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“Everything and Everyone Comes with a Story”: How This Young Filmmaker from India Creates Films That Inspire

20 years ago, Indian-born cinematographer Gurdeep Singh had never even heard of any of the streaming websites which have now become such an indelible part of his life. India’s IT sector, although rapidly growing, was nowhere near that of its western counterparts. There was no Netflix, and certainly no YouTube, which is why cinema became, and still remains, such a sanctified industry for millions of Indians. One of these fervid film devotees was a 10-year old science student from Punjab, who fell in love with cinema almost instantaneously. The lack of Cable TV meant that the weekly films that were played on public channels were especially savored. In a society where STEM fields were widely regarded as the only ones worth pursuing, the thought of becoming a filmmaker was an alien concept to Singh, yet all he knew was that he was completely enraptured.

It wasn’t until much later that Singh realized he was actually capable of creating the same stories he had spent his childhood coveting. After shooting a documentary at his local Old Age Home, Singh was taken aback by the barrage of praise that followed. At a private screening for his friends and family, he recalls, there wasn’t a single dry eye in the room. To Singh, who had since then realized that he just wasn’t cut out for traditional careers in Medicine and Engineering, it was a turning point. He felt empowered and encouraged by the impact a well-directed film could have on any audience, big or small. According to him, this realization caused a significant shift in perspective: “It was like something inside me switched on. I started looking at things differently, searching for little things that most people overlook in people. When I sat in a bus, I observed the faces around me. I realized that everything and everyone comes with a story, and a good storyteller is one skilled enough to see it and brave enough to capture it.” After submitting a Short film to the Yes Bank Movie Awards, Singh won the third position in his first film festival, presented by none other than renowned Indian director Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra. For the first time, he knew this was exactly where he belonged.

Today, Gurdeep Singh is one of India’s trailblazing young filmmakers, who are changing the face of Indian entertainment with their technique, skill, and verve. He has a number of short independent films under his belt, including Fenced (2019), A Family Barbecue (2019), and Paranormal Monster’s Society (2018). In 2016, Singh enrolled in New York Film Academy to study cinematography. According to him, film school was one of his best decisions: “I love the way they taught us cinematography, starting us off with an 8mm lens and then slowly building it  to 16mm and 35mm. Working with film is especially tricky; once it’s captured, there’s no turning back. It taught me to be disciplined, to plan each shoot meticulously, and to make sure I was selective, and focused.” Fresh out of film school, Singh was eager to apply his newfound skills and knowledge to real life movies. He worked with a number of production houses, under the likes of Brad Hamilton and Maria Quintana, and in the process received a film education more valuable than the one he had received in New York.

In 2016, Singh worked with Riyad Bin Muqrin in his crime thriller, The Soul, which was completely new territory for him. Previously, he had been part of a team, being coached by some of the industry’s finest. Now, the ball was in his court: he was responsible for leading an entire team. This opened the doors for other opportunities, and it led him to work on Paranormal Monster Society, Turning Tables, and From a Barren State in 2018. These projects were an integral learning experience for Singh, who became familiar with the sort of dedication and work needed to lead a massive team, plan and coordinate scenes and seamless shots, and be prepared to adapt and improvise.

Film cinematography isn’t the only feather in Singh’s cap. Shortly after venturing into the film world, he was introduced to Balwinder Singh, CEO of Speed Records, India’s biggest regional music company. They were fascinated by his ideas and offered him a position as Executive Producer, which was the lucky break Singh had been waiting for all his life. He began working for internationally renowned artists like Diljit Dosanjh, Jassi Gill, Babbal Rai, and Miss Pooja. He became involved in some of their most famous music videos, some of which have between 100M and 300M views. Talking about this experience working with these industry legends, Singh says, “Knowing them personally and professionally felt special. But during this journey, I learned the reason for their success: They’re positive people, and most of them are firm believers of meditation. They make you comfortable and talk to you without any of the pomposity common in stars of their stature.” This experience of working as a director and cinematographer at the same time felt like a special treat, one that Singh hopes will continue moving forward.

Singh’s dream for the future is to take it several notches higher: “I want to own my own production house, eventually. Work as a producer and cinematographer. I want to travel, find new stories, things that speak to people and are relatable.” With a number of riveting projects in the works and a determination to make it big in the filmmaking scene both in India and elsewhere, it is certain that Gurdeep Singh is a name we’ll keep hearing more of.

Michael “Kleos” Chin’s Famous Webseries “The Root of All Evil” Is Taking the Stage

The youngest recognized urban playwright in the industry is about to make his web series even more animated. Uprooting “The Root of All Evil” and planting it onstage, Michael “Kleos” Chin is finally sharing his gift to a wider audience. 

Michael “Kleos” Chin is a young adult known in exclusive art circles as one with a passion for acting, producing, directing, and writing. The multi-talented creative has dabbled in various art forms, which has helped him develop and share his beautiful way with words.

For as long as he could remember, Kleos was always awed and interested in the performing arts and everything that went into producing it. He studied acting in several lauded performing arts programs from the 6th grade to the 12th grade.

While in high school, he spent his days with a script in one hand and a textbook in another. He wowed the audience night after night with his craft as he made a big name for himself within the DMV area for his online comedy skits. Not just within the region, Kleos also gained international attention and almost immediately had an overwhelming following, looking to his social media performances to brighten their days.

Determined to keep the weather sunny in thousands of lives everywhere, Kleos decided to expand his reach and share his gift for writing by creating the web series “The Root of All Evil.” The moment it was up and out, the series took on a life of its own and stood center in a movie set, and soon in a play.

After turning “The Root of All Evil” into a short film, the inspiring web series is now being adapted into a virtual stage play on Michael “Kleos” Chin’s streaming service called “Flameous Flix” and will be opening curtains this coming February 2021.

Ready to blaze into hearts and get the candle of faith burning brighter, Kleos’s virtual stage play will be the first project on and is expected to set the standard for his future works, which, like his famous web series, will be unlike anything seen before.

Along with “The Root of All Evil,” Kleos is also known for his must-have book entitled “Almost Not Born,” which he co-authored with his lovely fiancé Desireé Morgan. Like most of his content, the book was written to inspire faith in God. The Christian non-fiction work of art follows the trials of a character named Destiny struggling against the devil’s wicked tricks who is determined to destroy God’s plans for her before her birth. 

The young writer’s prowess and evident passion printed with his words has inspired his audience and has gotten the spotlight at the end of the tunnel, motivating people to walk towards it.

“I tell the realness of reality while showing everyone that no matter who you are, there is hope and faith in God,” he shares. 

Grab your front-row tickets and keep your phone on silent for Michael “Kleos” Chin’s “The Root of All Evil.” Sit back and follow the story of faith in the artist’s virtual stage play airing February 2021 on Flameous Flix’s official website. Learn more about the young creative and stay updated on his work by following him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Pierce Media and Associates on Building Brands and Shaping Culture

Advertisements — whether traditional or digital in format — often find inspiration from pop culture, bringing a brand to the intended audience’s consciousnesses through the use of trends and other relevant tools guaranteed to attract attention. Pierce Media and Associates utilize the same technique, but this marketing authority takes the game to a whole another level with its mission to shape culture. 

Established by entrepreneur, filmmaker, and philanthropist Thomas E. Pierce in 2015, Pierce Media and Associates is a marketing and public relations and creative consultancy specializing in popular culture. It started with Thomas’s goal of building a diverse portfolio by working with powerful brands on creative marketing initiatives and special projects. From there, his brainchild has risen to become an influential and innovative institution, which helps brands create culturally-relevant and highly impactful endeavors that result in the realization of business objectives. 

Pierce Media and Associates (PMA) is known for its excellence in different areas. Its media strategy and marketing tactics guarantee that clients get the spotlight they are looking for. Moreover, whether it is in producing large scale productions or short content “infotainment,” the firm’s content planning and video production services are expected to be top-notch. And as culture and art enthusiasts who have been on the ground at every hot media market in the United States and abroad, the team behind PMA has also provided clients with outstanding guidance in markets such as music festivals, film festivals, art fairs, and more. Lastly, this reputable firm is competent as well in creating robust itineraries and executing intricate logistics for influencer trips, media trips, and multi-day conferences. 

At its core, what Pierce Media and Associates does is tell the story of a brand sensitively and courageously. It banks on Thomas’s exemplary competence in integrated marketing tactics, media strategy, and influencer engagement strategy as well as on his successful track record when it comes to securing sponsorships in coveted consumer markets and cross-promotional brand partnerships in TV series and films. 

Through integrated partnerships, bespoke brand experiences, content production, and media, Pierce Media and Associates have built the brand of numerous individuals and institutions, enabling their visibility and growth within the commercial space. It has been able to drive results for its clients because of its religious commitment to innovation and because authenticity has always been its guidepost.

While others have only recently hopped on the trend of producing raw products, Pierce Media and Associates have capitalized on the power of genuine content in telling the stories of its clients from the very beginning. Adaptability and flexibility are also high in the list of values that Pierce Media and Associates consistently emphasize. With the recent pandemic, it has transformed from an agency to a “WFH” and travel-friendly consultancy that allows it to collaborate with more creatives.

In the coming years, even if authenticity no longer proves to be a buzzword in the market, PMA vows to remain dedicated to delivering authentic offerings. And as an innovative leader made up of creators, producers, marketers, and amplifiers, Pierce Media and Associates looks forward to producing more content, helping countless brands, and becoming a household name while actively shaping culture.

Learn more about Pierce Media and Associates by visiting its website and Instagram page. 

Angela White Talks Pivoting and Adapting

While it can more likely be safer to follow the path that seems most logical – going to school, getting a job relevant to one’s degree, among many others – it pays to follow one’s heart and pursue another track, even if it means branching out into the unknown. And given the highly dynamic nature of today’s world, those who can shift gears may have the highest chance of surviving and thriving amidst life’s turmoils. 

Film and television producer Angela White initially aimed to work in public policy. But during her time in New York Law School – where she would eventually earn her Juris Doctorate – she observed the need for more diverse representation as she was booking talents for the student union. So, instead of becoming a lawyer, Angela joined the glamorous but tough entertainment industry. 

She worked with young musicians and comedians in need of representation, ultimately becoming a talent manager in the comedy and live music circuit in New York City. After venturing to California to seek out better opportunities, Angela would then begin her successful climb to the top.

As someone who entered the industry in a non-traditional way, this filmmaking mogul’s adaptability skills were put to the test. Coming from a background other than film school, Angela admittedly not only did not possess any specific training as a film or TV producer, but she also had no inkling what being a producer even meant. Despite these hurdles, Angela was able to come out in the end, alive and kicking, because of her inherent resilience and admirable work ethic.

After years of hard work in networking, researching, and learning the nitty-gritty of the procession, she is now proving to be an authority in every facet of show business. This member of the Producers Guild of America is the founder of Silver Lining Entertainment, a family-owned multimedia entertainment company based in Los Angeles, California. It produces films and television series, and through it, Angela launched an education platform, called Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry, which serves as a resource for those who wish to gain more knowledge in arts, entertainment, and media. 

Most recently, this household name, who has graced Fox News, ABC News, Good Morning America, Sirius XM Radio, and more, has also established Dreamers With Purpose, a non-profit organization that assists people of color as well as women and those who are financially disadvantaged in the pursuit of their dreams.

Through her films, Angela has worked with and showcased some of Hollywood’s most talented figures, including Tiffany Haddish, Omari Hardwick, Isaiah Washington, Salli Richardson, Brian White, Jay Ellis, and more. And proving that delving into the business of entertainment will not remain her only major divergent act, Angela has dabbled in the art of screen playwriting and directing. With her directorial debuts, Transgress and Hands Up, she will further position herself as a force to be reckoned with in every area of filmmaking. Moreover, she has also diversified into book-writing. She can be credited for writing a book titled The Secret to Creating a Winning Demo Reel, which offers actors with strategies to develop workable and successful demo reels that could guarantee more work.

Angela knows that millions of other people, at any given time, are facing challenges and novel situations that can prove to be overwhelming. But through her own story, she wants to be a reminder that humans have the innate ability to adapt to whatever comes their way.

Know more about Angela White by visiting her website and checking out her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

9/11 Hero and Filmmaker Paul Eliacin Hopes to Tell His Tale to a tv network.

It has been almost two decades since the terror of the 9/11 attacks. But as much as every commemoration should remember all the lives lost and the long-lasting impact of this tragedy, it is also important to continue honoring that historical day’s heroes: the first responders. Along with other New Yorkers — such as the film industry members who helped in Ground Zero by donating generator lights, grip stands, cables, etc. — known for coming together in times of need, these valiant first responders saved thousands of lives at the expense of their own safety. 

Haitian American independent film director Paul E. Eliacin is one of the individuals who demonstrated exceptional bravery during the September 11 catastrophe. He received several letters of commendations from the nation’s top politicians, including Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator Chuck Schumer, for the outstanding heroism he showcased in rescuing others. 

Paul now serves as the creative mastermind of Up in Harlem, LLC, a motion pictures and film company established to push his soon-to-be-released urban action film, Up in Harlem, into the spotlight. Featuring Ice-T, Up in Harlem revolves around a family struggling to survive the ghetto. 

As a company, Up in Harlem, LLC, is entirely independently owned. Located in the newly diversified community of Harlem, its goal is to be a beacon for aspiring young filmmakers with dreams of documenting cultural trends that impact people from around the world. With Paul at the helm, it is immensely feasible for the company to achieve its objectives and make a positive difference in people’s lives. 

Paul has a long list of accomplishments to take pride in and capitalize on as he leads Up in Harlem to the top of the industry. Having learned filmmaking by watching powerhouse directors throughout their careers, he worked on various movies, TV shows, and commercials. His impressive career includes working on movies such as Boomerang, One Fine Day, Conspiracy Theory, Men in Black, and First Wives Club. In addition, he was also involved with New York Under Cover, Sopranos, Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and Law and Order: SVU, to which he has been assigned for the past 20 years. 

Moreover, Paul was a field producer for The Week in Review, a highly rated political talk show that aired on WRKS-FM in New York City with Bob Slade, Bob Pickett, Peter Noel, James Mtume, and Charles “The Cut Man” Etheridge. 

In the years to come, this film enthusiast hopes to continue making good movies like Up in Harlem. He also plans to write books about his life experiences and convey a powerful message about second chances and learning from past. Paul say always put God first.

More importantly, with the upcoming 20th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy fast approaching, Paul is looking into finding a network TV partner that will help him in telling his experiences at Ground Zero. Like other first responders, Paul has lived with the long-term health consequences of the terror attacks. He is currently suffering from a life-threatening respiratory disease that has claimed the lives of hundreds of his fellow responders. 

Ill-fated as it is, Paul knows that his number is coming up. So it is vital for him to allow viewers a look into what happened back on September 11, 2001, and how God has graced his life, serving as the primary force behind his survival. With over five hours of raw, never-before-seen footage and over three hundred unpublished photos, as well as interviews inside Ground Zero, Paul is ready to have his tale told. 

Learn more about Paul Eliacin by visiting his website, IMDb page, and YouTube channel. To get in contact with him, send him an email at

Award-Winning Filmmaker Megan Nager Leads ‘Wake and Make Media’ to the Top Through Passion for Filmmaking and Content Creation

Passion is a seed that, once nurtured, can grow to be at the center of one’s success. This is true for industry powerhouses Megan Nager and her partner, Corey Turner. Through the success of their brainchild, Wake and Make Media, they have been able to demonstrate how far one can go when armed with love for a particular craft. 

Power duo Megan and Corey are both award-winning filmmakers who began their careers in Los Angeles, California. Megan is SAG-actor, screenwriter, and stand-up comedian who has appeared on television shows on Amazon, TruTV, and MTV. After realizing that a lot of the entertainment industry centered around being “discovered’, Megan decided to put her skills to use and create her own original film and television content. She combined her comedy and writing skills and produced several viral videos on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube as well as television shows and feature films. 

Meanwhile, Corey Turner quickly garnered attention for his cinematography skills. After working independently, Corey secured a position as a creative producer at Endeavor Content and filmed content for brands such as Miss Universe, Ciroc, UFC, World’s Strongest Man, PBR, IMG, and more. 

Megan and Corey take pride in having already made a name for themselves as filmmakers before they even got to provide marketing services to those who needed them. They have cemented their reputation as a go-to creative team in Hollywood by mastering the nitty-gritty of filmmaking and social media. Megan’s strong background in writing has also allowed her to pick up the pen for outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and PR Accesswire.

With their in-depth knowledge and extensive skills, it is no wonder that Megan and Corey have been able to take Wake and Make Media to the top of the marketing industry. Wake and Make Media is a creative marketing and PR agency based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Specializing in making high-quality content to target specific audiences, it draws strength from the experiences of its founders to build the online brands of its clients. 

Not only does Wake and Make Media create top-quality videos for marketing campaigns, but it also capitalizes on the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to make sure that the correct group of customers consumes products it designs for clients. Moreover, it has helped hundreds of clients get in big-name publications such as Entrepreneur, Buzzfeed, Forbes, and more. 

Ever since its establishment, Wake and Make Media has lent its creativity and expertise to hundreds of Hollywood’s biggest names. It has created all types of content that have heightened brand reach for its customers. Furthermore, Wake and Make has worked with companies who tend to specialize in alternative healthcare and is responsible for expanding the brands of CBD businesses, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, and chiropractors. 

Megan currently boasts over 150,000 followers across her social media platforms. This following is attributed to the loyalty she has garnered and the attention she has sparked for her excellent consultations on how to grow one’s social media presence and how she has delivered her promise to build a business from the ground up using film, marketing, and PR. 

And because the motivation behind Megan’s hard work in ensuring results for clients lies in her love for filmmaking and content creation, it can be expected that along with Corey, she will continue to push Wake and Make Media to the center stage of the marketing and PR industry.Know more about Megan Nager and Wake and Make Media by visiting its website and Instagram page.