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Dr. Trenese L. McNealy Ignites Entrepreneurial Spirits of Moms

Some people say that if someone wants success, do not hustle hard, hustle smart. This saying is applicable for all, especially moms who are mompreneurs. Dr. Trenese L. McNealy, a mompreneur and author, aims to guide all moms aspiring to succeed in their careers. 

Motherhood is not like any other job wherein there are days off. It is a 24/7 job, and once a woman becomes a mom, she will always be a mom. However, Dr. McNealy wants to emphasize that being a mother should not be a hindrance but more of an inspiration to succeed further in life. 

These words come from someone who is packed with knowledge about Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design. Dr. McNealy earned her degree in this field, with a minor in Management, from Georgia Southern University. She did not stop there. Dr. McNealy also has a Master of Business Administration degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and a Doctor of Business Administration degree in Project Management from Walden University. 

In application of all her knowledge and experience, Dr. McNealy is the CEO of LaShay’s DESIGNS, an online boutique that carries top-notch pieces with prices under $39.95. With these pieces, any woman can look and feel great without having to spend all of her coins. 

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Dr. Trenese L. McNealy also utilizes the power of words to empower women from all walks of life. With her book, Mommy’s Goals vs. Reality: Managing School, Work, and Family, Dr. McNealy discusses how she successfully reached her goals while being a wife to Brian McNealy and a mother to her three beautiful children: Brielle, Bryce, and Brayden McNealy. 

Dr. McNealy has appeared in multiple programs such as WTOC 11 Mid-Morning Live, ShaibabyTV, Business Talk Library, and Black Connections, LLC. Her passion was also noticed and featured in ABC affiliate, Glambitious, BEYOUROWN, VoyageATL, and

Recently, Dr. McNealy co-authored an ebook, Glambitious Guide to Being a Mompreneur in 2020, in which she teaches moms how to awaken the winner within them. In addition to this milestone, she established Dr. Trenese L. McNealy, LLC. Aside from her published works, Dr. McNealy also conducts free lunch meeting styled webinars about maintaining a successful work-life balance. Attendees may register at for Part 2 of the series on September 19, 2020, at 1:00 pm EST. 

In hopes to inspire and educate more mothers like her, Dr. McNealy is brewing up a new book entitled A Mother’s Struggle to Success. Meanwhile, she organizes Mother’s Day Luncheons for moms to get in touch with other mothers in an empowering environment. During this signature event, moms get to indulge in a three-course lunch, participate in a red-carpet mixer, enjoy entertainment and poetry, listen to a celebrity keynote speaker, and receive a swag bag. This event serves to let mothers relax and rekindle the fire for their passions. Tickets for the Atlanta Luncheon on May 8, 2021, are now up for grabs at Eventbrite

Surely, mothers may have a responsibility to take care of their family, but they are not just mothers. They are strong women who have so much love and passion for their family and themselves that it overflows to others. 

Get on with the wave of inspiration caused by Dr. Trenese L. McNealy by visiting her website, wherein her ebook, Glambitious Guide to Being a Mompreneur in 2020, is readily available for download.

Arthur Butler: Maintaining Empathy and Compassion While Keeping up With Success

Success is not a walk in the park, nor does it come to people overnight. To achieve success, one must have discipline, the readiness to put in a lot of hard work, and make multiple sacrifices along the way. Some opportunities demand people go out of their comfort zones; people who are afraid will not be able to achieve the goals they have established.

Among the very few people who are not afraid is Arthur Butler. He has never hesitated when it comes to taking calculated risks and going the extra mile to reach his dreams.

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Arthur had always enjoyed creating ideas and using whatever he had at hand to create something new and exciting. At a young age, he has been exhibiting resourcefulness and inventiveness. Deeply connected with and observing towards the community he grew up in, empathy and compassion to the needs of the people around him came to Arthur easy.

Arthur’s formative years, when growing up, shaped him to become who he is now: an innovative and visionary entrepreneur. For the past six years, Arthur has fulfilled multiple roles and putting many responsibilities on his plate. In the latter part of 2017, he started his real estate firm and created the Relocation firm, where it eventually became a vital part of the industry. It was one of Arthur’s successful ventures.

As a businessman and a passionate people-person, Arthur has always put people first. Arthur puts the welfare of his colleagues and employees first. He does not hesitate to empower and encourage the people he works with; Arthur knows the importance of uplifting and motivating people to succeed. 

Whether in business or on the playing field as an athlete, Arthur is a go-getter and a firm believer in going the extra mile. Arthur would not be able to sustain the successful launches of all of his business ventures if it were not for his mindset.

Now more than ever, because of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone should be boosting their immune systems. While the immune system cannot single-handedly stop the virus from entering or curing the body, a strong and healthy one gives the person a fighting chance.

There are a lot of ways to boost the immune system, such as taking supplementary multivitamins. However, as Arthur Butler noticed, there was a surprising lack of vitamin supplements during the pandemic. 

Inspired by his core principle of always putting the needs of other people first, Arthur created Hello August Rush, which is a premier and innovative vitamin supplement brand. Everyone can safely ingest the vitamins to obtain the right number of vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

If anything, the brand is a testament to his mission to help as many people as he can. Full of integrity and compassion, Arthur exuded the passion and dedication to his craft and the people working beside him.

Success stories do not always need grandeur; all one needs from a success story is renewed hope and reinvigorated perseverance. Arthur hopes his life and journey will serve as inspiration for the people out there who are struggling and help them continue chasing after their dreams.Visit the Hello August Rush website to gain more information and follow Arthur on Instagram to connect with him.