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Cathy “CaDori” Marshall: Rising Philanthropist to Launch New Inspirational Book for Women in November

A philanthropist at heart, Cathy “CaDori” Marshall, is best known for her multiple charitable organizations and efforts: CaDori Helping Hands, Inc. and Dougie’s Kids. On top of her charitable movements today, the entrepreneur-author is most excited for the release of her latest book “Ladies Love Yourselves First That’s Happiness” this coming November. 

Cathy Marshall is a philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. She is better known as “CaDori,” a combination of her name, her mother’s name Doris, and her late son’s nickname Dougie. At present, she is a rising inspirational author for women. She released her first book, “Women Put Yourselves First and Be Happier,” which was then followed by a cookbook. Since then, she has caught the media’s eye and has been featured in several publications, and numerous radio shows such as Melan Magazine, Urban Grandstand Magazine, Plaid for Women Dallas, Kontrol Magazine, Can We Talk source Radio with Myra McKnight, The Ladiez Room Radio with Clarissa, The Covert Report, Shadow Politics Talk Show with Senator Michael Brown and Maria Sanchez, and Bob Burns in Your Afternoon Talk Radio Show. 

The mother of five is a registered nurse by profession but spends a tremendous amount of her time volunteering and organizing charitable activities geared towards helping young mothers, children, and everyone else in need. Much of her passion for giving back to the community stems from her story as she was once homeless and jobless for a time in her life. Having to live in a shelter, she witnessed first-hand the struggles of having almost nothing. But with the help of good-hearted people, she was able to lift herself and bounce back. Now, CaDori is committed to giving back to the community and helping more people in the same place she was in. 

CaDori is the founder of CaDori Helping Hands, Inc., a non-profit charity established in 2017. Throughout its operation, it has donated backpacks and school supplies to children in local shelters. The charity also held feeding programs helping over 100 people displaced by Hurricane Harvey. In 2018, the organization also provided delicious turkey and ham as well as winter coats for those in need during thanksgiving. Cathy also founded Dougie’s Kids, Inc., a charitable organization geared towards ensuring children’s well-being throughout America. The organization is named after Cathy’s eldest son Bobby Denerio Marshall Brown, whom she affectionately called “Dougie,” who passed away in 2010 from a motorcycle accident. To continue her son’s affection for kids, CaDori has helped shelters, schools, and awarded scholarships in positively impacting children’s lives in any way possible.

Last month, Cathy spearheaded several charitable movements such as the giving away of 100 laptops to help children who are economically challenged and promoting suicide prevention advocacy. This October, she hopes to assist women who are in need of mammograms through The Rose in Houston, Texas. 

Today, CaDori is looking forward to releasing her upcoming inspirational book, “Ladies Love Yourselves First That’s Happiness,” on November 15, 2020. As early as now, pre-orders are already accepted at her official website. Essentially, she hopes to help people overcome life’s adversities, whether through her books or charitable organizations and activities.

To know more about CaDori, please check out her official website.

Pierce Media and Associates on Building Brands and Shaping Culture

Advertisements — whether traditional or digital in format — often find inspiration from pop culture, bringing a brand to the intended audience’s consciousnesses through the use of trends and other relevant tools guaranteed to attract attention. Pierce Media and Associates utilize the same technique, but this marketing authority takes the game to a whole another level with its mission to shape culture. 

Established by entrepreneur, filmmaker, and philanthropist Thomas E. Pierce in 2015, Pierce Media and Associates is a marketing and public relations and creative consultancy specializing in popular culture. It started with Thomas’s goal of building a diverse portfolio by working with powerful brands on creative marketing initiatives and special projects. From there, his brainchild has risen to become an influential and innovative institution, which helps brands create culturally-relevant and highly impactful endeavors that result in the realization of business objectives. 

Pierce Media and Associates (PMA) is known for its excellence in different areas. Its media strategy and marketing tactics guarantee that clients get the spotlight they are looking for. Moreover, whether it is in producing large scale productions or short content “infotainment,” the firm’s content planning and video production services are expected to be top-notch. And as culture and art enthusiasts who have been on the ground at every hot media market in the United States and abroad, the team behind PMA has also provided clients with outstanding guidance in markets such as music festivals, film festivals, art fairs, and more. Lastly, this reputable firm is competent as well in creating robust itineraries and executing intricate logistics for influencer trips, media trips, and multi-day conferences. 

At its core, what Pierce Media and Associates does is tell the story of a brand sensitively and courageously. It banks on Thomas’s exemplary competence in integrated marketing tactics, media strategy, and influencer engagement strategy as well as on his successful track record when it comes to securing sponsorships in coveted consumer markets and cross-promotional brand partnerships in TV series and films. 

Through integrated partnerships, bespoke brand experiences, content production, and media, Pierce Media and Associates have built the brand of numerous individuals and institutions, enabling their visibility and growth within the commercial space. It has been able to drive results for its clients because of its religious commitment to innovation and because authenticity has always been its guidepost.

While others have only recently hopped on the trend of producing raw products, Pierce Media and Associates have capitalized on the power of genuine content in telling the stories of its clients from the very beginning. Adaptability and flexibility are also high in the list of values that Pierce Media and Associates consistently emphasize. With the recent pandemic, it has transformed from an agency to a “WFH” and travel-friendly consultancy that allows it to collaborate with more creatives.

In the coming years, even if authenticity no longer proves to be a buzzword in the market, PMA vows to remain dedicated to delivering authentic offerings. And as an innovative leader made up of creators, producers, marketers, and amplifiers, Pierce Media and Associates looks forward to producing more content, helping countless brands, and becoming a household name while actively shaping culture.

Learn more about Pierce Media and Associates by visiting its website and Instagram page.