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Understanding the True Value of Digitalization and Expanding its Foothold Across the World

The world has taken a paradigm shift from analog to digital. This transition has influenced every single aspect of society, including businesses. The use of digital technology for devising strategies to make a business gain more success is named Digital Marketing.

The old methods of obtaining customers, expanding the audience, and generating leads have been profoundly affected by digital marketing. Due to various technological tactics, engaging customers and increasing revenues have now become fairly easier.

The cause of this shift is the world’s staggering growth and competition in every field. When it comes to business, keeping up with the competition is quite essential. The task is quite daunting. Even though it is quite difficult to stay ahead of the competition, it is not impossible.

In recent years, key players in the digital marketing world have become more prominent than the others. One of the most renowned firms is Betadia Limited- a UK-based digital insurance company that entered the industry in 2006 and has been providing exceptional financial protection to businesses since then.

Building a Name in the Industry

Not everyone is aware of the importance of financial protection or how to find a suitable insurance plan for their business in case adversity strikes. Realizing that it’s a genuine cause of concern, Oliver Roberts decided to launch a firm that would enable businesses to make investments without fear of financial vulnerability.

In 2006, the founder went live with his company, offering financial protection to clients to make their investment decisions hassle-free. Many clients have praised Betadia for its smooth processes and impeccable insurance policies. Headquartered in London, Betadia has expanded its foothold to different parts of the world. Today, the company has spread its roots across 12 regions, including Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

With time, the company progressed more, adding digital features to its operations. Today, Betadia serves as a guardian of its client’s and vendors’ investment products, safeguarding their financial plans by serving as an intuitive platform that promises user-friendly design and features. This working module offers users to manage their subscriptions within a few taps and make transfers from the comfort of their place.

The company offers several saving and investment plans, including B Bots, Wealth Enrich 2.0 and Wealth Protect 2.0. Each plan is tailored to empower investors to profit with insured capital. Betadia also offers users the opportunity to earn profits via a series of investment products provided by the company itself, provided the users meet the regulations of the insurance plan.

With the aim to shape a unique brand image in the insurance industry, Betadia also provides clients with investment knowledge that allows them to invest with great confidence and a sense of financial security. To engage with a broader audience, Betadia launched its own radio channel Betadia FM, where listeners across the world can grasp insights on how to get insured digitally.

In the future, the company plans to feature local and international lives webinars, hackathons and boot camps to provide the client exposure to the digital insurance realm!

Positive Marketing USA on Giving a Spotlight to Customers and Leading Dallas’ Commercial Digital Printing Industry

At any given time, countless ventures are competing for a position at the top of the game. Given this saturation, it has proven difficult for both new entrants and established companies to stand out and carve a path toward the summit of their respective fields. Positive Marketing USA, an authority in commercial digital printing, has had its fair share of struggles when it comes to surviving and thriving in the cut-throat world of business. Yet, amid the odds, it managed to establish a name for itself and continues to gain traction, thanks to its consistency in delivering its promises and satisfying the needs of its clients. 

Founded in 1982, Positive Marketing has emerged as a leading provider of custom printing products over the years, an accomplishment that not every company can snag under its belt. Boasting products that are produced in-house by a skilled team of specialists, it capitalizes on the latest advancements in digital printing technology to provide top-notch offerings to its clients. 

Right now, Positive Marketing USA stands as the go-to expert in grand format and flat surface printing, having cemented this particular position through its quality production of banners, posters, signs, textiles, foam core, PVC foam sheets, styrene, and wallpaper. Considering its success, many could jump to the conclusion that the company and its team have had it easy, an assumption that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. 

Venturing from Canada to the United States and tapping a market with a different purchasing behavior did not prove to be a smooth-sailing journey. “We had a lot of knowledge and experience in our field of large format digital printing but barely any customers,” said Greg Dekirmenjian, the VP of Operations and Marketing of Positive Marketing USA. In the face of this challenge and pressured to hit the ground running, he went all-out in growing a company on foreign soil. ]

Years after it first entered the American market in 2014, Positive Marketing USA succeeded in making its mark and conquering Dallas’ and other US cities’ custom large format graphics digital printing scene. So far, it has helped out many customers, large and small. From sports, retail, and trade show exhibit companies to ventures in the same field, this industry leader has given its clients a spotlight and helped them increase their visibility

The heights that Positive Marketing USA has reached can be credited not only to the quality of its products. Above anything else, it is the persistence and dedication of its team that has propelled this establishment forward. “It took a while until companies trusted us,” the team shared. “Greg was trying to convince potential customers of our knowledge and experience in Canada and how we can provide the same top-notch products and services here in the US. With time, customers quickly realized that we were the real deal.”

Currently, Positive Marketing is building on its momentum in the events and sports world. Apart from expanding to other cities, it plans to bank on the launch of its sister company, Dekmark, to dominate the home decor and wall art sector in the years to come. 

The future is now: Orbis Academy leads and educates the public on cryptocurrency

The world is becoming more digital. People worldwide are working, shopping, taking online college courses, and socializing with friends and family digitally. In our digital world, secure transactions are more important than ever before. Business owners, individuals, and investors are more concerned with ensuring their financial transactions are hacker-proof. Online transactions are a convenience for millions of people. However, more ways are needed to safely conduct business and personal transactions online without worrying about fraud.

What Is Cryptocurrency and How Does It Work?

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that uses blockchain technology. A blockchain is a digital-style platform that’s decentralized and not controlled by any financial institution or government. The technology uses cryptography and algorithms, making it difficult to hack or alter. The blockchain keeps records of transactions maintained by a computer network. Each user has a private key associated with their crypto. A user can manage investments and sign transactions that transfer the value of the currency to the new owner.

A transaction is signed like an email and sent to the network for verification. All transactions are public and are available on the blockchain. Every transaction is traceable to the point where the currency was mined or produced. Blockchain technology stores all the information where it’s secure and virtually immune to hacking. 

Currently, there are 300 million people globally. The top ten cryptocurrencies comprise more than 80 percent of the market. In 2021, confidence in cryptocurrency was close to 100 percent. More than 200 exchanges buy and sell crypto, and there are more than 12,000 kinds of cryptocurrency. With more people than ever expressing interest in cryptocurrency, it’s essential to understand how the currencies work to benefit from the technology.

Cryptocurrency and Digital Education

More and more companies are getting involved with crypto. Is now the time to start learning about digital currencies? Educational programs on cryptocurrency are invaluable to new and longtime investors. Many companies are offering online education to help new and experienced investors on investing in cryptocurrency. Education about blockchain technology is minimal. Since cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream, companies are offering education about how the process works.

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the global monetary systems due to the user network that’s expanding and how easy it is to handle secure transactions. However, you should educate yourself before you dive in. Online resources can teach you the fundamentals of buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency.

Orbis Academy can help kickstart the crypto education journey. They believe that blockchain is getting bigger, and people should be educated about how these systems operate. There are many online tools that help investors get started. Nevertheless, it’s essential to be educated about how blockchain works and wise ways to invest. Their education platform has tools to assist with business planning, leadership, and team development. In addition, you’ll have the tools you need to understand various cryptocurrencies.

Whether you’re interested in investing savings in cryptocurrency or want to learn more before buying crypto, you should learn as much as possible before making any investments. Here are some interesting facts about crypto.

Currently, there are 300 million people globally. The top ten cryptocurrencies comprise more than 80 percent of the market. In 2021, confidence in cryptocurrency was close to 100 percent. More than 200 exchanges buy and sell crypto, and there are more than 12,000 kinds of cryptocurrency, so do your research.

How Internet Marketing Pioneer JetSetFly Built His Personal Brand From the Ground Up

Success can be found in the most unexpected places. The world’s most prominent entrepreneurs had to start somewhere, but most of us only see what they have become. Unbeknownst to the public, the most successful people in business faced countless trials to get to where they are today. 

Josh King Madrid knows this all too well. Dropping out of college at an early age, he faced countless tough decisions. But through grit, passion, and determination, he came out on top as one of the most decorated Internet Marketing professionals the world has ever seen.

When asked about where his entrepreneurial journey truly began, Josh, aka JetSetFly, recalls a time when his father showed him the ropes. He was in second grade when his father loaned him $15 and showed him how to buy beanies from China at wholesale prices. “He told me to buy them, sell them to kids at my school and pay him back and to use the profits to buy my own clothes and toys that I wanted. So I did,” he shared. 

He went to school and after-school winter camp with the other kids and sold all the beanies for $5. At that moment, he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship. Since that day, he realized that he was able to get anything he wanted with the right information, relentless drive and an impeccable work ethic. 

“That small accomplishment has led me to accomplish every goal in my life, sports-wise, relationship-wise, material-wise, and most importantly, impact-wise. It would take years later for me to truly realize how that one single event boosted my inner confidence and influence skills by putting me on a path of constant self-growth. I think it is very important to treat everything in life as a win, no matter how big or small it may be. Once you get used to winning as a habit, you’ll never accept a loss. Things will just start to always go in your favor,” shared JetSetFly

Fast forward to 2016, a friend of his formally introduced him to Internet Marketing. He quickly dove into the industry without a moment’s hesitation. Once he acquired a grasp of the concepts, he was contacted by his friend, who invented the original technology that forever changed the way products and services were sold on Instagram. His friend would become the innovator who would introduce the world’s first-ever Instagram DM Automation Chatbot, a revolutionary form of technology that has been a massive game-changer in the marketing industry.

JetSetFly became the first-ever beta-tester for this tech years before it was made public. “Over that time period, we created, tested and mastered dozens of new marketing campaigns learning how to launch viral ads with over 90% opt-in rates consistently. We were able to quadruple our brands’ sales with only half the cost,” shared the trailblazing entrepreneur.

Since then, he has cut out every other form of marketing, strictly opting for Instagram DM Automation to generate several hundred thousand leads and over $10 million in sales revenue. At this point, JetSetFly gained a massive following on his social media, amassing over half a million followers across all platforms. “Without the opportunity to learn and access his tech, it would have cost me multiple millions of dollars to get those same results using traditional online advertising and marketing strategies,” he added.

Nowadays, JetSetFly is known for successfully generating leads with viral product campaigns. He has acquired over $20 million online, earning him a pristine reputation in the industry and a huge following to boot. He currently focuses on building his personal brand, recording podcasts, and creating valuable content to share with his followers. By the time he turned 21 years old, JetSetFly had already shared stages with Fortune 500 CEOs, Billionaires, top motivational speakers and the biggest social media business personalities such as Tai Lopez, Andy Frisella, and Eric Thomas the Hip-Hop Preacher.

JetSetFly has indeed come a long way since his start in the business industry. From being a college dropout with $0 worth of assets to his name to making his first million at the age of 19. One thing’s for sure: this only marks the beginning for the firebrand entrepreneur, and it’s exciting to see where he’ll be in the years to come.

Gambleswap Building Online Gambling into the Metaverse

The growth of the metaverse doesn’t seem to be slowing down as more people find innovative ways to use this digital environment. One new inventive way to use Web 3.0 presence is an application called Gambleswap, which is bringing gambling into the decentralized reality with upcoming releases that could start creating revenue-generating initiatives online. 

Gambleswap is a company on a mission to expand their Web 3.0 presence of gambling games and applications. It has a whole lineup of blockchain projects in the pipeline, including an upcoming NFT collection, ICO, and metaverse casino among other things. But the greater initiative behind this new metaverse-powered organization is a desire to build fun and secure gambling experiences into cryptocurrency, NFTs, and more. 

“Gambleswap is pioneering the space of decentralized online gambling,” shares a company representative on the company’s direction. “By combining the limitless possibilities of the Metaverse with the rapidly expanding gaming industry, Gambleswap is excited to lead the way in decentralized innovation, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, online gambling experiences, and more.”

One of the more exciting projects lined up for the company is an NFT collection that should hit the online world very soon. There will be 9,999 NFT mints ready for grabs as soon as the collection hits NFT marketplaces. The tokens will do more than serve as online assets. They will have many utilities attached to them. For one, there will be a profit-sharing structure for NFT holders, which will give them a cut of the online gambling pie. The profit-generating program will automatically become embedded into the NFT experience. According to the company, the plan is to allow 50% of profits as a pool of profit share for NFT holders. And it seems the founders are more than serious about making that happen. Moreover, there will be some resources pooled in and used for a monthly lottery, which will award prizes to the total of $250,000.

More than anything, the Gambleswap team is more than excited about providing an augmented income stream to their community of collectors. “We believe everyone should be able to benefit from the casino industry, not just the elite,” the company explains. “That’s why we are giving 50% of the profits generated in the house back to NFT holders.”

By pioneering the gambling space in the metaverse, Gambleswap hopes to do more than be the first to take this direction. The team members are avid believers in the power of NFT and metaverse applications. Accordingly, the company has focused in making most if not all of its efforts digital so they can reach a global audience in one go.

The Gambleswap development team is continuing to work on a model that will sustain the movement over the next few years. Gamble swap is determined to make this project a self-sustaining one by bringing in profits that will help keep the company’s lights on.  The company also currently has an ongoing ICO, which will work a program that utilize th BEP-20 protocol of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and with a limited total supply of 500,000,000.

As they continue development, Gambleswap hopes that their metaverse casino will be a new and exciting destination for all people alike.

Ars Media Arts Group Opens Exciting Opportunities for Rising Creatives

When passion meets vision, the outcome is epic, and Ars Media Arts Group is all about making legendary opportunities available to aspiring creatives from visual artists to branding enthusiasts, graphic designers, and advertising creatives. As a non-profit art organization, it thrives on helping creatives create a vision, develop and awareness, awarding experience, and capturing the uniqueness in whatever medium and genre possible. 

Since its establishment in 2016, Ars Media Arts Group has steadily grown to become a powerhouse of some of the most promising creatives expected to impact the marketing, advertising, and visual arts industries worldwide in the coming years. The organization is slowly but steadily revolutionizing how they are developing capabilities with the media, creating its own content, and making an avenue available to its members. The group has been offering helpful insights and has been known to facilitate artist development, brand development, creative direction, and project funding.  

Ars Media Arts Group also offers internship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students who wish to elevate their training and skills. The group has been actively promoting creative awareness in the Washington, D.C. area since it was developed. The group has gone as far as Atlanta in Georgia, Charlotte City in North Carolina, Miami in Florida, and other key cities. Over the years, the organization has successfully provided more than 500 promising opportunities for journalists, photographers, visual artists, bloggers, musicians, DJs, and videographers from all over the country. 

Ars Media Arts Group co-founder and Executive Director Torland Greene Jr. thought of establishing the group in order to help creatives learn, develop, and sustain their businesses that are inclined towards fashion, content creation, and art. The 32-year-old visual artist, designer, and entrepreneur from Manassas, Virginia, is responsible for identifying creatives and their need for resources. Once they have been identified, the group helps them come up with marketing strategies, partnerships, study groups, and fundraisers to help draw attention to their creative projects and brands. 

As one who is seasoned in the area of marketing, branding, and visual aesthetics, Torland is adding value to the output of their interns by elevating their understanding of how the fashion, art, and design businesses operate. 

“Our Brand Developed Service is a top to bottom unique brand building service that teaches the entrepreneur how to market, who to market to and where placement is most valuable! We pride ourselves on building rapport with top brands that want to shine some light on visual artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs. Bridging the gap between mainstream platforms and emerging creatives with opportunities to collaborate, receive sponsorship and build long lasting business relationships,” the Ars Media Arts Group co-founder explains. 

The group also aims to develop more than 500 artists, brands, or creatives combined. One of its major objectives in the next few years is to own a small workshop space that will provide an avenue for creatives to access resources and an avenue where they can develop their ideas freely. 

Learn more about Ars Media Arts Group by visiting its website. Follow its Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects.

ASAR America Inc. Deploying New Customer Experience Strategies for Businesses

ASAR America Inc. is an SAP Gold Certified Partner Company based in Illinois. It is dedicated to helping businesses acquire strategies to deliver new experiences to their customers. There is more to ASAR America Inc. than just the titles it carries. At the helm of its affairs is Sanjjeev K Singh, a strong authority on SAP Customer Experience. He has authored different books on SAP, and his wealth of experience has been the major driving force in all of ASAR America Inc. operations.

ASAR America, Inc. is one of the most reputable SAP Gold Certified Partners in America for SAP CX Solutions. It guarantees taking any business live on SAP Customer Experience solutions within as little as 2 to 5 weeks. The company does not only implement SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud; it also integrates them with SAP backend while carrying out a comprehensive SAP ERP integration. ASAR builds, deploys, and runs all these integrations to ensure that every business delivers a smooth customer experience to its customers.

The pandemic jerked many businesses to reality and forced them to adopt new strategies to help them stay in business. Digitization of business services, service delivery, and customer experience are part of those strategies, and ASAR America Inc. is at the forefront of helping businesses to achieve that. Businesses are now creating digital solutions to give their customers a better experience. From digital marketing to online selling and service delivery, ASAR America, Inc. is helping businesses expand their operations and reduce the cost of acquiring customers under the leadership of Sanjjeev Singh.

The company’s ability to provide solutions to customers within 2 to 5 weeks enables ASAR to cater to more customers within a short time. The expert consultants at the company have also played a significant role in bringing all these necessary changes to every client. ASAR America Inc. has worked with corporations like Monster Energy, Callaway Golf, Johnson & Johnson, and Swagelok.

Sanjjeev Singh has 15 years of experience that he puts to good use at ASAR, and the company continues to thrive as its clients advance their businesses. With global corporations in its portfolio, ASAR’s reputation as a leading SAP Gold Certified Partner company and a reputable establishment in the customer experience space.

In Sanjjeev Singh’s words, “Customer experience is crucial to growing every business. Business owners need to take a closer look at how they currently engage with their customers, how they are marketing their services, how they are selling, and how they listen to their customer complaints. Customer experience is a big area and could be a daunting task for any medium-size organization. We want them to know that they can trust ASAR to help them create a roadmap and implement new customer experience!”

ASAR helps businesses improve their digital presence and customer service process to achieve one thing: growth. The company thrives on its clients’ growth, and that has been its watchword since it was established. And with new clients every day, the reputation grows, which leads to success.

Learn more about ASAR America, Inc. on its website.

Earnest Epps on Escaping the Rat Race through E-commerce

Online entrepreneurship is quickly becoming one of the biggest business booms of the decade. With the rise of dropshipping and e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and many other channels, more people leave their corporate jobs to pursue more freedom through virtual business. One testimony is that of Earnest Epps. And after winning the dropshipping game and creating a thriving business, he now looks to help others duplicate his successes. 

Earnest is the CEO of High Ticket eCom Secrets, an online resource that provides people with courses, guides, and materials that teach the keys and principles of starting a successful e-commerce business. His company comes after ten years of digital marketing and online sales experience, which have helped him create up to thirty thousand dollars a month in revenue through dropshipping. 

Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, Earnest found himself trapped in the hamster wheel that was his nine-to-five career. He sought another way to live his life, dreaming of pursuing a different path. He stumbled upon dropshipping and started learning all that he could about the up-and-coming business strategy. 

In September 2015, he decided to take dropshipping seriously and launched his first online store after less than a month. The first month, he made over three thousand and four hundred dollars. After five months, his average monthly income shot up to ten grand. Within a year, he was consistently earning enough from his side, hustle to leave his corporate job. 

Today, Earnest Epps is now a certified dropshipping coach who has helped thousands of people make decent money through online businesses. He started moving into speaking after being invited to several e-commerce events. “I was asked to speak in Asia for the first time,” shares Earnest. “I spoke to an audience of 3,000 people, teaching them how to model what I’ve done in the e-commerce world.” The said event went up on YouTube and gathered over seven hundred thousand views, helping many learn the Earnest principles and strategies to become a dropshipping giant.

Earnest Epps currently heads up multiple businesses and has started creating seven figures annually off his online enterprise. The marketing guru has learned the secrets of organically growing an online business. Earnest has radically changed the lives of so many by helping them win in business through his proven tactics within a short time. One client, Rosemary Salem, shares, “When I came to Earnest, I was unclear on how to set up and fully market my business online successfully. After working with Earnest, I now have a full list of keywords for my ads as well as a game plan to start using paid advertising successfully. This guy knows his stuff and you won’t be disappointed!”

Earnest continues to travel all over the country and the world to speak before thousands of people about his success story and the lessons he has learned and applied in his business. The dropshipping and e-commerce expert also owns and manages various companies that offer to coach and consult in direct marketing, B2B marketing, digital marketing, web design, content marketing, social media marketing, and e-commerce.

To learn more about Earnest Epps, visit his website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

Matt Mcintosh Scales His Businesses Like No Other

Matt Mcintosh dropped out of college and dedicated his life to helping others improve their financial situations instead. He owns two companies, Mcintosh Credit Solutions and Matt McIntosh Marketing. He understands that leveraging one’s credit scores is an essential part of achieving full financial freedom, which is why he is using his skills and talents to help his clients repair their individual credit scores. Matt has grown his credit business to six figures in a span of four months. He shows other companies how to achieve the same results by doing consults on their marketing strategies.

Most people have it all figured out; they have a set path in life that they hardly diverge from. Matt Mcintosh was never one of those people. He’s had his fair share of struggles in life, even reaching the point of dropping out of college. However, he knew that something had to be done. Matt had the skills and talent to build his own brand and grow it tremendously into what it is today.

Nowadays, Matt Mcintosh owns two companies, one of which is the fastest-growing credit repair company in the United States. He has managed to earn over six figures in a span of four months through his credit repair agency. Matt also built his marketing agency Matt McIntosh Marketing, to help other businesses capture more clients.

People that are looking for a way out of their current financial troubles will greatly benefit from Matt Mcintosh and his amazing services. He has his finger on the pulse of today’s current climate, and he understands what it means to be part of the black community and the community of college dropouts. Matt goes all out with his work and takes risks that nobody else in the industry could ever dream of. Every time he collaborates with a client, Matt always makes sure to give out 100 percent. 

Matt Mcintosh fully enjoys what he does for people, and he has shown incredible results along the way. He becomes obsessed with his work whenever he begins collaborating with a client, and he makes it his mission to make his client succeed with his help. Matt is able to strategize at a high level with marketing campaigns because he took a lot of time studying and experiencing what it means to be in the marketing industry.

Matt was inspired to build his brand because he wanted to create a legacy around his name and his family name. His brand wouldn’t have flourished if the people around him did not trust what he was doing. Matt Mcintosh expresses great gratitude toward his supportive peers, which have helped him grow his business faster. He has made it his mission to build a positive brand that would help people achieve their dreams and reach greater heights. Most of all, Matt was inspired by his family to build his brand. He has always wanted them to live a better life with a secure future, so he established his companies and poured his heart and soul toward each project.

He wants to inspire other people to reach for their dreams, the same way he has. Matt expresses that if a college dropout could achieve so much in such a short amount of time, then other individuals could do so as well. Indeed, Matt has helped his many clients reach for their dreams, and he vows to help more and more people along the way.

To find out more about Matt Mcintosh, make sure to follow him on Instagram.

Pierce Media and Associates on Building Brands and Shaping Culture

Advertisements — whether traditional or digital in format — often find inspiration from pop culture, bringing a brand to the intended audience’s consciousnesses through the use of trends and other relevant tools guaranteed to attract attention. Pierce Media and Associates utilize the same technique, but this marketing authority takes the game to a whole another level with its mission to shape culture. 

Established by entrepreneur, filmmaker, and philanthropist Thomas E. Pierce in 2015, Pierce Media and Associates is a marketing and public relations and creative consultancy specializing in popular culture. It started with Thomas’s goal of building a diverse portfolio by working with powerful brands on creative marketing initiatives and special projects. From there, his brainchild has risen to become an influential and innovative institution, which helps brands create culturally-relevant and highly impactful endeavors that result in the realization of business objectives. 

Pierce Media and Associates (PMA) is known for its excellence in different areas. Its media strategy and marketing tactics guarantee that clients get the spotlight they are looking for. Moreover, whether it is in producing large scale productions or short content “infotainment,” the firm’s content planning and video production services are expected to be top-notch. And as culture and art enthusiasts who have been on the ground at every hot media market in the United States and abroad, the team behind PMA has also provided clients with outstanding guidance in markets such as music festivals, film festivals, art fairs, and more. Lastly, this reputable firm is competent as well in creating robust itineraries and executing intricate logistics for influencer trips, media trips, and multi-day conferences. 

At its core, what Pierce Media and Associates does is tell the story of a brand sensitively and courageously. It banks on Thomas’s exemplary competence in integrated marketing tactics, media strategy, and influencer engagement strategy as well as on his successful track record when it comes to securing sponsorships in coveted consumer markets and cross-promotional brand partnerships in TV series and films. 

Through integrated partnerships, bespoke brand experiences, content production, and media, Pierce Media and Associates have built the brand of numerous individuals and institutions, enabling their visibility and growth within the commercial space. It has been able to drive results for its clients because of its religious commitment to innovation and because authenticity has always been its guidepost.

While others have only recently hopped on the trend of producing raw products, Pierce Media and Associates have capitalized on the power of genuine content in telling the stories of its clients from the very beginning. Adaptability and flexibility are also high in the list of values that Pierce Media and Associates consistently emphasize. With the recent pandemic, it has transformed from an agency to a “WFH” and travel-friendly consultancy that allows it to collaborate with more creatives.

In the coming years, even if authenticity no longer proves to be a buzzword in the market, PMA vows to remain dedicated to delivering authentic offerings. And as an innovative leader made up of creators, producers, marketers, and amplifiers, Pierce Media and Associates looks forward to producing more content, helping countless brands, and becoming a household name while actively shaping culture.

Learn more about Pierce Media and Associates by visiting its website and Instagram page.