Making Tough Times Count: Ben Shearn on the Story Behind Super Natural Farms

Most people often see misfortunes as destructive experiences. However, there are also those who have gone through arduous periods in their lives and came to later wear those unfortunate experiences like badges of courage. 

For the brave ones like Ben Shearn, misfortunes were not something that came to destroy them. If anything, the unfortunate times built them up and transformed them forever. Having experienced and survived the seemingly insurmountable phases of his life, Ben can say with utmost pride that difficulties molded him into the industry leader everyone knows him to be today. 

Emboldened by his dramatic triumph over Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans, a rare type of cancer in his right arm, Ben built Super Natural Farms, a health and wellness company based in Westcliffe, Colorado. And although his experience with cancer had been a gruesome one, he still feels grateful for how it ignited his passion for hemp and cannabinoids and the potential they have to help people. 

Ben was threatened by the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and ultimately chose cannabis. He also had surgery called the MOH procedure in 2003 that allowed for a smaller amount of material being removed from his arm. But when the cancer reappeared in 2015, he was told MOH wouldn’t work and much of the forearm would be removed and would likely affect his motor functions. But fortunately enough, the said limb is still perfectly functioning and is even busy growing world-class hemp at Super Natural Farms.

Relying on sustainable farming practices in the most favorable location, Super Natural Farms uses proprietary methods that yield high-quality products that are available on the market. The company also boasts a pure formula that guarantees that the hemp oil its consumers will be receiving is of the finest grade. 

Moreover, Super Natural Farms is nestled at the heart of the Wet Mountain Valley with an altitude that enables it to have a pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and fungicide-free farming environment. And because of this, the company’s hemp varieties are given only pristine and clean runoff from the neighboring 14,000-foot tall mountains at the headwaters of America in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.

But aside from its strategic location, Super Natural Farms also takes pride in its signature multi-strain methodology, which ensures that its consumers are getting an optimal blend of major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in each bottle to maximize the absorption and support the entourage effects.

As Super Natural Farms continues to make its way on top of the CBD industry, Ben wishes to set a precedent on the proper way of farming and testing products in the laboratories. 

Ben’s journey to success was far from being a walk in the park. Quite the contrary, it was a turbulent ride that almost got him off the course. But because of his persistence and perseverance, he was not only able to steer clear of obstacles, but he was able to get through them as well. And as tough as those paths were, they were still formative experiences that taught Ben what it truly means to be successful. 

As a survivor and a warrior who has gone through his fair share of misfortunes, Ben encourages everyone who is struggling and suffering the same way he did to be brave and to have the heart to believe. In addition, he also sends the powerful message that as long as people work hard and commit themselves entirely to their work, they can overcome anything. 

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