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Promising Musician Johnnie Spencer On Using His God-Given Gift And Talents To Inspire People Around The World

For musicians of the past and present, various factors served as the fuel behind their drive to enter such a competitive field and make a name for themselves. Others are motivated by the desire to create a legacy for future generations to remember, while some push forward in pursuit of a passion. In the case of Johnnie Spencer, a promising talent who is currently rising through the ranks, one overarching mission has always guided his efforts: to serve as a vessel of God for the purpose of encouraging men, women, and children alike. 

Highly admired for his deep-seated faith and spiritual conviction, Johnnie is a singer, producer, and songwriter with much to bring to the table. Armed with a story that resonates with many others, he dipped his toes into the music scene with the intention of encouraging people from all walks of life. Amid a plethora of worldly artists, the multi-faceted figure has managed to stand out because of his purpose-driven and creative efforts, all of which are geared toward ministering to the hearts and minds of every spirit through the music the Lord inspires him with. 

“It is my mission to respect all people, reinforce the feeling of hope that’s been lost, and help reignite the faith that’s been missing among people who need encouragement, whether that encouragement comes from the music inspires me to make or through the encouraging content God inspires me to post on my social media,” said Johnnie. 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with making music for the sake of delivering bops and beats to jam to, it is all the more impressive that Johnnie goes against the grain by being more intentional with his discography. Above anything else, he aims to utilize his artistry for a good cause and emerge as a beacon of hope to those who are socially, mentally, emotionally, verbally, physically, financially and or spiritually struggling. Furthermore, he wishes to shed light on the true nature of these challenges and emphasize that they are tools and a platform that people can utilize to become who they are meant to be.

“Adversity indeed has a way of pulling you from where you used to be and putting you where you need to be,” shared Johnnie. 

So far, the dedicated musician who is the voice behind “A New Beginning,” “I Lift My Hands To You,” “Worthy To Be Praised,” “Thinkin,” “New Jerusalem,” “Thank You,” and “God Will Cover You,” has piqued the interest and captured the attention of countless listeners not only because of his standout tracks, but also for the values that he stands for: peace, prosperity, and reform.

In the years to come, Johnnie plans to continue carving a path toward the forefront of the music scene and introduce a brand of artistry that places a heavy premium on God’s will. “Additionally, it is my prayer that, in some way, all men, women, and even children will tune in and receive the blessings of the Lord through the music. In the meantime, I will continue to hear from and write music accordingly as God gives it to me. Be well, be safe, and be blessed,” the highly inspirational artist added. 

Jazz Musician Francis Onah Brings African Culture to the World With His Album Ogoja City

For many musicians, they discover their passion and begin their pursuit as children. However, not all of them have the means to chase their dreams. Some start as late as their teenage years, while others only have the financial stability to begin their pursuit as adults. Renowned jazz musician Francis Onah was one of those people whose talents were discovered during his teenage years.

Born in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, in Africa, Francis Onah-Adie would only begin his musical journey at the age of sixteen. By nineteen, he would buy his first trumpet. Onah showed prodigious progress and gained even more recognition at twenty-four when he picked up the saxophone. He learned the rudiment in five days and, on the sixth, performed at a concert organized by Alliance France, Lagos — Nigeria.

As a musician, Francis Onah went on to perform with a lot of bands. He would receive the opportunity to tour on a global stage and perform at various Jazz Festivals worldwide. As a result, Onah was exposed to different music styles that would guide him in finding his own. He later developed his style, leaning towards the African roots seen today. Francis Onah would make his debut with his single titled “Iripia,” which would be the first song to showcase his tribute to his African roots. The song takes inspiration from his cultural heritage with sounds that tell stories of the region. 

Francis Onah also took inspiration from musicians like Manu Dibango, Hugh Masekela, Angelique Kidjo, and others. However, it was Manu Dibango whose music style gave Onah the road map to his musicianship. He cites Dibango’s song “Douala Serenade” from the Waka Juju Album for playing a strong influence. Iripia would later be revealed to be part of his new album, Ogoja City.

Ogoja City has only been released recently and can be found on all streaming platforms. The album was inspired by Onah’s appreciation of his cultural heritage. His goal is to showcase his root to the world by captivating souls with the melody of his songs and the simplicity of his music. 

As a jazz musician, Francis Onah goes through a unique production and arrangement. He usually begins the process by catching the mood of his music from the bass groove and backs it up with some rhythmic chords from the keys. Afterward, he thinks about the horn arrangement, percussion, guitar, and the other key instruments for his music. Being a jazz musician, Onah prioritizes his music’s instrumental aspect as he prefers making an impact on his listeners with the melody of his music.

Following the success of Ogoja City, Francis Onah plans to continue creating music. He is working towards releasing more albums and is enthusiastic about getting the chance to collaborate with different artists globally. Having toured around, Francis Onah is targeting more tours soon as he plans to perform at various jazz festivals around the world. Like any musician, he dreams of one day winning the Grammy Awards.

To learn more about Francis Onah, you may visit his website.

Trey Cornelius Undeterred by Challenges as He Journeys to Stardom

Trey Cornelius realized early enough that his lofty goals and ambitions might take some time to materialize, and that’s why he is going through the process. Perhaps, seeing many of his close friends become successful should have bothered him, but Trey remains unbothered as he believes everyone has their appointed time and moment.

Trey Cornelius is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist with excellent covers of popular songs and his own songs to his credit. His biggest challenge as a musician is getting his music out for people to enjoy. He puts a lot into his craft and dedicates every day to improve his skills. Entertainment is dear to him, and all he wants is to get the chance to entertain people and make them happy with his songs.

His music career started when he was a teenager. He started by performing at school shows, karaoke, and learning how to play the guitar. Learning to play the guitar was not a smooth journey for him. He struggled to get his chord right, but with a sheer determination to succeed, he became proficient, and today, Trey can play his guitar in front of a large audience and keep them entertained.  

Trey Cornelius has always abided by a single phrase all his life; “Make It Happen.” This has always fueled his drive and desire to get things done. He knows that whatever it is that crosses his path, he believes he has to make it happen for himself and his audience. In his words, “If you strive for success, then anything can happen if you let it. Put in the work and make every second count.”

One of his career goals is to play in front of a large crowd in Nashville, TN, and get past the doors that were once shut against him. At the early stages of his career, Trey was not allowed to perform at many events because he was either too young or he was not a member of groups allowed to perform. These frustrated him, but he soon got over them, and he started getting the chance to showcase his talents. “When you are faced with challenges, the best thing to do is face them head-on and take it like a man. Never be one to say never.”

He participated in a competition where he made it to the top 40 contestants. His major gift is his ability to pick up a song just by listening to the song or its chord progression. He has ears for music, and this has reflected in his lyrics and music. His biggest influences in the music industry include Thomas Rhett, LeAnn Rimes, Dolly Parton, and Taylor Swift. These are also the artists he would give anything to work with.

Trey Cornelius is not asking for too much other than a chance to entertain people and be heard. He has come too far to give up, and as the sun continues to rise in the east, Trey is determined to continue taking each day and its challenges in stride.

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Going for It: Peter Stelling on Sparking Passion

These days, people are scrambling to their feet as they hurriedly make their way to the top. And while some competition can be an impetus for progress, too much of it can make one lose sight of what is really important. For this reason, Peter Stelling vowed to live a life that keeps his soul on fire. 

Having gone through his fair share of ups and downs, Peter Stelling realized that everything boils down to passion. As a matter of fact, it took him several twists and turns before he mustered up the courage to go after his dreams. It was not until he finally listened to the voice within that he sparked joy, not only in his life but also in the lives of those around him.

According to Peter Stelling, pursuits and endeavors are made more meaningful if they come from the heart. He also adds that nothing matters more to him than being able to do what he loves. True enough, success is much sweeter if it stems from a place of happiness. 

Hailing from the city of Orlando in Florida, Peter Stelling took off to breathe life into his goals and aspirations. Besides gaining recognition for his works as a singer-songwriter, model, and actor, he is also pursuing a degree in Supervision and Management. And always being ready to step up his game, the multifaceted figure shows that he is a force to be reckoned with. 

Born and bred in a competitive household, Peter Stelling grew up trying to keep with his four older brothers. As a result, he developed the notion that anything falling short of the best will never be good enough. And having this mindset for a very long time, Peter created a world that revolved around competition. However, this only made his wins bitter and his losses even heavier. 

Growing tired of trying to be competitive all the time, Peter Stelling broke free from his unrealistic expectations and stayed grounded. As a result, he learned the value of practice and the beauty of patience. And with this newfound approach, it dawned on him that there is more to life than being the best. Instead, it is all about being content with seemingly little victories. 

Today, Peter Stelling has become a beacon of confidence and self-fulfillment. After years of struggling with self-doubt and questioning his strengths, he could eventually see what he is truly capable of. And through the challenges he hurdled, he pushes producers, directors, photographers, creators, actors, models, artists, musicians, and all other passion-driven individuals to move forward. 

Looking back on his journey, Peter Stelling took a leap of faith by going after a life that speaks volumes about his purpose and passion. And using his past experiences that accumulated many lessons and realizations, he inspires and encourages others to choose the path that makes them light up. 

Had Peter given up on the things that resonated with his core and soul, he would not have gone this far in his career. Indeed, the passion-driven individual has proven that the best things happen to those who believe and fight against all the odds. 

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Entrepreneur and Musician King Burt Shows It Is Possible to Rock Multiple Industries

It is not an exaggeration to say that 2020 is giving other disaster-stricken and tragedy-heavy years a serious run for their money. But although it has given people all over the world so many things to feel heartbroken about, it has also provided time and space for individuals to re-evaluate their priorities in life and chase after what they have not been able to before the pandemic. 

In the case of entrepreneur Burton Baloubi, who is known as King Burt, the recent world events gave him the push to pursue his life-long passion of being an artist. As the founder and CEO of Inspire Vibes as well as the assistant vice president for a major corporation, this multi-talented North Carolina native is dedicated to showing the same excellence he has demonstrated in the commercial space to the music realm. 

King Burt has never been a stranger to the view at the summit because his life experiences have immensely motivated him to strive to be the best. Losing a dear friend to suicide, in particular, was a hard reminder that life shows no mercy and that he should give it his all and find fruition for his dreams. 

During the outbreak of COVID-19, King Burt found a silver lining to the dire circumstances and diligently spent time crafting his masterpieces. Dropping several hot tracks that blew up in streaming platforms, his releases that include Price Tag, Hugh Hefner, and Country Girl are on its way to hitting the mainstream. 

With his refreshing artistry, King Burt has received admirable nods from the other players of the music industry. This entrepreneur-turned-musician, who is applauded for his realness and creativity, prides himself on having an unusual, yet electrifying vibe, as well as the courage to express through music the thoughts at the forefront of his mind. 

It is incredible how this music rookie has paved a solid path to becoming a pop, rap, country, and hip-hop sensation. But given his outstanding tracks and the driving factors behind his work, it is no surprise why this is so. Moreover, what can explain his budding success is his non-allegiance to a single genre. It makes him relatable and his music palatable to countless listeners across the globe. In addition, his signature style lends him an edge, allowing him to compete with already established artists in the music scene. 

But no matter the number of milestones he is bound to reach, King Burt is focused on staying true to his upbringing and maintaining an authentic presence. For him, the attention his music has brought him will not hold any sway against his disposition and values as an individual. And while there have been numerous cases of musicians changed by the conventions, norms, and lifestyle that characterize the music industry, King Burt is firm about carrying on with his life on his own terms. 

Staying true to oneself is integral to King Burt because he refuses to leave behind the lessons and the strength he has gained from who he was in the past and who he is now. As a survivor of the brutalities of bullying, he wishes to be a source of hope to anyone who does not think life will get better. And as a person currently living two separate lifestyles, he wants to send across the message that, whether one is in a suit and tie or a rockstar shirt, one can remain a person of integrity.

Know more about King Burt by visiting his Instagram page and checking out his other platforms

Pianist Taking Twitter by Storm and Wooing Audiences with His Catchy Covers

Everyone has experienced having an earworm that they can’t get out of their heads. When it comes to this, James Luctamar knows what is needed to get people hooked to a tune. Profoundly creative and innately musical, James is an artist in the most real sense. A pianist best known for his catchy renditions to some of the greatest hits, the highly charismatic musician has turned into an internet sensation.

In 2017, James went viral after posting a piano cover of a mashup combining the hits “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi (featuring Daddy Yankee) and “Wild Thoughts” by DJ Khaled (featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller). The cover video took off on Twitter and ended up getting over 4 million collective views over time.

Today James videos have received over 10 million impressions and engagements. His most popular cover has received over 134,000 likes and 72,400 retweets on Twitter. James’s musical style married the classical stylings of the piano with the modern sounds of hip-hop, dancehall, reggae, and gospel tracks that newer generations listen to today. James admits that he has fallen in love with all musical genres and enjoys playing a wide variety of hits from different eras and industries. His approach to recreating songs on the piano is unique and innovative. He can take the most tender and romantic love song and adds a funk to it that makes the melody danceable, and vice versa. 

A native of Westchester, New York, James started playing the piano when he was 11 years old. At a young age, his talent was evident. More than his musicality and rhythm, he could also dissect songs and notes entirely by ear. That way, he picked up on a lot of great hits and was able to replay it merely by listening masterfully.

Later on, James developed a sound of his own and decided to put his personality into hits and classics. He found a knack for using Twitter and decided that would be the social platform where he would start. It didn’t take long for the artist to go viral, having Twitter followers falling in love with his approach to music and having them clamor for more.

As a real musician by heart, James hopes that his music will inspire not just the general audience but also musicians as well. He hopes that his passion for music would be contagious and that he would be able to inspire more and more musicians to grow in their craft. Because he mostly works on covers, he finds ways to appeal to more technical audiences who follow the pianist for his skills as well. 

So what does the future hold for James? The artist hopes that the sky will be his limit. While the piano is his first true love, James feels drawn to other instruments as well. He has a passion for drums and looks to master the magic of playing it as well. In all that, he remains steadfast in sticking to his strengths. The artist plans to continue blending dynamic styles and create musical masterpieces that will directly speak to his audiences.

With James’s unmistakable gift, it’s not unlikely that Twitter and the whole digital world will be hearing more from the artist in the foreseeable future. 

To follow James Luctamar and his music, check out his Instagram and Twitter.