Teleport Advocates for Deeper Connection Between NFT Enthusiasts

More and more NFT enthusiasts and investors are looking for ways to experience genuine and legitimate connections with other people who are in the digital community. Teleport, widely recognized for its innovative approach, connects people beyond screens, allowing individuals and groups to socialize in the most groundbreaking way possible. Teleport uses augmented reality and Portals, which function as doorways to various virtual worlds, to help people travel throughout the Metaverse.

Teleport, the world’s first web3 social media app platform, combines 360-degree video and photos with augmented reality. This year’s W3BX, or Web 3 Expo Event, will be held at the Wynn in Las Vegas, and this software will be one of the featured partners. Its mobile app includes a marketplace, utility tokens or Port, and NFT offerings such as Portals, Teleport Founders Club NFT, and Teleport Assets.

Teleport hopes to attract more content creators, crypto enthusiasts, investors, and influencers as its reach and momentum grow. They have created a platform for web3 users and content creators to interact, which makes them truly one of a kind. A Portal is an ERC-721 NFT in the Teleport augmented reality metaverse that users can purchase to create experiences inside. Portals can be live streams, 360-degree videos, or images of real-world locations, activities, or metaverses. 

Teleport Founders Club (TFC) NFT owners get first access to new features, NFT drops, exclusive merchandise, and more. TFC members can earn $PORT tokens as staking rewards, which will be distributed to TFC holders via airdrop. People can swap any ERC-721 NFTs, including TFC, Portals, and other collections, for PORT tokens on the marketplace. In addition, exclusive NFT drops will be available in the market.

Teleport is unique because it has a working app that connects web2 and web3. In addition, they have built a global environment in which content creators have complete creative control over their Portals and how they use their digital assets.

David Myung and Ounie Phakousonh founded Teleport. David is a multicultural entrepreneur with a track record of generating revenue, reducing costs, and transforming faltering or ignored possibilities in Augmented reality, cryptocurrency, and franchises. He is a venture capitalist who has started several companies and now serves on panels and as a consultant. Ounie Phakousonh has over 20 years of software development and business ownership expertise. His involvement with Teleport enabled NFT owners to connect with others in the space, forming an NFT community. They work together to guide Teleport users toward a more inclusive, engaged, and connected future.

Teleport operates on a desire to achieve innovative thinking, inspire action, and impact lives all over the globe. This vision has inspired David and Ounie to launch Teleport and use it to meet a genuine need. Since the inception of NFTs, more people have become interested in dabbling in the craft, and Teleport aims to create a community where they can articulate, inform, and even barter digital assets with one another. In addition, they noticed a lack of 360 Live Streaming platforms and robust features for digital assets such as NFTs and devised a solution to fill the gaps with their innovative platform.