Wellness Authority The Tox LA Introduces the Power of Lymphatic Drainage Strategy, The Tox Technique

People often underestimate the effect of what they eat to their overall wellbeing. The box of donuts, gas station coffee, and that one serving of instant ramen contribute to the waste and toxins that accumulate in one’s body, putting organs to work to filter out toxins. And even for the healthiest of eaters, there will still be a point when vital organs are placed in too much pressure and must, therefore, be given a reprieve before they break down and facilitate the appearance of illnesses. 

The Tox LA, a woman-led venture that has emerged as a leader in the lymphatic drainage industry, provides that reprieve for people by offering a combination of different modalities designed to detoxify the body from inside out. This health-oriented venture was developed by Courtney Yeager, a powerhouse in multiple industries that served as an icon of inspiration, most notably to other female entrepreneurs.

As an overworked mom and entrepreneur behind many successful brands, Courtney was in the lookout for a natural detox method that could help regulate her digestive system. After countless long hours of thorough research, she bumped into the fact that the lymphatic system is immensely understudied and underrated in the United States. This discovery sparked her commitment to bringing lymphatic health awareness to the consciousness of the masses, kicking off the impact that her signature wellness move, The Tox Technique, would cause. 

The Tox Technique is a proven way to detoxify the body and to improve health through the involvement of the lymphatic system. This unique body technique not only alleviates excessive water retention, but it also gives the person an overall leaner look. 

By regulating and stimulating the various bodily networks of tissues and organs, such as the immune system and digestive system, this specific treatment gives the body the rest that it needs.

The health impact of The Tox LA can now be enjoyed by more areas as this LA-based wellness enabler has expanded to more cities. Courtney’s brainchild can be found in three more locations, namely in New York City, Miami, and The Bay Area. And in the coming year, it is also set to cater to more clients looking to see improvements in their health with a whopping ten more branches to be opened. 

Ever since its establishment, The Tox has served as the go-to treatment place for women and men of all shapes and sizes and from different walks of life. It is also known for being a celebrity hotspot, and anyone who visits any of the four Tox locations may run into today’s hottest personalities. 

Recently, The Tox LA released its full lymphatic health product line. It consists of various beneficial items, such as drainage lotions and massage creams, as well as patches, caffeinated face masks, brushes, scents, and contour paddles. 

With its provision of the best form of lymphatic drainage, The Tox will continue to take pride in its core service in the upcoming years. And while Courtney and her company improve the health of every person that comes under the roof of The Tox, they will also remain as advocates of lymphatic health awareness and the ways people could better take care of themselves physically.

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