Online Spiritual Platform, The Abundant Me, Enables Women to Live Their Lives with Ease and Harmony

Often, women find themselves breaking their backs to provide care and happiness for someone else. They go the extra mile to attend to their partners, children, the rest of their family, and friends. And for some, there is the compounded exhaustion that comes from juggling a career and raising a family. But women sometimes forget that time and attention must also be allocated to themselves, to the practice of self-care, and to investing in one’s own development. 

Kashon Abdul-Qadir established The Abundant Me to serve as an essential reminder to women all over the world that they should not remain martyrs to the needs and desires of everyone else. As a mom, wife, and business owner, she is cognizant of women’s tendency to forget the importance of nurturing themselves while playing their multiple roles. Through The Abundant Me, this woman on a mission hopes to help women create a positive and practical way of abundant living. 

Three years ago, Kashon walked away from the security of her six-figure nine to five job to finally live life on her own terms by working from home. The job paid very well but left her unfulfilled and depleted, an emotional state she had to contend with while she also had to battle against the feelings of stress, anger, sadness, and being lost after years of struggling with an autoimmune disease. In addition, Kashon fell into the pit of unhealthy relationships, finding herself a single mother and unhappy.

Kashon decided to take charge of her life and put spirituality at the forefront upon realizing that she has been neglecting her most important relationship — that with herself. And within a short period, this spiritual success coach manifested a supportive husband, grew her family and earned a string of accomplishments, including getting a 2800-square-foot-home remodeled, establishing her own business, attracting an Essence commercial, having her products featured in five publications, being invited to participate in luxurious events at celebrity homes, and more. 

And now, she is sharing her journey with others, enabling the same success in others that she has found. Through The Abundant Me, Kashon provides women with affordable access to various spiritual and personal development tools to create and live a life of abundance, ease, and harmony, even amidst the most challenging situations. 

As a platform, The Abundant Me offers workshops, retreats, and proven strategies to women, helping them address stress, anxiety, fear, and scarcity. Its core offerings include a twelve-week online program called Divine Feminine Academy that takes a deep dive into Kashon’s Inner Engineering teachings fused with Reiki healing, Egyptian goddess practices, the Money Mindset manifesto, and more. And aside from its online courses and resources, The Abundant Me also delivers Reiki healing and coaching sessions.

This future leading online spiritual platform has sparked countless women’s long-buried passion for what they want. More importantly, it has also opened their eyes to how they are not maximizing their potential by sticking to roles and responsibilities that are only draining them of energy. 

With Kashon at the helm, this retreat resource lets women know that abundant life is possible. And in the coming years, The Abundant Me wishes to become the go-to place of healing for women, especially people of color worldwide.

Learn more about The Abundant Me by visiting its website and checking out its Instagram page.