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Melissa Bryant Brings Hope and Inspires Faith Through Literature

In difficult times, when confusion and fear are rampant, people often turn to faith for hope and comfort. On a mission to spread light, God-fearing author Melissa Bryant is an agent of the heavens as she puts pen to paper.

Melissa Bryant is the proud author of two faith-centered books that journal how her beliefs were able to lift her out of terrible circumstances. “At a young age, I have been through many trials and tribulations; but with God on my side, I have overcome every battle.”

The traumatizing experiences she went through are more than enough to bring a giant to its knees, so it is unimaginable what it could have done to the child Melissa Bryant was. She adds, “The enemy tried to kill me with popping pills and abusive men; however, I did not let these things kill me. I am a survivor of multiple rapes.”

Her darkest day began when she found out that one of her oppressors had gotten her pregnant. Melissa Bryant felt lost and angry. What became her salvation were her unfaltering beliefs. The overwhelming experience moved Melissa to pick up her pen and start telling her story, inspiring other people to face their circumstances and, entrusting themselves to faith, never give up.

Her first book,  How She Fought, was released last October 30, 2009, and it sheds light on how Melissa Bryant survived the ordeals that once stood her way. Finding peace in Melissa’s written piece, readers have generously rated the book. “How She Fought was inspiring,” a review reads. “It changed my life to know that you can overcome anything.”

In writing her first book, Melissa Bryant was lost and in so much pain. She had been looking for love in all the wrong places. “But God was my love, and he helped me make it through,” she says. “I was truly blessed to be able to write this book and not worry about what people think of me.”

The book changed her. It made her a better person, and Melissa Bryant was all the more driven to spread the light she had found. Published on September 15, 2019, Melissa’s most recent work, Living Behind The Mask, holds a five-star rating on Amazon.

The book guides its readers on their journey to becoming the person that they are destined to be. Melissa Bryant’s writing encourages her audience to venture in a new direction without fear or hesitation. She tells them to take their masks off just as she has. 

After the turmoils and setbacks that once plagued her, Melissa Bryant, listening to the whispers of her faith, took her mask off and threw it away. God had delivered her from her past and restored her. Melissa was reborn in light and determined to shine faith in those in need.

“I was a victim of rape, molestation, domestic violence, depression, damaged,  and brokenness but now I am healed and a survivor,” Melissa Bryant states. Through her books, the author offers a warm embrace to anyone hurting and a steady hand to those seeking to walk the path of God.

Find out what people are saying about Melissa’s books on Amazon and other online bookstores. Join Melissa Bryant and her readers as they journey to a space of unshakeable faith and healing. 

Ashton Eugene Thomas’s Timeline of Success

Business has always been in Ashton Eugene Thomas’s blood even when he was young.

In the rural town of Alamosa, Colorado, Ashton grew up to dream big and chase his interests without worries. In the early 1990s, when Ashton was still in high school, he started his first business, which was a baseball and football card shop with his cousin. Though the business did not last long, the experience gave Ashton his first taste of entrepreneurship and a little peek into the world of business.

In 1997, Ashton moved to Phoenix, Arizona. There, Ashton had the privilege to be coached and mentored by several prominent business leaders. Those times have been crucial and formative for Ashton.

When 2010 rolled in, Ashton ventured into the world of business again, and that time, he was intent on staying. 

True enough, by 2018, Ashton became the founding member and managing partner of four successful businesses in Arizona: A to Z Security Services, LLC, A to Z Pack and Ship LLC, A to Z Holdings Company LLC, and A to Z Management Group.

Currently, Ashton is considered as one of the leading business management professionals in Arizona because of his outstanding leadership and excellent work ethic. The four businesses to this day are well known for their services and quality.

In late 2018, a deep urge compelled Ashton to sit down and begin writing about his passion for business and leadership. Ashton’s repository of experience and expertise is indispensable and will be extremely helpful to those in need.

In 2019, Ashton published his first book titled “Turning Ideas into Profits,” which contains in-depth information around the whole process of building a business from scratch. The book has become a go-to guide for aspiring individuals who have no prior experience but are looking to get into business.

“The Power of Inspirational Leadership” is Ashton’s second book, due to be published in 2020. Leadership is not as simple as becoming the boss. The book sheds light on the common misconceptions about leadership and how to become a better and practical leader. Motivating and inspiring others is one of the core abilities that only true leaders possess.

Ashton’s books do not end there; more books are still upcoming, with titles such as “Yes, Leaders do fail!” and “Climb the Ladder.”

Aside from helping people out through his books, Ashton has been a prominent contributor to his local community. Ashton has been instrumental in laying out the foundation for the future generations of business leaders in Arizona by working with several colleges and universities to guide college students in pursuing their Masters of Business Administration degree.

Despite his apparent success, Ashton still believes life is not guaranteed. Years into business made Ashton realize that he has to keep taking matters into his own hands for them to happen. Because of this, Ashton developed a desire to go against the odds and build, buy, and expand where others do not dare go.

Indeed, Ashton does not follow his dreams. He builds them.

As an inspiring leader, Ashton hopes to spark inspiration in people and encourage them to continue building their dreams.

Visit Ashton’s website to know more about him and to get the latest updates.

Christopher Morton: How His Debilitating Circumstances Fueled Him to Become a Model for the Deaf and the Disabled

It is beyond belief how some people continue to brave uncertainties even if the odds are pitted against them. True enough, resilience is not everyone’s friend. When people reach their limits, sometimes giving up is the best exit strategy. But for those whose strength remains steadfast amid difficulties, they serve as a reminder that dreams cannot be attained if people stay reluctant.

As someone who endured challenges for most of his life, Christopher Morton proves that no problem is so formidable that one cannot walk away from it. Admittedly, being greeted with disadvantages at a young age was no way to ensure a good future would lie ahead. However, Christopher’s disposition was beyond a stature of a snowflake – it was forged to sail through the stormy seas.

Hatched into the world with bodily impediments, Christopher experienced an unpalatable time while growing up. Being born as a premature infant, Christopher was twice as vulnerable as anyone who underwent normal parturition. Throughout his childhood and adolescent years, Christopher was often subjected to several abdominal surgeries for gastroschisis. He also underwent frequent replacement surgeries for his Central Line, Pick-lines, and G-tubes. 

Because of the countless antibiotics that he had to ingest over the years, he was diagnosed with hearing loss as early as the age of five.

While everyone thought those surgeries and misfortunes that he went through were enough for a youngster to endure, Christopher’s problematic health doubled as he traversed through his teenage years. At 14, he was again placed on a surgery table for Small Intestine Strictureplasty or SIS Procedure. This surgery sparked another chapter of Christopher’s life being confined in an enfeebling environment inside hospital rooms. His debilitated state forced him to spend 15 years under Total Parenteral Nutrition, which prevented Christopher from enjoying the vigor of being young.

However, being deaf and deprived for most of his younger years did not discourage Christopher from changing his path for the better. Needless to say, Christopher’s pursuit of a convalescent life was arduous from the get-go. But with his father behind his back, Christopher was fueled with enough zeal to move forward. Now that Christopher has steadily climbed the summits of success, he became one of the few motivational speakers who represent the deaf and the disabled in the State of Southern California.

Driven to inspire others, especially the youth, with his story of resilience and tenacity, Christopher has traveled across the country and packed whatever that can fit inside his 2005 Ford Focus just to achieve his dream of educating people in the power of changing one’s perspective. Having experienced tragedy at a young age and overcoming it, Christopher centers his talks around reshaping the definition of disability to something positive and that being different is not a hindrance to achieving one’s goals. 

Because of his empowering belief and personal circumstance, Christopher was able to reach out and inspire thousands of individuals from all walks of life to embrace disadvantages and treat them as driving forces to succeed.

With everything that Christopher has undergone throughout his life, he wishes to remind us that one should never lose sight of the goal. Although life has its way of filling itself with detours, it is in how a person treats these roadblocks in life that control one’s fate.

To know more about Christopher Morton, visit his website. You may also follow him on Instagram

Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah Shares Personal Secret on Youthful Look in Her Book

Passionate educator, author, and motivational speaker Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah, discovers the secret to her youthful look and shares it in her book. The Power of Thanksgiving: A Blueprint for Contentment, Fulfillment, and Well-Being through Gratitude teaches readers how a lifestyle of gratitude can change a person’s total well-being for the better.

Dr. Addo-Atuah’s claim is backed up by research findings and scripture that connect a lifestyle of gratitude to a more positive outlook on life, good health, higher productivity, longevity, and generosity. She further explains how an attitude of thanksgiving can have positive effects on a person’s body, mind, and spirit, personal relationships, and even emotions. 

The book has received numerous accolades including being a winner in the National Indie Excellence Awards, a Henry Award Winner in Testimonials in the Christian Literary Awards, and a bronze medal winner in Christian Non-Fiction in the Global Ebook Awards. It was also recognized as a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards and in Christian Inspirational in the International Book Awards. The book has successfully generated 36 five-star customer ratings on Amazon and positive editorial reviews from industry leaders, including Kirkus Reviews and Reader’s Favorite. 

“In her well-designed nonfiction debut, Addo-Atuah stresses the vital roles of gratitude and obedience in the lives of her fellow devout Christians. The work’s powerfully worded calls to humility will resonate with Christians who are sometimes discouraged by a self-centered world. A passionate and readable account that supports humility and gratitude as paths to God.”–Kirkus Reviews.

The audiobook format of the book comes with timeless hymns of praise and thanksgiving being sung by a narrator who is a former opera singer. The singer is accompanied by a piano. This format comes with an additional welcome feature according to one of the members of Audible: 

“I found a lot of peace listening to each chapter. We are reminded to be humble in all that we do and that God’s grace sees us through. The nice aspect of the audio version of this book is that one can hear the music (piano versions) and it’s a lovely addition.” 

The three major benefits that readers and listeners can get from the book include being reminded through Bible quotations and personal testimonies that God is a good God; assistance in developing a thankful heart and a lifestyle of gratitude and thanksgiving; and being given the opportunity to contribute to the good cause of improving the basic educational and healthcare infrastructure in the remotest areas of Ghana by buying copies of this book. 

Dr. Addo-Atuah is a dedicated professor at the Touro College of Pharmacy in New York City. She is also a board member of the Pentecost Biblical Seminary of the Church of Pentecost U.S.A. Inc. As a motivational speaker, she has been invited to speak on various Christian platforms and professional gatherings. 

Through The Power of Thanksgiving: A Blueprint for Contentment, Fulfillment, and Well-Being through Gratitude, Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah hopes to touch more lives and help them establish a more peaceful and contented way of living which improves their general well-being and productivity. 

Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah’s book is available on Amazon and Joyce Power Books

Shawn Fair Expands Horizons for Aspiring Motivators Using the Right Mindset and Drive

People want to become the change they desire. However, the process may be painstaking; it requires considerable effort and experience to foster abilities that unlock an individual’s potential. The act itself is difficult, but it is more so on people who act as catalysts for change. For Shawn Fair, this is a task that he has been doing for many years.

Shawn is a motivational speaker and a coach. With his consulting firm, Fair Consulting Group, he guides individuals and businesses in taking the correct steps to positive reformation. In all his engagements with clients, particularly in the corporate world, Shawn emphasizes the importance of change for personal and business growth. For more than 22 years, he has been part of the successes of thousands of executives, managers, and sales professionals all over.

To cement a legacy within the community, Shawn bands with Keyon Clinton, a similarly-gifted motivator, in gathering select individuals to undergo a speaking training program meant to develop more visionaries like him.

Aspirants pass through a screening process. For Shawn, there are individuals gifted with an innate aptitude to connect with people, engage audiences, and compel them to carry out the reformation process. These are individuals that Shawn looks for in his speaking program and leadership speaking tour. Others fall a little bit short of the criteria. Daniel Ortiz, for one, failed to make the cut. But Shawn, in his many years of service, learned to extend a helping hand for people like Daniel.

Daniel struggles with ADHD. The condition resulted in Daniel to have difficulty focusing, reading for long periods of time, and communicating. “To be fair to Daniel, we expressed our concern and stated to him that there is a lot of work to do, and it would take a massive commitment, practice, studying, and dedication on his part,” shared Shawn. But Daniel managed to convince the duo to allow him to join. “What I have found over the years is that when you meet someone like Daniel, who has the determination of a lion, they can overcome any obstacle and achieve what they truly put their minds to.”

Today, Daniel is slowly gaining momentum and footing. He continuously updates his communication skills—tirelessly practicing, recording videos, and improving his speech. Every day, he proves to his professional and personal peers that with the right mindset and willingness, anybody can win in life.

With the help of Shawn and the Fair Consulting Group, Daniel braves odds. Shawn believes that aligning the mind with the goal is crucial for achieving heights. The trademark of Fair Consulting Group is honing the right individuals who not only have the skills to motivate but also the drive to excel. “If you have that determination and you are ready to work and prove that you belong on the big stage, Shawn Fair and Fair Consulting Group, maybe the team to give you that shot you are looking for,” Shawn concluded.

For more information about Shawn and the Fair Consulting Group, visit their website. Find more information on Shawn’s Virtual Leadership Training here.