The WELTHE Guy Reigns Supreme In Online Fashion

Hardy Amies once said, “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.” Choosing the right clothes makes people feel more confident because it gives a positive feeling when one is wearing something that represents their style. Looking good makes people feel good and do good. Robert Paulley III firmly believes that success is affected by the way a person dresses.

Robert owns a lifestyle services brand,  WELTHE Guy LLC. His company started when he was in search of the perfect coat with a fur collar. After several stores and multiple disappointments, Robert decided to make his own. What triggered the start of WELTHE Guy is the numerous compliments and inquiries he received about who designed his coat when he was wearing his creation. The beginning of his career was when clients started calling him.

Robert got a degree in history from City University of New York, Baruch College. Other than that, he is experienced in finance since he used to work for two of the world’s top banks. The enhancement of his skills in the world of business and marketing, such as business management, financial planning and analysis, project management, and business process re-engineering, comes in handy when he entered the online world. 

Robert started with less than 200 friends and followers on his social media accounts. After establishing the WELTHE Guy, he garnered more than 50 thousand followers and over 200 thousand impressions per week.  He made an impression with his opening line, “My people, my people, my people, it’s the WELTHE Guy here.”

The skills he learned while managing his social media accounts helped him develop the WELTHE Guy into an online tailoring business. Robert makes videos for Instagram and promotes custom-made outfits right in the comfort of his living room. This made the WELTHE Guy’s profit grow up to over 6 figures. He also uses this platform to teach and inspire others who want to build their fashion empire. 

Robert might be working in his living room, but his work has reached places other than the United States, such as Canada, the United Kingdom,  Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia. Online platforms may be his forte, but he also accepts in-person consultations for a fitting. He’s been invited to various podcasts, news outlets, and online and print publications to tackle men’s seasonal fashion trends. 

The WELTHE Guy bridges the gap between custom-made clothes and affordability. He  gives his clients the comfort of wearing a high-quality outfit that shows their personality without breaking the bank. The WELTHE Guy wants to provide satisfaction to those who are not used to having their clothes tailored-fit for them. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been wearing masks as if it is a part of the body. To those who are fashion conscious, wearing a mask can ruin their outfits. However, the WELTHE Guy aims to make face masks that complement outfits for those who want to stay fashionable despite the chaos this pandemic brings.

For contact details and to get a glimpse of his works, visit his official website