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Alex Sattley: From City Lights to Entrepreneurial Heights!

In the electrifying landscape of entrepreneurship, Alex Sattley emerges as a force to be reckoned with—a visionary carving a path not only to personal success but to a world of community, relentless growth, and the relentless pursuit of dreams. Hailing from the dazzling city of Los Angeles and molded by the diverse vibes of Portland, Oregon during his high school days, 29-year-old Alex boasts a dynamic portfolio featuring a booming social media agency, the grit-infused “Die Trying” personal training gym, and ownership of a buzzing barbershop.

Early Ambitions and Marketing Roots

Alex’s journey into the entrepreneurial landscape began in 2017 when he delved into marketing promotions. It was here that he uncovered the power of branding and the interconnected nature of the social web. With a keen understanding that everyone is connected and accessible in the digital age, Alex honed his skills to brand anything and everything. This realization sowed the seeds for his future venture—a social media agency that not only generated profits but also aimed to uplift others.

In the early days, Alex encountered a humorous yet enlightening challenge when he miscalculated the number of weeks in a year, assuming each month had a uniform four weeks. This oversight affected his financial calculations for an entire year, emphasizing the importance of meticulous attention to detail in the business world.

Building Long-Lasting Connections

What sets Alex’s social media agency apart is its focus on handling accounts with privacy, allowing individuals to profit without fully stepping out of their comfort zones. By working one-on-one with clients, Alex believes in forging deep, meaningful connections that transcend the transactional nature of business. It’s a strategy that has proven successful, emphasizing quality over quantity.

Recognizing the vital role of social connections, Alex emphasizes the significance of maintaining a close-knit group of five individuals who share his hunger for success. This core group serves as a wellspring of motivation and support, propelling Alex forward in his journey.

Life Lessons and Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Alex, now on the cusp of his thirties, radiates a sense of maturity and hunger for growth. He imparts valuable wisdom to budding entrepreneurs, stressing the importance of setting new goals to stave off burnout. Drawing from personal experiences, he highlights crucial lessons in understanding taxes, credit, interest rates, and the undeniable importance of social connections in business.

A Vision for the Future

As Alex looks ahead to the next five years, he envisions himself owning two-thirds of franchises and expanding into international properties. His gym, “Die Trying,” is poised to become one of the top fitness establishments in Phoenix, Arizona, with plans to open two additional locations. The trajectory involves scaling his social media agency, building the barbershop, and acquiring new properties, reflecting a man on the brink of multifaceted success.

Beyond Personal Success: A Commitment to Community

Alex’s success isn’t confined to his ventures alone. He actively contributes to the community by guiding young individuals to start their businesses, teaching essential life skills such as budgeting, tax management, and the importance of consistency. In his view, it’s crucial for young people to grasp the fundamentals of wealth creation from an early age.

The Essence of Alex Sattley: Grind, Consistency, Communication

In the realm of Alex Sattley, three keywords encapsulate his journey: grind, consistency, and communication. His commitment to relentless effort, unwavering dedication, and transparent communication with clients has solidified his position as a reputable entrepreneur.

As we delve into the world of Alex Sattley, it becomes evident that his journey is not just about personal success; it’s a narrative of growth, resilience, and a commitment to uplifting others along the way. As he continues to build an empire, Alex stands as a testament to the potential that lies within the confluence of vision, hard work, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the world.

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On a Mission Podcast by Ellie McKay: Inspiring Conversations with Resilient Entrepreneurs

The name Ellie McKay and her highly successful podcast, On A Mission, represents resilience, passion, and unwavering ambition to create a difference. Through her podcast, Ellie has made a huge impact on the sector and has risen to the top of the podcast charts with her engaging content as she delves into the unconventional thinking and unique career journeys of the world’s most high-profile entrepreneurs.

Ellie started “On a Mission” in lockdown to engage with her extensive network of over 40,000+ connections on LinkedIn. Already a multi-millionaire through her property business, the self-made entrepreneur the businesswoman didn’t have it handed to her on a plate and faced adversity throughout her life. 

This month US Reporter speaks to Ellie McKay about her rise to the top and how her ambition was driven by her own insecurities, mounting debt, and redundancy whilst suffering from postnatal depression. 

How did you get into podcasting?

During the lockdown, for the most part, I had a positive experience and really enjoyed being a Mum and spending quality time with the family. However, as time went on, I started to feel like something was missing. While I loved being a Mum, I realized that I also missed being Ellie, the entrepreneur who thrived off the energy of meeting people in person. It felt like an itch that needed to be scratched, a part of my identity that was slipping away.

Around that time, I began exploring meditation as a way to find inner peace and clarity. During one of my meditative sessions, an idea sparked in my mind—why not start a podcast? It would allow me to continue building meaningful relationships with people while sharing valuable insights and positivity with listeners, all without the hassle or expense of traveling to speak at events.

Excited by the idea, I decided to take immediate action. Leveraging my existing network of connections within the entrepreneurial community, which I had built through being part of high-level mastermind groups and building a substantial following on LinkedIn, I reached out to my contacts. To my surprise, the response was overwhelmingly positive, and within just an hour, I had a remarkable list of guests lined up for my Facebook live series (how she started out).

I was genuinely touched by the positive feedback I received and the number of people who tuned in.

Although the numbers were modest compared to today’s standards, it was a lightbulb moment for me, and I finally began to grasp the power of reaching a wide audience.

As the lockdown rules relaxed, I no longer had a captured audience on a Sunday night, so it was time to make a decision. I couldn’t deny the passion and fulfillment it brought me; it was definitely something I wanted to pursue.

After a bit of back and forth, it was settled, the podcast was happening, and it was going to be called “On a Mission.”

To kickstart my podcasting journey, I literally had a budget-friendly microphone from Amazon and an old laptop. I quickly realized that fancy equipment wasn’t necessary; what mattered most was taking action and sharing meaningful conversations with my guests. These simple tools became the foundation for my podcasting venture, fueled by my interest in people and their stories.

Ellie McKay

Sourced photo

Hosting the podcast and engaging in conversations with my guests felt natural to me after I got over the initial terror. Speaking in front of people has never come naturally to me, but I’m a great believer in pushing your comfort zones in order to grow. I’ve always had a genuine curiosity for others, and I love to connect with interesting people. My own journey has been filled with both successes and challenges, and my openness has allowed me to forge deep connections with my guests. Each has its own diverse backstories, values and unique interpretations of success.

To my surprise, “On a Mission” experienced rapid growth within a relatively short period of time. The podcast’s success led to the expansion of my team, with dedicated staff members now filming and producing top-quality video content to complement the audio episodes.

I am humbled by the widespread recognition my podcast has gained within the industry, and I’m honored that it has become a benchmark for other podcasters. A recent milestone was when my podcast was named “Essential Listening” on Apple Podcasts, further validating its significance and impact, and we are regularly in the top ten UK charts alongside some incredible people.

What began as a simple means to occupy my mind and build relationships during the lockdown has transformed into a flourishing podcasting business with multiple sponsors and brand ambassadors. I am humbled by the support and encouragement I have received from my guests and listeners. I believe in the power of meaningful conversations and their ability to inspire, guide, and promote personal growth. My journey with “On a Mission” has been a lesson in humility, and I remain grateful for the opportunities it has provided me to connect with extraordinary individuals and share their stories with the world.

Tell us about your journey from unemployment to entrepreneurship. 

In 2018, I lost my job during my second maternity leave, dealing a tough blow. We were still recovering from near bankruptcy a few years earlier when our electrical installation business teetered on collapse. Living a middle-class life with a comfortable home and nice cars, we were paycheck to paycheck.

During that time, postnatal depression compounded my mental health struggles, plunging me into darkness. I hit one of the lowest points in my life, relying on job center benefits.

In the past, I had been passionate about self-development, but life had led me astray, leaving me disillusioned. I fell into the trap of a victim mentality, embracing negativity.

Then, my entrepreneurial husband introduced me to a motivational speaker who quoted Tony Robbins. Their words reignited a dormant spark, reminding me that life held more potential than I had imagined.

Inspired, I dared to dream again, fueled by my determination to escape mediocrity. I invested my entire redundancy package in furthering our education—a bold and risky move. I believed I deserved better and held the power to change my circumstances.

With unwavering commitment, I embarked on a transformative journey, embracing challenges and sacrifices. Settling for an average life became unthinkable. I knew deep within that the catalyst for change resided within me, pushing me to my limits.

With tearful resolve and a mix of fear and hope, I set out to reshape my destiny. Investing in education wasn’t just a financial commitment; it was defiance against the chains that had held me captive for too long. I pursued a life beyond mediocrity, undergoing a profound personal transformation.

Carrying the weight of past failures and fueled by my dreams, I embarked on an arduous yet exhilarating journey of self-discovery. It tested my resilience, confronted my deepest fears, and demanded unwavering faith in my abilities. Through it all, I discovered an unbreakable spirit—a spirit that refused to be defined by setbacks or circumstances.

Now, as I reflect on that pivotal moment when I reclaimed my life, gratitude and pride fill me. Hardships shaped my character, teaching me resilience and perseverance. I take pride in who I’ve become—a person who defied despair, rose above adversity, and carved a path to fulfillment and purpose.

As part of our journey, we started a property investment business. Equipped with knowledge and skills, we took bold action and acquired two properties within four days of completing our training. This solidified our belief in creating a prosperous future for our family.

What motivates you?

I’m motivated to become the best version of myself. Knowing that I’m achieving my potential and demonstrating to my children that we can accomplish anything with the right work ethic and commitment drives me forward. However, motivation can only take us so far. There are times when we lack motivation, which is why discipline is crucial. That’s why I choose to surround myself with positive individuals who excel in their respective fields. Their success constantly reminds me of what is possible.

To maintain good energy, I believe it’s essential to take care of oneself physically and mentally. That’s why I have non-negotiables in my life, such as regular exercise and daily ice baths, to help me on days when motivation eludes me.

I will always come out fighting when my back is against the wall. Overcoming numerous setbacks in life and finding the strength to pick myself back up has instilled in me a deep inner resilience and determination that propels me forward.

My children and husband provide an amazing support system, and I couldn’t do it without them. However, I believe that motivation ultimately comes from within.

What’s your interview style, and do you have any advice for anyone looking to launch a podcast?

My interview style is all about embracing rawness and authenticity, relying on instinct and the natural flow of conversation. I don’t believe in pre-preparing questions; instead, I opt for unscripted and unfiltered.

To enhance the authenticity, I conduct my interviews in person whenever possible. Being face-to-face creates a better rapport and allows for a deeper connection with my guests. It’s in those unguarded moments, the subtle expressions, and the shared energy that the most meaningful conversations unfold.

I put in the work to thoroughly research and prepare for my podcast interviews. But when the time comes, I let go of the reins and let the conversation take its own course. It’s in those uncharted territories, those unexpected tangents, where the real magic happens. It’s where we find the raw, unfiltered truths that make for compelling and captivating content.

What new and exciting things do you have planned?

We have some amazing guests in the pipeline, which will only help us to continue to grow our reach. Additionally, we are looking to get into mini-documentaries and start covering a more diverse range of in-depth topics. Will be launching our subscription site for premium content and a chance to join a community of like-minded people before the end of the year, and there are talks of translating the On a Mission podcast into Spanish to expand our reach further. 

Where can readers listen? 

On a Mission Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other major platforms. Follow ellie_mckay_official on Instagram

Entrepreneur and VIP Relations Expert Dan Miller’s Take

London based Entrepreneur Dan miller opens up about the ins and outs of VIP relations at the top of the game. VIP relations, It’s a title we all know but a title we all know very little about! He states “It’s all about you as a person as well as how you conduct business, working with some of the biggest and best professional boxers, footballers actors, musicians and public figures in the world. It’s about trust and delivering a service that’s unique” Dan who has worked with sky sports and sky sports boxing on more than 15 different shows in 2022 has also been the ventriloquist, creating and setting up projects, and heightened experiences for the likes of Harry Redknapp, Micheal Venom page, Kell Brook, Amir Khan, Meatball Molly and many more. 

A huge advocate for boxing in general but a bigger advocate for the women’s game, he had the honor of working behind the scenes delivering his work at the highest level and the biggest ever all female card in London with the headliner being Clarissa shields vs Savannah Marshall. Dan is the founder and director of Supreme management, a bespoke management agency based in London. Under this already powerful agency, he looks after the needs of his first female signing and undisputed world champion Chantelle Cameron. Without a doubt Dan will have his hands full in 2023 as Chantelle will be in some huge and exciting fights and title defenses. A very personal and approachable businessman with global reach, we continue to follow his journey and you can too on his personal Instagram @i_amdanielmiller.

Jonathas Freitas, the Brazilian reinventing the technology and entrepreneurship sector

(Jonathas Freitas and his wife Carolina Barros)


 According to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) published by the  ABES (Brazilian Association of Software Companies), Brazil currently holds 1.65% of investments in technology globally, and 40% of investments in all of Latin America. 

In this scenario of development for this sector in Brazil, the young entrepreneur Jonathas Freitas acts as one of the protagonists of the private sector, which seeks to develop large businesses in a highly scalable way.

Whoever is in the technology sector in Brazil has probably heard of Jonathas Freitas, or simply Jhon. In 2021, Jonathas Freitas’s biography was already impressive, with more than 40 startups in the portfolio, some of them with international recognition. But 2022 was the big year in Freitas’ life. He expanded his investments outside the technology sector, investing in cosmetics, real estate, advertising, distribution, and hospitality. He made big moves in business, approached the Swiss government, and even invested in Asia. Brazil definitely became small for Jonathas Freitas. He is also a BMW ambassador and works with one of the largest social programs in Brazil, the Ayrton Senna Institute, named in honor of the famous racing driver to support education.

In recent decades, Jonathas has transformed his goals into a network of businesses spread across different countries and in different formats. Recently, he was on a business trip through Europe and met with some of the most important executives in Switzerland and Germany. Earlier this year, he was in New York accompanied by his wife, Carolina Barros, for a series of business meetings that should take place over the next few years.

All of these ongoing businesses in multiple locations are possible because Jonathas has embraced a worldwide trend towards running multiple businesses. The entrepreneur acts as a “serial entrepreneur,” a modality in which the investor acts as an investing partner and becomes a business advisor, but does not participate in the administration, enabling the infinite creation of businesses. 

Through Instagram, Jonathas shares the backstage of his life, news about his businesses and tips for other entrepreneurs looking to improve their businesses. He has already received the main awards for entrepreneurs in Brazil, is respected by the entire Brazilian press, is starting to make important moves internationally and is certainly a name that should become more and more constant in international business, especially in technology.

Vijay Sheth: Building 8 Figure Wealth With Exotic Vehicles

Vijay Sheth is an American entrepreneur and the founder of PCH Exotics, a nation-wide exotic car rental company. Sheth has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and strives to continue improving in every aspect of his life. Read on to learn how Vijay went from zero to a net worth of over $25 million while still in his 20s.

Growing Up

Vijay hails from an immigrant family in southern California and has built his fortune without leveraging family connections or receiving inheritance. At the age of 12, Sheth opened a custodial account which he started depositing his early entrepreneurial profits into, managing his investments on his own accord. Fast forward to high school and Vijay was already building credit by paying to be an authorized user on people’s credit cards if they had a FICO score exceeding 800. Throughout his education, Sheth had a hard time socializing with his peers and fitting in. This led to bullying, fights, and constant stress for Vijay. This started a years-long process where Vijay dedicated countless hours into improving his social skills, leading to him now being extremely personable and able to connect with anyone. After high school, Sheth worked various jobs, bought and sold numerous cars, made his first real estate purchase, and developed himself as a professional. 

PCH Exotics

Fast forward to 2021 and Vijay was looking to finally realize his dream of owning an exotic car rental business. The opportunity and timing seemed perfect, so Sheth took the leap and founded PCH Exotics — initially operating only in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Today, PCH Exotics provides customers with exotic vehicles for rent in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, New Jersey, Atlanta, Scottsdale, Orlando, and Pittsburgh. Vijay worked vigorously to build PCH Exotics up to its current state; the company now owns the largest exotic car rental fleet in the world, totalling 83 exotic vehicles — 112 if you factor the rare collector cars, luxury SUVs, and sport cars into the mix. The fleet is worth over $25 million itself and Vijay is only looking to expand that — although he emphasizes that he is deleveraging and only expanding using current cash flow. A big factor in PCH Exotics’ success is Sheth’s driven mentality and passion for giving his customers an experience that they can’t get anywhere else in the world. From the first phone inquiry to the customer checking the vehicle back in, Vijay and his team work hard to ensure that the process is smooth and hassle free for his clientele. 

Other Ventures

While Vijay is dedicated to PCH Exotics, as a serial entrepreneur he owns businesses and invests in companies in other sectors as well as the automotive industry. Some of these include a body shop, ecommerce businesses, a car wash, auto shops, property management company and more. Sheth also has an interest in real estate and is looking to finalize the purchase of his third property. With a hand in all these industries, it is hard to tell what Sheth’s next moves will be, but they will certainly be done with success in mind. 

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His exclusive mentorship only accepts one new mentee every month.

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How to Apply For An Investment Opportunity

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In your message, be sure to include personal information about yourself and why you would be a good investor for him to partner with, working actively on the front lines so that you can earn passively from your investment.

Renowned Entrepreneur Ron Bauer Accelerates the Success of Aspiring Founders and Entrepreneurs

The business industry is filled to the brim with lucrative opportunities. However, the ever-changing market conditions can become increasingly daunting for aspiring entrepreneurs hindering their progress and even causing some to fail. Fortunately, Ron Bauer is here to help companies navigate the rough seas of the business world, ultimately helping them succeed in a cutthroat environment.

Throughout his storied business career, Ron Bauer has cultivated a reputation of getting the job done with over 20 years of experience. He is a renowned venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, business mentor, and author. It seems that everything Ron Bauer touches turns to gold, and he has managed to spread his influence in a wide variety of sectors such as Life Sciences, Technology, EdTech, and Natural Resources. 

Ron Bauer has collaborated with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, scientists, and world-class academic institutions. Ron has developed a track record of nurturing innovative concepts and supporting dynamic entrepreneurs and scientists. He has played a massive role in helping countless companies through his personal hands on guidance and mentorship.

The powerhouse entrepreneur has consulted successful founders from the early stages of angel and seed funding all the way to public mergers, IPOs, and even through trade sales with larger public and private companies, as well as SPAC transactions. Ron Bauer is no stranger to success in the world of business. He has been a major shareholder and principal investor in many private and public companies.

Ron Bauer was the co-founder of Turkana Energy, which merged with Africa Oil (TSX: AOI) in July 2009. The company went on to have a peak market value of over $3 billion CAD, having raised in excess of $1 billion of equity after Tullow Oil successfully drilled Turkana’s oil concession. He is also a principal investor in many biotech, tech and natural resources companies.

Recently, Ron Bauer became a principal investor in companies such as 180 Life Sciences (NASDAQ: ATNF), Pasithea Therapeutics (NASDAQ: KTTA), Stran & Co (NASDAQ: STRN), Genflow Biosciences (LSE: GENF), Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals (LSE: HEMO), and Cognetivity Neurosciences (CSE: CGN). 

Throughout the years, he has consistently proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the venture capital space. Ron Bauer has successfully raised capital across all sectors and all geographies. Much of his success can be attributed to his remarkable ability to adapt himself to changing economic climates and diversifying sectors. 

Ron Bauer has developed a tried and tested formula that he uses within his portfolio of companies. He teaches this rigorous system to other aspiring company founders through his mentorship and coaching program. Through Ron’s exemplary teachings, many companies have raised money and eventually gone public. “We have first-hand experience and knowledge as we have completed this journey a number of times ourselves as founders,” explained Ron Bauer. 

In the past two years alone, Ron Bauer has been involved in 5 IPOs on NASDAQ, the LSE and in Canada. These five companies alone have managed to raise over $200 million between them, thanks to Ron Bauer’s direct involvement. “We offer hands-on 1-on-1 mentorship and guidance to a select few founders as well as exclusive bootcamps for earlier stage startup founders looking to launch or scale up their businesses,” said Ron Bauer. 

Overall, Ron Bauer is helping aspiring founders attain the success that they truly deserve. Many founders have gained valuable insights just by collaborating with such a seasoned business veteran, and it’s exciting to see how much more he can do with the global business industry.

Molly BZ: Woman-owned Enterprise Shakes Up the Business World

Success does not always happen in a fell swoop. Sometimes, it happens after a series of failures, and it takes a determined mind to reach a thriving destination after experiencing setbacks and obstacles. This describes Molly Blakeley’s journey as she went from one bad deal to become the owner of a premium gourmet cookie brand, Molly BZ.

Molly Blakeley established Molly BZ in July 2018 and has turned it into a profitable brand that has become many people’s favorite. Molly Blakeley has had many businesses in her name as a seasoned entrepreneur. However, she got a rude awakening when things took a turn, and her finances took a massive hit. In her bid to make a recovery, she launched Molly BZ, which has done more than help her get back on her feet but made her a worthy entrepreneur to watch out for. “I was down to my final $150 as a single mom, and I decided that I was done doing small things. I began to think about how to turn my $150 into $150 million, which gave birth to this national and global cookie brand. I came up with Molly BZ with the experience of starting and selling, or even failing, over 14 brick and mortars over the years in a rural town in Alaska. So, if I could do all that, doing this is not impossible,” Molly said.

Since its inception, Molly BZ has been an inspiring brand. It started from Molly’s home and went through a struggle before things picked up after three months. The brand went from near-zero sales to 20 dozen cookies a week and then 45 dozen cookies daily. Now, the growth has become astronomical to the point where it makes thousands of cookies every few hours. Ghirardelli™ has also endorsed the brand as the chocolate used in the cookies. In fact, its brand name is slapped on Molly BZ’s packaging. Molly BZ also got featured in Forbes’ “Top 150 Startups in 2019.”

The gourmet cookie has become many people’s favorite because of its yummy chocolatey goodness in every bite. It is also miles ahead of its competition, made of plain cookies sprinkled with many things. The infusion of 20% of Ghirardelli chocolate, nuts, bacon and cereal makes the product one that suits Molly’s goal of creating something everyone can enjoy. Over the last four years, Molly BZ has sold in four countries and has over a hundred locations.

Molly Blakeley’s goal for the future is to reach 2000 locations. It also signed a deal with an airline and sold cookies worth $30,000 within eight minutes on a popular TV shopping channel. Molly BZ’s products can be found in over a hundred boutique shops and all Great Wolf Resorts, Amazon, Snack Magic, Faire, QVC, Man Crates, Touch of Modern, Zulily and Dallas Cloud Kitchens. It has also been featured on the Wheel of Fortune Prize Wheel and in the Oscar and the International Emmy gift bags.

The brand seems to be on course with its goal of getting to every part of the world, and Molly Blakeley herself remains committed to that goal. “We are the first gourmet single-pack cookie on big-box stores’ shelves which is a big deal for me. With many more milestones to cross, I’m so excited for the future,” Molly Blakeley expressed.

Visionary Entrepreneur Dan Lee Dominates the Real Estate Scene With Highly Entertaining Videos

In this day and age, having the talents and skills is no longer enough to succeed in a particular field of endeavor. In order to achieve genuine success, one must also have the passion, commitment, and dedication to translating their vision into reality. As a matter of fact, luminaries who have made significant marks in their respective trades are known not only for their achievements but also for the meaningful and long-lasting impact they left on others. Such is the case with real estate mogul Dan Lee, a visionary whose relentless drive has taken him to great heights. 

If there is one thing that Dan has proven, it is that being an innovator can help one secure a competitive edge even in a highly cutthroat environment. As someone passionate about mastering his craft, he took it upon himself to engage in ventures that would allow him to maximize his potential and broaden his horizons. For this reason, he chooses to be relentless with his pursuits and make the most out of opportunities for growth and expansion. Currently, Dan has been making waves in the digital space by uploading entertaining and engaging real estate videos. 

Through his patience and perseverance, Dan became an acclaimed real estate agent. On top of that, he is also a three-time industry finalist for Large Agency of the Year in his state. He was also a two-time finalist of the Industry Sales Person of the Year. Due to his unique style of marketing a property, he made it to the Today Show for a segment.

Standing at the helm of PlumProperty, Dan Lee has established a reputable standing in the world of real estate and entrepreneurship. Although his company is now considered one of the emerging authorities in the industry, the visionary still likes to look back on his humble beginnings and remind himself of how far he has come. According to him, his business began as a small enterprise before it flourished into the powerhouse it is recognized for today. With his inspiring growth, he encourages aspirants and dreamers to keep moving forward. 

Since its inception in 2016, PlumProperty has served as a beacon of excellence and trustworthiness. At present, the company has 45 staff members and has generated $1.5 billion in property revenues. With his creative flair and innovative outlook, he has shown how powerful social media platforms are, heavily determined to continue revolutionizing the industry by creating videos that are not only unique but also very entertaining. 

“Start small, keep your fixed costs down. Clients don’t care about your flashy office. They care about service and results. A lot of clients like the fact that you are a small business and are hustling to achieve your goals and are more willing to support you with their business,” Dan said. “Treat your staff well, and your best staff like heroes, engrain them in the business, and reward staff frequently for great results. Hold amazing team meetings, make them fun and motivating, celebrate the wins with everyone, celebrate anniversaries and birthdays and top performances.”

Entrepreneur Brian Jaesung Kim’s Push to the Top

Brian Jaesung Kim is the President of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, a full service ecommerce automation company in Miami, Florida. Brian is the principal operator of DFY Ventures, a technology investment company aimed to help people grow their capital. Throughout his entire life, Brian has always had an incredibly strong entrepreneurial mindset. Kim’s upbringing has fueled his passion and drive throughout his life and his story is what makes Brian unique. 

Joint Ventures into Ecommerce

Recently, as Brian Jaesung Kim was running a business out of his living room, he left behind everything he knew with a one way ticket to Miami and nothing more than a duffel bag and backpack. Jaesung Kim had no idea where this journey would take him, but he knew it was an important next step in his life. After landing in Miami, Brian partnered up with Ecommerce expert Steve Ridzyowski and through hard work and dedication they tripled the company’s revenue in a matter of 45 days. Brian and Steve then reinvested all of their profits back into improving their business and this allowed them to establish one of the largest digital agencies in the world. 

Opportunity For All

Brian’s dedication to improve the ecommerce space has led to many long nights spent finding ways to change other people’s lives with automation the way it changed his. Jaesung Kim knows that he has a rare opportunity to do good by truly helping people and he fully intends to capitalize on it. Not only is Brian personally responsible for five ecommerce automation streams of his own, but he also invests in real estate and stocks. The countless hours Brian consistently puts in are charged by his inspiration to elevate others to a higher plane in life.

Future Growth In The Automation Space

Today Brian assists multiple businesses by taking on the role of an advisor to accelerate their growth and boost their value as organizations. He wants to help as many people as possible establish true financial freedom that allows them to lead a comfortable life. Brian is excited to utilize his experience as a serial entrepreneur to make change in the world. 

Future Growth & Aspirations

Brian has overcome an enormous amount of obstacles throughout his lifetime, and has learned an incredible amount about what it takes to be successful. Brian and Ecommerce Marketing Agency are all committed to going the extra mile and putting in the extra hours just to align with their client’s goals. Ecommerce Marketing Agency has a reputation as a reliable and responsive agency that is ready to assist their clients at all times. Moving forward, Brian and Ecommerce Marketing Agency have meaningful plans to generate more success for everyone around them. To learn more about Brian Jaesung Kim and his journey, click here.

How Asif Rehman’s Incredible Journey to Becoming an Expert Business and Mindset Coach

Many would say that aspiring entrepreneurs should be equipped with entrepreneurial and technical know-how to run a business successfully. But, while it is essential to possess these skills, expert business coach Asif Rehman knows that scaling a venture takes much more than that. 

The deeply insightful individual believes that success begins in one’s mind and soul and goes hand in hand with business-related competencies or aptitudes. This remarkable realization comes from his own experience with failures and struggles. For years, he used to chase money with little to no success, becoming frustrated, angry, and even compromising his relationships in the process.

Eventually, with the help of his mentor, he became aware that his mindset was what was hindering him from accomplishing his goals. Since then, Asif Rehman made the conscious decision to change his perspective surrounding money and start attracting value. He also surrounds himself with like-minded people who help him constantly grow and work on his internal game.

Before long, the once-struggling entrepreneur has become highly successful in his endeavors. Motivated by his accomplishments, the outstanding man has made it his mission to create a passionate and purposeful business that will impact millions.

As a result, he founded The Elite Mind Hacker Programme, a one-of-a-kind business accelerator program that focuses on enhancing one’s outlook. The high-performance mindset and leadership coach has helped countless business owners optimize their minds and monetize their skills to grow their brands through the venture.

When asked what inspired him to build the amazing venture, he shared, “My greatest fear is leaving this world with regrets and not fulfilling my destiny and passion with everything I have inside me. My inspiration is being the best version of myself. I want to transform clients and seek to grow as I did myself.”

On top of his extraordinary philosophy, he utilizes his background in business, IT, and sports, giving him a unique perspective on how one can evolve into a CEO and leader. All of these allow him to provide his clients with a holistic approach and comprehensive strategies that are guaranteed to work. 

But perhaps the most significant factor that made Asif Rehman so successful as a mindset coach is his never-ending desire to grow. He believes that the most effective way to inspire others is to lead by example. For this reason, he continues to work on becoming the best version of himself. 

In the foreseeable future, the mindset coach hopes to widen his influence and to speak on international stages about his remarkable philosophy. But most importantly, Asif Rehman remains committed to his goal of providing a lasting impact to the people and giving back to his community.

As he profoundly said, “Success comes from a deep understanding of yourself as well as your love of the universe. It’s about more than just taking the right steps; it’s also about finding clarity within the universe and falling in love with yourself and your dreams.”

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