Content Creator and Influence Aïssata Diallo Wants to Help Aspiring Influencers Build Their Own Brand

When the giant tech corporation Apple unveiled the iPhone, they revolutionized the phone industry and have yet to halt their momentum. This opened the door to apps and more websites that catered to an audience of various interests, and the advancement of computers and media has opened the door to so many new ventures.

Millennials, especially, have found a way to kickstart their careers by blogging about different topics. This is how Aïssata Diallo managed to succeed at a young age.

Aïssata Diallo was born in 1993 in Guinea and moved to America with her mother and six siblings as refugees when she was 12 years old. She’s lived in the Bronx, New York. She would later earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology before taking a step into the influencer life.

Her blog entries focused mainly on beauty products and tips, the latest fashion trends, her travel ventures, and everything lifestyle. As she started in her content creating career, she built great relationships with brands that she partnered with, some of which were her favorite brands. 

As she built her social media presence, she was given the opportunity to join the reality television series Love Island. She participated in the American dating show, where she was able to get a following and grow her social media presence even more. Her blog started to become more popular with a much more massive following, and many doors swung open.

Aïssata’s career began to focus entirely on content creation, and she decided to go full time. She uses her platform to follow her childhood aspirations to make an impact on people’s lives.

Many people believe that content creation and social media influencing is one of the easiest jobs and believe that their career is too easy. Aïssata wants to educate them and show them that the full-time job can be very strenuous. She has had to sacrifice so much going into this field of work. The journey is not always easy, and there is constant pressure to deliver. 

As a way to educate others and give back to the community, she wants to pave the way for others and help out aspiring influencers and content creators looking for resources. Aïssata understands the difficulty in finding resources as she didn’t have any when she started out. She wants to help out and give any tips to people asking.

She wants to help the next generation of content creators and influencers navigate the industry and provides them with an inside look at how she creates and edits her content and how she books huge brand campaigns.

Aïssata will be giving personal tips on branding and creating content. She will thoroughly check the content creator/influencer’s brand and social media presence to help elevate. Aïssata wants to emphasize the message that being yourself is what makes you unique.

As a result of her well-curated social media strategy, Aïssata was nominated for the Influencer Awards 2020, set to take place in Monaco this October.

To read more about Aïssata Diallo, you may visit her blog.