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Blenders Eyewear Leans on WolfPak Films for First Ever TV Commercial

Blenders Eyewear has created its first television commercial in collaboration with rising production company WolfPak Films, marking the start of an exciting new era for Blenders.

Life in Forward Motion

The “Life in Forward Motion” 30-second commercial debuted on cable television and was then broadcasted on the eyewear company’s Youtube page and social media channels. From surfers, to cyclists, to snowboarders, to volleyball players and more, the fast-paced ad features a variety of professional athletes doing what they do best outdoors. The cast includes Elec Simon, Rahsaan Bahati, Koa Rothman, Lakey Peterson, Anthony Walsh, Geena Urango, Austin Keen, Amber Rorrealba, Heber Cannon, Buttery Bros, Simi Fehoko, Ashley Kidd, and Cam Fitzpatrick.

Blenders Eyewear is based in San Diego and was established in 2012. As a relatively new contender in the eye care industry’s competitive market, the brand instantly made a big impression with its stylish, functional, and reasonably priced products.

With the WolfPak collaboration’s exhilarating action sequences, high-caliber talent, and stunning visuals, Blenders hopes to take its marketing to the next level and increase brand awareness and sales.

WolfPak Films: Made to Perform

The flexible and story-driven production company in San Diego was established in 2021 by cinematographer Jimmy Derner. WolfPak Films has grown quickly over the last two years and is now home to a roster of veteran cinematographers, producers, writers, directors, sound designers, VFX artists, and many other talented creatives. The company has also cultivated an impressive list of clients, including Meta, Liteboxer, Motortrend, Blenders, Guess, Michelob Ultra, O’Neal, Rockstar, and more. To celebrate its rapid growth, WolfPak recently opened additional sectors in Los Angeles and Mammoth Lakes, broadening its geographic scope.

“The last few years have been really exciting for us at WolfPak. We’ve been privileged enough to work on some big productions with some really amazing clients, many of whom have returned to us with more projects. We believe this is due to the quality of our work as well as the overall experience clients have when collaborating with us. We are easy to work with. We prioritize communication. We don’t cut corners. And we work tirelessly to make sure our clients are thrilled with the assets we deliver,” Derner said.

“When Blenders Eyewear asked WolfPak to produce their first-ever TV commercial, we were honored. This visceral collage of experiences immerses viewers in the diverse and electrifying world of Blenders and showcases an impressive variety of professional athletes, talented creatives, and innovative shades. Following the success of the first project, we went on to create a number of different campaigns for Blenders. We are eager to see what the future holds for this promising partnership,” he added.

Chase Fisher, CEO of Blenders Eyewear, had this to say about WolfPak and Jimmy Derner:

“Jimmy is incredible when it comes to his craft. He brings newfound creativity, next-level production, and amazing energy to all his projects. Not to mention, he is a really cool dude, too.”

Watch the rest of Blenders Eyewear x WolfPak Films’ collaborations here.


SkyTrues Offers Quality Customized Eyewear for the Fashion-Forward

For people interested in elevating their looks to the next level, they can turn to not only the power of great clothes but also the appeal of eye-catching accessories. And in recent years, even designers themselves have relied on eyewear as a key fashion accessory to emphasize one’s appearance further. And on a mission to introduce shades and eyeglasses as essential items to spice one’s appearance up, SkyTrues has emerged and is currently making a name for itself within the fashion industry.

Founded by multi-faceted artist and musician George “Goldenboy” Phelps, SkyTrues Custom Eyewear Brand has received acclaim for its handcrafted offerings that are designed specifically for the customer. This rising entity delivers high fashion and high profile products, boasting a collection where no two eyewear pairs are alike. 

Making big waves with his artistic ventures, George Phelps spearheads the rise of SkyTrues as a go-to provider of shades and eyeglasses that fit well with individuals who are not afraid to stand out and express themselves through the fashion statements that they wear and own. This brand, which stands for being steadfast in one’s effort to stay fly, meets customers’ desire for originality by delivering tailored items not found anywhere else. 

As a multi-awarded venture, SkyTrues has released products which have found their way to the hands of numerous notable celebrities, such as Dennis Rodman, Mike Tyson, Houston city mayor Sylvester Turner, rock and roll powerhouse George Clinton, Angie Stone, Paul Wall, Lil Flip, and Waka Flocka. Moreover, the hand-painted items born out of George Phelp’s creative vision have led to SkyTrues gaining recognition from industry authorities. This Picasso in frames provider was highlighted in several events, including the iFest, the Summer Street Art Show, The Dominion Fashion Show, The Peveto Fashion Show for the JuCan Foundation, RAWartist, and The Diva Day Fashion Show, to name a few.

Since its establishment, SkyTrues has served as an authority in unique and individualized eyewear. And with its participation in a reality TV show for Houston’s upcoming designers, this enterprise is bound to appeal to the preferences of countless more customers. Its future appearances in events and publications are also expected to introduce the artistry of George Phelps to more people, letting them know how his passion for the arts and desire for authenticity has blended to elevate SkyTrues to unimaginable heights. 

Drawing inspiration from people and the things around him, George Phelps is envisioning a bright future for SkyTrues. He hopes for the brand to become a global sensation in the coming years, delivering exceptional eyewear and becoming a mainstay in people’s fashion collections. Moreover, he aims to offer customized exclusive lines of eyewear in the future by collaborating with household names, such as Ray-Ban and Versace. And by remaining committed to its efforts of providing people with fashionable and tailored products, SkyTrues is predicted to take the center stage of the fashion industry. 

Know more about SkyTrues Custom Eyewear Brand by visiting its website. More information can also be found by checking George Phelp’s Facebook page.