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Behind Official Patriot Gear®, Founders Building a Brand Towards Freedom and Patriotism

There comes a time each summer when you’d be hard-pressed to find a store that isn’t decked out in red, white, and blue, but Ian Wendt of Official Patriot Gear® has a dream to make every day feel like the 4th of July.  He works daily to highlight the unity that can be found across the United States; the kind of unity he was fortunate enough to experience at a time when so many were more divided than ever before. 

In late 2020, Ian knew he wanted to play a role in supporting small businesses across the country that were in danger of closing. Having amassed a sizable social media following, he turned to the people of the virtual community he had built for help in doing so. He hoped to be able to help a business or two, but those goals were quickly surpassed as his followers rallied together to raise tens of thousands of dollars – often over the span of just a few hours. 

As the donations kept pouring in to support fellow Americans, not one person asked about the political affiliations, religious beliefs, or backgrounds of a single beneficiary. Ian was quickly inspired to create a way for the members of this community to show their support, and the patriot tee was born. A patriot, by definition, is someone who loves their country and the people in it, wants those people to be free and thrive, and is willing to defend those people and those freedoms. It was clear that these acts of kindness exemplified the definition of what it means to be a patriot. 

But that first simple tee was just the beginning. Before he knew it, a brand had begun, and the movement behind it began to spread like wildfire. Now, just under two years since the first tees were printed, the brand has reached under 50 countries, has hundreds of products, and has an ever-growing ambassador program with several hundred people representing the brand’s message of unity. 

Based out of Idaho, Official Patriot Gear® continues to grow and prides itself on its partnerships with other small American businesses. Later this year, their flagship store will open to the public, symbolizing that the American dream is alive and well.

Wealth Assistants Paves the Way for Go-Getters, Catapulting Them to the Summits

Navigating through the ins and outs of a particular trade can be extremely daunting if one were to do it alone. This is especially true for those who are relatively new to the industry and are still on the lookout for a guiding hand that would help them as they go along their respective journeys. In the realm of building wealth, for instance, experts and leading authorities serve as a source of insight and wisdom for go-getters who wish to reach impressive heights and go further with their endeavors. One of those that have dedicated their technical know-how and skills to facilitate success for others is 26-year-old Ryan Caroll, the esteemed founder of Wealth Assistants

With a mission of helping people improve their financial management skills, Ryan Caroll established a company that would teach individuals and enterprises proven methods of successfully building wealth and attracting income. With Wealth Assistants, he demonstrates how much of a difference seeking external help and learning from reliable authorities can make. The visionary believes that at the end of the day, it all boils down to having the proper tools and working with the right people. Thus, he made it his lifelong goal to use his platform to catapult aspirants and dreamers to the summits of success. 

Although he is known for creating significant waves in the entrepreneurial scene, Ryan Caroll is also recognized for his philanthropic efforts that are grounded in helping others and giving out sound financial advice. As someone passionate about enabling success for highly driven individuals, he believes that his company, Wealth Assistants, will serve as a source of insight and wisdom for those who want to take on the financial landscape with outside-the-box solutions. 

At its core, Wealth Assistants wants to demonstrate that there are multiple ways of building wealth and that most of them have nothing to do with sticking to what’s comfortable or familiar. One of the best approaches that any aspiring entrepreneur or business leader can make is by starting a venture, initiating an investment portfolio, or collaborating with a well-known brand that would help them establish themselves in such a highly cut-throat environment.

Widely acknowledged for being a trustworthy investment services provider, Wealth Assistants sheds light on well-strategized and step-by-step approaches geared towards scaling modern-day assets. One of its most popular services involves its ecommerce management system, which is known as the Amazon Marketplace Management. With this feature, business owners can delegate tasks such as managing supplier relations, quality checking, warehousing, shipping, product listings, and customer support to the company as the latter takes on the role of their operational partners. 

“Our mission is to help our clients and partners escape the rat race, beat traditional investment returns, and build new streams of passive income that surpass five figures a month. At Wealth Assistants, we believe that the more passive income you build, the more freedom you have,” shared Ryan Caroll. “With our “a la carte” style, you’ll be able to pick and choose which investment vehicle is right for you and your family.”

The latter, of course, sounds pretty tempting, which is why connecting with Wealth Assistants is the best decision anyone could make when they want to start building their wealth and attaining financial freedom. Wealth Assistants goes above and beyond modern investment vehicles by offering its “Done For You” services. This offloads much of the workload from their clients and instead allows them to enjoy more meaningful activities.

One of the company’s most popular services involves its ecommerce management system that goes by the name Amazon Marketplace Management. Here, business owners can delegate tasks such as managing supplier relations, quality checking, warehousing, shipping, product listings, and customer support to Wealth Assistants as the company takes on the role of their operational partners. All of this is done while the business owners fund the business and collect their profits.