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Expert Entrepreneur and Insurance Claim HQ Founder Galen M. Hair Shares How Focusing on People Helps Businesses Flourish

Although scaling a business is an already massive accomplishment, in reality, it only marks the beginning of what will be a long and challenging journey. After all, to be acknowledged as a distinguished entrepreneur, one must have what it takes to create a venture that lasts. When it comes to building a highly successful enterprise that endures, Galen M. Hair knows a thing or two. 

The remarkable individual is an esteemed litigator and the founder of Insurance Claim HQ. This firm represents policyholders who may have suffered from a disaster and have not been fairly paid for their losses. In addition to being a renowned company that caters to clients nationally, the venture is also known for organizing numerous philanthropic events every year in New Orleans. 

What allowed the enterprise to gain such impressive distinctions is Galen M. Hair’s admirable philosophy that centers around creating solid connections. The wise man believes that for any brand or business to thrive, it should focus on building one of its most important foundations and pillars: the people. This is especially true in 2022 and the upcoming years, when financial, political, and public health turmoil is expected.  

Staying true to his convictions, the visionary advocates a business model rooted in having an excellent understanding of all individuals who play a role in a company’s success. “We tend to focus on human behavior. Businesses should monitor human behavior on a daily basis, including vendor behavior, consumer behavior, and employee behavior,” he began.

He proceeded to say, “Watch for the trends. We always say, ‘row with the disaster, not against it.’ The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of companies to alter their models, including having to utilize different types of communication technologies. We have done our best to stay at the forefront of technology that makes communicating with people easy and pleasant. In fact, I expect to see remote work becoming the norm, but with healthy returns to in-person interactions as well. We are social creatures, after all, and the return of conferences, festivals and events have proven that so far this year.”

Aside from that, Galen M. Hair has also made it his primary duty to ensure that each of his employees is living their best life, personally and professionally. By adopting this goal, the leader has inevitably put together a team of highly motivated, devoted, and dedicated professionals who share the same intentions of growing the enterprise.

The industry authority has accomplished this incredible feat by ensuring he first attracts the right people. He insightfully explained, “I learned that you have to focus on drawing in the right members — showing a unique value proposition that is more than just a paycheck, while also not minimizing said paycheck. You also must specialize. With all the information out there, if you aren’t specializing, you are opening yourself up to be put out of business.”

However, he does not merely stop at hiring exceptional and talented individuals. More importantly, the strategist is also keen on retaining his employees by helping them flourish. He said, “We teach our team that we are here for our clients. The only way to truly adopt that mindset is to show the results of what we do, which we achieve through emails, texts, videos, and meetings. We want to make sure we never forget the positive impact we can have when we work together. I personally want to put 1,000 people back into their homes each month.”

Galen M. Hair has undeniably established several vital points that prove how having a profound understanding of people can significantly help an enterprise succeed in the current financial and social climate.

When asked for one final piece of wisdom, the thought leader profoundly remarked, “Unreasonable growth comes with unreasonable costs. As a potential recession looms, cost is going to be a key factor. Companies will soon show whether they planned well for it. Leaders will sometimes dodge the blame, but ego is a dangerous thing in business. Self-awareness is the most valuable thing for a business. Be self-aware, not egocentric. Evaluate your company culture weekly, not quarterly. Success is ultimately measured by happy clients.”

Galen M. Hair: The Peoples’ Champion for Property Damage Litigation

Galen M. Hair, Owner of Insurance Claim HQ, grew up in poverty in Arlington, Texas. His family could not afford basic necessities like electricity, and the now-successful entrepreneur started working at age 13. Savvy and hard-working, Hair used his musical talents to gain a full-ride scholarship to college.

Hair is compassionate, empathetic, and giving because of the trials of his difficult past. Due to this learned, innate quality, he felt pulled to help the population devastated by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005, and started the Student Hurricane Network there.

Hair graduated from the Tulane University of Law and continued to found programs for New Orleans along the way. He is now one of the most in-demand property insurance attorneys in the home and building restoration industry.

With a history of needing to be helped and of loving to help others, Hair has become one of the most sought-after experts in his specific litigation category. Hair believes that knowledge is power, and making sure that his audience and clients can do all they can before dealing with disaster is his forte.

An Undeniably in-Demand Expert

Hair is part of an expert panel at the SRC Summit, one of the top storm restoration conferences in the United States. He will assist roofers, contractors, and other restoration experts to navigate the world of first part insurance claims at this conference. Additionally, he will lead a breakout session to go into specific details.

In February, Hair will speak at the largest roofing, restoration, and solar conference in the US, Win the Storm. Here he will share his vast knowledge with others from the storm-disaster restoration industry.

Podcast Resume

Hair has made multiple podcast appearances and is booked for more in 2022.

Peer 2 Peer Real Estate featured him on their Youtube show on the topic of protecting oneself with the power of insurance.

Popular insurance-related podcast The Insurance Dudes invited Hair for a two-part, 40-minute podcast to discuss the relentless litigation tactics that he uses for his clients in May of 2021. The podcast begins with a delightfully playful questionnaire to get to know Hair before The Dudes get into more hard-hitting content.

Hair also made an appearance on the Action & Ambition podcast to discuss how to protect property assets and navigate tricky insurance situations. The podcast is featured on Entrepreneur and can be downloaded from Apple Music, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Slated to air in 2022, Hair has recorded podcasts with Closing the Gap Project, REI Mastermind, The Real Estate Syndication Show, LifeBlood Podcast, The Best Morning Routine Ever, School for Startups, Wealth Through Real Estate Investing, and Lawyers Only: Practicing with Purpose.

The sought-after litigator is also set to record four more podcast episodes with various shows. He speaks on a variety of topics, allowing listeners from multiple niches to utilize his knowledge.

With speaking engagements and interviews scheduled through 2022 and into 2023, this property insurance attorney is continuing to dominate his sector.

Hair is a talented champion for individuals who struggle with property insurance and damages. Those needing assistance or want to learn more about how to protect their beloved homes from disaster should contact Hair at 

About Galen M. Hair:

Galen M Hair, Owner at Insurance Claim HQ, is a property insurance attorney who has helped over 2000 families rebuild their homes and businesses. He has been rated a Super Lawyers Rising Star and voted one of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100. Click here to learn more about protecting your property from disaster:

Andrew Meinster and His Journey to Becoming a Top Commercial Insurance Agent

People can work for many years in the same company or industry and still get nowhere, owing to their work rate. Andrew Meinster, an insurance agent who hasn’t been in the game for too long, has been going further than other seasoned agents.

Andrew Meinster hails from Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Lower Merion High School. He would go on to Drexel University to get a degree in Sports Management with a minor in Marketing. Shortly after graduating, he went to work in a local insurance agency.

After a brief stint there, Andrew joined Nottingham Insurance as a commercial insurance producer in 2014. Despite being a rookie, he quickly established himself as one of the agency’s top performers. Andrew began to develop a passion for the automotive services industry, mainly specializing in towing and repair operations. Andrew was further motivated by the ability to make a lasting impression on business owners. The first three years at Nottingham he would wake up at 3AM, drive an hour to the office, and start his work. 

Andrew is just as competitive when it comes to servicing clients as he is with bringing a new client on. What sets him apart from other agents is his ability to form meaningful friendships that are real and continue after business hours. With his easy-going nature and clear desire to help, his clients have trust in him. 

Despite having been in the insurance industry for only seven years, Andrew is emerging in the top 1 percent of Property & Casualty Insurance agents.  Andrew’s ambition is to grow his book of business further while still making it a top priority to service his existing clients.  

To find out more about Andrew Meinster & Nottingham Insurance, you may visit their  website.