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Understanding the True Value of Digitalization and Expanding its Foothold Across the World

The world has taken a paradigm shift from analog to digital. This transition has influenced every single aspect of society, including businesses. The use of digital technology for devising strategies to make a business gain more success is named Digital Marketing.

The old methods of obtaining customers, expanding the audience, and generating leads have been profoundly affected by digital marketing. Due to various technological tactics, engaging customers and increasing revenues have now become fairly easier.

The cause of this shift is the world’s staggering growth and competition in every field. When it comes to business, keeping up with the competition is quite essential. The task is quite daunting. Even though it is quite difficult to stay ahead of the competition, it is not impossible.

In recent years, key players in the digital marketing world have become more prominent than the others. One of the most renowned firms is Betadia Limited- a UK-based digital insurance company that entered the industry in 2006 and has been providing exceptional financial protection to businesses since then.

Building a Name in the Industry

Not everyone is aware of the importance of financial protection or how to find a suitable insurance plan for their business in case adversity strikes. Realizing that it’s a genuine cause of concern, Oliver Roberts decided to launch a firm that would enable businesses to make investments without fear of financial vulnerability.

In 2006, the founder went live with his company, offering financial protection to clients to make their investment decisions hassle-free. Many clients have praised Betadia for its smooth processes and impeccable insurance policies. Headquartered in London, Betadia has expanded its foothold to different parts of the world. Today, the company has spread its roots across 12 regions, including Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

With time, the company progressed more, adding digital features to its operations. Today, Betadia serves as a guardian of its client’s and vendors’ investment products, safeguarding their financial plans by serving as an intuitive platform that promises user-friendly design and features. This working module offers users to manage their subscriptions within a few taps and make transfers from the comfort of their place.

The company offers several saving and investment plans, including B Bots, Wealth Enrich 2.0 and Wealth Protect 2.0. Each plan is tailored to empower investors to profit with insured capital. Betadia also offers users the opportunity to earn profits via a series of investment products provided by the company itself, provided the users meet the regulations of the insurance plan.

With the aim to shape a unique brand image in the insurance industry, Betadia also provides clients with investment knowledge that allows them to invest with great confidence and a sense of financial security. To engage with a broader audience, Betadia launched its own radio channel Betadia FM, where listeners across the world can grasp insights on how to get insured digitally.

In the future, the company plans to feature local and international lives webinars, hackathons and boot camps to provide the client exposure to the digital insurance realm!

Positive Marketing USA on Giving a Spotlight to Customers and Leading Dallas’ Commercial Digital Printing Industry

At any given time, countless ventures are competing for a position at the top of the game. Given this saturation, it has proven difficult for both new entrants and established companies to stand out and carve a path toward the summit of their respective fields. Positive Marketing USA, an authority in commercial digital printing, has had its fair share of struggles when it comes to surviving and thriving in the cut-throat world of business. Yet, amid the odds, it managed to establish a name for itself and continues to gain traction, thanks to its consistency in delivering its promises and satisfying the needs of its clients. 

Founded in 1982, Positive Marketing has emerged as a leading provider of custom printing products over the years, an accomplishment that not every company can snag under its belt. Boasting products that are produced in-house by a skilled team of specialists, it capitalizes on the latest advancements in digital printing technology to provide top-notch offerings to its clients. 

Right now, Positive Marketing USA stands as the go-to expert in grand format and flat surface printing, having cemented this particular position through its quality production of banners, posters, signs, textiles, foam core, PVC foam sheets, styrene, and wallpaper. Considering its success, many could jump to the conclusion that the company and its team have had it easy, an assumption that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. 

Venturing from Canada to the United States and tapping a market with a different purchasing behavior did not prove to be a smooth-sailing journey. “We had a lot of knowledge and experience in our field of large format digital printing but barely any customers,” said Greg Dekirmenjian, the VP of Operations and Marketing of Positive Marketing USA. In the face of this challenge and pressured to hit the ground running, he went all-out in growing a company on foreign soil. ]

Years after it first entered the American market in 2014, Positive Marketing USA succeeded in making its mark and conquering Dallas’ and other US cities’ custom large format graphics digital printing scene. So far, it has helped out many customers, large and small. From sports, retail, and trade show exhibit companies to ventures in the same field, this industry leader has given its clients a spotlight and helped them increase their visibility

The heights that Positive Marketing USA has reached can be credited not only to the quality of its products. Above anything else, it is the persistence and dedication of its team that has propelled this establishment forward. “It took a while until companies trusted us,” the team shared. “Greg was trying to convince potential customers of our knowledge and experience in Canada and how we can provide the same top-notch products and services here in the US. With time, customers quickly realized that we were the real deal.”

Currently, Positive Marketing is building on its momentum in the events and sports world. Apart from expanding to other cities, it plans to bank on the launch of its sister company, Dekmark, to dominate the home decor and wall art sector in the years to come. 

How Internet Marketing Pioneer JetSetFly Built His Personal Brand From the Ground Up

Success can be found in the most unexpected places. The world’s most prominent entrepreneurs had to start somewhere, but most of us only see what they have become. Unbeknownst to the public, the most successful people in business faced countless trials to get to where they are today. 

Josh King Madrid knows this all too well. Dropping out of college at an early age, he faced countless tough decisions. But through grit, passion, and determination, he came out on top as one of the most decorated Internet Marketing professionals the world has ever seen.

When asked about where his entrepreneurial journey truly began, Josh, aka JetSetFly, recalls a time when his father showed him the ropes. He was in second grade when his father loaned him $15 and showed him how to buy beanies from China at wholesale prices. “He told me to buy them, sell them to kids at my school and pay him back and to use the profits to buy my own clothes and toys that I wanted. So I did,” he shared. 

He went to school and after-school winter camp with the other kids and sold all the beanies for $5. At that moment, he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship. Since that day, he realized that he was able to get anything he wanted with the right information, relentless drive and an impeccable work ethic. 

“That small accomplishment has led me to accomplish every goal in my life, sports-wise, relationship-wise, material-wise, and most importantly, impact-wise. It would take years later for me to truly realize how that one single event boosted my inner confidence and influence skills by putting me on a path of constant self-growth. I think it is very important to treat everything in life as a win, no matter how big or small it may be. Once you get used to winning as a habit, you’ll never accept a loss. Things will just start to always go in your favor,” shared JetSetFly

Fast forward to 2016, a friend of his formally introduced him to Internet Marketing. He quickly dove into the industry without a moment’s hesitation. Once he acquired a grasp of the concepts, he was contacted by his friend, who invented the original technology that forever changed the way products and services were sold on Instagram. His friend would become the innovator who would introduce the world’s first-ever Instagram DM Automation Chatbot, a revolutionary form of technology that has been a massive game-changer in the marketing industry.

JetSetFly became the first-ever beta-tester for this tech years before it was made public. “Over that time period, we created, tested and mastered dozens of new marketing campaigns learning how to launch viral ads with over 90% opt-in rates consistently. We were able to quadruple our brands’ sales with only half the cost,” shared the trailblazing entrepreneur.

Since then, he has cut out every other form of marketing, strictly opting for Instagram DM Automation to generate several hundred thousand leads and over $10 million in sales revenue. At this point, JetSetFly gained a massive following on his social media, amassing over half a million followers across all platforms. “Without the opportunity to learn and access his tech, it would have cost me multiple millions of dollars to get those same results using traditional online advertising and marketing strategies,” he added.

Nowadays, JetSetFly is known for successfully generating leads with viral product campaigns. He has acquired over $20 million online, earning him a pristine reputation in the industry and a huge following to boot. He currently focuses on building his personal brand, recording podcasts, and creating valuable content to share with his followers. By the time he turned 21 years old, JetSetFly had already shared stages with Fortune 500 CEOs, Billionaires, top motivational speakers and the biggest social media business personalities such as Tai Lopez, Andy Frisella, and Eric Thomas the Hip-Hop Preacher.

JetSetFly has indeed come a long way since his start in the business industry. From being a college dropout with $0 worth of assets to his name to making his first million at the age of 19. One thing’s for sure: this only marks the beginning for the firebrand entrepreneur, and it’s exciting to see where he’ll be in the years to come.