Disinfection Tech Expert ‘Supreme Sterile’ Emphasizes Takes Hygiene and Sanitation to Another Level

2020 has marked the beginning of a new normal in the lives of people worldwide with the outbreak of COVID-19, encouraging a new set of behaviors on hygiene and sanitation. Masks, for example, used to be a symbol of sickness, and those wearing them are frowned upon because of the connotations they hold. Nowadays, the reality is different — people who are not wearing one could prove to be walking carriers of the virus. 

Cleaning and sanitization also used to be underrated, but people have now learned how essential they are to keep safe and healthy. Supreme Sterile, Corp, a hospital-grade sterilizing company, wants to emphasize, however, that the usual methods of cleaning are no longer enough. Homeowners, drivers, and those owning business offices must take cleaning to another level by making sure that spaces are sterile enough to the point that germs are non-existent. 

This provider of home, vehicle, and commercial sterilization was established by a twenty-year-old biology student, Emanuel Arias. Emanuel is currently taking up biological sciences at Florida International University and banked on the teachings of his father, who managed to start his own venture at the age of twenty, to start a much-needed enterprise in the middle of the pandemic. 

Supreme Sterile offers disinfection and sterilization for all forms of private and commercial real estate and vehicles, ensuring that heavily trafficked areas are virus-free. It combines the power of the best disinfectant on the market, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI), with the immensely efficient technology of electrostatic spray to prevent the spread of viral diseases.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers FDA-approved HOCI as an ideal disinfectant due to several factors. Not only is it eighty times more efficient than chlorine bleach, but it is also eco-friendly and non-toxic. And because of its alcohol-free, non-inflammable nature, HOCI will not leave traces of any unpleasant smell or sticky residue.

Electrostatic spraying is a technology with a history of more than sixty years in agriculture, automotive, and tanning industries. And Supreme Sterile has capitalized on its utility to spray disinfectant in less time and with better coverage compared to traditional cleaning methods. What makes electrostatic spraying more effective, as well, is the way it uniformly coats disinfectant-sprayed objects and covers areas that are hard to reach.

Supreme Sterile, which started as a manifestation of Emanuel’s passion for medicine and desire to follow in his father’s footsteps, has now emerged as a reliable institution within the industry. A few weeks after its creation, it managed to acquire a lucrative contract and is set to build more partnerships in the future as it helps in making spaces clean and livable. 

Its founder, Emanuel, plans to graduate from medical school. And all the while, he has no intention of stopping his provision of sterilization services, knowing that other dangerous human pathogens — most likely new and more dangerous ones — could crop up. 

More importantly, Emanuel and Supreme Sterile will remain committed to educating the population about the importance of disinfection and observing a clean and virus-free lifestyle. 

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