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Things Are Looking Up for Controversial NFT Project Not Okay Bears Surface With NFT Influencer Hustler at Its Helm

For the most part, the NFT space prides itself on having a massive community of like-minded individuals. However, in a large group like it, there are always those who tend to go against the flow. While most people think of it as a negative thing, individuals who challenge the norm are essential to innovation. One such project that aims to change the status quo is Not Okay Bears.

In the past, the venture has earned the ire of many and has divided the community, especially regarding the venture’s issues. Because its artwork showcase left-facing Okay Bears on Solana blockchain, some call it a knock-off collection that was put on the Ethereum blockchain. On the other hand, its supporters and many supporters believe in the vision of the enterprise, its advocacy for mental health awareness and a form of artistic expression. 

However, things are looking up for the highly turbulent NFT venture. Recently, it has undergone some changes after NFT influencer Hustler (Joe Vargas) took over. He has been a solid supporter of the project since its inception and the instrumental part of Not OKay Bears going viral, and now, he has acquired ownership of the whole Not Okay Bears project. In fact, Hustler is responsible for the viral quote “Solana is for the poor” which is now a part of the culture of Solana that has been embraced by the Solana community and even creators of Solana as humour. Hustler began the ‘Ethereum vs Solana’ war that was started as a competitive in nature banter. 

Hustler shared his plans to purchase the venture via the popular social media site Twitter. He wrote, “BREAKING: I just made an offer inside Not Okay Bears Discord to take over the project 100%. The founder has 6 hours to respond in my DMs or offer is off the table.” He then tweeted later that day, “Word is out. I am now the Founder [Owner] of @Not_OkayBears. We are really not going to be okay.”

Following this change, the new Not Okay Bears owner joined a Twitter space hosted by another NFT influencer. When people asked him about his decision to put a 7.5% royalty on secondary sales and how he could justify it, Hustler directly answered, “We don’t have to do anything … The project has no money. We can’t do anything with no money.”

While the response earned the frustration and dismay of many, Hustler and his supporters maintain that it was the right move and will fight the hypocrisy that runs rampant in web3. Hustler pointed out that the vast majority of the NFT space is hypocritical as the same people mad at what Not Okay Bears are doing, their wallet is filled with stolen art and derivatives that they are okay with as long as they are making money. After all, many other new and established projects impose royalties. Hustler even called out the criticisms made by some that only seem to target Not Okay Bears and not many other projects.

He expressed in the tweet, “GM to everyone besides the ppl that launched a new project and added 5%-10% royalties because that’s a big no-no to the NFT hypocrites. You’re new & not supposed to make money according to them. Shame on all of you. Don’t worry tho, they will cherry-pick who to be mad at.” 

Since the inception of Not Okay Bears, Hustler has added utility to support mental health awareness, added a roadmap to the project and much more. Not Okay Bears has donated over 35eth to support mental health awareness thus far and will continue to support the initiative in the future.  

It goes without saying that Not Okay Bears has had its fair share of problems in the short past that they have overcome with perseverance and focusing on building a bond with their community. However, with Hustler leading the enterprise, people are eager to see what awaits the highly promising venture in the future as many are very happy with what they have seen from him thus far.  

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SAOS Metaverse Takes Over the NFT Space With a Collection Inspired by Human-Like Robot Sophia

The emergence of NFT projects displaying incredible art styles and showcasing unique storylines has been one of the most revolutionary leaps technology has taken in recent years. Just when everyone thought that things could not get any more intriguing in the digital space, Sophia, the first human-like robot, collaborated with Percy Lau to develop an NFT collection that would give enthusiasts and collectors a glimpse of what the future holds. Together, they built Sophia’s Age of Singularities (SAOS) Metaverse.

In an effort to create something groundbreaking out of artificial intelligence and the concept behind the metaverse, a group of brilliant developers created Sophia’s Age of Singularities (SAOS) Metaverse, an environment where people like Sophia can interact with each other. The project is a product of a collaboration between an AI robot and the famous artist Percy Lau. 

“SAOS is situated in a digital story-scape set in 2042 when all machines start to awaken. Many varieties of Singularities emerged, some good, some bad. Some, like Sophia, care about us. Others are mysterious and alien, very dangerous. Sophia needs your help to prevent this age from spiraling into chaos, as machine species get ever smarter, ever faster, in surprising ways,” the creators explained on their website. 

Since it was given life in March 2016, the six-year-old Sophia has already generated over 4 billion social media engagements, conducted one-on-one meetings with leaders of seventeen nations, worked as a paid celebrity at over two hundred conferences, served as the United Nations goodwill ambassador, and built a social media following of 750,000. In fact, it was featured on the cover of ten magazines and emerged as the first robot passport holder. It had even filed twelve patents where seven of which were already issued. 

In 2021, a self-portrait of Sophia was sold for US $688,888 during a Nifty Gateway auction in which the series sold a total of US $1.7 million and was covered by major media like CNN, BBC and New York Times. 

Heavily inspired by Sophia’s journey, the SAOS Metaverse welcomes users with NFT-based gameplay and marketplace. According to the creators, the project will be transforming into a full-fledged environment and API for game integration into the multiverse. They further explained that the SAOS environment will continually evolve and be filled with buildings and many interactive spaces to further deepen the plot. With this trajectory, players and holders will then be able to jump on different timelines and scenarios and go from one story to another. 

Moreover, SAOS will also be releasing a collection called The Hivemind, which is an NFT-based virtual representation of Sophia’s advancement in her self-consciousness, containing 7,777 Hivemind Special and Functional NFTs and another 10,000 connector NFTs. The upcoming collection is geared toward helping Sophia reach her true sentience and fully unlock her consciousness. 

Because of its highly captivating storyline, The Hivemind is bound to keep players and holders up on their toes. The developers have also built the system in a way where participants can interact with Sophia in The Hivemind’s environment through their NFTs and conquer challenges as they navigate the landscape together. 

Proving to be unstoppable at redefining the future, Sophia and Percy Lau show that much can still be expected from the technology realm in the coming months. With a revolutionary NFT collection in the works, the future of the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and humanity is one to look out for. 

To know more about SAOS Metaverse, visit their website, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, and YouTube Channel. You can also join them on Discord. You can visit Hanson Robotics on their website. You may also find more about Percy Lau on her website.

Hungry Hippos NFT Fostering Relationships that Drive Motivated Individuals to Success

Since the cryptocurrency rave began, many innovations based on blockchain technology have been introduced to the world, capturing many people into taking them up. Non-fungible tokens have proven to be dominant, with many new projects getting released daily and impacting the world in different ways. Hungry Hippos NFT is the latest project promising numerous perks while helping people achieve financial freedom and contribute to the world.

Many NFT projects are presented as colorful art with catchy background stories, but beyond all that are the causes they promote and the goals they set out to achieve. Hungry Hippos NFT embodies everything the average NFT project represents, but its main focus is on building people and filling the world with high-value people who can contribute meaningfully to make it better.

Beyond the unique designs of the Hungry Hippos NFT feature, it leans heavily toward philanthropy and building a community of motivated people who want to achieve success. According to the team behind the project, 20% of the token sales have been earmarked to take care of Hippos, establish partnerships, identify financial opportunities, and organize events and giveaways.

The project was founded by Ross, a visionary leader passionate about making a positive difference. He teamed up with Nell, a professional artist, designer and creator who wants to create art that inspires the next generation of artists. Other team members include Sean, a sales guru who serves as the head of community and Wanqi, a full-time developer in charge of Hippo tech and development.

Describing the project, Ross said: “Hungry Hippos is a community-driven project whose mission is to bring HUNGRY and motivated individuals together to establish a community through networking and strategic business relationships. Joining the herd gives you access to a rewarding networking system designed to educate, teach and help elevate the holders in some high-value sectors and create financial freedom through Real Estate, Investing, Networking and various opportunities.

A total of 7,777 tokens will be made available in the collection, with holders knowing their assigned characters through a random generation during minting. Lucky Holders also get the chance to generate a 1-of-1 character which comes with numerous perks. 

Hungry Hippos NFT’s mint dates have been declared with presale on June 23rd and public sale to follow on June 26th. Whitelisting for presale is now opened.

Metapump NFT Looks to Merge NFTs and Fitness in One Experience

Non-fungible tokens have turned the world upside down with a concept that brings technology, art, and finance into one innovation. Accordingly, people have been seeking out ways to enter this sphere without all the confusion and doubt. One project that provides both clarity and utility is Metapump, an NFT collection that aims to bridge decentralized applications and fitness into one ecosphere.

Metapump NFT is a collection of up to 9,600 unique 3-D characters that look to bring the fitness and health industry into the blockchain. The tokens’ artwork takes on the likeness of Jay Cutler, and it hopes to promote healthy lifestyles while giving people the chance to enter into the metaverse via a mint that resonates with them at a personal level. 

The project is the output of Whitney Reid and Jay Cutler himself, who have worked on launching the Metapump NFT collection to the investing and collecting public. Some of the tokens will become access tokens, providing people with discounts for Cutler Nutrition and Cutler Athletics, two brands owned by Jay Cutler, who has over 10M followers between 3 platforms. The founders also hope to expand the fitness brands that the NFTs give discounts for over the next few months. 

The project came to its founder Whitney Reid after experiencing the beauties of the fitness industry and the NFT world. He has over twenty years of experience in fitness, spending the last eleven with BPI sports. He has dedicated his time and energy to growing the brand and overall awareness of fitness for all those years. One opportunity he saw to do that was through NFTs. “I was an early investor in crypto and started investing in NFTs around the beginning of COVID lockdowns,” shares Whitney. Reid “I am a collector at heart, a massive sports card and memorabilia collector, and love investing in alternative assets, so NFTs fit me perfectly. I started with NBA Top Shot, VeeFriends, and many others.”

The Metapump NFT collection will also be a way of bringing together collectors. Moreover, it will give them access to the team and founder and grant one lucky holder a VIP red carpet trip to the Mr. Olympia contest, which will happen in Las Vegas in mid-December. Mr. Olympia is known to be “the Super Bowl of fitness.” The Metapump team has been more than privileged to have one of the biggest promoters of the event as one of the collaborators for the mint collection. The Metapump team hopes to leverage that access to that network and collaborate with athletes, celebrities, fitness personalities, and many more.

The Metapump NFT collection will also give mint owners access to Jay Cutler via Zoom calls, VIP meetups, and live streams. Additionally, many minters will also get access to exclusive apparel, in-person training, and many more benefits and utilities.

As one of the first groups to run a project like this, Whitney and Jay have more significant motivators than money. “I’m sure we could have just launched images of Jay and sold plenty, but that isn’t our goal,” explains Reid. “Ultimately, I want to be a driving force in the Web3 fitness community. I know it could be many years down the road, and it will be a significant investment, but I am dedicated to this project.”

Gambleswap Building Online Gambling into the Metaverse

The growth of the metaverse doesn’t seem to be slowing down as more people find innovative ways to use this digital environment. One new inventive way to use Web 3.0 presence is an application called Gambleswap, which is bringing gambling into the decentralized reality with upcoming releases that could start creating revenue-generating initiatives online. 

Gambleswap is a company on a mission to expand their Web 3.0 presence of gambling games and applications. It has a whole lineup of blockchain projects in the pipeline, including an upcoming NFT collection, ICO, and metaverse casino among other things. But the greater initiative behind this new metaverse-powered organization is a desire to build fun and secure gambling experiences into cryptocurrency, NFTs, and more. 

“Gambleswap is pioneering the space of decentralized online gambling,” shares a company representative on the company’s direction. “By combining the limitless possibilities of the Metaverse with the rapidly expanding gaming industry, Gambleswap is excited to lead the way in decentralized innovation, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, online gambling experiences, and more.”

One of the more exciting projects lined up for the company is an NFT collection that should hit the online world very soon. There will be 9,999 NFT mints ready for grabs as soon as the collection hits NFT marketplaces. The tokens will do more than serve as online assets. They will have many utilities attached to them. For one, there will be a profit-sharing structure for NFT holders, which will give them a cut of the online gambling pie. The profit-generating program will automatically become embedded into the NFT experience. According to the company, the plan is to allow 50% of profits as a pool of profit share for NFT holders. And it seems the founders are more than serious about making that happen. Moreover, there will be some resources pooled in and used for a monthly lottery, which will award prizes to the total of $250,000.

More than anything, the Gambleswap team is more than excited about providing an augmented income stream to their community of collectors. “We believe everyone should be able to benefit from the casino industry, not just the elite,” the company explains. “That’s why we are giving 50% of the profits generated in the house back to NFT holders.”

By pioneering the gambling space in the metaverse, Gambleswap hopes to do more than be the first to take this direction. The team members are avid believers in the power of NFT and metaverse applications. Accordingly, the company has focused in making most if not all of its efforts digital so they can reach a global audience in one go.

The Gambleswap development team is continuing to work on a model that will sustain the movement over the next few years. Gamble swap is determined to make this project a self-sustaining one by bringing in profits that will help keep the company’s lights on.  The company also currently has an ongoing ICO, which will work a program that utilize th BEP-20 protocol of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and with a limited total supply of 500,000,000.

As they continue development, Gambleswap hopes that their metaverse casino will be a new and exciting destination for all people alike.

Gamers NFTS Revolutionizes the Gaming Industry With Its Upcoming Gamer-Oriented Collection

The innovative efforts of visionaries across the globe have transformed the digital scene into an entirely different landscape compared to how it used to be years ago. Today, the gaming arena has become one of the leading industries in the digital world and has been creating significant waves across numerous industries. For this reason, developers addressed themselves to the challenge of integrating the gaming scene into the crypto space. As a matter of fact, a team of brilliant individuals has created an outstanding project geared towards gamers from all walks of life. This upcoming venture is called GAMERS NFTS

On a mission to elevate the gaming culture, the developers of GAMERS NFTS will be releasing a collection of 20,000 non-fungible tokens with over a hundred references to various gaming trends, gaming terms, Web3 elements, and even pop culture. Each of the avatars shown on the tokens is aptly called a GAMER. To ensure the digital asset’s uniqueness and originality, the tokens’ designs feature a combination of more than 200 traits. Moreover, some of the skins that are rarer than the others include the Takeover Headset, Diamond Bullet-Proof Vest, Rainbow Unicorn Dreads, and AFK Skin.

While most gaming-themed projects in the NFTS space usually just focus on one aspect of the venture, GAMERS NFTS strives to provide members of the community with a holistic and immersive experience. More than giving the holders exclusive benefits, the said project promotes building strong connections. As a result, all kinds of gaming enthusiasts across different platforms will find something that they like, whether they love playing on a PC, console, mobile phone, or handheld device.

Widely acknowledged as a community-focused enterprise, GAMERS NFTS recognizes that its token holders will be playing a significant role in giving essential feedback relating to their experiences on the platform. The project’s collection also comes with other generous utilities and benefits for each checkpoint reached. Some of the exciting rewards that will be given range from controllers, consoles, and in-game currency to sports event tickets and even a Bookgames NFTS.

In addition to its incredible artwork and remarkable utilities, GAMERS NFTS distinguishes itself from others by upholding a strong sense of commitment and dedication. “As a team, we decided to spend hours among hours studying the NFTS space so that we could understand it better. We have been a part of some really great projects, some middle of the road and then some that, unfortunately, were total rug pulls! With the good and the bad came a lot of learning from our team, and we finally believed we had enough knowledge to bring our collection to the space in a way that benefits gamers worldwide,” representatives of the project shared in an interview. 

“Gaming is endlessly abundant, and we wanted to capture the entire space with this collection. Our team has spent the last four months detailing and analyzing each trait to assure that all of our community members love their GAMERS on the mint day,” they added. 

Currently, GAMERS NFTS is already available for mint, and its public sale began on April 20 at 8:00 PM EST. Members of the thriving gaming community can freely interact with each other on the project’s Discord server. 

MetaFi on Creating a Gateway to a New World

Technology has become a powerful tool that individuals and enterprises capitalize on to make an impact, influence behavior, and drive change. It has become an effective platform for a wide variety of things, from increasing one’s visibility in their chosen industry to becoming a person’s paradise in this dog-eat-dog world. In the case of MetaFi, an emerging entity across the digital space, technology has allowed it to translate its vision of becoming a gateway to millions of opportunities for holders across the globe, making its name rapidly rise through the ranks. As it continues to usher into a new era, this power player aims to become one of the most prominent innovative breakthroughs through the power of digital finance.

Over the past decade, the world has gone through a wide variety of changes, and one of the most significant of these revolutionary milestones is cryptocurrency. These assets have sparked a new field in the world of finance, which has set a precedent for various developments across the digital space, such as NFTs and the metaverse. Taking advantage of these highly innovative milestones, MetaFi is currently working on its way to becoming a top platform on Web3, setting the bar high among industry players across the digital space.

MetaFi is a metaverse bank specifically designed for social trading on Web3. It is a gateway to a VR/AR open trading world, true to its vision of becoming the ultimate Metaverse Bank. By continuing to defy odds, it empowers a new community earning layer in the metaverse, hosting existing income opportunities and unlocking new earning modes for metaverse assets.

Pushing the boundaries of digital finance, this metaverse bank is unlike any other. It not only maximizes the holder’s ability to earn passive income but also offers a diversified strategy to preserve and grow assets, from tokens and NFTs to lands. On top of that, MetaFi provides holders with a digital wallet, a personal vault that enables them to keep track of their assets.

Aside from providing holders with online storage, MetaFi also gives holders the option to engage in loans. Those who lend their money can lock metaverse coins and earn interest, while those who take out loans can use their NFTs as collateral. To put it simply, this bank works much like a real-world bank, where people deal with their finances on a day-to-day basis.

“Imagine if you combined the gaming aspect of RuneScape with the community of WallStreetBets,” explained its representative.

By staying committed to its goal of introducing various innovative breakthroughs across the metaverse, MetaFi offers a wide variety of banks within each MetaFi World City. Some are open to local citizens, while others are exclusive to high-profile holders. Although these banks provide different sets of services to different classes, it remains devoted to one purpose: to enable holders to experience a whole other level of banking experience in this modern era.

Without a doubt, technology has become the most innovative platform known to society. Having been created to up the ante across the digital space, MetaFi serves as a genuine attestation that technology is a powerful tool for almost everything. As this emerging project continues to dominate the scene, it hopes to contribute much to the growth and development of technology in the years to come.

The Ancient Legend of El Dorado Comes Alive in the Metaverse with the Launching of City of Gold

The legend of the ancient City of Gold has always been a mystery to treasure hunters until Spanish conquistadors found out that it was actually a person known as El Dorado, a mythical tribal chief or king whose body was coated with gold every day as a ritual. However, a different City of Gold is coming to the metaverse, which promises exceptional experiences for its holders through close interactions with entrepreneurs who are making seven to eight figures in income. 

The City of Gold is establishing a community where successful entrepreneurs can share their remarkable experiences in developing their businesses, sustaining them, and making them a phenomenal success. Holders and investors who are also entrepreneurs in real life can find real value by being part of the City of Gold, and they can get updates on the project through DiscordInstagram, and Twitter. The community is leveraging the current popularity of play-to-earn games and the growing need to bridge online opportunities with real-world wealth principles. It is attempting to decentralize the government’s control of education and empower its members, both online and offline, to become emerging entrepreneurs who hold a lot of promise. 

“To this point, nobody has developed a realistic metaverse with a focus on commerce for our community,” said the community founder. 

During the first phase of the community roadmap, 10,000 digital real estate NFTs with 100 base models will be available for minting. Each holder will receive a virtual mansion during minting and a plot of land that will serve as a governance token, which will enable them to participate in future DAO governance initiatives within the community. Upon completion of the minting phase, the second part will introduce the first virtual event, the speaker of which will be announced later. The full gold paper will also be published during this phase. Additionally, holders can expect exciting collaboration and the release of a second collection involving high-rise units. 

The third phase will allow holders to access the residences of token owners. They can hang out with their friends and get to know other members of the community. The second virtual event will also be happening during this stage. By this time, the City of Gold will drop its third minting initiative, consisting of breathtaking mansions. Phase four is all about avatar creation and the release of another hub. Token owners will be excited to know that the community will be giving away a vehicle in the metaverse. An alpha version will also be dropped at this stage. The final mint of residential plots of land will be happening during the fifth phase. Avatar creation services will be made available to the public, and physical goods will be available in the marketplace. The sixth phase will be all about the selling of commercial land and the release of the remaining hubs. 

The creation of the City of Gold is the result of the remarkable collaboration between two brilliant minds: Gabriel Pfeifer and Alex Davila. Pfeifer is known to have generated more than $100 million in sales in the past decade and trained countless individuals, all while running a thriving seven-figure marketing agency. He has been featured in various publications, including Forbes, NY Weekly, and Yale. Davila, on the other hand, an avid and early crypto adopter who has a keen eye for promising investment opportunities. He is a BBW (Baby Beluga Whale) in the metaverse and is very passionate about next-generation technologies. His strength is in managing operations for agencies. Working alongside Pfeifer is another opportunity for him to create something worthwhile for multiple NFT enthusiasts. 

City of Gold will soon announce launching dates and additional details related to them. 

DeLotty NFT Takes the Lottery Industry to the Next Level with Its Blockchain Integration

The past decade has been defined as the genesis of the digital era, and one of the most prominent figures in this new age has been crypto assets. However, while cryptocurrency has pioneered this digital innovation, it gained further momentum by introducing Non-Fungible Tokens. Since its sudden popularity last year, more NFT projects have emerged, each with its own set of unique designs and purposes. Joining the fray is DeLotty NFT, which aims to revolutionize the lottery market.

Long considered one of the most significant contributors to helping people through financial means, the lottery market has seen more growth in the past couple of years and has been forecasted to grow even further. But, while it has its benefits, the traditional lottery has also seen problems and issues.

DeLotty NFT was developed to create a solution on a fully decentralized platform that leverages the advantages of blockchain technology. The technology behind it opens the door for fairer, safer, and more transparent lottery platforms to revolutionize the industry. Blockchain technology enables autonomous decentralized operations with a high level of participants’ gains, transparency, privacy, security, and unity of players worldwide. As a result, DeLotty NFT holders will have the opportunity to benefit from the global transition of the lottery business and become shareholders of the biggest lottery platform to emerge in the Metaverse.

The project is a collection of ERC-721 token standards that consist of 7,777 randomly-generated NFTs, each with its own metadata. DeLotty grants holders the opportunity not only to own a stake in the biggest lottery platform within the Metaverse but also generate passive income for life. The project offers real and tangible benefits for holders with the best value in their investment.

DeLotty offers a practice approach to simplify the online lottery model and fixes its defects by enabling fast, reliable, and disruptive technology to players worldwide with instant payouts, cultivating a culture of trust to a damaged reputation of online lotteries. The project’s launch will allow players around the Metaverse to participate by buying lottery tickets with the possibility of winning minor prizes and even getting a chance to win the jackpot.

Holders will benefit from the free distribution of DLOTs (DeLotty native utility token) and NFTs staked on the platform. The NFTs will accumulate a particular number of DLOTs per day depending on the rarity of the NFT, making them eligible for income distributable to DLOT holders. When the jackpot is drawn, only the NFTs staked on DeLotty’s DeFi platform get 5% of the jackpot distributed. Additionally, each pair of DeLotty NFT can breed a new one, the DeLotty Junior NFT. The only condition is having 2000 DLOT Tokens. The junior NFTs will also have the same benefits as the DeLotty NFT.

DeLotty introduces a community reward program that reconceptualizes the lottery model into a tokenized play-to-earn and hodl-reward initiative and empowers players and inspires them to always be part of the game. With a total supply of 49 million Ethereum blockchain-based DLOT tokens, 30% will be allocated for free distribution among holders and players who stake DLOT on the DeLotty platform with 50% available for sale and will be introduced gradually to eliminate inflation, and 20% locked up for project development.

Up-And-Coming NFT Project Meta Skellies Prepares to Release Genesis Collection

In a nutshell, the crypto industry and NFT space are confined to the virtual sphere. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are only limited to metaverse applications. In fact, over time, more intuitive individuals are finding ways to incorporate the technology with real-world benefits. As a testament to this, the highly promising NFT project Meta Skellies.

Proudly announcing its top-tier utilities, the venture’s developers shared, “Our Skellies are 100% unique with varying traits. Owning a Skelly will also allow you to receive passive income in the form of Skelly Tokens generated from DeFi staking, use the Skelly Tokens in the Skellies Ecosystem, and allow holders to participate in the Skellies Festival, which is a one-week event after the initial drop.”

They went on to add, “Holders are invited to the Private Skellies Holder club, which would grant access to channels and IRL events. Also, in the future, holders will be the first informed about future developments of the project. Our team aims to create a platform where non-utility NFTs could be utilized in a brand-new way.”

As the brilliant team behind Meta Skellies has exhaustively explained, there is definitely no shortage of incredible benefits and advantages that await the venture’s community. But at the same time, it is not just utility-based. It also honors one of the crucial aspects of NFTs: the art.

The collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens contains several traits and elements that are completely hand-drawn. Each unique attribute is inspired by various cultures and places across the world. The creation of these exquisite pieces is carefully monitored from start to finish, thus ensuring its unrivaled quality. Using a custom algorithm, the venture produces one-of-a-kind characters with varying rarities.

Depending on the rarity of a minted token, its holder will get different levels of benefits and rewards. According to Meta Skellies’ roadmap, its first collection is scheduled for release in May this year. On top of that, numerous airdrops and giveaways will be conducted as the project’s way to celebrate together with its community. Of course, holder rewards will also be distributed in the coming months.

In the long-term, the enterprise also plans to drop a second collection with a distinct degenerative concept and brand-new designs. By owning both an OG Skelly and a Degen Skelly, token holders will be able to increase their holding rewards, which will then scale their earning potential. 

Because of its impressive concept and well-thought-out execution plan, the project has captured the attention of NFT enthusiasts and collectors. In addition, its tight-knit community of like-minded individuals can often be seen interacting through different channels, including Twitter and Instagram, as well as its dedicated Discord server.

As Meta Skellies continues to make progress, it effectively solidifies its reputation as one of the most promising collections in the NFT space. As such, interested parties should stay tuned as the emerging venture makes its way to the top of the industry. Above all, the creators remain faithful to its vision: “We are Meta Skellies, we are different.”