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Tucker Moore Group LLP, a Legal Practice Firm that Gets the Job Done

Trucker Moore Group LLP is a law firm owned and run by Charles Tucker Jr., an experienced lawyer and law professor. He is a triple alum from St. John’s University, and he started his legal career at the District Attorney’s office in Brooklyn. He spent six years at the office after he rose to the rank of Senior Trial Attorney in the Special Victims Unit. Then, he became the Assistant Attorney General in Personnel Labor and Employment Division in the District of Columbia, where he won more than 98% of cases defending the DC Police Department and the Fire Department.

He is an astute litigator who ensures that he gets the work done, and this prompted him to start his own law firm, Tucker Moore Group LLP. Many people need a law firm that can take any case on no matter how difficult it is, and Tucker Moore Group LLP is one of those law firms that go all the way out for its clients. In Charles Tucker Jr.’s words, “All I wanted was to develop a firm that gets clients through the nature of referrals and satisfied clients who spread the word.”

Charles’ reputation precedes him in the legal world as he has practiced in multiple jurisdictions. As a litigation attorney, Charles has been a part of more than 300 jury trials, administrative hearings, and bench trials. He is also an expert criminal defense litigator, employment litigator, and civil litigator. In 2019 and 2020, he made the list of the Top 100 Criminal Defense and Civil Defense attorneys compiled by the National Trial Lawyers. He was also selected as one of the top 100 black attorneys.

Alongside being the managing partner of his firm, he is also a senior partner at the Cochran Firm in the Mississippi Delta office. Outside law practice, Charles Tucker Jr. loves the classroom. He has been a distinguished adjunct professor for more than 20 years, teaching law to college students. He was also recently appointed to oversee the creation of a criminal justice advisory board to revamp the criminal justice program and change how law enforcement departments are trained.

With such an extensive resume, Charles puts his expertise and doggedness to good use at his firm. And for good reasons, Tucker Moore Group LLP has become well-known in the DC Metro. Between 2018 and 2020, the firm has won more than $75 million in settlements. The firm focuses on cases bordering around sexual assault, wrongful termination, racial, sexual, or age discrimination, child custody disputes, and divorce.

Tucker Moore Group LLP has an excellent track record for taking on cases that many law firms will not touch, and it has a high win rate. The remarkable lawyering skills that Charles Tucker has shown over the past few decades reflect on his firm, and he has no plans to stop anytime soon. The firm currently has offices in Virginia, Maryland, and New York; and Charles has plans to open more offices and have more partners. Alongside being an excellent litigator, he also wants to become one of the top legal trainers in the United States.

Getting to this point in Charles’ career was not accidental. In his words, in every situation, there is an opportunity to do something great.

Learn more about Tucker Moore Group LLP on the website.

Daffner & Associates Brings Criminal Law Practice to a Higher Level

Daffner & Associates, P.C. is one of the top criminal defense practices in the United States, with celebrity defense attorney Marc Daffner at the helm. The firm often generates media exposure for winning highly complicated cases, having represented clients in both state and federal courts since 1993. Daffner & Associates is home to the most seasoned legal professionals offering premium representation.

Daffner & Associates, P.C. is best known for representing clients who want to address criminal trouble, firearms trouble, tax trouble, and many other legal hurdles. The firm is sophisticated in handling cases, and it does so in a cost-effective manner, ensuring the highest degree of quality without breaking their clients’ banks.

The Pittsburgh-based law firm has been hailed as the “highest in ethical conduct and professional excellence” by the organization Top Lawyers in Pennsylvania. The practice exhibits a superb level of performance in the industry and an incredible commitment to serving justice for their clients. The firm has worked on thousands of cases, delivering customer satisfaction across the country.

Daffner & Associates, P.C. was built by competent lawyers, including founding member Marc Daffner. He is a highly respected member of the defense bar. He concentrates his practice in state and federal criminal defense, as well as commercial litigation. Attorney Daffner is dubbed as a Pennsylvania “Super Lawyer.” He holds a spot in the top 5% best attorneys in the state and one of the Top 100 Criminal Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers. Aside from that, Attorney Daffner is included among the Best Attorneys of America and honored with the Martindale-Hubbell Client Service Award.

Most recently, Attorney Marc Daffner received an honor at the Pittsburgh Legal Excellence Dinner.  On top of managing Daffner & Associates, P.C., Attorney Daffner makes various contributions to his community. He is also the founder of the Western Pennsylvania Defense Attorneys Network. The organization houses members of the defense bar from the 23-country Western Pennsylvania region.

Attorney Daffner is a specially-appointed arbitrator in the Civil Division of the Court of Common Pleas and the United States District Court. He also represents children in complex custody matters as a court-appointed attorney. Today, the legal expert is serving his fourth term as an elected county committeeman. Previously, he has served a 6-year term as an administrative judge and chair of the Civil Service Commission. With his incredible achievements, he has been a candidate for judge of the Court of Common Pleas of the Allegheny Country.

Using his expertise in piloting Daffner & Associates, P.C., Attorney  Daffner is also a regular instructor of Continuing Legal Education programs and has authored several texts and teaching materials, as well as various publications tackling specific areas of the law. Among his works is the book called What You Need to Know About Carrying a Firearm in Pennsylvania, set to be released this year.

The esteemed attorney has handled many high-interest cases — in fact, he represented the defendant in the first case in United States history where self-defense was successfully used as a defense in a death penalty case involving the murder of a police officer. The case made quite a buzz and propelled his already well-known practice to a whole new league.

Today, in his legal practice, Daffner & Associates, Attorney Daffner pilots a team of talented lawyers with his knowledge and expertise in the field. Asked why clients trust them so much, Daffner said that they come because of the firm’s hands-on, unparalleled professionalism, at highly competitive rates.

“But most importantly,” he said, “they come to us because we’re good at what we do.”

To learn more about Daffner & Associates, P.C., and Attorney Marc Daffner, visit their website.

How Dagoberto Rodriguez Pushed Himself to Launch His Own Law Firm

Everyone has a drive that pushes them forward. For attorney Dagoberto Rogriguez, his drive has always been his competitiveness with himself to become a better version of himself. The road he took to get where he is now was a long one that started in his home country.

Rodriguez originally hails from Caracas, Venezuela. He studied for a degree in law at Universidad Santa Maria, Escuela de Derecho. As he completed his studies, his country was going through a political change. This prompted Rodriguez to flee his country in 2001.

He found himself in the United States with one thing on his mind: to become a lawyer. However, he had no money to support his studies, and he couldn’t speak the language. Rodriguez decided to look for a job that allowed him to study and provide funds to support himself. He found work in construction that gave him the time to attend ESL classes.

One day, on the way to work, Rodriguez found himself in a terrible car accident. This led to severe damage to his vehicle. He was also injured in the accident but without medical insurance or the funds to seek medical help he was not able to find the help he needed. It was a difficult time for Rodriguez as he shelled out his money for the rental of another vehicle and the deductible to repair his car.

Later on, and while in Law School, Rodriguez would learn about “personal injury lawyers” and realize that the insurance company for the person at fault took advantage of him. 

During his studies, he would learn that victims of injuries caused by negligent parties have a right to receive compensation for their injuries. It came to him what kind of lawyer he wanted to be. 

Rodriguez would finish up his studies and later on become licensed in three different states. After graduating from law school, Rodriguez worked with immigrants. He would partner with a firm that decided they wanted to go entirely into another field of law.

With the direction they took, Rodriguez started earning great money and had multiple associates and staff members. He had everything any lawyer could possibly want. Despite this, Rodriguez felt a disconnection as it was not his thing. He would part from the firm to start one of his own.

He founded Rodriguez Law Firm, where he could practice law in Virginia, Maryland and D.C., allowing him to focus on Personal Injury Law. Rodriguez has been helping those who were injured recover their money and needed to pay for medical treatments. He has even had the pleasure of representing people who told him to forget about becoming a lawyer because it was impossible. Rodriguez has also been able to earn enough money that allowed him to send help back in Venezuela. 

To inquire about Dagoberto Rodriguez’s services, you may visit his law firm’s website.