to do. She wants the freedom that can only be found in a self-owned business. “That thought alone inspires and excites me,” the entrepreneur said.

Apart from her fierce desire to break free from the things that will hold her back if she were an employee, what also fuels her drive to help others is her passion to lend a helping hand to the big dreamers like her.

Katie Melissa is showing no signs of exhaustion. She is even determined to go further and travel uncharted waters. She is willing to go an extra mile for her automation business in the next five years. She expressed her willingness to expand her business by “making a global impact on thousands of people’s lives personally.” Katie is also interested in creating more self-owned brands. Additionally, she sees that she can up her coaching game soon.

Katie Melissa is also looking into the possibility of travelling the world without compromising her business. With the drive to excel and a motivation to help others succeed, it would not be a surprise if her face and name will soon grace the covers of magazines and newspapers.

Check out her website to learn more about her. Go to the Amazon Elite Automation website to know more about it.

Nestor Castro Pushes Others to Build the Right Mindsets for Success Through His Words and Actions

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” This belief is what entrepreneur and coach Nestor Castro lives by. To Nestor, mindset is the most significant factor to success, and his positive and healthy mindset has brought him to the top of the entrepreneurship game.

Nestor is a health, wealth, and mindset coach who works hard to inspire others to pursue greater success for themselves. As a practitioner of what he preaches, he has built a highly successful career for himself as well. He is one of the founders of Dropship Tribe, one of the biggest e-commerce marketing agencies that specialize in dropshipping. 

Before his digital business success, Nestor served in the US Military for three years. He was deployed to Afghanistan for twelve months then decided to come back home and start building a life for himself. But he would later find that reintegrating back into civilian affairs wouldn’t be easy. He decided to join the police force, where he served for five years. But all the while, the countryman felt he wasn’t living his true calling in life. He had always dreamed of building his own business and traveling the world.

He found his niche in dropshipping and quickly learned the ins and outs of the industry. He discovered that he had a natural talent for business right away and was soon earning a six-figure income online quickly. As soon as he started reaping the benefits of his labor, Nestor felt compelled to share his wealth of knowledge with others who wanted to follow in his entrepreneurial steps. 

Nestor started Dropship Tribe and started helping other people build successful online businesses that would create profit and opportunity for hundreds of entrepreneurs everywhere. He also started to actively use his Instagram platform to inspire people to develop their mindset and grow their skills. To date, Nestor has over 149,000 followers who listen to his wisdom around the topics of lifestyle, business, work habits, and success. 

Nestor’s deepest passions drive him in all he does. “My passion is helping people create real breakthroughs in their relationships, their emotions, their health, their careers, and their finances,” shares Nestor. “People are always putting self-imposed limitations on how much money they can make, how far you can push your body. I want to show them through my actions that anything is possible.”

On top of running his dropship businesses and marketing agency, Nestor takes the time to mentor people and help them build the right mindsets that will translate into entrepreneurial and life success. He hopes that through his message, he can inspire others to rise above the challenge and design the life that they want to live. 

In all he does, Nestor starts at home. His highest “why” is his daughter, Ava. He seeks to be a positive influence on her in everything that he does. “How can I tell my daughter Ava to read a book if I don’t read books? How can I explain to her healthy foods to eat and what not to if I don’t practice what I preach? How can I tell her to follow her dreams if I am not following mine?” continues the mindset coach.

Nestor looks to help many others, especially future generations, to craft a different outlook in life and see things for they can be. To follow more of Nestor’s inspirational content, follow him on Instagram. You can also visit Dropship Tribe’s website to learn more about what he does.