How Emoedagreat Silenced His Naysayers With His Passion for Music

The pursuit of a dream would not be complete without a bunch of naysayers along the way. And as odd as this may sound, these doubters are actually a necessary ingredient in the recipe for achieving goals and fulfilling aspirations. Without cynics, no one would know how capable they truly are in reaching their dreams. 

For Eric Lattimore, more prominently known as Emoedagreat, having people who doubted his abilities and skills was one of the things that catapulted him to the summits of success. If it had not been for his naysayers, the artist would not have been as driven and motivated to go beyond his limits and step into the light. 

Originally coming from the town of Gaffney in South California, Emoedagreat packed his bags and set out to Los Angeles to pursue his career and nurture his passion for music. And proving that he has what it takes to make a name for himself in the entertainment business, the go-getter was able to seal a partnership with industry titans such as YouTube and Facebook. 

Taking his dreams to great heights as he reaches for the stars, Emoedagreat has been working independently by coming up with his own marketing strategies and ad campaigns. And just recently, he has dropped his first solo singles, which include No Kap, Get It In, Bounce Back & Double Up. 

To keep the ball rolling, Emoedagreat will be coming out with a classic, called My Go, that will be available on all streaming platforms on the 15th of August this year. Also, he looks forward to shocking the world with his upcoming album, Bugatti Truck Music, which is bound for release in January 2021. 

Incorporating his soulful vibe with hip-hop, R&B, and pop, Emoedagreat creates music that can tug at the heartstrings of his listeners. And when the rising star was asked as to why he was so versatile with his works, he explains that it is because he wants to be the first artist to have a number-one hit in every genre. 

But aside from blowing the music industry away with his creative flair, Emoedagreat is also trying to make his way in the world of entertainment by pursuing his career as an actor. And breathing life into this dream, he is now creating his own short films, TikTok clips, and other comedy skits. On top of that, his label, Carolina Plug Music Group (CPMG), will also be launching in January 2021. 

Today, Emoedagreat takes pride in everything that he has accomplished. And although he still has a lot of things in store for his growing career, he cannot help but revel in the sweetness of his earnest efforts. 

While it is normal for people to feel disheartened upon getting told they are not good enough, it is still crucial that they take back every ounce of motivation they have lost and use it to become better. And true enough, Emoedagreat believes that nothing can silence naysayers more than proving them wrong with greatness and success. 

Looking back on the times when he barely had anyone believing in him, Emoedagreat admits that he could have easily given up. But instead of using those who doubted him as excuses for not going after his dreams, the musical sensation used them as a reminder of how passionate he was about his craft, enough for him to beat the odds. 

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