Nick Shelton Shares Effective Formula to Help Introverts Socialize Better

Being socially awkward is inherent to most introverts. Professionals who experience this, however, lose out on so many possibilities in terms of connecting with the right people who can contribute to the conduct of their business or have the potential to elevate the value of their company. Best-selling author Nick Shelton of the book An Introvert’s Guide to World Domination is giving these professionals the tools they need in order to thrive in a social event. 

The author and personal coach is no stranger to the struggle that introverts face whenever presented with the possibility of having to interact with a group of people as he himself admits that he is an introvert. Growing up, Nick Shelton was quite a shy and reserved young boy who mostly preferred to stay on the sidelines. While he was quite satisfied with the way he was, he later came to realize that he had been missing so many opportunities because of his awkwardness. 

“I had dreams and aspirations and no clue as to how to get ahead because I felt handicapped by my social ineptness. After years of being in the trenches and learning the hard way how to excel in social situations and build a high-level network that allowed me to upgrade my life and lifestyle, I saw there was a need for others like me to do the same thing. So I started my brand to help introverted, shy, and socially awkward people level up,” Nick Shelton shares. 

Thanks to his experience serving in the United States Air Force, Nick was forced to adapt, and he discovered a formula that is easy to follow, highly doable, and quite effective when it comes to overcoming his fear when socializing. Realizing that there is a way that introverts can interact with others socially, Nick Shelton developed his personal brand, The Connected Introvert. 

“Most people think that introverts must become extroverts in order to succeed. Introverts are not extroverts and should not have to behave like them in order to get ahead. It is my goal to show that introverts can be wildly successful in a world that’s made by and for extroverts without compromising themselves or their energy,” Nick Shelton explains. 

The authenticity of Nick’s approach makes his insight very relatable and easy to grasp. Simplifying the process is one of his main objectives as he wants his clients to be as comfortable as they can be when they work on their self-confidence, spontaneity, and eloquence.

The future looks bright for many introverts in different parts of the world as Nick Shelton looks forward to doing more talks that will reveal the easy application of the insights he included in An Introvert’s Guide to World Domination. Determined to reach more people in the coming years, there is no doubt that more introverts will be able to experience more fulfilling socialization after struggling with it for quite some time. With Nick’s guidance and mentorship, the world can expect more introverts to rise up and excel in their respective industries. 

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