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Instagram Influencer Cemo Basen Shares How His Dreams Kept Him Going

Dreams have this amazing power to keep people alive and striving for more regardless of the roadblocks life throws their way. Cemo Basen is a testament to how dreams work, and his story is truly one worth telling. 

Cemo Basen was born and raised in the slums of Pakistan. He grew up not only with financial hardships but also surrounded by people who ridiculed his dream and talent. But he never allowed his situation to define and limit his trajectory, constantly pushing forward and dreaming even bigger with every criticism. Finally, bringing nothing but a dream with him, he moved to the United States to pursue his lifelong aspiration of becoming an actor. Amid the poverty, Cemo was inspired by Hollywood icon Johnny Depp and his excellent portrayal of his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, igniting a fire inside the dreamer’s heart to earn the spotlight someday and cement his name in Hollywood. 

Moving to the United States brought out the survivor in Cemo as he had to face many challenges, especially making ends meet. He was homeless for months and had friends discouraging him, but he never stopped dreaming. Focused on his goal of being an actor, Cemo marched forward and grabbed every opportunity he could to make it to Hollywood. 

But life had other plans for Cemo and led him to another remarkable journey as a social media influencer, embracing one of the most unexpected turns in his career. Today, he enthusiastically shares his lifestyle with over 2.1 million followers on Instagram he calls family.

In addition, he also started a series called Raising an Influencer, which was streamed on Fox5dc. Cemo was also a contestant on Mr. DC 2021. The influencer has also been walking the ramps, working with many brands as a model.

“I started making videos on Instagram but never thought that I would become an influencer,” shared Cemo. A huge part of his transition came during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like most people stuck at home, Cemo wanted to find ways to connect with others despite being isolated and making Instagram videos became his avenue. Soon enough, he gained the love and affection of millions of followers. “For two years, I’ve never looked back and made content every day,” the influencer added.

Cemo creates videos that inspire and uplift his audience to pursue what makes them happy and live life to the fullest. He never holds back in showcasing his authentic self to his viewers, and he learned that his followers love him the way he is. The 33-year-old is thriving to empower his viewers to not be afraid of being themselves and, more importantly, to dream big regardless of what others say. 

“I am proud of what I have achieved until now as an influencer, but still, the best is yet to come,” Cemo said. There’s still a long way to go for Cemo to steal the spotlight in Hollywood, but with the amount of dedication he is putting into his dream, there’s no doubt that he will become a household name, not only as an influencer but as the actor he was always born to be. 

Enchant by Parisa Extends the Joy of Reading into Real Life with Book-Related Novelties

The past few years have witnessed a revival of intellectual interests and engagements. Along with the worldwide community’s open pursuit of knowledge in a wide range of disciplines, people recognize the value of literature. To make literature and book-related merchandise more accessible to the general public, Parisa Mirza-Khan established Enchant.

Parisa Mirza-Khan is a self-described voracious bibliophile. Her decision to launch Enchant stems from her desire to develop her hobby into a brand. Based in San Jose, California, Enchant provides a platform for like-minded individuals to purchase book-related products. Enchant by Parisa has become a one-stop-shop for children and adults looking to buy items for themselves or gifts for spreading joy.

Book lovers consider Enchant as the ultimate destination to find literature-inspired novelties. The brand’s diverse product offering includes tote bags, clothing, and jewelry. As any avid reader knows, powerful literature often instills an unshakeable desire to extend experiences and emotions into real life. Enchant by Parisa makes this dream into reality by helping her customers dress up their homes or bedrooms and recreate the vibe of their favorite book characters.

Parisa Mirza-Khan’s goal is to make a difference in her customers’ lives through excellence, high standards, ethics, and integrity. Bookworms find fulfillment in reading because of their immersion in diverse perspectives and lifestyles. Given literature’s role as a celebration of the human experience, Enchant by Parisa actively supports social reform causes like the Black Lives Matter movement. The company donates 10% of all proceeds to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to aid in the fight against racism.

Enchant prides itself in its support and empowerment of minorities and ongoing involvement in addressing global events. In addition to social issues, the brand is also advocating for environmental protection and green production. Enchant by Parisa cares about the planet and climate change, as reflected in its Partial Eco-Friendly line of sustainable products.

Its commitment to quality products allows Enchant by Parisa to cater to the needs of vigilant shoppers, readers, book novelty lovers, and gift-givers. The brand’s conscious business processes also attract activists, social reformers, and global citizens, exhibiting literature’s universal appeal.

Parisa Mirza-Khan is living out her dream of starting a company revolving around books and supporting social reforms. “I am able to leave a legacy for my children, my community and empower women around the world,” says Parisa. However, like most of life’s pleasures, the joy of reading is best shared with others. Parisa updates her social media followers on the latest books she is reading, book reviews, interviews, and other content regarding literacy. 

Enchant by Parisa spreads the message of finding fulfillment and joy within the pages of a beloved book. Founded in 2020, Enchant has already established itself as the go-to novelty shop for all things book-related. This achievement is a testament to the strong presence of a community thirsty for knowledge. Enchant founder Parisa Mirza-Khan’s experiences are also an inspiring tale of success in sharing one’s hobbies and passions.

To learn more about Enchant by Parisa, you may visit its website.

How Yazan Al Koudsi Conquered Social Media as a Full-Time Influencer

Anybody can attempt to become a social media influencer, but not everybody will make it. Becoming an influencer, as many who attempted would know by now, is not a walk in the park. It entails self-sacrifice, a lot of hard work, immense creativity, and dedication. Social media influencer Yazan Al Koudsi, best known as Zizotravel online, would not have achieved what he has in the past six years had it not been for these attributes. When it comes to what tickles the interest of social media users, he can be considered one of those who know the secret. 

Building his following over the last six years has been a life-altering journey for him. Deciding to become a full-time influencer was even more life-changing, but he did it anyway, confident that he is called to bring joy to the lives of his 160k followers on Instagram and 120k fans on TikTok. Generating three million likes, over 200 million views, and more than 50 viral video contents in a short period of time is a feat that can only be achieved by someone as committed and well-loved by fans as Yazan Al Koudsi. 

Prior to his full-time career as an influencer, Yazan was a thriving flight attendant for five years with Flydubai Airlines. He finished a degree in Business Administration major in Marketing in Syria, and his basic foundations on the subject area prepared him greatly in becoming the engaging influencer that he is today. 

Currently based in the windy city of Chicago, Yazan is famous for his features on the local events and the thriving restaurants in the area. If people want to know the latest happenings and trends in Chicago, the Zizotravel social media account is the go-to source of information. Moreover, he also does features on various products, and his recommendations are something that his followers are always eager to learn about. 

Yazan Al Koudsi is a well-traveled person, having visited over 75 countries in the past years. He has done several collaborations with luxury resorts in different parts of the world, making him an expert when it comes to travel tips and recommendations. He mostly talks about the people, food, lifestyle, accommodations, and local entertainment in the place he visits. 

In 2017, he won the Dubai Award for Best Food Coverage during Ramadan as recognition for his 30-day coverage of the most luxurious places for Iftar, the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. 

At present, Yazan Al Koudsi is focused on building his career as a real estate agent aside from being an influencer. The idea of being able to help other people find their dream home brings him great joy and satisfaction. Just as he has succeeded as a flight attendant and now as an influencer, he is confident that he will also be an exceptional real estate agent. At the end of the day, his hard work has always been about bringing joy to the lives of other people and influencing them to build happy and fulfilling lives. 

Find out more about Yazan Al Koudsi by following him on Instagram and TikTok

Nigar Alieva: Political Influencer Reminds Audiences Everywhere About the Divide of Personal and Politics

Being an influencer has its ups and downs, but the highs often overshadow the lows, especially when it comes to public appearances and the like. Nigar Alieva is an influencer who takes careful consideration when it comes to the things she puts out to the public, which is why she’s had an amazing run throughout her entire influencing career.

She fully realizes that any thought or idea that she shares will be spread to a bigger audience and will definitely be heard. This is why she has taken a more natural approach toward keeping things to herself and sharing things that she feels should be public domain. It’s all about control and being discerning, especially when it comes to public information and personal opinions.

Nigar Alieva herself shares the trials and tribulations of being a social media influencer. “You know that any personal or professional thought you have will be spread to a bigger audience and will be heard,” says Alieva. “There is always a bit of difficulty in being known to the public, you have a huge amount of people that love you, people that want to be like you, people that want to see you, to know you in real life and it’s pretty much hard to share your personal life.” adds Alieva. 

It almost feels like people are just waiting for influencers to make a mistake just to blow it out of proportion and effectively render their influence moot. Thankfully, Nigar Alieva is the discerning type of influencer who has never been caught in any type of negative commotions or anything of the sort. 

Nigar Alieva believes in the separation of an influencer’s personal life and their stake in the digital space. Alieva knows that her personal audience is eager to find out about her personal life, yet she doesn’t divulge that information. She actually finds it amazing, but it brings her a sense of discomfort, knowing that her relationship could be subject to approval or denial to the public. 

Being an influencer, a CEO, a mother, a daughter, and a girlfriend are never easy. At the end of the day, it’s a great feeling to have many people following her social networks, Nigar Alieva believes that her followers are loyal no matter what. In the near future, she sees herself as a very known influencer, politician, and businesswoman. It’s clear to see that she’s on the right track, and she has the guts to succeed in any industry that she chooses.

Nigar Alieva hopes that most people will understand that influencers don’t like mixing their online personas with their personal lives. They fully understand the pain that sharing over social media implies, and they hope that their audiences will understand where they’re coming from. As a thorough influencer, Alieva hopes to remind audiences everywhere about the human condition. It is a fact that should be taken into consideration by everyone everywhere, and it’s one that Nigar Alieva has been fighting forever since she has gained her influence.

Find out more about the amazing Nigar Alieva by checking out her Facebook and Instagram.

Aviannah Elise on Overcoming Life-Threatening Condition and Rising to Success

Most people might look at influencer Aviannah Élise’s life and think she’s had it all easy. But in retrospect, the OnlyFans sensation, Instagram influencer and model has been through the fire. However, determined to persevere and succeed, she has bounced back from some of the most overwhelming trials, including a life-threatening condition and a pandemic-induced career meltdown. 

Aviannah Élise Elizabeth Horton grew up in La Jolla, California, with her mother. Her parents divorced at a young age, and she grew up in a single-parent household for most of her life. When Aviannah finished high school, she decided to move around the Southern California area. She would later become part of the adult film industry for several years. Upon leaving that life behind and moving forward, she started working towards becoming a fitness icon and model. 

But tragedy would strike in 2016 after she grew very ill in the middle of training for a WBFF fitness show. Aviannah would discover that her kidneys and liver were failing due to harmful supplements. For a season, she would move in and out of hospitals and treatment centers to no avail. But Aviannah Élise had a will made out of iron steel. In December 2016, she got on a list for a Liver and Kidney transplant. But while waiting, she kept receiving treatment, and her body finally started responding to treatments. After eight months of battling for her life, she would eventually return to normal life and move back home. 

From 2017 to 2019, Aviannah would experience breakthrough upon breakthrough as she started to climb her way up in the modeling and fitness industry. She worked with top brands like Flat Tummy Tea, Muscle Sport, Blackstone Labs, 24 Hour Fitness, Sweet Sweat, 6 Pack Bags, and many others. In 2018, she would hit over 1 million followers, but misfortune would catch up with her again as a lawsuit would threaten her career. But determined to not let anything slow her down, Aviannah kept fighting. 

In November 2019, Moll Magazine would award the model as Ms. November and put her on the cover. A month later, she would make the Playboy Croatia Issue’s cover. All was going her way until March 2020, when COVID-19 would hit and cancel over 17 shoots. As the pandemic hit, Aviannah would pivot to building her online brand and started an OnlyFans page. Today, she now makes over $30,000 a week through her new digital venture.

Today, the model and influencer is paying it forward by teaching other models on leveraging social media and OnlyFans to create a virtual money-making machine. She is currently working on a workshop to help social media influencers monetize their following through OnlyFans. She is also currently working on a new project, a merch line with LOOPTIFY in Los Angeles named “Escaping Bunnies.” 

Aviannah Élise is a testament to the power of perseverance when on the path to success. She is proof that one’s past doesn’t have to determine his or her future. Aviannah hopes to continue growing her newly found venture and help others experience the same success. She currently lives with her husband, three dogs, and one cat.

To learn more about Aviannah Élise, visit her Instagram account, website, and IMDB Page.