Harry King Holmes III is Building His Online Fitness Empire by Helping Others

After transforming the lives of over 1,000 busy moms, physically and mentally, through The Queen’s Project, Harry King Holmes III is back at it again with another initiative. This time, the successful entrepreneur is empowering women toward greater success through his latest online course launched called Fitness Empire Accelerator.

Fitness Empire Accelerator is Harry’s 12-week intensive online course where personal trainers, specifically women, are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to take their fitness business online. His main goal is to help 1,000 female personal trainers and fitness professionals build successful six-figure online fitness businesses by the end of 2021. 

When it comes to helping women succeed in the business industry and life in general, CEO of King Global Sports and Fitness, Harry King Holmes III, is at the forefront, leading various initiatives. His commitment to helping women stems from his belief that women are the best assets in the world. He takes pride in his mission to invest in women because they are the backbone of every family and community.

As a personal trainer himself, Harry King Holmes III knows the challenges that one goes through when building a brand or business in the fitness arena. Having been a broke personal trainer once, he understands how difficult it must be for personal trainers who are not well-versed with the business and fitness industry. He hopes to share his knowledge, strategies, and experience with these women so they too can reach the success Harry finds himself in today. 

Before entering the personal training world, Harry King Holmes III pursued a different path as an entrepreneur. However, the birth of his son six years ago changed his direction in life. He found himself venturing into the fitness industry. When he started his journey, he began as a broke personal trainer who had difficulty establishing his brand. He even had to drive for Uber and Lyft to make ends meet. But the many challenges he faced did not stop himself from dreaming big. Fast forward today, he now owns multiple six-figure businesses. He is the founder and CEO of King Global Sports and Fitness, a business on its way to becoming one of the biggest black-owned fitness companies across America. He now also owns a gym in the suburbs of his hometown in Chicago. 

With years of experience in the business industry and incredible success in the fitness industry with sales that tripled during a global pandemic, he now hopes to teach women the secrets of online fitness business success. “I only teach things that I have done, experienced, and what I know works,” expresses Harry King Holmes III. 

Today, Harry King Holmes III has a bigger vision for himself and his company. He hopes to reach a whopping nine-figure from his fitness empire. Moreover, he hopes to travel the world and speak with different communities and impact the lives of millions.

Harry King Holmes III hopes to continue inspiring entrepreneurs in the fitness industry. “I would like to challenge personal trainers and other fitness professionals to really go for their dreams. Dream big. Think big. Never give up and be okay with getting uncomfortable for a short period of time in order to reach your long-term goals,” shares the successful fitness and business mogul. To know more about Harry King Holmes III, please check out Fitness Empire Accelerator.