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Liudmyla Tkachenko Impresses During Premiere of Universal Pictures’ Ticket to Paradise and Talks Goal to Empower Other Women

Although industries across the globe have made great strides toward transforming today’s spaces into more inclusive and diverse ones, there remains a considerably humongous room for growth. Despite having broken ceilings and barreling through countless barriers, women, in particular, continue to be at a disadvantage and robbed of the same opportunities provided to men. Liudmyla Tkachenko, a model and the creator behind the yoga clothing brand Flexup, hopes to set an example for other entrepreneurs and women to follow. Through her strategic moves in several fields, the fashion icon aims to demonstrate that women can conquer any sector as competently as their male colleagues. 

Originally hailing from Ukraine, Liudmyla Tkachenko started carving a path toward the modeling industry at a young age. She was sixteen when she first dipped her toes in the competitive modeling scene, bringing with her a deep-seated interest in the craft and fueled by the goal to make a name for herself. 

Over the years, Liudmyla Tkachenko has managed to build an impressive portfolio, one that includes appearances at Ukraine’s Fashion Week. Eventually, the go-getter would begin expanding her reach, working outside of her native country at the age of twenty and spending the next three years gracing runways and landing magazine pages in China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Turkey. 

The rising star, whose credits during her successful run in Asia include appearing at Hong Kong Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, and Shenzhen Fashion Week, as well as getting featured in bikini and clothing catalogs and magazines, decided to further cement her status by moving to the United States. Currently, Liudmyla Tkachenko is signed with EMG Models NYC and has emerged as one of the must-watch personalities in the fashion world. 

On top of hogging the spotlight in each of her runway shows and photoshoots, Liudmyla Tkachenko also dedicates her time to empowering women through her yoga clothing brand, Flexup. “There is an opinion that a woman and a man have a different attitude to financial flows in life: men earn money, and a woman attracts earnings. I do not agree with this way of putting the question,” she shared. “I believe that a man and a woman should have the opportunity to develop to the same extent, revealing their talents and abilities. It was with these thoughts that I created my brand to be an example for other women who are just starting their own business.”

Despite having reached numerous career milestones and snagged achievement after achievement under her belt, Liudmyla Tkachenko does not plan to slow down anytime soon. Aiming for greater heights, the entrepreneur and model is more than ready to prove that she has what it takes to occupy a coveted position in the limelight. In the years to come, she is set to make bigger waves and be an inspiration to other women, all at the same time. 

Recently, Liudmyla Tkachenko impressed the crowd at the premiere of Universal Pictures’ Ticket to Paradise. Wearing a Kiki Wang dress, the Ukrainian-American model shone amid the incredible lineup of the 2022 film starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

Noctex is keeping the creativity flowing

A brand that has revolutionized handmade fashion in Canada and US by bringing forth designs never seen before is none other than Noctex. With collections that revolve around themes of growth and change, the approach of the brand is to introduce innovative and unique attire. While Noctex currently has numerous creative designers on its team, the distinctive approach adopted by it is based on the vision of Negin Izad.

Negin started drawing designs at the tender age of seven. Being so young, she didn’t know much about fashion, but she always found herself getting attached to certain clothes for years at a time. If she liked a pair of pants, she would wear them day after day. Even then, she would focus on how the clothes made her feel instead of blindly following the trends. At the age of 14, she started making outfits that were fused with different styles. Negin mixed metal, punk, and alternative scenes to create clothes that were not generic. Hence, she stood out no matter what she wore. By the time she was 18, she had learned the art of fashion.

The philosophy of Noctex is to create unique clothes that can be introduced into our lifestyles with ease. The brand sells everything from tops and dresses to denim, patches, stickers, boots, cruelty-free cosmetics, nail polish, jewelry, and accessories. If you haven’t checked out Noctex yet, you are missing out since the brand is a trailblazer in introducing innovative and trendy designs. Here’s why you should give this creative brand a shot: 

Developing unique designs

When visiting Noctex, expect to be served with creations that are eccentric and comfortable. And yes, the assortment is one that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Talking about the customers, Negin shares, “Our loyal clientele describe our style as the ‘grown-up goth’ like you are still cool and have your sick playlists, but you have a job and got to have something to wear to that formal event. It’s for people who want that grungy utilitarian look.” One thing is for sure, no matter which style statement you opt for, an outfit from Noctex will make you look sassy and perfect. 

Choosing comfort first 

Since childhood, Negin has always opted for comfort first, and she wants her customers to feel the same way. “I picture our customers a lot like myself,” reveals Negin, “They aren’t dressing for Instagram or influencer pictures, they are dressing for real life, and real life is busy and messy. At the end of the day, you just want to feel good in what you are wearing and know it will take you from morning to night.”

Use of deadstock textile

The mainstream fashion industry is responsible for over 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. This makes it one of the leading culprits in the world. To counter the damage already done, many brands are now aiming to reduce the volume of waste created through the textile industry. Using deadstock textiles is one of the environmental-friendly ways of creating fashion. Deadstock is the leftover stock in textile mills, where the material usually rots away in the factory till it’s eventually discarded. Hence, utilizing it to create clothes is a much more viable option. According to Negin, although deadstock is not perfect, it’s an avenue that allows the brand to cut back on virgin material extraction while providing lower price-point items to the customers. Negin decided to use deadstock since she worked at a vintage shop in 2011 and is aware that at least 90% of the collection is discarded in the end. So why not revamp those items and save the planet? 

Not following the typical trend 

The fact is that one shouldn’t follow a fashion trend blindly, especially if it doesn’t fit one’s personality. This is exactly what the concept behind Noctex is – the brand creates clothes that are comfortable, sustainable, and include that special timeless detail. “I wanted to make clothes that revolved around people’s daily lives, not events or special occasions,” explains Negin, adding that fashion trends come and go; hence the idea is to not follow the typical trend.

Due to the dire impact of climate change in the form of natural disasters, it has become crucial for every industry to opt for options that cause the least harm to the environment. And by using a different approach to fashion, Noctex has kept creativity flowing in the fashion world while doing its bit for the planet! If you are one of those who want to stand out from the crowd, check out the brand and develop a style that is bound to make heads turn.

Syed Ahad Hussain Is the Top Selected Male Model for Raven Wilson’s 2020 Fashion & Film Projects

Known as the producer and talent director of CIM Exclusive Models and the new assistant casting director for the upcoming Lou Picture’s 2021 film Nightmare Harbor, Raven Wilson is well-known and respected for discovering new talents in the entertainment industry.  Today, she is most excited about welcoming Syed Ahad Hussain and offering him a significant role in her fashion and film projects for 2021.

Syed Ahad Hussain is a professional Pakistani actor, voice-over artist, and model hailing from Los Angeles, California. On top of his eye-catching looks, charming personality, and impressive stage presence, the actor-model stands out for embodying a positive outlook in work and life, which he radiates everywhere he goes. 

Seeing that Syed Ahad Hussain has a lot to offer in the national and international entertainment industry, Raven Wilson did not have second guesses in choosing to work with him as he was perfect for the projects. Syed has a profound background in acting, having trained in numerous acting institutions in the United States, Europe, UAE, and Pakistan. Being on stage and in front of the screen is not new to him as he has appeared in several films, television shows, and theater projects. One of his most notable adaptation roles includes playing Blayer Davis, in The 99, an animated television in 2011 where Syed had the opportunity to work for the famous Director Dave Osborne’s film. 

Running on ten years of experience in the movie industry, Syed Ahad Hussain has gained a deep understanding of the entertainment world. His exposure to various cultures from growing up in the UAE and Pakistan has also given him a wider perspective about life and a better understanding when it comes to dealing with people.

One feature that Raven Wilson highlights about Syed Ahad Hussain is his unmatched commitment to his goals. She noted how Syed is not one to procrastinate as he pursues his goal at the earliest opportunity possible. Another thing that captured the talent director’s attention was Syed’s acting and modeling portfolio, where he emphasizes the importance of relentlessly pursuing one’s goals and not letting any form of resistance stop him from doing so. It became evident for Raven Wilson that Syed was not one to back down, making him the best choice for her projects. 

Indeed, Syed Ahad Hussain embodies an attitude driven by passion and fueled by his thirst for success. His down-to-earth attitude easily leads him to bigger opportunities in the entertainment world. That said, Raven Wilson also hopes to land more significant roles that will put him on the entertainment map and perhaps, even on the books. 

As for Syed Ahad Hussain, he has a deep grasp of what he wants to achieve in life, and his ultimate focus today is reaching his projects full of positive intentions. He continues to chase after his vision, not letting any obstacles come his way. “When we let resistance get the better of us on a consistent basis, we do ourselves and the world a massive disservice. We’re not getting work that can impact others into the world,” shares the rising model and movie star.

Stay updated on Syed’s eye-catching performances by visiting his official profile on IMDB.

Painted Citizen’s Diana Price Changing the World of Art and Fashion with Her “Art Of Empowerment”

Supermodels Jordyn Johnson and Sydney Falkner being transformed into living masterpieces.

Supermodel Jordyn Johnson @jordynjohnsonn is lying on the studio floor, wearing nothing but a smile. With Lady Gaga booming overhead, an abstract rainbow of non-toxic paint is being meticulously applied all over her body, as a photographer captures every pose. The vibe is joyful. How does Jordyn feel?

“Liberated,” Jordyn says. “I would do this again a million times. Diana makes me feel so beautiful.” 

She’s talking about Phoenix artist Diana Price, who, at 28, is fast becoming a fashion darling who’s taking the art world by storm. Her curated street couture is designed to appeal to everyone from Kim Kardashian to kids on the corner. Because they feature one-of-a-kind works of art she creates by painting…on her clients

“I’m living my truth,” she says, brushing back her soft blonde hair with a paint-splattered hand. “Which is to turn people into works of art. Seeing them feel good about themselves. That’s what I love most.” 

Nude Painting…Revolutionized 

“It’s definitely spiritual,” says Diana Price, “There’s something divine in making people feel so free.” 

Clients who spend an afternoon inside Diana’s Phoenix, Arizona studio, (AKA her garage), say they love it too.

“The experience was life-changing, empowering,” says Sydney Falkner (@sydneeliana), another supermodel who adored her day with Diana. “Diana made me feel strong, feminine, and beautiful. She made me feel ‘seen.’” 

Reviewing the latest images and video from a mid-October shoot, Diana does her best to describe the ethereal process. 

“Once I lay down a base coat, I add two or three more colors. Then I let the energy dictate what happens next. It’s extremely collaborative.” The confidence her clients feel gives her confidence, too. “There’s definitely technique involved, but there’s plenty of spontaneity too. No shoot is exactly the same.” 

So far, Diana has painted 30 clients, who all echo the same sentiments. More confidence, fewer inhibitions, total joy. “The Art of Empowerment,” Diana says, “is really all about beauty and truth.” 

Phoenix Phenom

Born and raised in Phoenix, Ms Price finds inspiration from Andy Warhol, Betsy Johnson, Jackson Pollock, and Lady Gaga. Like them, she was known to be somewhat rebellious.

“Growing up, I was a rule bender, for sure,” she says, smiling and shrugging. “Once at a high school football game, on a dare, I ran onto the field and swiped the ball. I gave the crowd a story they’re still talking about,” she laughs. The story perfectly captures her brand’s motto: make your mark.

“I want people to feel the things that I once struggled with, things I wanted to feel in my life. The need to be recognized, feel beautiful, and feel good enough. I like making clients feel seen, noticed, and adored,” Diana ponders. “I like making them know that in my studio, they really are all of those things.” 

Finding her way to Painted Citizen was not easy.

“It’s not lost on me that the word ‘pain’ is embedded in the word ‘paint,” Diana says, smiling. “It was hard, overcoming what life tossed at me,” she says, keeping the specifics private. “Coming out of my pain, all I could think of was, ‘The answer is in the paint.’ I’m fortunate I listened to my heart. That’s something I encourage in my clients. They get to carry their newfound confidence, in their hearts and in their souls, for the rest of their lives.” 

Body of Work 

Painted Citizen’s founder and Chief Empowerment Officer, Diana Price, in her work clothes.

She dreams of bringing her fashion and its message of empowerment all over the world. 

“This has become my life’s passion,” Diana says. “And it’s so rewarding. Giving clients once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and letting them relive in those moments forever, through beautiful photography and high-end street couture.” 

It’s one thing to own a work of art. But to be one? Diana confirms the spiritual side to it. 

“There’s something divine that happens,” Diana muses, “when I’m painting on someone’s body, that I didn’t plan on happening. It feels perfectly imperfect. I don’t know how it all happens in this garage, but it does. What can I say? I’m blessed.” 

Painted Citizen is accepting new clients. To book a session or purchase couture, go to

KMJ LOVE Seeks to Make a Fashion Statement for Kids with Special Needs

The passing of Racquel Johnson’s beautiful daughter Kaydence, born with special needs, fueled her mission to help families and children who were facing the same challenges she and her daughter had gone through. One striking difficulty she encountered while taking care of Kaydence was the lack of clothing pieces that were adaptive and appropriate for her unique situation. From that experience, KMJ LOVE was established.

KMJ LOVE is an apparel company catering to children, especially those with special needs. Through the company, parents can create a diverse, colorful, and fun wardrobe that allows their children to feel comfortable while staying fashionable. 

Stemming from a personal experience she holds dear to her heart, the company’s CEO, Racquel Johnson, hopes to help families encountering the same issues she had. While caring for Kaydence, she struggled in finding clothes for her daughter, whose situation was unique. The limited fashion choices became an even much harder task as Kaydence grew. At this time, what left Racquel appalled was the lack of clothing brands specializing in children with special needs. She knew she had to make a difference for the special needs community. 

At present, KMJ LOVE is the very first brand dedicated to families with special needs set to open a storefront. The company specializes in adaptive wear for those who have gone through tracheostomy and those with Gastrostomy tubes (G-Tube). The apparel pieces are strictly made with 100% organic cotton, considering how children with special needs can be quite sensitive. Moreover, the brand also houses colorful onesies, dresses, bodysuits, bibs, socks, and swaddles perfect for all the little ones out there. 

For Racquel, KMJ LOVE is not only any clothing brand. The company has a deep and sentimental meaning as the small brand was created to honor Kaydence. Through this brand, the company CEO finds refuge in knowing she is making a change in the lives of people who have special needs and families caring for those with special needs.

On top of helping the special needs community make a fashion statement, KMJ LOVE is also working on a special needs superhero comic book that aims to inspire, motivate, and encourage kids with special needs. Ultimately, the brand seeks to go beyond apparel purposes, “my aim is to educate families on how to love and nurture their special ones by creating a fashionable, safe, and comfortable haven through KMJ LOVE,” shares Racquel Johnson.

In the future, Racquel Johnson hopes for KMJ LOVE’s products to reach hospitals, children’s homes, and health facilities, as well as popular clothing companies interested in joining this movement. To reach every household and go global would be a dream come true for this wonderful brand.

While not many companies are laser-focused on catering to the special needs community, it is incredible to see brands like KMJ LOVE stay at the forefront and spearhead a movement that will spell out life-changing results for children with special needs. From this, the world will see the importance of establishing inclusive brands ready to embrace people from all walks of life.

To know more about KMJ LOVE’s products, please visit its official website.

CreatorsTV: The Platform for Compelling Stories Worth Celebrating

This New York Fashion Week, get ready to be acquainted with the rising digital TV network that is setting the stage for creatives all around the world. Forging through the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic is Naomi Alabi’s CreatorsTV.

CreatorsTV is an American fashion digital subscription video on demand (SVOD) specifically curated to reveal what lies behind the curtain for internationally loved brands. The network is set to be the latest addition to New York-based entrepreneur Naomi Alabi’s Street Society – the growing and leading platform for designers and free-thinkers.

The idea for Street Society to nurture and accelerate emerging designers, turning their creative concepts into sustainable businesses, was inspired by Naomi’s struggles and successes. An artist herself, Naomi Alabi is well aware that the road to recognition and establishment in the creative industry is rarely lined with rose petals. 

Growing up, Naomi always knew she wanted a career in fashion. As a first-generation Nigerian American from a single-parent home, there were more pebbles in her shoe that she had to shake off than most. She encountered problems trying to understand the American culture and had trouble envisioning the path that her dream would follow.

Having experienced firsthand the difficulties of securing a spot in the industry’s evolving stage, Naomi Alabi found purpose in supporting her fellow creatives. With this mission in mind, she built the game-changing Street Society from scratch and made it the home of her passion.

Street Society is the brightest spotlight in the industry for passionate creatives. One of its divisions, Street Fashion Week, is the world’s only platform for Streetwear designers. The division boasts an overwhelming all-star roster of over 140 talented individuals who get to strut their stuff each season during the New York and LA Fashion Week.

This year was supposed to be no different. The preparation for the collection was underway, and Street Society was buzzing with energy when, all of a sudden, the pandemic struck. Street Society was forced to come to a complete halt. Finding opportunity in adversity, Naomi Alabi remained determined not to let the spotlight flicker and launched CreatorsTV. 

Gearing up for this season’s Street Fashion Week, Naomi thought that if people could not come to the show, she would bring the show to them. CreatorsTV will make catwalks out of living rooms as the network brings New York Fashion Week to the homes of virtual attendees.

The fun does not end there, however. Naomi also plans to produce a variety of shows featuring the start-up stories and inspiration of well-loved brands. The programming for CreatorsTV will include ‘Road to Street,’ ‘I got next up,’ ‘Street Society,’ ‘BossedUp,’ and a lot more – all fashioned to set a new stage for Street Society’s favorite creatives. 

In the coming years, Naomi Alabi’s CreatorsTV is set to become the number one go-to resource for heartwarming content, highlighting the stories of successful designers. “We hope to graduate from documentary-style content to bigger production,” Naomi reveals. “Scripted series, competition-style shows, and much more.”

There’s more to see from Naomi Alabi’s newest venture. Know all the celebrated creatives by checking out CreatorsTV on Roku, Firestick, AppleTV, or through its official website.  

SkyTrues Offers Quality Customized Eyewear for the Fashion-Forward

For people interested in elevating their looks to the next level, they can turn to not only the power of great clothes but also the appeal of eye-catching accessories. And in recent years, even designers themselves have relied on eyewear as a key fashion accessory to emphasize one’s appearance further. And on a mission to introduce shades and eyeglasses as essential items to spice one’s appearance up, SkyTrues has emerged and is currently making a name for itself within the fashion industry.

Founded by multi-faceted artist and musician George “Goldenboy” Phelps, SkyTrues Custom Eyewear Brand has received acclaim for its handcrafted offerings that are designed specifically for the customer. This rising entity delivers high fashion and high profile products, boasting a collection where no two eyewear pairs are alike. 

Making big waves with his artistic ventures, George Phelps spearheads the rise of SkyTrues as a go-to provider of shades and eyeglasses that fit well with individuals who are not afraid to stand out and express themselves through the fashion statements that they wear and own. This brand, which stands for being steadfast in one’s effort to stay fly, meets customers’ desire for originality by delivering tailored items not found anywhere else. 

As a multi-awarded venture, SkyTrues has released products which have found their way to the hands of numerous notable celebrities, such as Dennis Rodman, Mike Tyson, Houston city mayor Sylvester Turner, rock and roll powerhouse George Clinton, Angie Stone, Paul Wall, Lil Flip, and Waka Flocka. Moreover, the hand-painted items born out of George Phelp’s creative vision have led to SkyTrues gaining recognition from industry authorities. This Picasso in frames provider was highlighted in several events, including the iFest, the Summer Street Art Show, The Dominion Fashion Show, The Peveto Fashion Show for the JuCan Foundation, RAWartist, and The Diva Day Fashion Show, to name a few.

Since its establishment, SkyTrues has served as an authority in unique and individualized eyewear. And with its participation in a reality TV show for Houston’s upcoming designers, this enterprise is bound to appeal to the preferences of countless more customers. Its future appearances in events and publications are also expected to introduce the artistry of George Phelps to more people, letting them know how his passion for the arts and desire for authenticity has blended to elevate SkyTrues to unimaginable heights. 

Drawing inspiration from people and the things around him, George Phelps is envisioning a bright future for SkyTrues. He hopes for the brand to become a global sensation in the coming years, delivering exceptional eyewear and becoming a mainstay in people’s fashion collections. Moreover, he aims to offer customized exclusive lines of eyewear in the future by collaborating with household names, such as Ray-Ban and Versace. And by remaining committed to its efforts of providing people with fashionable and tailored products, SkyTrues is predicted to take the center stage of the fashion industry. 

Know more about SkyTrues Custom Eyewear Brand by visiting its website. More information can also be found by checking George Phelp’s Facebook page. 

Cri Baby, Inc. Mirrors Trends to Produce Timeless Clothing Pieces

Trends have always played a significant part in the course of the fashion industry. As trends changed through time, designers have also evolved with them while continually infusing their signature creativity. Fashion designer Christopher Danielsen understands the role of trends in the field and has strategically infused them into his brand Cri Baby, Inc.

Cri Baby, Inc. is known as a brand that merges outfitter clothing with timeless luxury. The clothing line fits individuals who aim to stand out from the crowd and want to make a statement. The brand perfectly embraces lifestyle trends and responds to the needs of the market. Guided by its founder Christopher, Cri Baby clothing targets to become a closet staple for everyone and leave a permanent mark in the fashion industry.

Christopher’s interest in the fashion industry began when his daughter came to envision such a grand dream. A designer needs a constant supply of inspiration, so Christopher looks at people’s interests to fuel Cri Baby, Inc. and create excellent clothing pieces. 

Simultaneously, the founder is also inspired by the works of other prominent names in the industry. To him, it is essential to investigate what trends in the past were based on the works of long-standing brands to determine where the industry is going. He is inspired by Gucci, Chanel, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, and Brandy Melville. Today, Christopher combines what he learned from successful brands to establish Cri Baby, Inc. as a strong fashion proponent.

Christopher admires Kate Spade for its work in showcasing shapes and vibrant colors to produce pieces that have dominated the market. Also, he is in awe as to how Chanel managed to remain in consumers’ hearts from one generation to another with their clothing line, a truly revolutionary fashion icon. 

Louis Vuitton and Gucci also amazed the founder in their way of creating bold pieces that are well-loved by fashion lovers all over the globe — Louis Vuitton for their luxury handbags and Gucci for their maximalist designs. On top of that, Christopher adores the work of Brandy Melville for the brand’s one-size-fits-all clothing line. Cri Baby, Inc. is a celebration of everything Christopher has learned from fellow designers and consumers. 

Cri Baby, Inc.’s design process involves careful market research. The brand’s team of creative professionals can spend months investigating trends. They then scale where Cri Baby can infuse its signature clothing to satisfy the market’s needs and wants. Under Christopher’s leadership, the brand has produced a wide range of products that captivated fashion lovers worldwide. The founder’s ability to adapt and welcome trends and change is perhaps one of the biggest strengths the brand has. 

Today, Cri Baby, Inc. captures those who want to harmonize outfitter’s comfortable clothing with timeless luxury. The brand is also known for not compromising quality by using the best fabrics and materials. They also uphold a great sense of craftsmanship in producing their clothing. Without a doubt, the brand would be recognized worldwide as a fashion staple.

Learn more about Cri Baby, Inc. on their website and LinkedIn profile.

Redefining Beauty Standards with Niki Srinivasa

Women have continuously been subjected to outrageous beauty standards that some can no longer keep up with. And more often than not, these women who found themselves gasping for air while trying to stay afloat are the same people who suffered from constant bullying.

This is truly an unfortunate circumstance that no woman should ever face in her entire life. Seeing how this issue continues to plague women around the world, Niki Srinivasa seeks to get to grips with it.

Recognized for her awe-inspiring contributions to the spheres of fashion and entertainment, Niki Srinivasa exactly knew how these debilitating aesthetic stereotypes negatively impacted women in all aspects of their lifetimes. And as she continues to trailblaze the industry with her undeniable skill and unparalleled talent, Niki intends to use her platform as an instrument of change for the oppressed and the unheard.

Coming from a place of vulnerability where doubts and fears ruled its corners, Niki had her fair share of trials in the past. With media vehemently portraying beauty that is found in skinny figures and fair complexion, Niki felt out of place and slowly started to lose her self-confidence. She was persistently bullied for her looks, which made her struggle from recognizing her true worth. These circumstances immensely struck her that it subsequently discouraged her from moving forward. But when a light came knocking to her door, Niki realized that her looks and disposition were not the problems in this narrative.

Niki’s monumental recoil from darkness propelled her to become a beacon of hope for people who lost their sense of self while trying to fit into the molds of society’s expectations. With a knack for fashion and couture, Niki decided to create a path where she can showcase her mastery of the craft. But aside from being a display of talent, it is also geared towards materializing her purpose – that is, to break the barriers built by stereotypical views for women to attain self-confidence, regardless of what they look like.

As an epitome of female empowerment, Niki has made bold strides in the world of fashion and entertainment. Her masterful pieces of art have led her to participate in iconic fashion shows and events such as New York and Paris Fashion Week, Vogue Forces of Fashion, The Conscious Fashion Campaign, and BigThinx, the world’s first virtual fashion show. She has also collaborated with some fashion moguls like ModCloth and Tommy Hilfiger. Moreover, Niki’s prowess in the realms of fashion and couture has allowed her to receive a prestigious International Design Award. And proving to be unstoppable, Niki was dubbed as a “talent to watch” by Flying Solo.

But aside from showcasing her creative flair, Niki’s purpose of attaining success is far beyond self-serving pursuits. Being passionate about empowering others, Niki founded a non-profit organization built with a mission to serve women and children in marginalized communities around the world. Through its unique initiatives, Niki hopes to provide accessible educational opportunities in an effort to foster support and collaboration inside these sectors across the globe.

Looking back to the time when she felt lost and inadequate, Niki reveals that it took her some time to acknowledge her self-worth. But instead of allowing people’s perceptions of beauty to overpower her entire existence, she fortified herself. And now that Niki has reached the peak of self-development, she hopes to embolden other women to recognize that beauty is more than what society has set. It is in accepting one’s flaws that make each and every woman beautiful.

To know more about Niki Srinivasa, you may visit her website or follow her Instagram page.

ZUDO: Timeless Jewelry Turns Fashion Into Action

Love is capable of pushing a person to go for the extra mile. When Ibraheem Nadeem proposed to his now-wife, Zuni, he went far and wide to find the perfect gift that would compliment her beauty and unique personality. On his search, Ibraheem decided to take matters into his own hands and ended up creating an entire jewelry line. Hence, ZUDO was born.

ZUDO is a global jewelry company that creates pieces designed to symbolize protest, profound meaning and thrive on giving a memorable experience for its customers. The company embraces a responsibility to break the silence and rethink the status quo. Their pieces encourage customers to discuss taboo topics and raise awareness on pressing issues. 

At first glance, ZUDO may seem like a regular company – but in reality, they inspire more than just beautiful accessories. The company focuses on promoting mental health and supporting victims of sexual violence. The founder believes that their stunning jewelry collection is capable of making a change. ZUDO has partnered with two non-profit organizations, Heart Women & Girls and MannMukti, to raise funding and support people in need.

ZUDO designs pieces that empowers and represents their customer’s culture, ethnic roots, and beliefs. Founder Ibraheem Nadeem realized that there are others in South Asia, especially among Muslims, who have difficulty finding personal and meaningful gifts for their loved ones. ZUDO was born to bridge this gap by celebrating the diversity of everyone’s background and empowering each wearer through an incredible narrative. 

To take their designs one step further, ZUDO makes it possible for customers to customize their jewelry. The brand does not uphold the “one size fits all” principle. Instead, it allows customers to incorporate personal elements into their jewelry. Customers can design pieces with their names in the language of their choice, as well as pieces that have a spiritual significance. 

ZUDO further took customization to new heights when they released their custom handwriting collection. They transform anyone’s handwriting into a piece of jewelry. Whether it’s yours, a loved ones, or a deceased parent’s writing – they provide a means to carry it with you and hold it close to their hearts. Founder Ibraheem gifted his mother a necklace with the signature of his late father, which took personal and sentimental to an entirely new level. 

Initially built to pay homage to the founder’s South Asian and Muslim Heritage, ZUDO has evolved into a brand that represents many different cultures. The company envisioned being inclusive of all. In light of this value, they released their “Represent your Roots” line, featuring a range of necklaces and rings designed around a map of one’s hometown. “This collection encourages you to take pride in your roots and carry a piece of your home wherever life takes you,” Ibraheem Nadeem said.

ZUDO is currently widening its horizons by growing its #ZUDOFam – a community of worldwide Ambassadors acting on and spreading their mission. This brand truly goes beyond aesthetics and raises the bar for the entire jewelry industry. Through their proactive pieces rooted in meaning, culture and representation – ZUDO reshapes fashion into a call for change.To learn more about ZUDO, visit their website.