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Tianna Santoi Shares How She Built Her Passive Income Company

For Tianna Santoi, she grew up with ideas of self-doubt Tianna Santoi. For a very long time, she believed she could not make it in business even though she had exhibited some entrepreneurial tendencies as a little child. As a four-year-old, Tianna sold lemonade to workers, parents, and children because she thought they would get thirsty from walking. She spotted a problem and found a way to fix it. For a very long time, she was built that way until her aspirations were dampened by people around her who told her she had no place in business as a young black woman.

Her relentless nature never made her settle. Tianna was always looking for ways to create something and solve problems. She once got a job offer at a mini nursing home that was going to pay her about $900 per month. Tianna opted to go into business instead and survive on welfare and section 8 in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods with help from no one. She launched a marketing company. Within a few months, she already raked in a quarter of a million dollars, but the business took its toll on her. She handled everything by herself and had no time for family or friends.

At that point in her life, she began to think beyond working for money. She needed a passive income source that would allow her to engage in other beneficial activities. She figured that having a mentor might help, and not long after, she met Jake Huynh on a popular business platform. Her new mentor assisted her with a new business plan and set up her company ownership. This birthed her flourishing financial services company. Tianna Santoi got on the journey of running a business that allowed her to do other things while helping others build their dreams.

Tianna got the chance to be a business owner rather than a business operator. In her words, “Business owners businesses run without their personal presence. They have a teachable system where they get paid when they’re sleeping on vacation no matter what. Business operators, on the other hand, have to be at their places of business. Their businesses cannot function without them being there every day.” Tianna Santoi’s business is the Amazon of financial services with offerings like long-term and short-term savings, tax-free retirement solutions, wealth preservation, insurance, and other services.

The company is all about helping people turn around their finances or gain better insights on gaining financial freedom. Tianna’s work revolves around coaching and mentorship. With the world recovering from the pandemic, she’s helping people get their finances right.

Tianna Santoi has come a long way on her business journey. She hopes to introduce more people to her painless financial solutions while helping as many as possible restore happiness to their lives through financial success. She has helped the business make millions of dollars and has worked in the elderly care industry for more than 21 years. Taking care of people remains top of her priority, and officially, she’ll be launching her financial firm on the 20th of April 2021 to kick-start her journey of helping people secure financial freedom.

Additionally, Tianna Santoi is also an excellent writer. This multi-talented powerhouse hopes that in the future, avid readers will grab a copy of her published books from the shelves of New York City bookstores when she gets the opportunity.

Learn more about Tianna Santoi on her official Instagram page.

King Luxe Club Is the Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle Experience

Anyone in New York City who is looking for a luxurious experience wants to have shared experiences with fellow exotic car enthusiasts and establish a strong network with other thriving professionals ought to check out King Luxe Club, a thriving community that provides the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Its founder Abhi Malhotra, best known to his peers as King Am, specifically designed the club to provide rare luxury experiences as members enjoy life together and support one another in their business ventures. 

King Am is known for his deep passion for exotic cars. Before moving to the United States, he had his own collection while working alongside his father, a successful businessman who manufactures liquor. Moving to America ten years ago proved to be an exciting transition for King Am as his passion turned into a full-blown luxury lifestyle provided by his exclusive club established in 2019. To ensure its success, he poured an impressive amount of hard work and finances into the club and made it one of the most desirable exclusive communities in New York City today.  

As a thriving community, King Luxe Club is not all about fancy cars, luxury weekend getaways, and grand car rallies, but it is also an organization that operates with compassion. The club actively supports several charitable institutions, cancer patients, and children who come from underprivileged communities. One of its most recent initiatives involved partnering with several local businesses during the pandemic to extend help to other struggling entrepreneurs. The initiative helped promote local businesses so that people can keep their jobs and continue to feed their families. 

The members of the club come from a wide array of industries, from doctors to lawyers, stockbrokers, and entrepreneurs, to mention a few. Members are known for their deep support for one another. Sharing insights and strategies on business development and investing are some of several benefits that members get to enjoy. King Am makes sure to uphold this culture to give members an opportunity to thrive, grow, and transform their lives into something phenomenal.  

At present, King Am is getting ready to launch King Luxe Club’s own vodka and scotch products very soon. Additionally, the KLC Real Estate venture is currently constructing several houses that will be up for sale once completed. The rising entrepreneur is confident that these new ventures will be well received by the business industry and will boost his objective of helping people achieve their personal dreams. 

In the coming years, King Am sees his private club and other businesses in the stock market and among the top Fortune companies as he continues to work hard to establish himself as a serious and promising businessman. Having learned well from the business acumen of his father while growing up in Dubai, King Am believes that he has what it takes to bring King Luxe Club to the next level. He hopes to inspire more people through his successes in life and motivate them to never give up on their dreams. 

Learn more about the King Luxe Club by visiting its website. Follow the company’s Instagram account for updates on its latest projects. 

Alexa D’Agostino Unlocking the Entrepreneur in People and Helping Them Achieve Their Dream Lives

In this interview, we got up close and personal with Alexa D’Agostino, an entrepreneur. She has distinguished herself in the business world and is now helping other entrepreneurs on the come-up. She shares some of the unique stories about her journey and her current works in business.

Thank you for joining this interview series! Can you tell us a bit about Alexa D’Agostino?

I am an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and business coach. I am the CEO of SPICE, a community of entrepreneurs, collaborators, and content producers who all work together to edge one another closer to success. I also run a marketing agency called Marketing By Modification. I have been in business for years, and my first business, which I established when I was 18, was sold for millions of dollars some years after.

So you’re a millionaire then?

When you put it that way, I have built businesses worth millions of dollars and sold them. I have also helped many entrepreneurs build 6-figure businesses through my coaching program, “Passion to CEO.” We are all a work-in-progress, and as I continue to build myself, I am helping others do the same in real-time.

How did you get on this specific career path?

My family came from Cuba with nothing but their clothes. There was nothing they could do other than to start their own businesses and had no choice but to become entrepreneurs. Growing up, I witnessed my entire family be entrepreneurs and just always loved the lifestyle. Naturally, I started my first business young at 18 and grew that business by working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. When I turned 24, I had an opportunity to sell my company. I took it as an opportunity to pivot and go get my PhD to teach, coach, and get into philanthropy.

What are the hard times you faced when you first started your journey? Can you share some stories?

When my business scaled, naturally, my clients scaled bigger too. I missed the roots of when my company was smaller, working one-on-one with small businesses and entrepreneurs. But I’ll take the growth and success that has come with becoming bigger.

What kept you going even though things were so hard?

Selling my business was a leap of faith. I knew I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing anymore and wanted to pursue happiness over money. Plus, it wasn’t bad getting a nice big paycheck!

How are things today? How can you describe your eventual success and the role that grit and resilience played in that?

It is AMAZING. I am truly doing what I love EVERY DAY. Taking a huge pay cut is not easy, but it was worth it. I am much happier, a little broker, but doing what I love.

You have made mistakes. Is there any mistake that comes to mind that makes you laugh now? Can you tell us what you learned from that?

When I was first creating my agency, I was so young, trying to figure things out. We were trying to come up with business names, and I was terrible at it. So I decided to combine my two favorite colors, “Blue” and “Maroon,” to create “BluRoon.” My business partners hated it! And no, we did not name the company BluRoon!

What are the unique things about your company? Can you share a story?

The coolest thing about our current company is that all of my staff has been with me for more than ten years. This has helped us create an incredible synergy that you normally wouldn’t get with a mentoring and coaching program. In addition to group coaching, students have one-on-one access to mentors with REAL experience and can benefit from them.

Do you have any tips for your colleagues in your industry to help them thrive and not burn out?

Find good people and keep them. We all need some help, no matter how little, to achieve success.

On your journey, do you have a particular person you are grateful to? How did they help you? Can you share a story?

I have so many mentors I can thank. But honestly, I would say my wife. She is incredible and has been my business partner with me in every single business. She has the patience of a saint dealing with me!

How has your success brought goodness to the world?

I fully fund and mentor college students and low-income LatinX students looking to go into entrepreneurship. I think it is incredibly important for us who are fortunate to help pave others’ paths to have that same fortune. In my opinion, it starts with breaking down the barriers (paying for college) and mentoring them to make sure they are given the right direction and motivation.

How can our readers further follow your work online?You can check out my coaching program on the official website or follow my agency on Instagram.

Ask Shonda Of Hustlers Expo Provides A Platform for Black-owned Small Businesses To Secure Entrepreneurial Success

LaShonda Johnson is better known as Ask Shonda of Today, she is establishing a new venture as Ask Shonda of Hustlers Expo. The entrepreneur knows firsthand the difficulties of launching a start-up business. Her hair company, 360impressionz LLC, flopped due to the inherent challenges of executing one’s vision. Instead of feeling down about her brush with failure, Ask Shonda drew on the valuable lessons the experience taught her.

Realizing the crucial role of a mentor in any enterprise, Johnson created Ask Shonda to help others avoid the mistakes she made. Her goal is to help clients connect with a mentor who has walked the path they are on and will lead the way. To better serve up-and-coming entrepreneurs, Ask Shonda developed a wide range of skills. In addition to her business consultant role, she is also a graphic designer, brand builder, and start-up mentor for online and offline businesses. From her reputation as the ultimate hustler, Ask Shonda started Hustlers Expo.

Building, branding, and educating on credit history are Ask Shonda’s primary tools for creating jobs for her community. Small business owners often struggle with securing credit lines or loan approval. Given the high costs associated with opening a storefront or office space, Ask Shonda’s Hustlers Expo Events provides a temporary setting for start-ups. Because Ask Shonda does not require any contract, rent, or utility contributions, micro-entrepreneurs can focus on testing the market or their product releases.

As a team, Hustlers Expo brings together small business owners through pop-up shop events. Hopping from one city to the next, the company helps Black entrepreneurs establish relationships, build a network, and grow organic traffic and followers. Ask Shonda of Hustlers Expo creates an impact everywhere she goes. She is introducing an alternative platform for brands to gain exposure to new customers and increase sales. “Social media plays a huge part in most big and small companies, but social media is not the only way to bring awareness to your small business,” explains Ask Shonda.

By bringing together 20 to 40 small Black-owned businesses together in one venue, Ask Shonda of Hustlers Expo gives voice to a historically underrepresented group. These entrepreneurs empower each other through mutual support. The foundation of a community is especially effective in raising the spirit of these passionate individuals who were once on the brink of giving up.

Hustlers Expo is the premier event for rising entrepreneurs to display their talents, services, and products. These business owners further benefit from ongoing promotions. Intending to provide long-term visibility to her partner vendors, Hustlers Expo will keep featuring its photos, videos, and other promotional materials on its website and social media pages. To maximize her positive impact, Ask Shonda has grand plans of expanding the expo. It won’t be long before she organizes multiple pop-up shop events in different cities simultaneously.

For more information, you may visit Ask Shonda’s Hustlers Expo website.

Damani Norman Sets the Bar High Across Several Industries Through CloveNow

Countless aspirants have fallen prey to the hardships and ruthless competition that the business and marketing industry is highly known for. While many budding individuals give up at first sight of defeat, there are exceptional go-getters who manage to fuel themselves with the drive to secure a position at the summits of success, no matter how difficult the path may be. One such power player is Damani Norman, the esteemed owner and founder of an inspirational lifestyle company, CloveNow.

Widely acclaimed for his persistent and tenacious spirit, the emerging entrepreneurial powerhouse has become a force to be reckoned with across several industries. Damani Norman’s diligent efforts of running and endlessly scaling up his marketing enterprise serve as a genuine attestation of how he is willing to go far and beyond to achieve promising milestones and attain success. Armed with an arsenal of skills, talents, and expertise, Damani helps other business ventures thrive and survive through his brainchild, CloveNow.

CloveNow is an advertising and marketing agency that focuses on promoting luxury brands and real estate. From McLarens, yachts, and rare Rolex wristwatches to privately owned villas and islands, this rapidly rising authority in the marketing landscape distinguishes itself from its competitors solely by implementing worthwhile strategies that are specifically designed for luxury items. With the unrelenting power of technology, CloveNow mashes this groundbreaking advancement with its intelligent approach in order to take opulent brands and their products to greater heights.

What originally started as a valuable tool for investors across several industries, CloveNow has become a digital marketing platform that paves the way for growth and income generation. It primarily provides potential buyers with the opportunity to seamlessly discover luxury products and properties without the hassle of scouring far and wide in order to find what these people need. More impressively, this promising platform offers a new approach to property investments that compares buying opportunities and possible results across the industry.

Unlike other advertising and marketing companies that bank on how far they could sell brands and products, CloveNow is a league of its own. This power player does not only advertise products for the sake of scaling up brands and improving their ability to generate wealth and gain fame, but it also motivates people to live a life that they endeavor to attain. For this reason, its exceptional marketing strategies boast colors that exude inspiration and growth.

Although CloveNow is a promising marketing enterprise of its own, it would not have reached impressive heights had it not been for its founder, Damani Norman. With his revolutionary mindset and excellence, this real estate mogul has flawlessly figured out a way to modernize investments by using the power of technology. Today, he is one of the most innovative and sought-after entrepreneurs across the real estate, entrepreneurship, and marketing realms.

If there is anything that people can take away from Damani Norman’s tale of triumph, it is his resilient disposition that inspires others to thrive and get ahead. CloveNow would not have been a trailblazing enterprise had it not been for his brilliance and innovative thinking. As Norman continues to stand at the forefront of his blooming marketing enterprise, he hopes to embolden others to chase their dreams and never give up.

To know more about CloveNow, you may visit their official Instagram page.

Fadi Amso: A Successful Entrepreneur and Photographer at 19

Fadi Amso is a young entrepreneur and creative with big dreams. He started his first business at the age of fifteen. Four years later, that business is still going strong. He has even ventured into a creative field. At 19 years old, he works hard to reach his goals.

Fadi Amso is a 19-year-old entrepreneur living in San Diego, California. At a young age, he knew he wanted to build a business. But being so young, he found it difficult to find people who would take him seriously. That did not stop him though. “I knew what I wanted, and I was willing to work for it,” he says. He started an e-commerce business called Sweet Grips. He sold grips for gaming consoles so gamers could play more smoothly. “In the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was hard to balance school work and running an online store, but I must have done something right. Sweet Grips brought in a ton of revenue, and it is still up and running today,” Fadi shares.

Being a full-time student while running a business was not easy. Fadi recalls days where he would come home from school, stressed and exhausted. “I was thinking of way too many things. I had a lot of goals, and I wanted to get started on them as soon as I could,” Fadi says.

When Fadi Amso was 16, he bought his first camera. “One day, I suddenly had this urge to get a camera. So I looked and found one online which I bought for $300,” he recalls. He bought it with no intentions of using it to make money. “I just wanted to have a camera and experiment with it. See what kind of pictures and footage I could take,” Fadi shares. 

And experiment he did. Fadi started taking photos and sharing them on Instagram. With each photograph he took, he was slowly building a portfolio of work that people loved. He also started working with video, creating short films. Once Fadi discovered and mastered his style, he turned his photography and videography habit into a small business. “I started creating high-quality work for brands and businesses all over San Diego,” he says. “Being a photographer and filmmaker did not feel like a job to me. I genuinely enjoyed it, and every time I picked up a camera, the hours would just fly by.”

As a teenager with two different business ventures, Fadi Amso developed a professional work ethic early on. He says, “I find it important always to provide high-quality work. What my client wants, I make sure I deliver to the best of my abilities.” His work has been well received, and Fadi shares that he has built genuine relationships with the clients he has worked with. “They have become more than just regular clients. We help each other grow, and they have put me in a place where I get to meet many people from various industries.”.

Hard work and a commitment to excellence define Fadi Amso as an entrepreneur, photographer, and filmmaker. “Giving up is not in my nature. It is not who I am. I have all these big dreams, and I want to accomplish them all. I hope to expand my businesses one day, hire a team, and work on bigger projects.” At 19, Fadi Amso is only at the beginning of his journey. More significant accomplishments are sure to come his way.

For more information, give them a follow on Instagram (@amso.creations).

‘I’ll Be Happy When’ Provides Guide on Finding Happiness in Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Everyone is driven towards a goal, dedicating their time and energy to achieve their dreams. The satisfaction of reaching their goals brings an unparalleled sense of fulfillment, but not everyone feels that way. Jared Springer is one such individual who found he was no happier than when he started. He would then go on a journey that resulted in him writing and publishing a book titled I’ll Be Happy When.

Jared Springer is an entrepreneur whose career started at the age of nine. He would detail cars with his dad at dealerships after school, working until midnight. Starting at a young age gave Jared the work ethic that he would carry over into adulthood. When he started working, Jared found it challenging to work full-time while running his businesses. Eventually, his own body gave up on him.

One morning, Jared woke up and found he was unable to walk. Rushed into the emergency room, he was given a choice to have an emergency back surgery or lose the ability to walk forever. Upon making his choice, Jared was no longer able to work a job and was forced into full-time self-employment to provide for his family. He held on to his dream of making a million dollars in a year with $20 and a YouTube education.

With new winds on his entrepreneurial journey, Jared started with what he knew well — books. He went to Goodwill to buy books, listed them on Amazon, and sold the books for over $50. He would repeat the process for months until he saved enough to start his brand and create products. Within a year, Jared was able to achieve his goal.

Throughout his journey, Jared realized he had unique skills. Combining them with clinical burnout from the business world inspired him to write about self-discovery to determine the direction to point his life. He would title his book I’ll Be Happy When after continually repeating the phrase.

As he wrote, Jared realized that his book could help others from making the mistake of delaying life’s enjoyment until reaching a certain point. The experience taught him that when people reach their “I’ll be happy when” point, they still won’t be satisfied unless they figure out what makes them tick.

Jared Springer believes I’ll Be Happy When is precisely what people need. With many people upset, depressed, and struggling with shutdowns, the book helps them get out of their heads to truly be happy regardless of where they are. I’ll Be Happy When is also an autobiography, filled with stories of Jared’s life, the things he went through, and how he overcame them. 

Following his book’s successful launch, Jared is planning to build a self-improvement company offering community coaching and courses on how to control their mind & mindset. He also plans for his company to teach others how to start a business where they can enjoy the process and are happy to do it because they have the right programming. Additionally, Jared sees himself on stage, speaking at conferences around the globe and changing people’s lives.

To learn more about Jared Springer, you may visit his website. His book I’ll Be Happy When can be found on Amazon

How Entrepreneur GiGi Diaz Beat the Odds to Reach Success

Hustling is not a new concept to many women who juggle several roles while building a business or career at the same time. Entrepreneur GiGi Diaz hustled her way into establishing her first business at the age of 17 while pursuing a career in radio and television. Although she enjoyed the fulfillment of being able to work independently at a young age, she eventually reaped the disadvantage of overworking and got sick. It was only then that she realized that the surest way to enjoy success is to take care of oneself first, a concept that many women entrepreneurs struggle with today.

At the time that GiGi Diaz got sick, she was in her mid-twenties and juggling her work in radio during the mornings and television in the evenings while running her dance studio, GiGi’s Academy. Not only was she juggling three key positions, but she was also working on finishing her Master’s degree in Global Strategic Communications. 

The turning point in her life took place while she was driving home one night and suddenly lost her vision. For Diaz, it was the scariest experience of her life. She immediately pulled into the emergency lane until she slowly regained her vision. She managed to drive herself to the nearest emergency room and what the doctor told her was life-changing—she needed to slow down, something that felt impossible for her. It was then that she realized that none of her achievements—her business, her degrees, and her well-established network of clients—meant anything if she were to end up gravely ill, or worse.

After that terrifying incident, GiGi Diaz knew it was time to make key changes in her life. While she struggled with the idea of slowing down, she simply started with simple changes like saying no to opportunities that, while great, weren’t directly aligned with her purpose. She also reevaluated the people in her circle and made the necessary change to level up her personal life as well. Diaz worked hard to find inner healing and peace. Soon thereafter, she completed her ICF Certification as a life coach specializing in happiness studies and mindfulness. This paved the way for the creation of her new venture, Seizing Happy™, a life coaching organization that helps women achieve success with less stress. 

Through Seizing Happy™, GiGi Diaz and her team offer mindset coaching, which Diaz believes is the real root of all success. Online workshops and training are also available on various topics that include business growth and networking events. Diaz has also officially opened the doors for the BETA launch of her new virtual coaching program and is taking registrations. 

“Where I differ from other life coaches is that I was an entrepreneur for over a decade before becoming a mindset coach and acquiring the tools and knowledge I now share with my clients. So that extra experience gives me a deeper understanding of my clients. It also allows me to partner with them, not just as their mindset coach, but also on the business side in areas such as branding, social media growth, media exposure, and more,” GiGi Diaz shares. 

The Cuban-born entrepreneur knows that juggling roles at home, work, and the community are not a walk in the park for most women. What they need is a guide, a reminder that they, too, deserve a break, time for themselves, and a lot of encouragement. Having learned the hard way, Diaz is determined to educate as many women as she can on the importance of focusing on success with less stress. 

Learn more about GiGi Diaz by visiting her website. Follow her on Instagram for updates on her latest projects. 

Mark Conner, CPA PLLC Giving Companies Freedom to Grow

The lifeblood of any business or organization is cash flow. While money doesn’t make the world go ‘round, it pays the bills to make things move. No one understands this better than practicing Certified Public Accountant Mark Conner. And with his knack for finding ways to manage and maximize a company’s finances efficiently, business owners can continue to grow their businesses. 

The average entrepreneur is passionate about their product or service and seeks to find ways to scale and grow their efforts. However, many business owners and executives get held back time, energy, and resource-wise by all the administrative functions. Mark alleviates entrepreneurs and executives of that burden by providing companies and individuals with accurate, accessible, and affordable accounting, tax, and payroll services. 

Mark Conner, CPA PLLC, has spent the last fifteen years in public accounting. He has built his own practice over the previous eight years, serving clients in a wide variety of industries, with revenues ranging anywhere between one hundred thousand to ten million dollars in annual income.

The A-class level CPA thrives at his craft, delivering quality and accuracy with every tax return, financial statement, consultation, or any form of support a company might need on the accounting front. The accountant makes himself available to anyone who looks for prompt communication, guaranteeing to provide callbacks within one business day, and meet all deadlines. 

Leveraging on the latest finance and bookkeeping technology, Mark is well-versed at many of today’s latest cloud-based accounting programs. He’s a certified advisor for Xero, one of the leading online accounting programs that many top organizations and Fortune 500 companies use. Mark also provides his expertise in other virtual bookkeeping programs such as Quickbooks and Gusto.

An accounting advisor with keen insight, Mark also provides companies with a fresh set of eyes to see business development and decision-making from another point of view. Mark has worked with companies to provide interim CFO services, accounting system implementation, ad hoc reporting, process automation, budgeting, variance analysis, and data conversion, among other benefits.

Some of the industries Mark services are agriculture, construction, education, energy, technology, transportation, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, media, not-for-profit, real estate, retail, and many others. In the years that he has served clients, he has built long term relationships with many of his clients, mainly due to the trustworthiness and expertise he delivers.

One of the main things that separates Mark from his competitors is that he not only worries about the taxable income number, but rather is concerned about the character of the income.  For example, royalty income is treated differently than wages, which is treated differently than capital gains. This vision allows Mark to see tax strategies as a sandbox with the Internal Revenue Code forming the boundaries.

If you would like to reconsider whether your accountant is providing you with the service you deserve or is merely an annual compliance function,  check out Mark Conner, CPA PLLC, his services, and publications. Visit his website and LinkedIn profile.